We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Rex waved back before the trio disappeared. He sighed a bit before standing back up and looking around. "Welp, looks like my assignment's complete now. ...I'll miss those two." He laced his hands behind his head as he began to walk around the college campus. "The question now is... what the hell do I do? Just working my Edge isn't gonna be much help..."

Yukino shrugged casually. "When have I ever stated that I cared about your damn world? Actually, if you'd buzz off, I'd be more than happy."

Ness shuddered at the sight of the tentacles as Jessica pointed them out. The impending storm seemed like the least of her worries. "T..T..Ten- t-t-ten-- nopenopenopenopeNOPENOPE!!!" She panicked and nearly dived into the hotel lobby, shivering a bit.

OoC: Anti Hatchy blah blah blah.

Savranth saw Nybeth. "Didn't know you were still here. Are you ready to head out?"

The airship began to rise and take off towards Holadino.

It began to pour in Holadino. As rain came down in sheets.

Felina looks out the window. "Damn... And Ashley hates thunderstorms..."

"You still asked for it on his behalf..." Lucia replied. She slowly walked off, away from Envy, keeping her face hidden.
However, that COULD be lucrative. That device has been most helpful in my work. And if it's merely a key... Whatever is inside could be even more amazing.

Lucia smiled to herself and then turned back to Envy. "You would want a reward if it's good? Why I don't think I have anything to offer. But maybe we can work something out."

Tao roused herself as she heard Felina. "Oh *yawn* hi there, meow." she said.

One of tentacles extending from Not-Bryce caught the black tentacles, and held it up to Not-Bryce's face. "good try. Let me show you mine." the other tentacles coming from his chest stabbed into tribly's chest, hunting around for his heart. As he did so, the two thin scrawny chest arms, grabbed Tribly's own arms, and twisted them as far back as they would go.

"Well I guess I will leave than!... Do you have a plastic bag or something for me to float down in"

OOC: So Bryce was replaced by The Thing...

Marston turned back to Not-Bryce and pulled his revolver, aiming at its chest.

Trilby grimaced as the tentacles pierced his chest.
"I've had worse." he snarled.
The tentacle that Not-Bryce had caught began unraveling into five, slightly-smaller, tentacles. They continued to extend, wrapping themselves around Not-Bryce's tentacle, then up his body to his neck.
Trilby spotted Ness and Jess.
"I seriously need some help!" he called out.

"Maybe we can, so do we have a deal?" replied Envy

"I had my own matters to attend to. To where do we seem to be moving?" Nybeth replied to Savranth as he found a place to sit to make the ride less unsettling.

Jessica was about to follow suit in going back into the hotel after Ness, especially once it actually started raining and she began to shiver. However, when Trilby called out she started to feel to wracked with guilt to proceed with that action. ...Okay, just have to do one thing, then this should all be over and you can run away... She thought to herself to steady her nerves. She teleported behind Not-Bryce and aimed to jab him in the back with her right hand held flat.

"Holadino. By taking it, we can control the flow of food in Legaia. And that would be an advantage to us." Savranth answered Nybeth.

After a rather extensive travel, the airship eventually landed in the fields outside of Holadino, as soldiers began to file out in the company of Golems.

"Shall we join them?"

A siren could be heard throughout Holadino.

"Did you work today?" Felina asked Tao, as she woke up. Her ears perked up. "Do you hear that?"

"For now. Make sure you bring it back, though. Wait right here." Lucia said as she walked back into the back room.

Several minutes passed, but eventually Lucia returns with a small container with a handle. "It's in here. Be careful with it."

Noting the amount of help people were giving, Ness sighed and digistructed a red pistol out of her belt and calmly fired one flaming shot toward the tentacle impaling Trilby. After firing that shot, her arm seemed to be a bit shaky. ...So gross. so gross...

Yukino casually watched the soldiers file out of the airship as she looked toward the city. "Well... this looks like fun... " She mumbled as she sat back and watched for the moment.

With a nod Envy replied "Of course." before taking the key and leaving and starting to head west

"Yeah Tao worked real hard, meow." Tao said as she looked around, wondering what the siren was about.

Marston was a tad flustered at all the things happening around the city, with Not-Bryce, Jess jumping in, and then the sirens. He tried to adjust his aim to not harm Jess and shoot Not-Bryce.

"Ah yes, so you intend to starve the enemy into submission. An effective, though time-consuming, strategy." Nybeth commented. As the airship landed, he quickly exited, saying, "T'would be a waste to come all this way and not join in on the slaughter."

Bertie comes back, and begins to fire a barrage of arrows... Right above Bryce's head, landing a little less then a meter above him.

@Salt: Good point... Alright, edit!
...However, we need to FIND mythril first, and I think I have an idea on how to get some.
He puts on his jetpack, and puts on The Boots of the Traveler, and flies up the side of the mountain, to the collage.
I figured that I could perhaps buy some Mythril Blocks from the mobs in that city.

A jaw opened in not-Bryces neck, filled with sharply filed teeth, began gnashing at the tentacles, tearing them apart before swallowing it. "delicious." his tentacles then proceeded to root for the heart, grasping and yanking out its strings. The shot Ness fired would be stopped a foot before it touched Not-Bryce. The arrows were stopped as well, dropping to the ground.

