We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Dal'Sheed stopped to walk along side Cynane on her dino-steed.

"My name is Dal'Sheed. Once a world or Age has been properly described and inspected for faults and contradictions, all one needs to do is to place their hand on the front page. Then the person is 'linked' or transported to the world. But you have to have a book that describes the world you just came from, otherwise you wouldn't be able to go back."

"We could be in a story. But the events that happen in a story of any kind aren't described in the books that I work with. It's the world itself that's described in the book. The events in a story will happen on their own. And anything along the lines of a beginning or an ending can never be truly written, much like any other world."

Spirals replaced Tao's normal, red eyes for a moment after she ran into Lyra. She shook her head and focused on Lyra after a bit. "Owie. You came out of nowhere lady, otherwise Tao wouldn't have ran into you, meow. And, what does ca-pii-shee mean, meow?" she asked.

Echo decided to hide behind Lyra for now, since she was holding Tao at bay for the moment.

As the group came up to the crest of the closest hill, they would see a small camp. Scattered around it were generators, tents that while large, could be taken down rather quickly. There was no sign of fire, but rather small lights around the vicinity. In the midst of it all stood a large Mech. Several men were scattered around the perimeter. Ten in total.

Those would good hearing or a listening device would be able to hear speech coming from the man they saw before and one other.

"Explain yourselves. What are you doing here in violation of the Peace Treaty of 8965 AE XX?"
"Peace Treaty? You dare bring that up?" A man dressed in grey officer's clothes replied. A small pistol in a holster at his hip. There were two soldiers armed with rifles on either side of the young man.
"Don't mock me. This is a violation of our treaty. You must leave at once."
"The treaty is over, boy. Or haven't you heard?"

The young makes starts to move for his sword, but realizing that he has two men behind him, stops. Damn. Volarian, you sure are slow...

Steiner jogs down the trail with a loud clanking sound before seeing Tao and running towards "Don't attack this fair maiden, cat... thing for if you were to hurt this poor lady I would be forced to use my sword in combat against you" He than turned to Lyra "Please don't kill like those other unfortunate souls you carry on your belt"

Cynane frowned beneath her helmet.
"Oh...kay. That sounds like... I don't know. Like something that travelling Shamans would claim when they're trying to sell their witchcraft. You say that you use books for these stories though? I've seen a few books, but they're used to store important knowledge like monster physiology, smithing, agriculture, things like that. Books take a lot of time and effort to scribe. To use them for hearth tales... I've never heard it done before. And for that matter, I've only heard the stories describe the world of this life, and in some, the After-World. Most stories are about people or Monsters, famous hunts and such."

"For us the stories that happen in these books aren't really important to us. Only the resources and lessons the worlds give us when we travel to them. This Age in particular was supposed to be used for studying the effects on civilizations on worlds, like an example for future writers. Writing an Age is not an easy task. It takes a lot of patience and attention to detail to make sure that the world we go to isn't hostile. And apparently the writer for this Age may have forgotten a few sentences about a stable civilization."

Dal'Sheed heard and understood the conflict to its importance.
I don't think these men would have the same patience to listen to my story. But the conflict here is definitely present, and it's nothing to be shrugged off. If the rest of this Age is stable enough, perhaps I can assist in getting rid of the conflict. A good civilization makes a good Age after all.

"Listen. We need to be informed of what's happening. Is there some sort of conflict between nations or cities going on here?" He asked the two men.

Lyra glared into Tao's red eyes, before leaning closer, hands at her belt. "Just stop molesting people. You'll get us in trouble. I really don't feel like ending up in jail because you decided to grab some viziers breasts. So from now on, just, please, try to avoid it. Okay? That's what capiche means. you understand?" she looked over to Steiner, and grumbled. "Relax. I don't kill people for this. That's full on rapes and mass murders. So relax. I'm not going to just stab some poor girl."

The woman continues to fiddle with the overlay until it highlights 'ATV'. She smiles to herself as she hits 'BUILD' and a blue horizontal light shoots out of her PDA, slowly moving upward. A mass of pixels and numbers seemed to flow around before the light shut off and an ATV was parked right in front of the woman. She slowly mounts it and revs it up, allowing herself to catch up with most of the group. She silences her ride as she nears the camp. "As I feared... It seems I've walked into a dimension at war. So much for a break."

Moving up to a hill, Loki stopped upon seeing below was what appeared to be a temporary military camp. A modern-looking one at that, much unlike most of everyone he had seen so far. With his keen senses, he could just about pick up what was bein said between the person he caught a glimpse of earlier, and several other soldier who appeared to be wearing a diferent uniform then he was. Whilst his looked to be a poor man's version of the armour found in Loki's homeworld, the other soldiers had uniforms reniscent of those found on Earth. For a moment, Loki wondered wherther or not he should advance further, but the decision was quickly made a negative when he noticed tension rising between them.
Wherther they are actually human or not, it would seem these people share humanity's lust for war. How quaint.
Loki sat down on the cliff, holding the scepter so that the glowing gem was covered by his coat under the shoulder area. He waited to see what would happen next, deigning to get answers after the posible violence.

