We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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The key apparently all fine and dandy, Envy arrived at the defense base "Oh hello, is Savranth home?" he asked the guards

Okay... I need a password.
<Etho> um...
<Etho> password?
Etho said.

The not-Bryce charged forward over the TNT, his feature morphing from Bryce into an abomination. He grabbed Bertie by his head and reached up to sever his neck with his lower hands. The arrows sat festively on his head. The gunshots were stopped as well, though they were feet away instead of meters, evidently closer.

Marston started pushing the ladies into the hotel as the soldiers showed up and the fog sprung up. "Excuse me? Is there a basement in this place?" he asked anyone in the hotel, wanting to get to a safer position.

Tao nodded and sat next to Ashely.

Bertie pulls out the golden sword of justice, cuts off the tentacles... And runs into the hotel.
"IT'S GOING TO KILL ME!" he shouts, firing arrows every so often at the Anti-Bryan.

The soldiers all open fire on Not Bryce, one tossing a grenade at his feet, as a gunshot rings out, a sniper rifle. The sound coming from the West.

"We don't have enough room for everyone." The receptionist replied.

Ashley go up and moved to the other side of the cellar.

"No password, no entry. Only invited guests are allowed in." The guard replied.

OoC: @Salty, did you miss my post?

"Can you move these two down there?" Marston asked, indicating Ness and Jess.

Tao followed Ashely.

Trilby looked around at the suddenly descending fog. He took his mask out of his inventory, and put it on, then put on his wand holsters, before backing into the hotel after Marston.
"I'm going up to the roof. Something suspect is going on, and I don't feel like dying again... again." he said.

"That is classified information. I'll have to ask you to leave." The guard replied to Envy.

OoC: @Furi: No, but I forgot to respond until you said something. My bad.

Hearing Trilby, Jessica looked up and saw he was just fine. This apparently freaked her out greatly, as she started backing away from him on her hands and knees until her back hit the wall in the lobby. "Y-y-you're d-dead!...I-I s-s-saw..." She stuttered.

Nybeth continued to follow after Athena, thoughts and plans moving around in his head while he still had the time for them.

Trilby looked at Jess.
"I'm a Mall Fighter. Long story short, when I die, a new me is made, and the old me is disposed of. I can elaborate later, but right now I'm going up to the roof to set up. I have a really bad feeling about this fog." he explained as he re-attached his mechanical arm.

OoC @Wacky hold the fuck on, you complain about Me not addressing Anti-Bryce when you atrack him, but when he moves to grab Bertie by the neck you do the sane exact thing! The hell is this?! I wouldn't be bringing this up if you didn't do the same exact thing with data during the predator fight, with Data not even noticing a half ton of buckshot getting sprayed into his face. I realize that your characters may ignore this shit, but I'd like the same thing done for my character's atracks.
The Anti-Bryce relished in the bullets, shedding his clothing to reveal a mottled black-white checkerboard skin pattern. He caught the grenade and held it close, and the sniper shot stopped a foot and a half away from him. "Yes, FEED! FEED ME, SO THAT ENTROPY CAN NOT TAKE ME!"
Meanwhile, next to Ness and Jess a portal opened up and Bryce stepped through, smiling lightly and holding a box of donuts. "Sorry I'm late guys, had to do some routine maintenace with Ordonin. What did I miss?

Envy put on a pouty face "Whaaaat? But the last time I came here you guys went and found him for me! C'mon, let me talk to him!"

@FPS: Bertie did notice it, actually, and cut off the tentacles holding him with his GOLDEN SWORD OF JUSTICE! and ran for the hills. I believe I posted that...
Also, your phrasing really annoys me, I couldn't understand it, and I admit mine isn't good either.

Bertie walks up to Jessica, having ran from the Anti-Bryce, "Wow that was frightening." he said.

Okay... Wonder if we can bribe them?
Etho pulls out a golden block, and places it on the ground.
<Etho> i'll give you guys this if you let me past

The Legaian soldiers at the front saw nothing as the fog was so think. "What should we do? Fire into the fog?"
"That seems like waste of ammo... Should we call on Medea?"
"I doubt she can see much more than us... Maybe less."

As the soldiers discussed their plans, several bolts of magic began to strike them. A Golem appeared from the mist and smashed a turret.

"We'll strike in a moment. Wait for them to begin to move..." Athena whispered to the soldiers in her company.

Xiphatian Forces
100 soldiers
10 Golems

Legaian forces
97 soldiers
8 battle mechs
4 defensive turrets

"Possibly. But no promises." The receptionist replied.

Ashley moved away again. "Stay on your side."

"I said we can't tell you anything at this moment. Nor can we allow you on the base." The guard replied.

OoC: Seriously... This is just OP as fuck. Stopping hundreds of bullets?

Trilby headed up the stairs to the roof of the hotel, taking out his Gauss rifle and attaching the sniper scope as he went.
When he reached the roof, he turned his mask's infrared optics on and started setting the rifle up.

