We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Yukino just tilts her head. "Uh huh. So why does the evolution matter? You guys were evolved from apes, but you don't see me bitching about that. And what's wrong with magic? Shit's convenient."

Ness smiled a bit as she saw Tao before trying to talk to her. "Miss Tao? Hello?"

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"It can wait a bit. I'll be back outside if you could find me when you're done with your current business." Marston said to Sav as he left and went back to his horse.

Tao only muttered something about food before going back to snoring.

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After having sniffed the store owner, Fafnir lowered her tail and with a grunt, rested her head on the ground, going back to eyeing the lifestock. Paticularly the cows.

"And with that done, you may now proceed." Loki said to the store owner.

Black looked over to the soldiers. "Listen, first is first I mean you no harm okay? you have my word on that" She said, putting her hands in her pockets. "Now I want to know why your lot were trying to kill me, I understand where the order is from but who told you about me?"

Holly walks over and lightly hugs Saber. "Hello!" she said smiling.

Iri returns the wave, but Saber remains stoic. Having Holly hug her, Saber lets out a smile. "Hello there Holly."

Iri just giggled.

Savranth shrugged as Marston left.

The soldiers looked around and talked amongst themselves for a moment.
"Those were the orders that were handed down. They said you would destroy this world. That you were a threat to our existence."

Is that so...? But how did they know of her arrival?

"Yeah? And who still holds traces of their ancient appearance? Like that tail? As for magic, it's a plague on the land. We may well advance further and even escape this world if we no longer had the yoke of magic holding us down." Astasis replies.

The Store Owner began to measure the dragon slowly. Checking the width of it's breast, the thickness of it's neck, and other such figures. Before long, he had a whole bunch of notes written up on the matter. "This will take a while..."

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Echo giggled and waved to Saber.

Yukino swishes her tail around a bit before shrugging. "So you bitch about beastkin because they have tails? ..That totally makes sense. Like having a mark of your ancestry is a horrible thing and demands that you get slapped around. That's like imprisoning someone for having an heirloom. But whatever, why is magic such a burden to you, aside from the whole 'oh you got magic in my tech... KA-BOOOOM!' thing?"

Both of you shut up, I have romantic stantards.... Admittedly they're loose, but they're standards nonetheless..

Ness giggles to herself before calling out a little louder. "Wake up, Tao! It's me!"

Destroy the world? Black thought to herself. "Then how did you know what I look like? or the fact that I was travelling to this dimension?" She asked the soldiers.

"You okay Misss Saber! Misss Iri!" Holly asked smiling as she stood up straight.

@Yukino: No breaking the 4th wall... That is for next thread when I RP as 'The Voice from the Heavens!'/'The Narrator'

"I am well Holly." Saber smiled again to Holly as Iri nodded as well. "So how are the both of you? Good?"

When measured, Fafnir occasionally growled in annoyance, but did little else.

"How long, exactly?" Loki asked the store owner.

"We had a picture of you with the orders. That's how we knew what you looked like. As for how we knew you would arrive here... We don't know. Command didn't say that much. Just that it was a reliable source."

"You moron. Beastkin can never be trusted. They have ties to the enemy. Can't a simple minded cretin like you understand that much?" Astasis replied. "As for what makes it a burder beyond the obvious? Well, if that wasn't enough, some believe that the existence of magic is what prevents our ships from exiting the atmosphere. Sure sounds harmless, eh?"

"Say uh... Holly right. How come you extend your S's in your sentences"
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"Shut the hell up Narrator!"

"Mmmmmeow *yawn* Meow, meow?" Tao muttered as she rose from her sleep. When she saw Ness, she rushed toward her and ran into the magic barrier.

Echo gave a thumbs up to Iris and Saber.

Yukino tilts her head again. "How does a beastkin always have a tie with the enemy? Is it just the magic or you being too dumb to use another set of bodies on the front lines? And as long as you're not enough of a dumbass to actually try to fly anything out into the atmosphere, I don't see magic being a problem. Hell, it might even be keeping you safe from aliens or some shit."

...What!? But this is my shtick! I can't give it up!!

Ness stared blankly at Tao running to the barrier and turned to the soldier. "May I enter this barrier to speak with her?"

"I'm good thanksss!" Holly said cheerfully to Saber and Iri. "It'sss becaussse of my ssspeech impedimenta..." She said to (@Demon's character who's name I don't know :s) sounding a little embarrassed about it.

Blakc's eyes widen a bit. "You had a picture of me? how? I haven't visited this dimension before..." Black said to the soldiers. "unless..." She muttered as she placed a hand to her chin.