Suddenly, a wave of hot air washed over the group, which was followed by a red flash, almost like fire. A figure appeared and landed on his feet perfectly, then staggered around and fell flat on his face. The heat subsided and the air stopped moving.
The man lying on the ground groaned loudly. His clothes were burnt and torn, and the skin underneath was scratched and grubby. His short blond hair was unkempt at best, chaotic at worst. The outer half of his right hand and wrist were drenched in fresh blood, and there was a ring of metal around the wrist, also spattered with blood. To anyone familiar with police equipment of the early 21st century, it would be obvious that it was half a handcuff. The other half was nowhere to be seen.
The man continued moaning in pain, until he was able to get out three words.

"Fuck me sideways..."

As Cynane spoke, she caught sight of the mech behind the soldiers and her jaw dropped.
"What in the spirits of the fire wyverns is that?" she gasped.

Steiner jogs down the trail with a loud clanking sound before seeing Tao and running towards "Don't attack this fair maiden, cat... thing for if you were to hurt this poor lady I would be forced to use my sword in combat against you" He than turned to Lyra "Please don't kill like those other unfortunate souls you carry on your belt"

john suddenly appears infront of Tao "so much as touch her and i will cut your head sir knight" he said with a fury in his voice

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"It's a walking machine... I wonder how intricate it is."

"Avoid boobies, meow? Ooooo. That's a lot to ask Tao...But, I don't want to get anyone in trouble...I will try to control myself...But Tao makes no promises." Tao said with a goofy grin.

Echo still wasn't very trusting of the cat girl, but since she couldn't add anything, she just stayed behind Lyra.

@Random. I edited the last post for Cynane. But we have a giant mech on our hands to talk about.

OOC: Yeah, I just noticed that. Reacted to it in my last post. Truth is, Cynane would have very little chance of understanding anything Dal'Sheed says, since books aren't even widely produced where she's from.

"I've never seen anything like it! It looks like... well, nothing I've ever seen! What is it for? Do people ride them, like Aptonoth or Popos?" As she spoke she lifted her visor again, to get a better view of the machine. Her eyes were wide and starry with amazement.

"Well then, you'll have to get some kind of handle on it. All I'm asking. Now, I believe you owe this girl here an apology, don't you?" Lyra said, turning her head to keep an eye on the two peacekeepers that seemed to be locking horns over who was better or something. Lyra kept a hand at her knifes, just in case it burst into an actual fight.

Steiner looked quite surprised and embarrassed at the same time "That's what she was doing. I only saw her chasing this lady." He than looked at Saber "Why that maiden is terrified of this cat lady. And I will not stand for a person who does that to a woman especially fair maidens such as this one"
OOC: @Salt I just noticed that the mech has a penis gun on it

"Meow? Oh right, her. Tao is sorry if she scared or hurt you, meow. That's not what I wanted." Tao said to Echo.

Echo mumbled some of what Tao said while she backed away from her more.

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Jessica stood at the hilltop and overheard the conversation. The glyphs around her head that had formed when she first arrived returned around the top of her head. Uh, advice?
Gather more information before involving yourself. The last damn thing you need to be doing is getting into rash conflict....Especially when one side's got goddamn mech support.
Got it.
She heard some man moaning and looked over to see the man with a bloody hand and cuffs on the ground. She unconsciously rubbed her right wrist with her left hand as she pondered if he was injured or not.
Also, give that guy a wide berth. I get a really bad vibe from him.
Why's that?
The broken hand-cuffs for one. Plus if I were a betting man, I'd say that blood isn't his.
...Fine. Jessica thought with a sigh as she dismissed the glyphs and focused her attention on the camp again.

'That's the man from before, but what is that... thing he is talking too? It's so strange. Is it some kind of statue?' She thought as she looked on from the side lines behind some bushes. Whatever it was, it caught most of her attention.

When Dal'Sheed addressed the two men the officer, and soldiers turned to look at him.
"Who are you? This is a restricted area!"
As this happened, so did a man appear in a sudden explosion.

Seeing his chance, the young man quickly grabbed his sword and moved to cut one of the soldiers behind him down. Moving with nearly inhuman speed he turned as a fireball formed in his left hand, which he threw into the face of the other, before making his way away from the scene.

