We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Data watched as the door was closed, and stood outside the door.

Fecl begins to walk into Fourside, poking at the buildings with his tentacles.

"Yes. That suprised me also. Perhaps they were too awestruck to make a issue of it." Loki answered Rita.

When Ness stepped out of the cell, the soldier raised the barrier again. "You'll stay here for some time. With the war in the north, we can't send any ships for Shaintaio" the soldier answered Tao, then turned to Ness. "I'll escort you out of the building now." he, starting to walk back the way he and Ness entered. There were two other soldiers present in the holding cell area, with another soldier standing guard near the end of the hallway. None were visibly armoured, and all carried a sword in their sheathe.

The citizens of Fourside gave Fecl a fearful look as he went around with his tentacles visible.

"What the hell is that thing?"

"Should we inform someone?"

"Probably... That thing is giving me the creeps. What's it doing here?

Yukino raised an eyebrow at Athena's comment. "Well, duh, people are stronger than that dickwad. If I thought that everyone was that weak, I would've tried to kill everyone already." She turned back toward the voice. "What does his lineage matter? He took a side and now he has to deal with the consequences."

Ness cursed under her breath as she walked, giving Tao one last wave goodbye. Damn it! ...If I could take that barrier down on my own, I'd grab her and make a break for it, trying to take them out now is worthless. At least I know I have time to formulate some sort of plan... I wonder if we'd be safe in Legaia.... or better yet, Holadino...

Ness looked at the soldier and frowned slightly. "How long is her sentence, sir?"

"Okay then....goodnight..." Holly said to Iri with a small hug, then followed Echo into her room and started getting into her nightwear.

"I wouldn't be the first time..." Black said to Savranth. "There are many enemies I have to face in the Hazama, mostly likely many more I have yet to face as well....no matter the numbers....as long as your soul is willing to stand up to the fight....then the spirits will help you in your darkest hour..." She added, as she looked up at the sky.

Fecl begins to see a Neon sign, and rips it off the side of a building, watching as it went dark. He looks at the sign, puts it down in the middle of trafic, and begins to look for another one.

"Most likely... I wonder, now that they know of your greatness as a dragon tamer, will they spread legends or tales?"

Envy flashed his clearance card "Is he really that busy?" he said with a smile

"We'll see Black. I think you may be taking it too lightly. This isn't going to be a mere one on one battle. This is war." Savranth said.

Athena shakes her head. "If you were to try, I'd have killed you already..."

"It matters because he represents that very fact that both nation can be more than mere enemies. His existence represents that fact. The town he was born in was supposed to, but it seems that he'll have to suffice." Tiberius said as he joined the two.

"Soto just got a few new... specimens... He's working with them right now... Not even the top brass like to bother him at moments like this. If you want to try feel free, but I advise you, he'll probably ignore you." The soldier replied.

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"If you were to try, I'd have killed you already..."

Wait...what? Also, heh, iceblue cause she's as cold as ice.

"It's better to keep calm then panic about it" Black said as she took a few steps. "Is it not a one on one battle? your a one group of magic taking on one group of technology, it doesn't matter how many people there are...it's still war....and I'll help stop it...even if that does mean....Killing people..." She added, saying the last part quietly.

Envy nodded with a smile and headed in to find Soto.

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Yukino raised an eyebrow at the general. "Sure, they can co-exist, but not forever. That town or whatever you're talking about is proof enough of that." She turned to Athena and giggled. "Is that so? I'd love to see you try."

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Loki grinned. "They had better. It would be a propper prelude of what is to come. I have accomplished that which but a few others have done. Next, I shall do what no doubt is thought imposible. I shall end this petty war, and unite Xiphatia and Legaia both under my banner. And the world shall be a better place for it. No longer will these ant attempt to crawl their way towards the most favourable spot in the mount, for they shall accept their place. Under my rule, rather then have a world of people that slay one another over the most insignificant of things."

The soldier lead Ness towards the lobby of the main building. "Have a nice day, ma'am."

Seeing Fecl break a neon sign from a building, the civilian in the imediate area began to panick and move away from the scene. Although it was far from complete chaos, the certainly was a clamour. One civilian began making a call, informing the military that a monster was destroying propperty.

"Well, I'm happy to have one sane person around, Black. I was beginning to think I was the crazy one." Savranth said.

"Perhaps, but this is not the world I wanted to leave my son. I look at his abilities and I realize how close a lasting peace could have been. Just a few generations of people like him and we could have achieved a great deal." Tiberius said. "One of Legaia's goals is space travel, but they can't escape the atmosphere. But imagine what people capable of using magic and technology could accomplish. What sort of things could be made..."

"You lack respect for those around you. You would be well served to rectify that. It will only get you in trouble."

Envy would find Soto busily working in his lab, pouring over a new specimen's genetic data.

Fecl continues to try to remove the neon signs from multiple establishments, and seems to be getting flustered. Eventually, it found a 'Open' sign, nodded, and began to exit the city, it's tenticals accidentally opening doors and shattering the occasional window.

Rita smiled "And it will be a glorious kingdom. I only hope that there won't be too many issues in the road ahead."

