We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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@Outisakanobody: Saber is on the same farm as Tao by the way, don't worry he won't try to take her in unless she attacks him which i doubt will happen.

slowly Saber woke up from his deep sleep and gave an well slept yawn "i really needed that" he said before making his neck click and went off to find a supplies shop

Bertie begins to walk around the city of Holando, Mellon in hand.

Near the city of Winterhorn, deep inside the mountain... Something was being built.

Holly started to wake up, yawning a little.

Black was sword training in base camp.

Etho begins to walk around, like he's exploring... He walks by Blacks camp.

Yukino yawned as she rolled up off the floor and walked around outside.

Rex was up and about already, punching the air a bit.

Ness yawned as she rose up out of bed. Ugh.... My head....

Jessica woke up in her hotel room in Holadino. Sitting up on the sofa she had slept on the previous night, she groaned as she stretched as she hadn't slept in the most comfortable position she could have.

Nybeth was sitting in the exact center of the courtyard at the now Xiphatian controlled Defense Base. He was once again sitting on the ground and meditating.

Some people had noticed last night that Bryce did not act like he normally did. There was quite a good reason for that. The Not-Bryce awoke, and his eyes gleamed with utter madness. He pulled himself up, and pulled himself into the driver's seat of the car.

Trilby woke up in the back of the car, and spotted Bryce in the driver's seat.
"I have a feeling something bad is going to happen..."
In one fluid motion, he opened the car door, and leaned to the side, toppling out onto the ground, then rolled away from the vehicle.

Ezra climbed out of one Yukino's pockets "You know if I had lungs I probably would have suffocated from the stink in there"

OoC @Dot how does the car start again? Key?

@FPS: Key, yes. Ness also has it, so... yeah, no flooring it.

Yukino looked down and casually flicked the toothpick out of her pocket. "If you don't have lungs, or even a nose, how can you detect this 'smell' you keep going on about?" She looked over at Black practicing and twitched a bit.

Noting Jessica's groan, Ness looked over and waved lazily. "You've had to sleep on the couch for a few nights in a row now... We should take turns with that... starting now."

Tao walked back to Felina's house, being quite tired from her day of work. "Boy, Tao never knew working could be so hard, meow." she said to herself as she walked.

Echo woke up and got dressed.

Holly was just playing with her doll, humming away.

Not-Bryce pointed one finger at the keyhole, and the limb slowly stretched and flattened, inserting itself the nooks and crannies of what was needed to start the car. He turned his finger, and the car started, before quickly shutting down. Frowning, not-Bryce left the car, and walked unsteadily over to Tribly. "Entropy setting in. Hold still."

Ezra's paperclip foot got caught in the pocket "It's a Lithen secret" He kept tugging trying to get out of the pocket

Echo walked over to Holly and sat with her.

"Hello girls." Persephone said as she appeared before them. Echo just gave a small frown.

"No arguments here." Jessica replied to Ness as she stood up and stretched some more. "At least I still got my 14 hours though. Now let's see about picking up Taokaka's trail." She made her way outside the hotel and waited out on the porch until Ness caught up. She looked over at Bryce and Trilby rather curiously as she waited.

"Hi Momma!" holly said as she ran up and hugged her.

Then a nearby tree blew up, right next to Not-Bruce.
Bertie walks up to them, "'Afternoon, chaps!" he said.

Etho begins to walk up to the camp.

Persephone gladly accepted Holly's hug as she knelt down on one knee. "Hello dear. I have a very important question for you." Persephone said, her gaze flitting toward Echo.

"What'sss that?" Holly asked Persephone politely.

Ness nodded toward Jess' statement and made her way outside. "14 hours? That seems like a really lo-" As she noted Bryce trying to drive her car, she instinctively twitched and her belt started to glow. "What is he... doing... ?"

Yukino scoffed. "Bullshit."

Rex leaned up against the wall from the outside and listened to Persephone's conversation.

Tao entered Felina's house and prepared for a nap.

"Do you think Echo has learned enough for me to remove her curse?" Persephone asked Holly, being both coy and rather serious.

"Well maybe I carved my self a nose, Did you ever look recently" He said still trying to get out of the pocket

Holly shook her head rather fast. "yesss! ssshe hass been kind, caring and the bessst sssissster ever!" She said to Persephone, then turned around to smile at Echo.

Trilby stood up once the ringing in his ears stopped, and looked at the tree.
"Hm. Didn't expect that to happen again." he murmured.
He then turned to Not-Bryce.
"Uh... what?"

Yukino casually took the toothpick out of her pocket and threw it. "All I hear from you is bs. Go bother someone else."

Rex listened intently.

Not-Bryce was unfazed by the explosion, and in fact seemed invigorated by it. An astute observer would note the splinters halted a few feet away from Bryce, and dropped to the ground, leaving him untouched. He continued walking over to Tribly, his stance more certain. "my body is consumed by entropy. Hold still, so that I might obtain freedom from it!"
OoC forgot to add something. Its in now.

Ezra ran over to Yukino "We had a deal. I get my revenge and I rule over the world and you get to be co ruler... Did I mention that there is the single most powerful person in the entire universe in Foo"

Echo smiled at Holly as she looked surprised at Persephone. "Well, I trust you." Persephone said as she stood. "Do you agree?" she asked Echo.

"Yes." Echo replied, then fell silent.

"Good. I think we might as well get going then." Persephone said with a pleased smile.

Marston casually walked back into Holdino.

OOC: @Trilby: ...I think you should sit there and see what happens.

Holly ran over and hugged Echo, smiling. "Yay!" She said very happy. "Ok then hang on..." Holly wrote some on a bit of paper and stuck it to the wall. "Ready now!"

"Uh...I've got no clue." Jessica replied to Ness as she watched the scene of Trilby and Not-Bryce. "Should we--" She began, stopping when the tree exploded, at which point she shrieked and hid behind Ness instinctively.

Yukino casually tilted her head. "You do know that I'm to kill whoever it is you're talking about, and then I'm going to kill you and anyone else of worth right?"

Ness was less surprised by the explosion, and more surprised by Jess hiding behind her. She looked back before putting her arm around Jess. "It's alright. I don't think that will happen again... At least, not until tomorrow... "Uh... Let's get to asking around for signs of Tao, okay?" She tried to lead Jess away from the scene for the moment, although she was looking back with mild interest.

"That doesn't sound good..." Trilby muttered, backing away slightly. "How do you plan on 'obtaining freedom'?"

Bertie watches the two of them, and walks up to Ness, "Any idea what's going on?" then turning to Jessica...

"Is she always like this?"

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