Seeing the man move, the officer grabbed his pistol and aimed at him firing a beam of energy at him. The young soldier rounded the corner, barely being missed by the shot. But as he did, he came upon the 15 foot tall mech. "Damn. I don't think my magic will bring this down easily..." He said raising his hand, as the mech began firing upon him, the shots seeming to stop at an invisible wall.

Other soldiers began moving rapidly in the camp. "Commander? What should we do about the intruders?"
"Kill them. No one can know we were here." The officer turns to a man near a tent with a dish on it. "Send word to Captain Astasis. General Tiberius is not at the base. The troop count is low. Hurry!"

As ordered, the soldier made his way into the tent and began sending the message.

The other soldiers, began moving to fire upon the intruders. Unlike the officer, their rifles fired armor piercing rounds.

8 Soldiers
1 Mech

Steiner looked quite surprised and embarrassed at the same time "That's what she was doing. I only saw her chasing this lady." He than looked at Saber "Why that maiden is terrified of this cat lady. And I will not stand for a person who does that to a woman especially fair maidens such as this one"
OOC: @Salt I just noticed that the mech has a penis gun on it

"forgive her, she is not right in the head, she is from a strange realm" he said to the knight

The problem of world travelers is certainly going to be a hassle to fix.

Dal'sheed walked over to the man who had just come in with the heat wave.
"Anyone a medic? This man's wounds are terrible!"

Stripe bucked and honked in alarm as the gunfire started. Cynane cursed ferociously and threw herself out of the saddle, dropping to the ground and rolling. She was well used to hunting wyverns, but had never been under gunfire before, nor had she ever killed a man. Momentarily shocked out of rational thought she stayed low. Seeing the bloodied man in the handcuffs lying on the ground she ran to him, the instinct to pull acomrade out of harm's way taking over.
"Come one, move! Get to cover!" She shouted, grabbing his arm and trying to haul him into a jog.
"I can help him, but we need to get out of here! Help me move him!" She shouted to Dal'Sheed.

He nodded. And helped Cynane carry the injured man carrying the other arm.

A few bullets hit Dal'Sheed's Maintainer Suit. Since they were armor piercing, the bullets were able to go half way through the condensed stone armor.

Once the injured man was put behind adequate cover. Dal'Sheed took his own rifle out and fired at the joints of the armored foes coming at them.

Steiner dismissed the obvious mad man and went off to help the new man who was bloody and quickly had him drink a potion. He than charged at the enemies with his broadsword

As he observed the conversation between the soldiers, Loki noted the change in temperature, followed by the appearance of another man who appeared to be in pain. Having absolutely no desire to help the person, Loki remained seated and went back to watching the soldiers, just in time to see the one who looked less advance then the others did reach for his peculiar blade and strike one of the soldiers down. Ah, clasic human behaviour indeed. Yet, that weapon he carries, the speed at wich he moves as well as the use of what appears to be some form of magic, that is most unlike the humans I have seen thus far. Curious. And mildly entertaining.

Seeing the soldier spread out and open fire on those that had arived on the cliff also, Loki sighed and stood up. How foolish that they saw fit to attempt to interfere in this matter. The corners of his mouth curling up into a slight smile, Loki turned invisible. Yet this too, is mildly entertaining.

Cynane ducked instinctively as the Bullet's struck Dal'Sheed's armour, but didn't stop pulling the wounded man, hanging onto her bowgun in the other hand.
"Fuck! What the hell have we walked into?!" She gasped. "We aren't soldiers, why are they firing at us?" Then Dal'Sheed began to return fire and she stared at him.
"Are you a soldier?" She asked, still in cover and not firing her weapon.

The man let out a long groan, then pushed himself to his feet and stretched.
When Dal'sheed spoke, he turned and raised an eyebrow.
"What wounds? I'm perfectly fine."
He heard the sounds of gunfire and looked at the camp.
"Want to see real wounds, wait a few minutes."

He paused for a few seconds, as if he was weighing his options.
"We should probably kill those guys, shouldn't we?"
He pushed his shirt up and drew a handgun from his waistband.

As the gunfire started, the woman ducked under the bush as she cupped her ears from the unfamiliar noise that was a gun shot. "What in god's name was that!" She cried out, her heart rate up to 11.

"Good enough, I suppose. Now, we really should get moving. Head down that trail, and I'll grab anyone else still up here." she turned to survey the area, saying to any nearby "Come on, time to get moving. Lets go."

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John runs over to where Dal'sheed, Trilby and Cynane were "how is he? i'm a healer i can help" he said before firing a few rounds at the enemy and then ducking behind cover again

"The Guild of Maintainers also works as law enforcement where I come from. Being one is part of the training of getting inside this hazard suit of mine. It was my occupation before becoming the inspector I'm now." He said quickly as he was reloading from his cover.

He looked over and took fire at another soldier.

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