We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OoC: Sorry... Good night.

OoC: Anyone here?

Iowa Jack got up from his sleep pocketing the picture of "Her". He than stretched "Who knew sleeping on hard metal was so uncomfortable"
OOC: @Gear I'm here. I'm also trying to figure out where Steiner is at the moment

Trilby looked up from the mask.
"Anyone capable of logical reasoning..." he suggested.

"Yeah i have to side with Will on this one. also i need some gold, gonna buy some supplies" Silver said as he got up

"What possible supplies could you need?" Trilby asked, installing a lens created by his crystal ball wand.


Outside of the cave, Trilby, Silver, and The miner could see several dozen tenticals sprawling out from the entrance, as... Something came in.

Data begins to walk around the hotel, observing the local flora and fauna, scanning it.

"Silver, we're Mall Fighters. We don't need food."
Trilby pointed out.
He then looked over at whatever it was that was coming in.
"Go away, or I'll kill you. And tell nobody what you saw."

"Well if snakes are still green. Than I would suspect that yes I am capable of logic" He than looked to Trilby "Well I need food. The only thing I've ate for months is fried bat and snake" He than looked at the tententacle monster. He than throws a bomb at him

@wacky this cave is halfway up a cliff-like mountin.
"Oh yeah, um.. materials then?" Silver sugested as he stood up.

"Not all snakes are green. So, what does that tell you?" Trilby asked.
He looked over at Shadow.
"We don't really need any yet..."

"I guess we dont, but what are we gonna spend our mountin of gold on then?" Silver joked

"Kill bad" the thing said, sitting down next to Trilby and Siver, continuing to try to put back together the golem from yesterday. It appears to have gotten the foot back together, albeit with ductape and superglue. It grabbed the bomb, and threw it out the exit fast as sound.

@Silver: Thanks for the info.

Silver fired a warning shot from his pistol next to the monsters head "Next ones not gonna miss, so leave now and tell no one about this, monster"
@wacky also no one exept maybe jack was siting down, and there all at diferent sides of th e room, mostly.

Envy arrived in Port Letosh

OoC: That's about as much as I'll post for now, I have work in an hour and I have to do some stuff before then

"It tells me we should run away from the giant monster" He yelled while running away

"I've seen eldritch-er." Trilby shrugged.

The creature didn't seem to be paying attention to Silver's threat. He still appears to be fixing it, and it asks trilby, "Have clay?"

"Oh yeah, remember that 'X' Chick, will?" Silver asked, pulling another desert eagle out and aiming it at the monster.

@wacky whats this monsters want? and how did it know there were people ina cave halfway upa mountin?

"No... this is a cave. There's a lake that way. Should be clay there." Trilby said, pointing at Lake Torra.
"You didn't meet Sister. She is crazy." he chuckled in response to Silver.

"Realy? i didnt know you had a sister"

One of the creature's tenticals grabs the eagle, takes it out of his hands, and bent it into a straight line, then handed it back to Silver, it being rendered nonfunctional.
It nods at silver, and asked, "Sister? X? Chick? You have chicken? Chicken sister?"

"I don't."

Sivler looked at his broken gun thought for a moment then started shooting a tthe monster whilst continuing his conversation with tribly "Oh.. then whos 'Sister' then?" He asked as he continued shooting the monster.

OOC: @Silver, how do you shoot with a broken gun?

Trilby stood up, and turned to face the creature.
"Leave." he ordered.
He sat down again, and continued his work on the mask.
"Some woman named Sister."

@fur he shot with the other gun. which i *chekcs* yep i had mentioned.
"How crazy was she?" silver asked.

The creature seemed to not actually care about the fact he was being shot, however the tenticals grab the bullets, mid flight, and threw them at silver, and some more took any gun he took out, and rendered it inoperatable by ripping it in 2.
When Trilby said Leave, it got up, and left the way it came.

OOC: @Silver, ah, missed that

"She introduced herself by chainsawing us in half." Trilby replied.
He put the completed mask off to one side, then began making another.

"Makes sense. Why are you making masks? "
@wacky a monster that can dodge a barrage of 10bullets, grab them mid air, then throw them back at the person and make it imposible to fight? Super not op! :)

The creature begins to move to the nearby lake.
@Shadow: Who will kill someone only when they try to attack his collar, and is shown to be purely non-violent. The only method to deal with him is to talk, simple as that.

Data walks out of a store in standard attire for the area, and enters the hotel, sitting back in his chair.

@wacky then why didnt he leave the first time triblt and silver asked?

"Because I'd rather not get arrested whenever I go into town for being a terrorist." Trilby replied.

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