Envy approached Soto "Good evening Doctor, what are you working on now?"

"What does Shintao have to do with anything?" Tao asked.

"Glad to help you Savranth, and if stops this war classes me as crazy then I'm crazy..." Black joked slightly.

Holly finished get dressed and hug Echo. "Nighty Night Echo..." She said very tired, then hopped into bed and hugged her Creeper doll.

"Then, we're both crazy, it seems." Savranth replied.

"Just a gift from our recent visitors. Thing has acid blood, and appears to lay eggs in victims stomachs. I'm looking to see what I can do with this creature. Perhaps make it better..." Soto said without ever taking his eyes off his data.

"Nighty night." Echo said back softly. She decided to go to bed as well.

Yukino shrugs at the general. "That sounds like a problem for your world, not me." Turning to Athena, she chuckles more. "When people earn my respect, I'll give it to them. But then again... I don't mind a little trouble every now and again~."

Ness tipped her hat toward the soldier as she walked out. "Same to you, sir." She began walking back to the Spice Rack, hand in chin. "How would I get her out...? I only have one tranq pistol and I might miss if I dual wield it with my tranq rifle as well... Hmmm..." She mused softly as she walked.

Envy... did not expect that answer "Yes, well-wait what? Now that sounds interesting, could I take a look at these creatures?"

Black gave a very small smile. "Perhaps we just are..."

Holly drifted off to sleep, snoring lightly.

"Unfortunately, I doubt not that there will be. We have already run in to obstacles. The fact that Solaris is beyond our reach, however, if quite bothersome. And actually securing a position of power will prove to be a difficult task also. I hardly think passing on information that may well already be known by the time we arive in Shaintaio to the crown will be enough to earn a significant amount of trust. And this is assuming we would indeed be alowed to see the king personally, rather then merely a person who would then relay the information. No, I think there are challanges a planty awaiting us."

The soldier who spoke to Tao earlier stood in the lobby, and thus couldn't hear Tao. However, another soldier who was in the cell block did hear. "Because we would normally transfer prisoners by sea of sky, which isn't posible with the war being fought. So, you'll be staying here for a while to come."

A soldier on a hover bike was sent out after recieving the call. Ariving on the scene, it didn't take long before Fecl was within sight, the soldier needing only follow the trail of smashed propperty. "You there! Halt!" the soldier commanded, using a minor amplifier and shining the bike's headlight on Fecl.

"Anyway, I think Marston was looking for some sort of answer or something. I should find him and see what he wanted. You're free to come along." Savranth said to Black.

"I see talking to you is like talking to a dragon..." Tiberius replies as he begins to walk away. "Though, even dragons know when to avoid conflict."

"I suspect the only way a person could earn your respect would be to punch you until you stopped talking." Athena said as she went to follow the General. "That is not a thing to be admired."

"No, some of my GRUNTS already killed the mother. But I suspect we will have two new additions to toy with in time..." Soto said over his shoulder.
"Now, how will I include the regeneration factor and the acid blood? With both, they'd be nearly unstoppable. Should I try to create some sort of hybrid? Perhaps a dragon? Or serpents? Hmmm..."

Yukino just shrugs as she walks outside. Great... those two are boring and the prisoner's just a prick... Fuckin' great choice of sides I made... She sighs as she looks up at the sky.

Ness continued until she made it to the inn, looking around to see if anyone she knew was there.

"Well, us riding a dragon could get us talking to some higher ups. Taming one hasn't happened in 70 years after all." said Rita as she thought

"Well I think it sounds very promising! Anything I can do to help you doctor?" replied Envy

Tao gave a soft groan as she retreated back into her cell.

Fecl looked at the soldiers, and stopped, it's tenticals growing slightly larger, and slightly darker, but the humanoid body didn't seem to show any malice.
It raised an eyebrow.

"That was partially the reason why I chose this plan of action over sneaking aboard a vessel. To make a impression. And judging by the looks we recieved in Holadino, a reaction we are certain to see."

Paprika stood at the counter in the Spice Rack. Mint sat on a chair at a table nearby, drawing.

The soldier stepped off the hoverbike and approached Fecl gun drawn, but not pointed at anyone. "Identify yourself!" he commanded, not entirely sure how to proceed.

"No thanks, I have training to do" Black replied to Savranth as she slowly walekd away, took out her sword and practiced with it.

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"Suit yourself. I want to find out what Marston wanted." Savranth said as he went to look for the man.

"Oh, yes. Very promising indeed. I must say it was quite a lovely gift. I'll be working on these for quite a long time. So many interesting new developments these days." Soto said, barely hearing Envy. "Oh, yes, help... Hmmm... I'm not sure. Unless you can crack their genetic code faster than me, which I doubt, I can't think of much help you could be."

"I Fecl." it said, one of the tentacles wrapping around the gun. "Why have kill-stick?" it asked, still looking at him.

"As long as it isn't a violent reaction, let's hope they see the saddle."

"You've got me there Doc, but maybe you could tell me what you plan on doing with these things?"

Marston was just finishing his cigarette near his horse.

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