We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OoC: @Drak: Would that spell be affected by the rain? Asking for effectiveness and to take it into account.

@FPS: Oh. Missed that.
@Salty: Well it's a giant rock falling from the sky, so probably not.

"Thanks...but that really doesn't make me feel all that better..." Jessica muttered in response to Bryce, not looking at him as she continued to sit in the corner.

Martson's shot hit a few Legaian's in he back. Killing them.

Nybeth's meteor strike comes down hard almost spraying men from the impact.

Tribly's shot hits a Golem, doing massive damage to it allowing a mech to finish the job.

Creating a small whirlwind, in his hand Savranth applied it to his blade and then slashed a nearby soldier further cutting the man with his wind enhanced blade.

Athena used her staff to bring together massive amounts of water from the storm, forming massive shards of ice over the Legaian soldiers.

A shot rings out, killing a soldier. The sound comes from the West.

As the battle continues, overhead appears a flying mech. "Cease and desist. I will not allow my home to be ransacked."

Savranth looks up at the machine. "Felina..?"

The Xiphatian soldier attempt to encircle the Legaian troops to prevent them from falling back into the city.

Xiphatian Forces
89 Soldiers
9 Golems

Legaian Forces
77 Soldiers
7 battlemechs

OoC: @Salty, Envy is headed to Port Letosh, when should he reach there

Ooc: @Furi: It's getting late and so go ahead and do it next post.

Marston continues to fire at the Legaians.

OOC: Well, things won't go well for Felina. But if Tao finds out she gets killed, things will get quite interesting.

When Trilby spotted the Xiphatians circling around the Legaians, he scowled.
"Oh no you don't." he murmured, reaching for his lightning wand.
He took careful aim, and used Athena's storm against her own men, by calling down a lightning strike on the Xiphatians, who were now much clearer to him.

"You want to get out of here then?" Bryce asked, listening to the fighting. "Cause, I know you can teleport. And I can teleport. So staying seems stupid."

In working with the Xiphatians trying to prevent the Legaians from falling back, Nybeth tossed three chunks of bone onto the ground. "Denizens of the abyss! From ink of blackest night, I summon you! Darkness to me!" From behind the Legaian forces a fog bank rolled in. A half-dozen of what at first glance would appear to be Legaian soldiers stepped out of the fog. They moved out of the fog and made as if they were rejoining the rest of the Legaian forces.

"What, are you crazy or something? We can't just teleport away with all these other people here. They'll see us and sell us out to the Legaians for having magic! I'll never be able to show my face on the southern half of this island ever again." Jessica whispered in reply to Bryce, motioning towards all the other people who were in the basement with a subtle nod of her head.

Ezra was going about the field and animating objects. A bush or two started to choke some of the soldiers with it's roots, There was also several rocks flying around bludgeoning the soldiers to death. Ezra was cackling loudly about his work, an evil hellbent cackle many a villain would be proud of "Finally there is some fun around here"

"Since when has teleporting been outlawed? I'm sure it might be new to them, but I doubt they'll be that freaked by new technology." Bryce said, keeping an eye on the group around them.

Athena's ice shards come down on the target's unimpeded.

Marston's shots hit their marks, killing two more soldiers.

Tribly's strike hits some soldiers, but didn't not go unnoticed. Athena motions with her staff towards the building he is on as a torrent of water washes over the roof.

Seeing the flying mech, several soldiers begin firing on it, forcing it to land on the ground. "Very well..." Felina begins opening fire on the soldiers with her rifle.

The Legaian soldier welcome in their comrades, not knowing anything was wrong, trusting them to watch their backs.

A shot rings out, killing a soldier. The sound coming from the North.

Xiphatian Forces
81 Soldiers
9 Golems

Legaian Forces
67 Soldiers
6 battlemechs

Bryce's declaration didn't go unnoticed as several people started whispering about him.

