We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Jessica waved to Marston as he walked off. "Maybe I should have mentioned I have plenty of money for hotel rooms." She thought aloud. She shrugged to herself and turned her attention back to Ness. "Well, back when we both admitted how we felt about each other I realized that I don't know as much about you as I'd like to. So why don't you just tell me some more about yourself?" She suggested as she leaned up against the car.

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Marston waved back at Jess as he kept moving.

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Ness leaned back as well and put her hand to her chin. "Hm... I guess that makes sense... What do you want to know about me? I'll answer any questions you may have." She smiled faintly as she looked to Jess.

"...Huh. Interesting... And I think you mean 'faith' not 'fate'. Alright, turn my coat back to normal now, toothpick."

"Oh shut up, you no spined, foul smelling fox. I'm the boss here so you can go shove it" He touched the coat again and it turned to normal

Jessica stuffed her hands in her pockets and hummed for a few moments as she thought. "Well, for starters, what is it that you do, exactly?" She asked. "You told me you're here to take a break, but what is it you're taking a break from? What's waiting for you back home?...I'm a little embarrassed that I'm only asking this now."

Yukino just scoffed at Ezra before picking up her coat and putting it back on... and self-consciously sniffing herself. ...Do I really small that bad...? "Piss off, toothpick. I'm only tolerating you due to your... ability."

Ness puts her hand to her chin for a moment before answering. "What I do...? To put it simply, I design various devices and tech for clients back home. Basically, if you need something made, modified, scrapped, alchemized, quality tested, or designed, you call my lab and place an order. ...At least, at face value, that's what I do. The city I'm based in is only a city by name, it's really just a warzone: everyone fighting one entity."

She looked up toward the sky as she continued. "The people I've employed are also people who help keep my lab safe and help us try to take down the Nexus Guard. They produce mutant clone soldiers and... monstrosities and they use them to oppress and mutilate the people of the city. We've been fighting to make the city better for everyone as a whole... but I needed to take a break from that war back there... So that's why I'm here..."

She let out a small yawn after her explanation.

"How about I drop a building on you instead, and find somebody else to help me get to Foo" He said getting back on his moving rock

Yukino shrugged as she leaned back to go to sleep. "Go ahead and try, stick. You'll find that I won't end up dead anyway."

Jessica nodded as she listened intently to what Ness was telling her. "I guess that explains why you employ Rex and Yukino then. I gotta say I was always kinda curious about that." She commented. "I can understand why you'd want to take a vacation from a way though. I mean, I've never been in one, but I can't imagine it would be pleasant."

Hellosh, giving up his search for Ness and Jess, decides to explore the area some more with Hellen. After some time, they find themselves in Holadino.

OoC: My characters are at Holadino, is there anything interesting they should find? Also, who's in Holadino and where are they in Holadino.

"Your not worth the effort any way, you pungent fox. Now where are we going to sleep"

@Dirty: Uh... Ness/Jess/Bryce/Trilby/Bertie are in Holadino. Nothing really out of the oridnary, methinks.

Ness shrugged a bit. "I don't employ people solely for their attacking abilities. I've also hired assistants to help me design things and the like. Those two both happen to be good at making certain modifications to things. And yes, it's stressful, but it's better than running away from an injustice." She looked over toward Jessica as she yawned again. "Oh... I'm getting pretty tired... If you have anything else you want to ask me about, feel free to ask. ...Maybe we should buy a room if the hotel's still open..."

Yukino yawned as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. "Wherever..."

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"I can't believe this! Royalty forced to sleep in the streets, with a coward fox who hasn't bathed in at least a month" He said climbing into one of Yukino's pockets

Hellosh conveniently finds Ness and Jess, he then looks at Hellen. "Do I have to?" Hellosh asked Hellen.

"Yes." Hellen simply answered.

Hellosh sighed and walked to Jessica. If she took a look at his face, she would find his right cheek to be injured.

Jessica reached into her coat and produced a credit card. Handing it to Ness, she said to her, "Nah, that's enough for now. You can go ahead and get a room for us and some sleep. I think I'll stay out here a little longer. I like looking at the sky."

Ness nodded and went into the hotel to go rent a room.

Jessica sat herself on the hood of the car and looked up at the sky for a while, only stopping when she noticed Hellosh walking over to her. "And what do you want?" She asked him, placing unpleasant sounding emphasis on the word 'you'.

"*Sigh* I....damn it! *Sigh* I wanted to apologize for the crap I have caused; I have went too far. If you don't want to forgive me, that's fine. I didn't expect forgiveness." Hellosh apologizes to Jessica, his apology seems forced. He then rubs his right cheek. Hellen, I loathe you so much for this!

