We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"I have to agree with you ma'am. The fuck Logan? Bringing somebody who sure as ever living shit doesn't have multi-universal travel down pat is going to get your lisence revoked, at minimum. If your lucky we'll dump you in your home dimension, nevermind on the right planet. So please, take time to carefully craft a response that will fix your gigantic cock-up." Said the rather large security guard.

bryce opens his mouth, closes it, and stares into the middle distance, before saying "she and a buddy almost have it down pat. From what I heard, they're just not getting the formula down yet. I figure, why let them start letting the manics in? We give her an altimeter, let her craft it into her portal, less cleanup on our end needed when her people eventually find us. 'S'how we were planning on doing it anyway. This just shaves off time, and lives by limiting Manic attacks."

The guard glares at him, before looking into Ness' eyes. "Fuck you Bryce, you would tell the truth. Router, get this chick an altimeter and get them out of my terminal. We're losing income as it is." with that, the guard turns and heads back to the edge of the room, and the stoutly man in glasses moved forward, breathing heavily and holding up a finger to request a second to breath.

Rita was rather surprised by the Queens words, she had seemed fairly nice previously, but she held her tongue

Envy kept an eye on where Athena was

"Son of a bitch. Should have hog tied that boy when I had the chance." Marston grumbled as he got off of the wall. "He'll be back, so keep an eye out in here. I'm going to tell folks outside." he announced those to around him as he left the building and started looking for Sav or Athena.

Loki had to try his best to stop himself from grinning when he heard Amalia's remarks to Ardimas, barely able to keep a straight face. How amusing. "I was glad I have been of aid, as I dare say it would in the best interest of all that this war be resolved as swiftly as posibly. Now that we are on the subject, might I ask if you have need of my services? While I would hesitate to call myself a warrior, infiltration is a thing I do well. And it is a thing I could still do, since Legaia suspects nothing."

Ness looked back at the Router sympathetically before looking toward Bryce. "Please explain what you're talking about. I won't accept this altimeter otherwise." She walked up to the stout man and attempted to help him up.

"We can start on cleaning up, healing and working on setting up a defense and station here." Savranth replied to Nybeth.

Athena was going about getting things in order with the soldiers.

Ashley and Felina hugged. "I'm okay. That boy, Savranth, told them to let me come back home." Felina replied through tears as she hugged Ashley.

"I see. And what would you ask in return? A sear on my court perhaps?" Garzic inquired.

I dare hope not. To allow mere commoners such an honor! Amalia's face didn't reveal her annoyance at the though of Loki and Rita being made nobles.

"Before we do that, we need to know how much you know about traveling between universes. You obviously know something about it, if your talk with Jessica is any indication." Bryce didn't move to help the router up, who managed to get up with Ness's help. "Because we think you might be missing a few pieces."

Jessica would see it was a coin unadorned with the faces of dead or symbols of a nation, instead having WAOA repeat endlessly on its rim. It seemed to hum, as if being asked to be picked up.

Rita continued to keep her mouth shut in an attempt to look well mannered.

Envy approached Savranth and Nybeth "Well there you are! I've been lookin for you!"

"Okay. Good to hear, meow." Tao said. Her ears twitched as she thought she recognized the name Savranth.

"Excuse me, miss?" Marston addressed Athena as he walked up to her. "You're soldiers let that boy escape." he said gruffly, but politely.

"I would not turn down such an offer. I would ask, however, that this would be merely unofficially, as at present, having a title to my name would be most counter-productive indeed. News of this is bound to spread to Legaia, and I could scarcely claim I am but a passer by should this happen." Loki answered, then looked towards Rita. "Would there be anything you would rather have, miss Mordio?" he asked, being far more formal then he normally would.

Ness simply shook her head. "The latest addition to my portal was an attempt at a coordinate system for all the universes it could find. It's proven to be a bit of a pain to implement... As for traveling itself, it used to make direct pathways between dimensions, but now it just sends people as data from one dimension to the other. Less chance for something irreversible to happen."

"Is that all? What is to happen next then? And what is to be made of the enemy citizens?" Nybeth asked. "Might I suggest converting this city into a work camp? That way the rewards of this land could belong to yours as you attempt to starve the enemy out." He raised an eyebrow at Envy's incredibly strange appearance, but said nothing to him it.

Jessica cautiously reached down and poked at the coin with her right arm, seeing as how she was utterly trapped in the basement and had nothing else she could possibly do.

"What do you mean they let him get away? There's no way they would have allowed that with any sort of violence." Athena replied.

Savranth looked at Envy, a bit wary. "What do you mean by that? How come I didn't see you before now?"

"I'm not sure what will happen, now, though. The city is lost..." Felina said.

