We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OoC @Furioso: No, that's refering to the camp Rita had set up. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. :x

OoC: Last post, also time for me to head to work, so @Nail, feel free to control Rita

Rita nodded and packed up everything into her hammerspace pockets. She would follow Loki/do whatever he commanded

Loki climped the saddle, holding out a hand towards Rita when seated. After Rita sat on the saddle behind Loki, he took hold of the reins and continued his attempts to teach Fafnir to fly on command.

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Loki climped the saddle, holding out a hand towards Rita when seated. After Rita sat on the saddle behind Loki, he took hold of the reins and continued his attempts to teach Fafnir to fly on command.

OoC: Bai, Furi.

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I don't suppose you could move Marston out of questioning?

"Alright, so am I free to leave then? What about the woman I came in with, am I allowed to see her before I leave?" Jessica asked the interrogator.

"I assume that our agreement can continue from here, yes? I shall be compensated further if I choose to aid in your next assault?" Nybeth asked Tiberius.

"Yes. You may see her, but she is not to leave for the time being." the soldier answered Jessica, standing up and walking towards the door.

"And what would this Dr. Broca do once she found the escapee?" the soldier asked Marston, tilting her head backwards slightly.

"That is correct." Tiberius answered Nybeth, giving him a slight nod.

The Rookie preformed some maintenance on his SMG, while Tophat kept searching student's minds for a conversation with Erica.

"Couldn't say. I don't know her well enough to even guess." Marston replied truthfully.

OoC @Kirke: By the way, you asked if Erica would return again? The answer is yes. Having her only make a single appearance would be rather pointless. :P

Looking through more memories, Tophat would find that save for answering basic questions, none of the students present on the first floor had a conversation with Erica.

"Is that so..." the soldier said to Marston whilst staring at him intently, trying to dicern wherther or not he was lying. "Well then, did you ever speak to the escapee?"

"Okay, I understand." Jessica replied to the interrogator, accepting the terms, but not seeming the least bit happy about them. She stood up and followed him over to the door. I suppose if Vanessa is being held here then I've got to look after Holly and Echo for the time being...maybe it's a good thing that I don't have kittens, since I'm planning on dragging children around with me while I look for an escaped criminal...

"Excellent. And have you an inkling of when we march to our next objective?" Nybeth asked curiously.

"Yes. I happened to be getting my horse some grass when she walked up to me. She asked which way was south, and I told her. Then, she told me to tell her friends she was heading south. That was the one and only time I've seen her." Marston said, staying truthful.

OoC @Drak: So, since Dot isn't here, how're we gonna do this.

Opening the door, the soldier lead Jessica out of the interogation room. "Is there anyone else you'd wish tot talk to?"

"Hmm... And why did she pick you to relay this message, specifically?" the soldier asked Marston.

"It would depend on how swiftly supplies arive. This will probably happen a day from now, but it's hard to say." Tiberius answered Nybeth.

Black woke up on the rooftop and stared at the sky for a bit. One day I might be able to back and enjoy this a little more She thought to herself, then jumped down from the rooftop and put her hood up. Black then went asking the locals if there any places to find out the history of the war.

Holly woke up and yawned slightly.

"Cause I was the first person she saw I suppose." Marston replied.

@Nail: RRRRAAAAGH. Ready to continue interrogation crap.

Ness blinked a bit before scratching the back of her head, snapping out of a trance. ....Woah... I feel like I've been here for hours...

Yukino was strolling around the city's rooftops, yawning a bit.

@Nailik: I guess we just do as normal since Dot just showed up.

"Aside from getting the man who was brought in here to help, not really." Jessica replied as she continued to follow the soldier.

"Very well then. I believe I shall be off for now, General. I aim to make use of the funds you've provided me." Nybeth replied to Tiberius. He stood up and stretched for a bit before ambling out of the room Tiberius had led him into.

OoC: 'Oly shit! It's a Dot!! *Eats face and such*

"Did you give her a more specific direction, or was it just "south"?" the soldier asked Marston.

"Very well then." the soldier said to Jessica, then lead her to the interogation room Ness was in.

The soldier interogating Ness was about to ask his next question when the soldier escorting Jessica knocked on the door.

"Excuse me." the soldier interogating Ness said to her as he stood up and walked over to the door, opening it.

"We have an arrangement with this person. She will aid in tracking down the escapee, but she wants to talk with the suspect first."

"Hmm. Alright then." the soldier that was interogating Ness said, stepping aisde. "Go ahead." he said to Jessica.

"The history? That would depend on what you wanna know. If you wanna see first hand what these stupid wars bring, go to Valencheirn. Although no one is technically alowed to go there. But if you want some general information, any library would probably have some books on the subject." A civillian answered Black, then paused for a moment. "Might I ask why?"

"A good day to you then." Tiberius said to Nybeth as he turned around.

