We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Ness sighs to herself, seeing that most of the group had gone to bed or something of the like. I wouldn't want to burden this family with trying to help me bust Tao out... or even having her stay here. I can't... She walks up to her room, giving a small wave goodnight to Paprika. Once she enters, she pulls out Four's book and begins reading over it again.

With nothing to do, Yukino starts to look around the base grounds, namely for something like a map.

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Savranth walks over to Marston. 'What did you need?"

"Why many things. Creating better soldiers. Pushing humanity to it's zenith. Making them evolve in ways that nature can only dream of. Imagine taking the concept of evolution and making it work for you!"/ Soto said, his eyes never moving from his work and his fingers always working.

OoC @Ness: You should totally bust Tao out using the most violent, flashy way posible. For real. :D

"Of, quite. But even if the do not see, you could cast a spell to make certain they take notice."

Once Fecl grabbed hold of the gun, the soldier quickly aimed it at his shoulder and fired a single round.

"Well...I suppose I could... but wouldn't we not want them to attack us? Casting some destruction magic wouldn't help our cause there."

"All well and good Doctor, but couldn't these things have some application in the war at hand?"

The bullet flies to Fecl, and is grabbed, mid air, by one of the tentacles.
"I no like kill." it said, ripping the gun from his hands, bending the berral 90 degrees, and handing it back.
"I go?" it asked, not so much annoyance in his voice as genuine curiosity and innocence.

"I've been thinking...I've got a family and a home to get back to. I can't be wasting time away from them." Marston said slowly as he looked off at nothing, slowly petting his horse's neck. "I need to get back. If siding with you and your people can get me home, well...Well then that's what I'll do." he continued.

"Are you sure about that? You seemed to avoid conflict before." Savranth asked Marston.

If Yukino looked around the first floor, she would find a map on the wall near the door.

"Oh, let them fight. It matters not to me." Soto says over his shoulder. After a moment he adds, "Besides, my specimens are all applicable to these conflicts. They are superior creatures."

@Nail: "I'm not going to do that... Trilby might however..."

Yukino stopped at the map and tried to take a closer look, making a few mental notes of places.

"A spell not aimed at any one person, of course. I should merely serve to show this is a dragon like no others." Loki answered then paused. "I think will retire for the night, however. If you do not yet feel like resting, we still need a amount of wolfsbane and mandrakes."

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"I'd like to find some other way, but, like I said, that would take time I just don't have." Marston said to Sav with a bit of a grimace.

The creature, deciding that it was time to go and continue trying to fix the golem, continues to leave the city, and eventually leaves.

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Wanting to please her master, Rita headed to areas near the mountain with foliage, looking for the plants described by Loki.

"But it SHOULD matter to you Doctor. Xiphatia has taken the defense base. They could reach here eventually. And if they do... they may destroy your glorious creations. I have heard rumors among the Xiphatians, they think you are to blame for the creature that attacked Everwood. They will not be kind to you... they won't understand, and will never understand your work, especially with a rumor like that going around. You should be more proactive in aiding Legaia. Think about it, if your creations end up being the key factor to our victory you will be praised as a hero, and be given anything you could ever need to finish your work." Replied Envy

@Nail: "I'm not going to do that... Trilby might however..."

We should really get Yukino in on this. She can just attack the base, make a clone of herself disguised as Tao, then get her smuggled out and break herself out at a latter date. And that's only one option.

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"Fair enough." Savranth replied. "Happy to have you aboard, then. Maybe that would show that we have some ability to ally even despite differences in abilities..."

Yukino would of course see...

"Bah, what need to I have of being seen as a hero. And the government already gives me plenty to complete my work. I'm given one of the largest budgets in the entire Ministry of Science, if not the largest. Why would I need more? My works are already serving the military. That's what the GRUNTS are." Soto replied. "And why would they think one of my creations attacked one of their towns?"

OoC: @Outis: Yeah, because Yukino being wanted in both nations. That couldn't ever backfire!

We should really get Yukino in on this.

And then afterward, we have an awesome ass chase scene or something. I'd love it. Thing is Yuki's got no reason to go to Lakewest... yet.
@Salt: Well, Yuki could just run around disguised... (in Xiphatia, at least...)

Yukino looks at the map and sighs before noting the different cities nearby. "That reminds me... Ness and all those others were all gung-ho about 'ending the war'. So where the hell are they now? ...Tch, that's just like that fedora-wearing bitch, all talk, no action." She took a look at Lakewest, and began to exit the base, walking in that general direction. I'm gonna drag that bitch into this. I've had enough of her riding my coattails..

