We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Holly followed Echo to the door, she waved to Saber. "Good morning Misss Sssaber!"

"You get to know you've done your good deed for the day" Black replied. "Now please, do tell me who sent you"

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Data looked at Saber, "I am Data." he said.
He looked at Echo and Holly, "Good morning. I do not believe I was told your names." he said, "Nor where you are from." he said.

From the closet, Holly, Data, Saber, and Echo could hear someone bash against the door.

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"Oh, my good deed for the day. How pleasant. I'm under the opinion that my good deed for the day would be killing you. And no one sent me, 'girl'." Astasis seemed to emphasize that term to imply that he didn't actually mean it. "This is my base. You lot attacked me. Or didn't you know that?"

Echo jumped at the bashing and nervously left the room with Holly.

Athena was walking around the Base.

"Another thing? You sure have odd requests. Let me guess. You want a giant horseshoe." The store owner said to Loki. "Or perhaps a giant saddle?"

Steiner was with Holly and co "Does any one hear a snake hissing"

Black sighed. I hate people like this... She thought to herself. "All I know that I arrived and not soon after I nearly got sniped, now I want to know why I was attacked and why your calling me a destroyer" she replied to Astasis. "Who is giving you such orders?"

Holly wriggled out of Echo's grip and let Sircreepsalot free. "Sssilly thing!" She said giggling.

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"You are correct in that assumption. I wish to have a saddle fashioned for my steed." Loki answered, completely straight-faced. "How much will this cost, and when can I expect it to be finished?"

Echo grumbled and still tried to keep Holly away from the creeper.

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"The Minister of the Military sent these exact orders out a week or so ago." Astasis answered Black.

"The Minister of the Military? In Solaris? Why would she issues you orders to kill this girl?" Savranth asked.

Astasis remained silent.

"That was a joke." The store owner said running his eyes. "Well, how big a stead are we talking. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you had a dragon."

Sir creeperlot nodded, "SSss.[1]" he said, tipping his head.
He looks at Echo, and asked holly, "SSss.[2]"

Data looks at Holly and Echo, "I would still like to know your names." he said.

[1] Thank you, madam.
[2] Why is she scared? I'm completely non-violent.

Steiner looks at The Creeper "You've let a monster in. Don't worry I'll take care of this" He said and than hit Sir Creeperlot with his sword

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"Once more, you are correct in that assumption. I have been sucsessful in taming a dragon, and now I wish for it to have a saddle so that I may ride it." Loki answered. "As for the size of the saddle..." he turned to the exit of the store and pointed towards Fafnir. "Large enough to fit that. I want to sadle to have room for two people to be seated. And of course, its wings should be unconstrained."

Holly shrugs at Sircreeperlot. "i dunno?" She said, then turned around to Data. "Miness Holly....and thisss isss my Sssisster Echo" She said, noticing Echo was trying to keep her away she hugged her arm.

Do I know anyone in that sort of power? Black had to think to herself before talking again. "This minister wanted me dead a week ago? that's impossible, I only arrived a few days ago..."

Echo patted Holly on the head as she gave a small smile to Data.

"Do you want to know more?" Astasis asked. "If so, release me."

"Say what?" The store owner says look outside. "How the Hell did you do that?" After a moment, he stops and thinks. "I'll need measurements... It'll take time to make. And it'll cost a pretty penny."

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Sir Creeperlot was about to say something... Before he was slashed at by Stiener with his sword, upon which, Data grabbed Sir Creeperlot, opened a window, and threw him out of it.
"I am afraid you just put the lives of everyone in this room in danger, he said to Steiner, "He is peaceful until assaulted with a sword, usually of iron or diamond make under the illusion of him being a monster." he said.
He turns to Holly and Echo, "I assume you are not of this planet, due to your relation and being extraterrestrial in origin, due to the initial reaction from your peers." he said.

OoC: @Outis: Wasn't Marston looking for someone? Athena is walking about...

He was looking for Sev.

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"No were not from here?" Holly answered Data, finding the way he spoke slightly confusing.

Black looked over to Savranth. "That is not my choice to make" Black replied to Astasis. even if we did let him out, how do we know he won't betray us?

"Well, why don't you get your little boyfriend to agree to that?" Astasis asked with a grin.

"That's not my decision to make either." Savranth replied ignoring the 'boyfriend' comment.

Marston found a place to tie up his horse and approached Athena. "Excuse me miss? You know where Sav is?" he asked.

"How?" Loki asked, turning back to the store owner. "With a great deal of patience. But back to the matter at hand. For the measurements, I will assist. Although a tamed dragon she may be, she still responds to strangers approaching her in a less-then desirable manner. As for the saddle itself, I wish for it to be embellished so that it will stand out, even from the distance. I can scarecely ride my steed if all were to attack it on sight because they mistake it for a wild dragon, afterall."

OoC @Outis: Savranth. Not Sev. :P

Sir Creeperlot, lying head-first in the ground, hissed something.

Data looked at Holly, thought for a moment, "Are you from this world? Are you from this dimension?" he asked.
[1] Bloody monster hunters killing because of species...

Steiner looked confused "Are you sure about that. He looked and sounded a lot like a monster. Also Wouldn't a sword of diamond impractical"

"Who is Sev? There is no one here by that name." Athena replied.

"I see... Well that would be rather expensive. Probably would run you a good 4,000 Credits or more." The Store owner replied. "And, yes, if I'm to approach that beast, I think I would need the army with me."

"Nope!" She said to Data, she continued to hug Echo's arm.

"he is not my boyfriend..." Black muttered as she sighed. "If we let you out, you tell me all you know....and don't try to cross me...okay?"

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Yukino slowly yawned and rose up off the rooftop. Hearing Athena and Marston below her, she hops down near them, landing silently.

Ness wakes up in her hotel room, rubbing her eyes.

Data looked at Steiner, "He is a non-humanoid sentient being. The idea of 'Monsters' has been outdated for many centuries. As for a diamond sword, it would be impractical for the most part."
He looked at Holly and Echo, "Indeed. This info will prove to be most useful." he said.

"That price is acceptable." Loki answered as he held his hand under his coat, as if reaching into a pocket, and manifested his credit card, which he then inserted into the card reader. "I will not object for a few soldiers to be present for the measuring, but an overabundance will do more harm then good. A large number of people surrounding her will most certainly frighten her, and a frightened animal is a dangerous one."

"What do you mean outdated? Just a couple months ago I was fighting a giant worm monster"

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