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Iri wakes over and hugs Holly, giggling alittle. Saber has a confident smile and nods happily at Echo.

"So Holly... Are you two just planning on staying here?" Iri asks.

"I was just wondering is all. Say did you know that green monster thing that came in"
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"We don't know the details. Just that we had information on you." The soldiers replied.

"Are you sure, you've never been here before?" Savranth asked Black.

"What part of they can have family on the other side does that simple pea sized brain of yours not understand beast?" Astasis replied with a mocking tone. "And why wouldn't we want to leave the planet? Find other worlds out there. Or are you too simple to grasp that?"

The Store Owner slowly backed away from the beast as the soldiers seemed to ease up.
"A couple days. A week? I'm not sure until I actually start working."

Echo pocked Holly's nose to try and distract her from her embarrassment.

Marston got out a cigaret and lit it. That being done, he started to smoke.

Data looked at Saber and Holly, "I do not suppose either of you have any method to beam aboard the alien craft orbiting the planet?" he asked.

Sir Creeperlot begins to walk out of the ally he landed in, and began to look around.

A little while away, Fecl begins to walk to the general location of the dragon.

"I see. I shall return here in a few days time then." Loki answered the store owner, then turned to the various soldiers. "I think you can all take your leave now. It is highly unlikely military intervention is necessary at this point in time."

"Of course. One moment." the soldier said to Ness and stepped over to the barrier. Placing his hand on the crystal on the wall, the barrier was dispelled. "Go ahead."

Yukino suppressed a snicker, still managing to keep calm. "With the way you handled yourself in this fight, I doubt interplanetary movements a smart move for you. And that's all due to assumptions. You're a tech nation, right? I shouldn't be that hard to run background checks on people, especially with those... weird eyes your people tend to have."

Deadpool? ...Yeah, pretty much.

Ness fought the urge to knock the guard out and run... but decided to simply walk in and help Tao up. "That... looked like it hurt... Are you alright, Tao?"

Saber shakes her head as Iri tilts hers. "There's a ship in orbit this planet?"

Data nodded, "Yes, it is safe to assume that the race of creatures that Lyra refereed to as 'Aliens' are orbiting the planet. I would wish to make contact with them to negotiate peace between the two warring clans, or to ensure that the planet is not destroyed."

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Holly shrugged. "I don't know" She said to Iri as she returned her hug. Holly smiled at Echo and reached on her tippy toes to poke Echo back. "Got you!" She said giggling slightly.

"Certain, I know of your dimension like the other millions. But I have never tread my foot on your land" Black said to Savranth. "Well if that's all you know that I thank you for sharing the information" Black said to the soldiers and bowed in respect.

"Tao's soooooo happy to see you Vanessa, meow!!!!" Tao said excitedly as she hugged Ness very tightly.

The soldiers look at Black oddly as she bows.
"We'll take our leave, but I hope you consider my offer." Savranth said as he turned to leave.

Upon exiting he addressed Black. "So, if you've never been here, how did they know of you?"

"Just as many as you're making beast. Why don't you and I have a-"
"I think that is enough. You seem to have gotten what you came for. I think we should conclude our business before we agitate the prisoner even more." Athena cut in.

"Sounds good. I'll get to work on this saddle." The shop owner said as he started to walk off.
"Never thought I'd be making a saddle for a dragon..."

Saber nodded, her face resuming back to normal. "Hmm... Breaking a peace."

Iri just smiled with a shrug. "OH well."

Echo giggled and got into the hug after repeating what Holly said.

Yukino looks back and sighs a bit. "If you say so..." And I learned a little less than jackshit from him. She rises up and turns away, giving Astasis a small wave. "Later, hope we can talk more~."

Ness returns the hug and smiles. "I'm glad to see you too, Tao. How are you doing in here?"

"I just have to wait for Momma to pick usss up" Holly said to Iri. She hugged Echo a little tighter.

"Unless you have dimensional travelers in this world that have gone to the Hazama and know of my legend, then I would believe I'm being set up by someone..." Black explained to Savranth. "And even if they did travel there, they would not have me known as any Destroyer person....more of a savior..."

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Silver continude making packs of C4.

"Any idea of who?" Savranth asked as he led her back outside.

"Oh, let's do lunch. You can bring whatever roadkill you find." Astasis called to Yukino as she left.

"You'd be wise to ignore a man like that. It's obvious he is trying to get under your skin. Trying to anger you. You shouldn't allow that." Athena told Yukino as they walked out.

"Mmmm, well, Tao gets to eat enough, and sleep a lot, but I miss seeing you and the others, meow." Tao said as she kept the hug up.

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