We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Ness let out a small sigh toward Jessica, slightly relieved and simultaneously worried about Jess. "Thank you, Jessica. I'm glad you're taking care of this... I'll do my best here."

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Trilby thought for a moment, then said, "Uh... I don't know. I wasn't the one at the controls of my interdimensional port- wait did you just say Gamechap?"

"Room with a lock." Echo said with a nod. She decided to wait for the voices outside of her door to go away.

"That's a real shame." Marston said in response to the guard.

"Yes, yes I did. Why do you as- ARE YOU A CREEPER SPY!!!" he shouts, pointing at him, "I KNEW THEY WANTED ME, I KNEW IT!"

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After looking around a bit, Black would find a book store uninspiringly named Bert's Books.

Nybeth would find three chemist stores. One dealed in ready-made potions, balms and salves, one mostly dealed in reagents, and the final one dealt in various equipment used in alchemy.

"If she's guilty of aiding a criminal responsible for the deaths of a civilian and one soldier - a good man, I might add - As well as several other crimes, then, no. That wouldn't be a shame. That's justice." the remarked in response to Marston.

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"No, I'm not." Trilby replied, acting as though the question wasn't insane at all. "Maybe you should ask those two, though. If the creepers want to kidnap you, maybe they brought you here..."

"Oh, no, I brought me here by myself, you see! Made a bally WOOOOOOOOOOOONDERFUL mod, you see, to take me to OTHER WORLDS!" he said, looking around...
"CIRCLES!" he shouted, pointing at the door-knob.

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No, I don't, Captcha.

Hearing the word "Creeper" Holly started to look for her doll near her bed.

Black stood outside the bookshop and read the name. Let's see if Mister Bert has what I'm looking for she thought as she entered the shop, lowered her hood and glanced around.

"And I promise you I'll do my best in return." Jessica said, still smiling to cover up her own un-assuredness. "Anyway, I should get going. I have to pick up Taokaka's trail before it goes cold. Stay strong!" Jessica then turned back to the soldiers, indicating she was about ready to leave.

Locating the stores, Nybeth-Crow flew down to street level and exploded into a plume of black smoke, transforming himself back to his human appearance. He entered the second store he noticed, the one dealing in reagents. Approaching the desk, he asked, "Excuse me, but I've some chemicals I find myself lacking for my work. Might this be the place I could procure some more?"

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Bryce wandered back into town, hat pulled low, looking for the group.

"Yeah, circles." Trilby said. "I'm going to leave now."
He walked downstairs, into the town of Lakewest.

Bertie looked at the handle, and begins to walk into the lobby... And sees all the circles.


He collapses out of sheer shock at the amount of circles in the area.

Ness smiled and nodded back toward Jess. "Good luck, Jessica! ...Please, be careful!" She called to Jess as she left. She sighed before turning back to face the interrogator.

Noting Jessica motioned she was done the soldier that was escorting motion to follow him in turn. Once she did just that, he lead her to the lobby of the main building.

When Jessica left, the soldier that was interogating Ness sat back down. "Picking up where we left off... Do you know where this Tao could have gone?"

As Black entered the store, the door moved passed a bell that hung above it, making it ring.

"Can I help you, miss?" a man behind the counter asked not long after the bell rang.

"It is. What are you looking for?" the store owner asked Nybeth.

Marston continued to wait in the lobby of the main building.

Ness scratched her head a bit before nodding a bit. "Mr. Marston informed me that he had seen her in Legaia."

"Yes please, I'm wondering if you have any books about the history...of this war you have going on..." Black replied to the Man as she walked closer to the counter.

Holly started looking more rapidly, throwing the pillows and covers aside. "Where Isss it?" She said, sounding a bit upset.

Echo started helping Holly look for the doll, hoping no one would have taken it.

OoC: So nobody at the Spice Rack actually noticed the mysterious brit that just shouted in the most shocked method that can happen 'Circles?'
Dosn't that even get a snark from someone at The Spice Rack?

"I will!" Jessica called back to Ness before exiting to the lobby with the soldier.

"Ah, good. I am needing to obtain significant amounts of Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde, and Methanol." Nybeth replied to the shop-keep, reciting the recipe of chemicals he needed from memory.

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Holly started to cry a little when she couldn't find her doll, she hugged Echo and frowned.

"Yes, that makes logical sense. She would want to avoid prosecution. But judging by her record, it's only a matter of time before she kills again and gets them on her tail. And we'd rather get her for ourselves." The soldier replied to Vanessa.
"Do you have any idea what her plans are? Who will she seek to kill, next?"

"Okay... Do you have quantities that you need? Or will anything do?" The shop keep asked Nybeth.

"This war? It's brand new. We don't have books on it. If you're talking about our history, well, I may be ableto help you there." The book store clerk replied. "Is there a certain subject of study you wish for?"

Mint walks up to Bertie. "Do what?" She asked confused. "Mint doesn't understand you, mister..."

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Bertie continues to be in a state of mental shock.

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"I see" Black replied. "Do you have any History on each faction, magic and technology?" She asked the Store clerk.

OOC: @Salt: So what would have happened to Tao after she fell asleep?

(To the Rookie: Alright, I think I found a lead. Come on, we'll need to track the student down.)
The Rookie glanced up at the last statment, raising an eyebrow beneath his helmet.
(To the Rookie: Oh shut up, you know what I mean!)
The Rookie nodded and got up, donning his rucksack and heading out of the guest room. Meanwhile, Tophat tried to match the visual memory of Sophia to a name using the memories of the people in the tower.

Nybeth pulled out the bag of gold that Tiberius had paid him with. He poured the money out on the counter, then used his hand to partition the pile into rough halves. After that, he swept half the money on the counter back into the bag. "However much this much will buy me. With equal amounts of each if you can help it." He replied, indicating how much money he was intending to spend. "Also, I'll need some equipment to mix it with."

Walking into the lobby, Jessica spotted Marston just standing about. "Hey, you and I've got something we have to do. So let's get moving already." She said to him, then walked past him and made to exit the building and head to the Spice Rack.

Ness shook her head solemnly. "She always kept up an air of stupidity and innocence when she was around me, so I have no idea about her plans."

Bryce bumped into Jessica while he was wandering the town. "Ey, I'm walking- No! No, just freaking, no. Sorry, Jessica was it? Friend of Ness?"

"Right then. Good day to you then." Marston said to the soldiers as he left with Jess.

Echo held Holly and patted her head, trying to comfort her.

Trilby spotted Jess leaving the building, and walked over to her.
"Ness isn't with you? Is she under arrest or something?" he asked, looking mildly concerned.

"And you didn't think she was faking? It seems pretty obvious she took you for a fool." The soldier replied to Vanessa.

"Well, we have history on Xiphatia. Not too much on Legaia. Most of it is from observation and study, but we certainly don't have that much information on them." The book store clerk explained to Black.

The shop keeper began to gather supplies and tools. "Will you be paying for this all from that one pile? Or is that pile just for the materials?"

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