OoC: Athena didn't create the storm. It's a naturally occurring event that they are taking advantage of.
@Demon: Um, which ones? Because Erza may be used as kindling depending on that answer.

Ooc: For some reason, I hate art now... Weird.

Ness was sitting along side of Jessica, a bit silent. ...I should've went out there... I'm a bit worried about Felina now... She just shook her head at Bryce's response.

Yukino was yawning as she walked into the fray and started slashing toward soldier's necks, not even caring which side they were on.

OOC: @Salt Well Ezra doesn't care. though he would more likely go to go against the tech nation

Envy approached the Port Letosh gate, appearing to be a frantic elderly beastkin woman "Help! They're attacking Holadino! Please help!"
Can't make things too easy for the Xiphatians he thought

Marston also noticed that some attacks seemed to be hitting the wrong soldiers, and that the attacks were coming from his building. He decided to check all the floors from his, all the way to the roof.

"Why isn't mom down here, meow?" Tao asked Ashely.

@Salty: Oh, right. I assumed she was involved.
@Dot: What? Why?

Trilby spluttered as the water splashed over him.
"God fucking dammit."
He put his Gauss rifle back in his inventory, then used a grappling hook to rappel down the hotel.
When he reached the ground, Trilby dislodged the hook, and took cover while he loaded it into his crossbow.

Marston didn't find anyone on any of the floors, so he returned to his original one and started looking for anyone who might have been attacking from his building.

"Okay, okay, ignore the crazy guy. Wishful thinking." Bryce muttered, drumming his fingers on the box of donuts. "So, what did I miss? Been gone for a few days."

The six 'Legaian' soldiers opened fire on the main force of Xiphatians. Occasionally there would be an accidental bit of friendly fire stemming from their attempts to gun down the Xiphatians, but with conditions such as they were, the incidents could easily be blamed on the incredibly poor weather conditions.

Nybeth fell back from his position and moved East to get back closer to Athena. "Now rise once again, o breath of demons buried deep within the ground, bring writhing pain and twisted death!" He conjured up a cloud of toxic gases within the bulk of the Legaian main force.

"I'm pretty sure they don't have teleportation technology yet. Just please stop talking to me before everyone in this basement starts pegging me for a spy. I'm sorry, but I really don't know what you're talking about. Could you please just let me cower in peace here, strange man? Jessica replied to Bryce. Noticing that Ness had been silent the entire time, she inched closer to her and placed her left hand on Ness' shoulder.

Ness noted Jessica placing her hand on her shoulder. In response, she smiled faintly and placed her hand on top of the one on her shoulder. "I'm alright. Just caught up in my thoughts..." ...Why did I run? I could've been of... but Jess probably would've been even more worried... ...Well, if Xiphatia wins... hopefully this city will stay intact...

She looked up at Bryce and shrugged. "You missed you killing someone. Nothing major."

Felina's shots are unimpeaded and take their toll on the Xiphatian forces.

Seeing Yukino's attacks hitting people on both sides, Savranth ran over to her, using his Speed Enhancing magic, and slapped her. "Choose a side. We have enough problems without people willingly using a battlefield to indiscriminately kill."

Marston's shots hit a few more soldiers.

Nybeth's poison infects a good 10 soldiers.
His soldier's seem to miss the Xiphatian forces while hitting a few Legaians by 'accident'.

Athena turns her attention to Felina. "I don't think so." She forms a giant spear of ice and chucks it at the mech.

A shot rings out, killing a soldier. The sound comes from the North East.

Several soldier get attacked by bushes and other random things. Mostly Legaian soldier's however.

The Golems move in to finish off the mechs.

Xiphatian Forces
69 Soldiers
8 Golems

Legaian Forces
58 Soldiers
5 battlemechs

"Momma is probably fighting... She hates that mech, and all those who used her as a testing dummy for it, but she doesn't want our home destroyed..." Ashley replied hugging her knees.