Echo also woke up. She got out of bed and started to get dressed, wondering if she should start sleeping in her cloths.

"I don't know if she had any place in mind. She only asked which way was south, so that's what I told her." Marston replied.

Holly finished getting dressed and hugged Echo. "Good Morning Echo" She said smiling.

"Thank you, where is this library?" Black said to the Civilian. "I'm just looking into a bit of history...I'm new here you see...want to know some general knowledge..." she explained.

The Rookie reassembled the SMG then placed it in his rucksack. He began cleaning the pistol.

"Good morning." Echo said as she happily hugged Holly.

Jessica nodded to the soldiers then stepped into the interrogation room and walked up to Ness. "How are things going? Are you alright? How are you feeling right now?" Jessica asked Ness with concern. She had a great desire to hug Ness at that moment, but pushed it down as she was almost certain that the soldiers would frown on something like that under the current conditions.

Nybeth stepped outside and into the main yard of the Defense Base. Cracking his joints a few times, he chanted, "Pinions glistening black, rescue me from darker lands, flap and flight!" and tossed a chunk of bone on the ground. A cloud of black smoke surrounded him, at which point a crow flew out and towards the direction of Lakewest.

Meanwhile, in Holly's room...
*There's a flash of light*
"Ah!" the brit shouts, "Got some dust on the bally tweed, going to take bally AGES to get off..." he mutters, looking himself over, his accent... Well, posh british, See this video.
"Okay, hat, Jacket, moostache is still in order, I see, pants still on, still male, HAH! That'll show bertie how to make a bally mod!" he shouts, looking around... and seeing Holly and Echo.
"Oh, it appears I've wandered in on your young lasses, I'll just take a step out." he said, walking to the door, opening it, and exiting it, turning back, and saying, "Oh, yes, here's a Mellon." he said, tossing them a whole melon before walking off.

"The largest library would be in Shaintaio, but there's no way of reaching it currently. The second largest library is in Winterhorn, but you'll need a password to enter. And before you ask, no, I don't know what the password is. So, I suppose you could browse through the history section of a bookstore." the civilian anwered Black.

"Right then... Well, you're free to go. There's no reason to keep you here any longer." the soldier said to Marston, standing up and walking over to the door. "I"ll escort you out."

"Best news I've heard in a while." Marston said as he got up to follow the soldier.

Echo shivered as yet another person showed up in her and Holly's room unannounced. She was very unnerved by this pattern.

Ness looked over toward Jessica, giving her a warm smile. She was extremely happy to see her, but she held back the urge to hug Jess. "Things are going well.... I'm fine, and I'm a bit happier since you came to talk to me." She replied calmly, though her eyes might show she was still a bit worried.

When the ludicrously British man left Holly and Echo's room, he would trip over Trilby, who was just sitting in the hall outside.
He toppled over as well, then looked up.
"Uh... good morning." he said, not really bothered about being hit in the face by a random person.

OoC @Outis: You should rename Echo to some character in Greek mythology that keeps attracting wierdo's. :P

The soldier lead Marston to the lobby of the main building, then turned to him. "Do you want me to deliver a message to the people you were brought in with?" she asked.

Bertie bolts up, and shakes Trilby's hand, "Ah, Hairlair there, good mad'am, mind explaining to me where I am?" he said, taking off his hat, "I'm new here, you see, so I have to get my bally thoughts in order!"

"What's going to happen to them?" Marston asked the soldier.

Trilby stood up and rubbed his head.
"You're in an inn, in a town called Lakewest." he explained.

"That's good to hear." Jessica gave Ness her own relieved smile. "Anyway, I asked to talk with you to see how you were doing. Also to tell you not to worry. I'm going to go off and bring Taokaka back here, so you won't have to worry about that. Everything will be just fine." She said, trying to sound reassuring.

After a while, Nybeth-crow made its way into Lakewest. After locating what it assumed to be the shopping district, it flew around looking for a chemical supply store, or considering its surroundings, an alchemists shop.

"It's too early to say at this point. It could go either way, although for miss... What's her name... Vanessa, it's not looking all too good." the soldier answered Marston.

"Yes, good to know, good mad'am, and may I ask what dimension I'm in currently?" he asked, continuing by saying in rather crisp and clear tones, slightly softer, "You see, I am not from this universe, I come from another one and got here through my bally own custom made mod! That'll show Gamechap what I can do!" he said.

Data continues to sit outside the military building, having done so for the last few days.

OoC: sorry was on the phone -_-

Holly smiled at Echo, then hid behind when someone else appeared in her room. "Do you think we ssshould asssk for a different room? one with a padlock?" She asked Echo, in a mixture of small fear and annoyance.

"I guess I can visit Winterhorn another time, if I get the password..." Black mused, she gave a small bow to the civilian. "Thank you for you help and time" She said, then walked towards the bookstore.

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