OoC: Well, Envy could break Tao out... but that would end up with Tao having a... rather large bounty with what I'm thinking of

Envy shrugged "Rumor has it that the creature called out your name. I'm sure it's just some Xiphatian propaganda, but... some are out for your blood."

"Yeah. Let's get something straight though. This isn't me joining any army. This is just an...exchange of favors." Marston said to Sav as he looked at him and spoke very seriously.

OoC: @Outis: Yeah, because Yukino being wanted in both nations. That couldn't ever backfire!

If you'll all allow me to be a callous bastard for a second: That's not my problem.

Thing is Yuki's got no reason to go to Lakewest... yet.

"Hey Yukino, there's a good chance for a fight in this city."

"I'm there."

"Fine. If that's how you want to see it. But I'd rather have an ally then a person asking for favors. I can't promise you'll get home, even if you help us. Or if there is a way to send you home." Savranth replied. "It's not like we just have people appear here all the time. As long as you understand that, we'll see what we can do."

"And how do you know all these things? You said you heard it in Xiphatia..." Soto asked Envy.

@Outis: Well I might as well let Yuki go nuts then. And that's valid, it ain't your problem, and I don't have a problem with her constantly defending herself.

Yukino seemed to look up in the sky for a moment as she continues. ...Something... is taunting me.... ...and it's in that city...

Ness hummed a bit as she read, sinking into the couch a bit.

She starts to dream a bit.

Rita kept looking

"Naturally, it's easy. Just find some Xiphatian style clothes and you blend right in. Most rumors are useless, but every now and then you get a gem of info about some troop movements or other such tidbits." replied Roy

"The general said otherwise. That I wasn't the first person to show up unannounced." Marston said. He saw Yukino walking away and was curious about her. "You know what's up with that woman?" he asked Sav.

"You must have misunderstood. Others have shown up before you, like that girl. But not in our history. It's not like we have a long storied history of people showing up from other worlds. We maybe able to send you back, with some work, but right now, I doubt anyone would be able or willing to try." Savranth explained to Marston.

"I would think that they would notice that you can't use magic. The people there use it for everything, you know. Besides, you waste your time. Obviously any work I do will have military applications." Soto replied.

Marston was rather angered by Sav's statement, not really angry at him, but angry at not being able to get home. "Fantastic." he muttered as he untied his horse.

"Nah, as long as you don't get into any situations that would require using magic it works like a charm. And I didn't mean to offend Doctor, I'm just interested in your work."

Yukino makes it into Lakewest and looks around a bit, yawning tiredly.

Ness calmly dozes off to sleep, book over her chest.

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'Hey, like I said, we maybe able to do something after things are all sorted out, but there is no way we can devote resources to that question right now." Savranth told Marston.

"You didn't offend me. If you had, you'd be a guinea pig by now." Soto replied. Not really clear on whether he was being serious or not.

"Well I wouldn't want that, good night Doctor. Good luck in your work." said Envy as he left

"So I help speed this war up and swing it in your favor so you actually can help me. I get the picture." Marston said gruffly as he swung onto his horse and started slowly riding away.

"Something like that... Where are you going?" Savranth asked Marston.

"Who sleeps when there is work to be done? I much much to do." Soto replied

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On board the venemous fangs ship...
<no. We swore to the oomans that we would not attack them until the week is up. I approved dropping the queen because it meant chaos, but it would have done minimal damage unless they were incompetent enough to actually let it escape. Dropping berserkers would be another matter entirely. I will not allow it.>
[soon, they will attack us, one who kills. We did not demonstrate our power correctly. If your father had been leading us, the port that dared to threaten you would have been turned to glass as a lesson to the rest of the planet. Now, the technicians still cannot remove the virus, and we have lost another day in attempting to kill Long Fang. She will continue hiding until the week is up, and then appear just when we begin invasion. We must demonstrate a reason to be feared, beyond attacks by disgusting whore mothers. We must have pure Yatjua blood spill in taking a beachhead. I will prepare the berserkers. They shall be deployed, with or without our adders as support. Do I make myself clear?]
One who kills sneered at the doctor, gave a pentulant snort, and stormed off, down the deck made for humans.

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Yukino hopped up onto a rooftop and went to sleep.

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"Blondie needs some food." Marston said simply as he rode out of the base.

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Envy found a place to sleep

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