We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Well it depends on traffic levels, but if the mall received alot of people then yeah, it'd tear the void open and spill untold thousands of horrors to consume and destroy that place. And if Saber's an example, you guys may use actively damaging entrances, which do even more to mess with your state of affairs." Bryce sighed, and leaned back. "Man, I need naps. Explaining quantum mechanics with a 10th grade education takes it out of you."

Rita looked up at Nybeth while brushing dust and bits of scorched rock off her clothes "Oh, you again. Did you ever get to dissect that...thing?"

@Trilby: "Bandit. 'Nuff said."

Rex stares blankly at Jack before shrugging and continuing to fill his pockets.

Yukino gives the password to the guard, a bit haughtily.

Ness nodded as she followed Jess to the Spice Rack. "Well... I'm a little more free than while I was suspected of being a spy, so that's a plus I guess. Hopefully, everyone at the hotel is doing alright."

Marston would be following Ness and Jess.

"Well...Tao's really good at fighting, meow." Tao offered after some thought.

Iowa blinked "... Well... Did I mention that I still have more money" He took out his whip and cracked it near Rex's feet "Hey I said put it back!"

@Rex: I don't think that's going to fly with the police.

"Well, like I said, we've got gates to the alternate Malls pretty much always open. And the Mall is infinite, so no telling how many people are lost in there..." Trilby mused.
He looked up, and noticed that they had looped around to the Spice Rack. He spotted a pair of familiar figures walking down the street.
"Hey, Ness. Jess. I assume you didn't get charged." he said, as he walked up to the couple.

With a flash of light, Rémy's sleeping form vanished, only to reappear, in a completely different universe, on the dock of a massive city.
"I'm... home." he muttered, before falling unconscious again.

Brooke had given up on her search, and sat down. With a large blast of dark energy, which would leave only small burns on the ground, in the shape of a strange, occult, symbol, she vanished, and reappeared back in her own dimension.

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Nybeth walked closer to Rita solely to eliminate the need to continue shouting, avoiding the craters and cracks in the cliff as he went. "Unfortunately not. Someone was very thorough in destroying the creature. There was nothing left to examine." He shrugged and added, "But supposedly the beast was something man-made. So I would have learned little from examining its remains even if the opportunity had presented itself."

Jessica waved to Marston as she noticed him following after her. She nodded to Ness as they came up to the Spice Rack. Before entering, she heard Trilby call over to her. "Well, she's not completely off the hook, but she can at least leave the city now...so maybe that's a step up."

"Really? Nothing left? What the hell did it do to piss someone off that much?" asked Rita

"I don't care. Treasure is worthless without those you care about." Thyme replied to Iowa Jack. He eyed Rex. "Are you with this guy?"

"Well, perhaps you could find work as a bodyguard or something." Felina suggested, though she didn't really know who would need such a service.

Inside, Winterhorn was much the same as ever. Though it was almost a ghost town as most of the students were in bed, by this time.

"Tao could do that! Who should Tao protect then, meow?" Tao asked.

OoC: @Salty, I just had a thought, didn't Dal'Sheen have a couple of the strange key things?

"I, yeah, gonna need to stop there sometime." Bryce waved to Jess and Ness, and said "I need a nap, but I'm willing to let you guys know that Holly and Echo are quite fine, the sweeties. Now, if you'll excuse me..." Bryce pulked out a card of some sort, flicked it, from which a hole from another universe was produced. He stepped through, and the hole closed.
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Rex looked over toward Thyme and shook his head. "Hell no. If he's so loaded, I'm sure he won't mind sharing." As the whip cracked at his feet, Rex seemed to be unphased by it as he finished stuffing his hoodie pockets with gold and stuff. "Welp... Seeing as you didn't accept that, I'm gonna go try to pawn these. Later." He casually walks outside the inn.

Yukino yawns for a bit as Black goes off to read and stuff. With no interest in reading and such, the foxgirl wanders around the school grounds a bit, taking everything in.

Ness smiled at Bryce before he left. Turning to Trilby, she nodded. "It's as Jessica said. Since you're still being watched... I'd be careful."

"Huh... Well I never thought of it that way." He than started crying "By the gods I wasted my entire life!"

"You mean Trilby's still being watched. But, I see your point." Trilby pointed out. "And it's good you didn't go to prison."

"Not too late to change." Thyme replied.

"I don't know. I can't think of anyone that would need your protection. Perhaps you could see about some other people needing help, though...?" Felina responded, not really sure what to suggest.

The school grounds were largely empty. Snowy and quiet. Peaceful. Just the sort of thing Yukino hated. The Main Tower stood looming over the grounds while the Secondary Tower floated calmly over the land.

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@Demon: Okay, that was funny.