Marston shot Bryce three times in the side, being very careful to not hit anyone else.

@FPS: did you just ignore my last few posts? First, nothing with Bertie setting up TNT to blow up, then ignoring the arrows...
@Salt: Also, Etho thinks he's still playing on the Minecrack server, so he wouldn't realize that there would be any trouble.

"It's a feather in our cap, as they say. We still have other things we'll need to do, but this helps us in our effort." Savranth explained.

Athena walked out to the front of her men, taking out her staff. "They likely know we're coming despite the storm, but this will give us a chance. An advantage. If we take advantage of the field, we can attack from two angles and push back the military force." She said.

"A pincer strategy..."

"Good to hear. There's a door over here." Felina said as she walked over to a rug a lifted it up, revealing a door. "Go down there and hide." She said before going back through her house. She stopped at Ashley's room and looked in on her. "Sweety. You need to go hide in the cellar." She said before she walks on to the back of the house.

OoC: @Wacky: Begs the question of how he knows anything about it.
Also where exactly is that fight. Because Bryce will likely be getting fucked up soon enough if he's near the battle.

OoC: @Salty, Envy is headed towards the Defense base, how many posts do you think I should wait?

@Salty: The fight is in Holadino.

Trilby slumped over. After a few seconds, his corpse began glowing a pale blue, and vanished.
Shortly after that, Trilby re-appeared behind Ness. The dye in his hair, and the rest of his disguise, was gone.
"Yep... dying still hurts like hell." he said.

"But...what's that noise? Do you know what's going on, meow?" Tao asked Felina as she approached the cellar.

OoC @Wacky considering the TNT was just placed, not detonated, Not-Bryce wouldn't notice it. My bad on the arrow shots.

Ness saw her shot seemingly dissipate as she dispelled her flame pistol and thought for a moment. ...What the hell... is he...? She yelped a bit as Trilby respawned behind her. "What the... you just.. Huh...? What!?" She looked back and forth from the spot he had died in and the real Trilby.

Yukino was in the crowd of soldiers, yawning loudly.

Rex had been continually practicing in the Training Hall. His slashing attack could now electrocute 3 mech units in one swipe. He panted a bit as he laid out on the floor.

... Which, being a meter above Bryce, each landed right on his head.
"Taste JUSTICE, cad!"
He plops down several pieces of TNT next to him again, then sets it alight, then backs off, fireing even more arrows above him.

@FPS: He aimed above him, so that it would land on the crest of whatever feild is sucking up inertia, to land on him.

@Salt: Not Enough Items. Basically, it says that Mythril blocks are required to craft the Matter Converter, and can be crafted... but apparently it isn't working (Because he doesn't know HOW to craft it). He's decided to just see if he can buy it.
Etho eventually flies into the collage grounds, and begins walking around.
Now, where to find shops...

Seeing that she had apparently done absolutely nothing to Bryce, Jessica teleported off to the hotel porch and staggered into the lobby, figuring that with the sirens going on nobody would be around to notice her teleporting. She started breathing heavily as she fell to her knees and just sat on the ground.

"So where am I to go then?" Nybeth asked, trying to determine what his orders were.

"I'm going to join the main assault. I think Athena is going to lead the forces attacking from the East through the field. Where do you think you would fill in nicely?" Savranth asked unsheathing his sword as he began to walk over to the forces as they began to split off.

80 Soldiers and all 10 Golems formed the main force while Athena separated 20 others for the sneak attack.
"Prepare to move out!"

Xiphatian Forces
100 soldiers
10 Golems

Legaian Forces
100 soldiers
8 Battlemechs
5 Defensive turrents

The guard stops Etho at the gate. "Password, please."

Ashley enters the cellar and closes it behind her. As she walk in she sees Tao. "You're still here?"

OoC: @Furi: Give it till after my next post. It's a long distance. Feel free to post him flying or anything.

Trilby watched Ness' reaction, then laughed.
"Shit, sorry I never mentioned that before." he said, still chuckling. He looked back at Not-Bryce, and frowned.
"We should, uh, probably go now."

Envy continued traveling, as he journeyed he opened the case with the key inside to inspect it.

"Um, yup, meow." Tao said to Ashly as she entered the cellar behind her, grinning to her.

OoC: Also, Holadino is a big place. Where in Holadino? Because if this is going on within the city, well... forces should have already put him down.

@Salty: Well, Ness and Jess saw the fight from just outside the hotel, so, looking at the map, probably near the field.

"I shall join Athena. The main force interests me little." Nybeth replied to Savranth as he followed Athena.

"Very well, then. I hope you do well." Savranth says as he quickly moves to join the main force using his High Speed Movement magic. Joining the front of the force, he generated a shield.
"Let's move out!"

Athena took advantage of the rain and used her Water magic to create a thick fog to protect the soldiers from sight.

Several soldier surround Bryce. "Whoever you are surrender. We don't have time to deal with your ilk."

"I'm just gonna sit over here. We'll be safe here." Ashley said as she sat down and hugged her knees.

OoC: Gonna brb. Ness will follow Jessica for the time being.
Yukino will follow the main group.

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