"I was speaking about IF you managed to succeed in your next mission, Master Loki." Garzic explained, his hand idly resting on the hilt of a sword at his side.

The router stared at Ness in awe. "almost as wise as wheaton himself! You've almost hit our level of expertise when it comes to portaling. We've got the coordinates system well wired in, as well as sendind data instead of ripping holes, although we've failed to make it smaller, like you have. How many universes have you uncovered?" Bryce held out his hand to push the router back. "Now now Adrian, no need for measuring contests. She hasn't found this one, or she'd have gotten a proper altimeter instead of homebrewed stuff. So Ness, are you aware that your first portal did some minor damage to your universe? Or did you switch because the data transfer is more efficent?"

Jessica would find herself in the same cavernous room Ness and Bryce were in, next to Ness.

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Rita looked over to Loki "No master, I don't require anything."

"Eh? I just got here, that's why! I would have been here sooner but the guards back at the defense base wouldn't tell me where you were. ANYWAYS, how would you and maybe a couple of others like to go on a little adventure? See there's these ruins to the southwest of here, needs a key to get in. A key I just so happen to have." said Envy raising the key into the air.

"Of course. Just assume my previous comment was a... pre-assignment arrangement, then. For I assure you, if this assignment is to infiltrate a place and gather information, I shan't fail." Loki answered, blowing a mute sigh. "So, what is this assignment to be?" I should hope he excepts not I venture into Solaris.

OoC @Furioso: Spell tomess? A mythril weapon and/or armour? Some skittles?

Ness shook her head again. "I only ran that portal to make sure that it worked. I knew there would be damages done, so I worked on a data transferring mechanic as soon as Rex had gone through. When it was complete... that's when I had sent Yukino. The coordinates were still off, but luckily, that world seemed like a magnet pulling the data toward it." She turned to Adrian and sighed. "Rex has travelled into at least 30 or so different dimensions. He keeps bringing back weird guns though. The tech on them is... impressive, to say the least."

When Jessica appeared, Ness jumped for a moment then hugged her.

Rex sneezed slightly as he finally made his way into Holadino.

"Apparently no one saw fit to take his guns away, mam, so he shot himself dead. Funny thing is, he doesn't seem to die...or stay dead...I'm not sure, since I've only seen it once myself. The important thing is, he'll probably be back." Marston did his best in explaining to Athena.

"Oh...should we maybe try and leave, meow?" Tao asked Felina, becoming quite worried.

OoC: @Nail, she crafts her own spells, she has some mythril already and armor would hamper her skills since they all require movement, and skittles are delicious

Jessica looked around the room as she appeared in it, her gaze flitting about like a nervous bird. She raised her right hand and waved it in the air. "Uuuuuugh. And now I'm in an unidentified dimension. I knew I should have just left well enough alone..." She moaned to herself. She seemed to cheer up as Ness hugged her however. "Oh! So this is where you ended up? I was worried for a while there." She said as she hugged her back.

Nybeth stood near Savranth and waited for the young man to respond to his previous questions.

The storm was slowly subsiding, now almost completely passed.

"That doesn't sound right. They would have made sure he was disarmed." Athena replied. "What do you mean he won't stay dead?"

"Maybe later. Right now, we have pressing matters to attend to. Like finding the sniper." Savranth replied to Envy.
He looked to Nybeth. "I don't think so. We'll not make these people work horses. But we won't allow them to ship out their food to Legaia."

"Right now seems like a bad time..." Felina replies. "Besides, I need rest..."

"Perhaps you can find out some details on this attack? Or perhaps, find out how long their airship fleet can fight without supplies? If we could take Fourside, that might hurt their combat abilities on that front and free up more of our forces..." Garzic suggested.

"Okay then. You can sleep, and I'll keep watch, meow." Tao offered with confidence.

"I can't explain it, I'm afraid. He just...comes back. It seems that way, anyway." Marston said to Athena.

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Adrian swore, tapped something on his wrist, and Bryce disappeared. "sorry, Bryce must have been stupid enough to not shut down his altimeter. That'll be taken care of now." he then continued his hero's appraisal of Ness. "thirty dimensions? All by yourself?! My word, the intellect on you! And how wise of you to note that the events draw travelers like flies to honey. Took forever for us to learn about them. Had to interview from fourth event onwards, since things got so wibbly wobbly." he coughs, and says "but where are my manners! You need to head back home with an altimeter, just a precaution, I'm sure you understand. What would you like it to look like? A coin? Card? One of our agents use an action figure, strange as that is, and quite a few use books. What would your totem be?" he seemed not to notice or care about Jess, to enraptured with Ness.

Trilby's corpse suddenly vanished in a flash of light.
A few seconds later, the Fighter respawned behind the base, his mechanical arm re-attached, and he started sprinting south.