"Tao already tried asking people in town if they needed help. They all thought I was useless, meow..." Tao replied, clearly sad.

Jessica waved goodbye to Bryce as he left. As Rex left the Inn she raised an eyebrow, briefly pondering where he had been as she hadn't seem with for a while, but she shrugged it off and simply waved to him as well. Glancing up at the sky, she noticed how late it had gotten and frowned. "Might be a little late to try and travel tonight. Probably best if we just stay in town for another day and get moving tomorrow." She said, more thinking out loud than anything else.

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@Salty, I seem to remember Lucia giving him some relic things

Envy headed towards Port Letosh again

"All this time spelunking. I've wasted it. I think I lost most of my mystical items too"

Yukino stared up at the sky for a moment and sighed a bit. "Ugh... Whatever..." She quickly started silently hopping her way up the side of the Main Tower.

Rex looked over to see Jess waving at him. He waves back for good measure. Ness waves at him as well, giggling a bit. "About time you showed up, Rex. Nice to see you're still a thief." She said pointing toward his bulging pockets.

"Whatever, Ness. What have you and the Doc been up to lately?" Rex replied as he walked up toward the group.

"Are you okay?" Thyme asked Iowa Jack.

"Well, I'm sorry, I don't know what to tell you. Do you have any idea what you could do at all?" Felina asked.

Envy would find Port Letosh largely unchanged. It was still under heavy guard.

Ooc: @Furi: I'll have to ask Nail, I don't recall that.

"Well...Tao likes the idea of protecting people. Maybe somebody somewhere else will let Tao do that, meow." Tao said after some thought.

"No I'm not. It's like realizing that soylent green is people for the first time"

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"It intruded upon my current employer's place of work. When I tried to eliminate it, it fought back. And then my employer crushed it several times over and buried it deep within the ground." Nybeth answered Rita, his account seeming to lack enthusiasm until he reached the part where he described Tiberius crushing Fecl.

"I'd really rather not talk about that..." Jessica chimed in to Rex's question to Ness, sounding somewhat uncomfortable at the prospect of retelling most of what has happened in Lakewest recently. "Tomorrow we're going to go chase after an escaped criminal though."

Marston is still following Jess and Ness, staying quiet for now.

Rita raised an eyebrow when he mentioned an employer "An "employer?" Who do you work for way out here?"

Envy headed to the main building (as Roy) and walked inside

Once on top of the roof, Yukino sighs and starts singing softly toward the moon. Eh... Places like this remind me of... Haruka... A tear rolls down her cheek as she softly continues.

Ness nodded with Jessica as she moved toward the inn. "We can discuss more about this tomorrow... I suppose." Rex lets out a low whistle toward them as he follows. "Came here for a break, decided to take down some criminal. Makes total sense."

He looked over at Marston and gave him a small wave. "Sup."

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Marston gave Rex a small nod.

"Okay... Look if you want a room, I'll charge you for the damage and 50 Gold for a room. Okay?" Thyme said to Iowa Jack.
Just as long as you stop freaking out...

"Well, I'm not sure where you could go to find someone like that... You could always try the military... if you want..." Felina made the suggestion, though she obviously wasn't fond of the idea.

The receptionist looked at Envy.
"Can I help you?"

"Well that's a bit better... Wait a second that guy just stole my money!" He said running out the door

"How would I do that, meow?" Tao asked.

"I do not work for anyone stationed out here. This is merely where I choose to conduct my experiments. I prefer privacy when doing so, which this place provides in spades." Nybeth explained. "However if you are curious, I work for the military. Tis not something I terribly enjoy, but it provides me with the funds and specimens I require for my experiments."

Jessica gave Rex a small sigh, then went to follow after Ness as she went inside. "This has been annoying. We've barely had any time just to ourselves recently. Let's find Taokaka and bring her in quickly, then we can have all of this mess done with and behind us already."

"I would assume you work for Xiphatia then, seeing how you're a mage. How has the war been progressing anyways, we haven't heard much so far." responded Rita

"Hello, I was doing a bit of exploring recently and I came across the ruins to the west of here. I was interested in learning more, so I was looking for anyone that may have studied that area, do you know of anyone like that, or where I could learn more about that place?" asked Envy

Rex tilts his head a bit at Jess' comment. "Tao's the one you're after? She didn't strike me as a bright enough bulb to be evil. Either way, I've got stuff to do. Later." Rex heads back outside before jumping up onto a rooftop and taking inventory of what was in his pockets.

Ness simply sighed at Rex as he left before turning to Jessica. "I'm all for it, Jessica. Let's just hope that she isn't going to take too long to find. All we have to go off of is that she's in Legaia."

Finishing her little humming session, Yukino curls up into a ball and sleeps on the roof of the tower.

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