OOC: @Hellosh "You've lost all my respect. Apologizing just cause a woman told you so

OoC: @Demon'sRedTextCharacter "Why you little!" "No, Hellosh, I'll deal with this sexist son of a bitch!" *Hellen smashes RedText on @Demon's keyboard*

After quite a while in which Jessica said nothing and made no response to Hellosh whatsoever, she closed her eyes and sighed. "Apology accepted." It's not like holding a grudge will really get me anywhere. After another few moments, she opened her eyes back up and looked over at Hellosh. "Something else you need?"

OOC: @Dirt to the chat room

"What?" Hellosh seems to be actually confused. Never in his life someone so easily accepted his apology, so he stood there silent for a few moments. "Did you really just accept my apology that easily?" Hellosh asked Jessica. "And no, I really don't need anything..." He muttered. Hellosh then rubs his face.

Jessica went back to looking up at the sky for several moments before speaking again. "Yep. I figure that's what Vanessa would have done if she were here. And if she could forgive you, then why shouldn't I?" She explained with a shrug. "Doesn't mean I automatically like you or anything though." She added.

"..... Usually that doesn't happen..... *Sigh* Remember the time I told you about that person who betrayed my trust? After what he has done to me, I ruined his life. I wish I never done that.... I tried everything to let him forgive me, and guess what? He didn't accept it..... If I just suffered.... If I just died for his dream, everything would have been better. And that's funny! Why? I ruined so many lives, yet his is the one that never leaves my mind... Oh, here I go again!" Hellosh said to Jessica, before realizing what he had said. "I probably bored you with my crappy sob story, didn't I? Usually I keep my mouth shut about those things. Anyhow, I didn't expect you to like me to begin with. Hell, I never expect anybody to like me. So I'm glad we understand each other." Hellosh replied to Jessica, regaining his stoic tone.

Jessica turned back to looking at Hellosh with one of her eyebrows raised. "Eh? Why would you want to be forgiven for something like that? If the person betrayed your trust, shouldn't they be the one begging to be forgiven?" Maybe this guy's just misunderstood....Though after what he said last night, probably not...

"It usually doesn't work like that... I absolutely ruined his life, ruined his dream... Ever time I look at him, I see myself as a failure to him. He has a dream, he has value. I, on the other hand, have no dream, and my only value is to serve him. Yet, I couldn't even do THAT! Instead, I......... Damn it!" Hellosh facepalmed after what he had said. "Great.... Bottom line is that if anything bad happens to me, it's probably my fault. Okay I'm done with my crappy angst stories." Hellosh said to Jessica.

Jessica sighed deeply at what Hellosh said. "Alright, I get it. You don't want to talk about, then you don't want to talk about it. Not really my place to go around dragging that stuff out of people anyway." She said as she once again resumed staring at the sky.

"Good, good. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to leave." Hellosh said before leaving.

Hellen comes to Hellosh. "You actually apologized for once!

Hellosh simply growls.

"I see you told her about father..... Hellosh, that wasn't your fault...."

"This discussion ends now." He coldly said. Afterwards, he left.

Hellen Goes to Jessica. "Hello...."

Jessica sighed once again as she turned her head to face Hellen. "I don't believe we've met." She replied.

"We haven't meet," Hellen extends her hand,"so let me introduce myself. My name is Hellen. What's your name?" Hellen asked Jessica.

Jessica lazily extended her hand to Hellen and shook her hand. "I'm Jessica. Or Dr. Broca if you're feeling formal." She replied.

"Nah, Jessy-Assuming you don't mind me calling you Jessy- I'm not really a formal person. Anyhow, I see you're not human also." Before Jessica could form a response, Hellen took off her hat revealing her small horns.

"Jessy's fine." Jessica said, a small smile forming on her face before she quickly realized what she was doing and made herself stop. She looked at Hellen's horns with interest before yawning deeply. "Sorry about that. I'm just...really sleepy." She replied. Pushing herself off the hood of the car, she turned back to Hellen and said, "Anyway, it was nice meeting you Hellen!" She headed into the hotel, then into the room Ness had gotten the both of them. Before she could even think of doing anything else, she collapsed on the couch and passed out.

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"Bye!" Hellen puts her hat back on. She then goes to Hellosh. He, you guessed it, was lying on the alley.

"How was your chat with miss Broca?" Hellosh asked Hellen.

"She's a nice cat, lady, thing.... I'm surprised you managed to piss her off like that. Oh wait, I just remembered who you are, Helly. I am not surprised, at all." Hellen stated.

"Don't call me Helly." Hellosh ordered Hellen.

"Stop being so bitter, Helly!" Hellen said to Hellosh.

"Didn't I say stop calling me Helly!" Hellosh said to Hellen, sounding rather annoyed.

"Helly, Helly ,Helly!" Hellen repeated saying 'Helly'.

Hellosh sighed, before saying:"I loathe you."

"I love you too, Helly." Hellen said while smiling in a cheeky manner.

Saber wandered for a while until he found a little farm, he would have continued to look around but it was very late and Saber was very tired so he sat down up against a tree and fell asleep

Tao went to start her new job at the farm.

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