"Understood. Then I know what I must do." Loki answered with a nod. "Next I return, I shall bear news once more. But for now, I shall bid you farewell. If I might ask one final question for the day, however. You offered us food this day? Where might we go to take you up on this generous offer?"

Nybeth simply shrugged at Savranth's response. Perhaps it was choices like that that resulted in Galgastan's destruction....Not that I ever truly cared. I'd long since given up on Galgastan before that choice was even made. "Very well then. What am I to do for the time being?" He replied.

Ness smiled a bit as they hugged. "Well... Mr.Logan sort of blindsided me... I couldn't help it. I'm glad you're here now though."

Turning to Adrian, she blinked a bit before tilting her head. "Trust me, in smarter hands, this technology would have found around 200 dimensions by now. ...Please explain what an altimeter is. And..." She calmly takes off her hat, revealing the hair clip, her two-tone hair (black bangs, blonde everything else), and a really bad case of bedhead. "Could you make it into the form of a hair clip?... or something that could latch on to my fedora?"

Ignoring most of what was going on, Rex boosted up onto a rooftop and fell asleep.

Rita raised a question "Oh, and our Dragon, is there a place we can put her until we leave?"

"Well if the sniper is any good she'll be long gone by now, but it is gettin late. What about you old timer, or you cowboy? You interested?"

"Well, Envy here thinks there is some sort of ruin worth investigating. Perhaps we should go see that." Savranth suggested.

"Seems like a most annoying ability. I'll make sure we don't allow him any such options the next time we meet." Athena replied.
"Though he shouldn't have had any weapons at all."

"Sounds good. I think we'll be safe in our rooms, though. Come on sweety." Felina said as she led Ashley up to sleep in a bed upstairs.

"If you go out of here, you can find the dining hall on the other side of the castle. Ardimas can lead you, if you like." Garzic replied to Loki.

"As you wish, your majesty." Ardimas said as he started walking to the main hall. "Follow me."

"A dragon? I think it would be best left outside the city." Amalia replied.

Outside, Ine was painting the dragon.

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"My thoughts exactly, mam." Marston said to Athena. He took a moment to stretch and started to walk away. "Think this has been a full enough day for me, so I'll see you all latter." he said as he walked into the hotel and slept.

Tao nodded and took up a watchful position in the house, though she took special care to go unseen.

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"Very well then. I shall take the dragon out of the city once we had our dinner. For the moment, it is tied up, and shan't cause any problems unless one were to approach it recklessly." Loki stated, bowed bowed slightly and followed Ardimas.

The dragon has drunk nearly a quarter of the water in the fountain and now laid besides it. It didn't give much of a reaction to Ine being nearby aside form the occasional distrustful growl.

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"That would depend on what exactly is supposed to be in these ruins." Nybeth stated to Envy, seeming to either ignore or not care about how he was addressed.

"Oh. Well, glad to be here then." ...I really don't like this place...Just suck it up for now though. Jessica replied to Ness pleasantly in an attempt to hide how incredibly nervous she was about her new setting. As a result of said nervousness she didn't seem to have much of a reaction to actually seeing what Ness' hair under her hat looked like for the first time.

Rita followed Loki, ate, took care of the dragon, etc, blah blah

Envy shrugged "Beats me, but that's the fun of these types of things. There's probably some traps, some treasure, who knows. All I know is the thing has been sealed for ages, and I have the key."

"an altimeter's a bit like buying a lifelong pass to your favorite theme park. As long as you have the Altimeter, you can access any universe discovered by our investigators, such as Mr. Logan. Up there is our current count of discovered universes that differ from ours in a significant way. The one that made Logan famous, for example, is a Universe that is made entirely of sweets. Can you imagine it? Atomic fireball suns, cheesecake moons, sugar ladened asteroid belts, planets made of giant jawbreakers, phycicists pissed themselves trying to prove it impossible, the blanketwetters. Anyway, any time you want to update your list of accessible planets, simply show back up here, and we'll update your altimeter. Welcome to the investigator family." at this, Adrian holds up a black and white checkerboard hair clip, offering it to Ness. "obviously, you aren't really an investigator, but you do get there perks and such. Well Ness, best you head back. Just think about where you left, and the altimeter will take you there. Your friend will go right along with you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think some yordles are about to fight the keebler elves for portal rights. See ya!" with that, Adrian ran off, leaving Jess and Ness alone in the crowded room, people shouting locations to travel to.

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Ness nods to Adrian before taking Jessica's hand and teleporting herself back to the spot they were standing before. She places the altimeter in her hair before swooning and falling asleep. Her bedhead was now on display for everyone.

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