"I'd appreciate it if you'd try." Marston said as he lightly pushed Jess toward the receptionist. When he heard the gunfire picking up, he started going up stairs.

"Why, meow?" Tao asked Ashely as she stopped halfway across the room, tilting her head to Ashely.

Envy frowned "Fine, fine." He turned away and began heading towards Holadino Well he probably isn't there... maybe they moved on to Holadino or Granite Pass... he thought

OoC @Salty give it a minute, he's dead already, just doesn't die from the bullets.

As the Anti-Bryce seemed to gain more and more insanity, his eyes were buggering more and more, until eventually he stopped dead in his tracks, his heart exploding, causing him to spew out a white milky substance from his various orifices. Even then he seemed to live for a moment more, chuckling, until he dropped to the ground, his form becoming clear as a body checkered with black and white, with four arms and 3 cloven feet on long backwards bending legs.

His last whispered words were "entropy... Didn't take me..." though at this point its doubtful people would have heard him. Even after death, something prevented his body from being riddled by bullets.

"We'll see. Can you come this way, girls?" The receptionist asked as he walked from behind the desk. "I really need to get to safety, too..."

Tribly would find that the rain would make sniping difficult. Even through the scope all he could really make out were the Legaian soldiers.

"Jessica told me to stay away from you. And you chased her when we met." Ashley responded.

As she started to hear the gunfire start up, Jessica simply began panicking once again. She continued sitting on the floor with her back against the wall as she curled up and covered her head to instinctively try and make herself as small as possible. Hearing the receptionist, she crawled her way over to him, not wanting to stand back up in the slightest.

Nybeth sighed and continued to stand by. Due to the fog blocking his own vision just as much as it did for the enemy soldiers, he was unable to make any sort of move.

"Oh...But I've changed since then, meow." Tao said to Felicia.

Marston couldn't see due to the fog, so he sat tight.

Trilby shrugged, and simply aimed slightly above the Legaians.
He then loaded in a pyrotechnic round, took aim, and fired.

Once Envy eventually reached the point where he could see the fog enveloping Holadino he whistled That damned fog... I coulda done so much more at Everwood without it... no way I'm going in there. he said as he sat down against a rock and watched... whatever he would be able to make out in Holadino

Bryce moved with Jess, telling her "You're doing fine dear, we're going to be in a nice safe place where the bullets can't hit us."

As the fog dispersed in front of the Legaians, the Xiphataians hit hard and fast. Savranth ran in using his blade charged with lightning as he struck out at enemy soldiers. He struck out with his left hand and pushed an enemy back using wind magic.

Several Golems emerged and attacked the turrets and mechs.

The soldiers clashed heavily with each other, with the Legaians being pushed back, the rain and fog not helping their situation.

The fog to the East dispereses. "Attack!" Athena yells as she uses the rain to wash away a chuck of enemy forces knocking them off their feet.

A shot rang out, killing a soldier. The sound coming from the South.
Odd... We're coming from the South... How would they..."

Tribly's round had little effect in the harsh rain.

Xiphatian Forces
96 Soldiers
10 Golems

Legaian Forces
88 Soldiers
7 battlemechs
3 Turrets

The receptionist led Jessica and Vanessa downstairs.

"Tell me about it later..." Ashley said, hugging her knees.

"Do you think to bribe me? Get out of here!" The guard yelled. "I take my job seriously."

OoC: Yeah, I'm not putting much effort in. No reason to since literally everyone avoided this.

OoC: @Salty, well Envy would be giving himself away, sooo...

Envy, growing quickly bored with looking at fog, stood up and started heading south

"Dammit." Trilby muttered.
He loaded in an explosive round this time, took aim slightly lower, as he saw the Legaians being pushed back, and fired once again.

OOC: @Salt: Well, to be fair, unless the majority of the group suddenly sided with the Legaians, they seem already beaten. In the entire war.

Marston saw the fog suddenly dispersing and quickly assessed the situation. Figuring out to shoot only those with guns, he pulled out his rifle and started firing at the Legaians.

Tao nodded and sat against a wall.

Aww, come on!
He sighs, and flies down, back into his base, cut into the side of the mountain, and continues to build stuff.

OoC: I'm off to bed.

OoC: @Tribly: Who is is aiming to help?

@Salty: Trilby's aiming at the Xiphatians, because if the Legaians are moving back then the Xiphatians are, logically, advancing, so he's adjusting his aim to account for that. Sorry for not making that clearer.

"Harness power of the wyrm, that races 'cross the vault of sky, drop stars from fastness high above, come burning down to ground!" Nybeth called down a meteor strike in the middle of the Legaian forces. After doing so, he began to move forward and towards the North.

Jessica followed the receptionist. Upon reaching the basement she moved to an open corner, then continued to cower and shiver.

OoC @Drak Bryce is talking to Jessica.

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