A soldier looks at Envy. "We can't deploy our troops so easily. We'll leave our own city unguarded. And that storm will make navigation difficult. Even if we made it in time to assist."

Envy walked off, away from Port Letosh, apparently distraught.

Ah well, would have been fun.

"Oh. Maybe Tao should go and help too, meow." Tao said as she stood up.

OOC: Marston didn't actually shoot at anyone that last go around.

@trilby: It's a project... and I have no inspiration to do it.

Yukino returns Sav's slap by dashing fast enough to leave an afterimage before delivering a knee to his spine. Afterward, she shoots five projectiles toward the Xiphatian side with seemingly no remorse in her eyes. "Oh? That sucks for you then, doesn't it?"

Trilby took aim at a Xiphatian and fired the grappling hook at him in such a way that the hook would hit the soldier in the neck.
When the blade dug into the soldier, Trilby tugged on it, pulling the soldier away from the others, and dislodging the grappling hook. He stored it in his inventory, then loaded a bolt into the crossbow, and started circling the Xiphatians at a distance.

"Okay, that? That sounds like something exciting. Care to explain?" Bryce asked, opening the case and beginning to munch on a donut.

Nybeth's soldiers with their actions.

Nybeth took notice of Felina. One of those odd golems is actually having an impact on this battle. I shall see about studying that one. Perhaps it can be altered to accept my commands like other golems. "Accursed ye wyrm of the cold earth, spew forth miasma, stony breath!" He cast a smell to cause the ground beneath Felina's mech to spew out petrifying gases that would turn whatever they touched into stone.

"Oh? What are you thinking about?" Jessica asked Ness as she continued to pretend that she didn't know Bryce.

OOC: So...Nybeth is under Loki's control, right? Not at this moment, but he's been 'touched' so to speak?

Other people also started to get attacked by blades of grass that seemed to uproot themselves just to fight. As Ezra weaved about people's legs, he continued cackling loudly
OOC: @Outis I need an adult!

Ness shook her head a bit. "All of this..." Turning to Bryce, she nodded. "Some...thing that looked like you stuck a bunch of tentacles into Trilby and killed him. Amazingly enough,... he... reappeared somehow." She said that last part still in disbelief of the event.

Savranth stands up. Lightning coursing through his body. But far more than normal. As though the storm was feeding his power. "That's how you want it? Very well. You're now dead. You will be marked for death in Xiphatia and killed on sight. Hopefully that isn't a problem for you." He said looking at Yukino with cold eyes as the rain washed over him.
"Oh, but first..." He aims his blade for her and channels a powerful blast of lightning through the blade, acting almost like a laser, and far more powerful than normal, closer to the level of Blake's fire magic...

Tribly's attack kills one Xiphatian soldier.

Felina seeing the odd spell from Nybeth beneath her mech flies up and gets hit by the ice spear, being knocked back. Her mech stands up and takes out a small handle like device with generates a blade of pure energy. She charges Nybeth and Athena.

Nybeth's soldiers continue to fire in much the same way they have been. And his poison effect begins to take a toll of it's victims.

A shot rings out, killing a soldier. The sound comes from the West.

Bushes and blades of grass attack and assault people as they hear a weird cackling sound, but can't actually look for it.

Xiphatian Forces
61 Soldiers
7 Golems

Legaian Forces
45 Soldiers
4 battlemechs

"Wouldn't you just get in the way?" Ashley asked.

"Tentacles huh? I'd make a joke about anime, but I'm not 16 anymore. So, Tribly's fine then?" Bryce asked, offering the box to Ness. "So, what were the tentacles like? And how did the doppleganger arrive?"

"Hey, Tao's a good fighter, meow." Tao said to Ashely.

Marston continued looking for the person who might have been firing on his side.

Trilby raised his crossbow, and fired a bolt at a Xiphatian soldier. Then, he started reloading and at the same time began circling the battle again, keeping to the shadows.

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