We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"And where did you say these ruins were? To the Southwest?" Nybeth asked. Before even waiting for Envy's reply, he added, "No, I do not believe I shall take part. It sounds to be nothing more than an utter waste of my time." With that, he walked off to stroll around the thoroughly blood-soaked battlefield.

Jessica held Ness up as she fell asleep, chuckling to herself a bit at her hair now that she was feeling far less nervous. She picked Ness up in a bridal-style carry, focusing most of her weight on her right arm, and brought her up to the room she had bought the previous night. She laid Ness down in the bed and set her hat on the nightstand. Jessica then headed outside and sat down on the porch of the hotel now that things were completely quiet. She sighed to herself as she looked up at the still overcast night sky.

"Suit yourself." said Envy as he headed back towards the ruins, Along the way he picked up a wounded Legaian soldier who had been attempting to flee in that general direction. A short time after returning to the ruins, that soldier would be gone.

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Bryce walked past Jessica, yawning. He flicked out his coin and walked into the portal, to the crowded terminal, heading to a small bunk.
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Hellosh was randomly walking around Holadino, until he reached the hotel. His boots were covered in blood because he nonchalantly walked on the corpses of the fallen, not caring if it's disrespectful or not. That battle was a bloodbath! *Sigh* It is a shame I did not participate in it. He sees Jessica. "Oh, hello. Are you done with this Tao yet?" Hellosh asked Jessica. Hellen also walked in. *Sigh* Hellosh, you better not piss them off again...

Jessica was continuing to look up at the overcast sky with a gloomy look on her face. When Hellosh came by, she sighed and directed her attention towards him. "No. We haven't even gotten a chance to even look for her here yet. The day after we got here this great big battle broke out and Vanessa and I had to take shelter. If she even was here and wasn't killed she probably just ran off..." She replied, her tone indicating she was obviously feeling down about something.

"It's almost like they don't want you to find her, doesn't?" Hellosh asked Jesica. "And what's with the mood?" Hellosh asked Jessica about her tone.

Jessica raised an eyebrow at Hellosh. "Who's they? Pretty much everyone's rooting for me to catch her anyway. I have to catch her..." She sighed as she looked away from Hellosh and back at the sky. "Lots of reasons really. I can't see the stars is the most recent one..."

"If they wanted you catch her, they wouldn't invade this area the very day you enter it. They're probably using you as a scapegoat." Hellosh bluntly said. "Can't see the stars? Really? My problems usually involve big things, like making sure your people do not starve to death or being invaded by another nation. But whatever! Stars are way more important!" Hellosh replied in a mocking manner to Jessica.

"Damn it, Hellosh. Do you enjoy being a degenerate asshole!" Hellen shouted at Hellosh. "Sorry about what Hellosh said. I'm willing to hear if you're willing to talk" Hellen said to Jessica in a soft tone.

"Degenerate asshole?" He muttered.

(To Jessica: Hello, can you hear me?)

"My homeland doesn't have night, so I've never even seen a starry sky until coming here! I was hoping to look at all the stars to forget about all the crap that I have to do, like stopping an entire damn war or chasing a criminal who would kill me without remorse, for just a moment, but nooo apparently I can't even do that!" Jessica exploded in Hellosh's face. Standing back up, she started walking away from Hellen and Hellosh in a huff, saying to Hellen, "No thank you! I suddenly don't feel like talking right now!"
What do you want?! Jessica mentally snapped at Tophat, irritation wearing through her ability to be pleasantly surprised at the moment.

Nearby, in a ditch, a figure in a long coat slowly woke up.
"God damn, how much did I drink last night?" he groaned, rubbing his head. He opened his eyes, and looked around.
"Quite a lot, it would seem."

Captcha: you have my stapler
Captcha you are a computer program, you don't have a stapler.

Hellen angrily looked at Hellosh.

"What?!" Hellosh said.

She punched him in the face, again. "The hell is wrong with you! I try to make you a better person, yet you do everything in your power to become a complete monster!"

Hellosh didn't say anything.

"I'm sorry!" Hellen said to Jessica.

(To Jessica: Uh... Is this a bad time?)

Jessica stopped in her tracks down the road and sighed after hearing Hellen. ...No. I just had a bad conversation. I'm sorry. What's going on? She thought at Tophat.

(To Jessica: Me and James are currently in Winterhorn, but have concluded our business here. If you wish, we can return to whereever you are.)

Hellen walked to Jessica. "I- I am sorry if I'm bothering you.... I.. just wanted to say I'm really sorry for what happened. It's all my fault, really." Hellen apologized to Jessica, sounding very sincere.

Uhh...I'm kinda in the middle of what was a war-zone a few hours ago right now, so I'm not really sure if that's a good idea. The Xiphatians might just assume that guy you've got carrying you around is reinforcements for the Legaians and attack on sight. If I went and got you that might make things much easier though. Jessica mentally replied to Tophat. Hearing Hellen walk up to her, she turned around to face her. "Eh? What have you got to apologize for? It's that other guy who was a complete ass."
After a yawn crept up on her, she decided to head back to the hotel.

(To Jessica: Either option is fine for me.)

"That's exactly why it is my fault...." Hellen muttered to herself out loud.

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Jessica picked up on what Hellen said, but felt it might be rude to ask someone about something they hadn't meant for someone else to hear. I wonder what her deal with that guy is... Heading up to her room, she teleported up to Winterhorn, found Rookie and Tophat, and created a Teleportation Circle for the two of them to get to Holadino if they wanted to. Afterwards she teleported back to her room and collapsed on the couch, completely exhausted, and passed out.

The Rookie stepped through the teleportation circle and appeared in Holadino. He headed to the hotel while avoiding guards and sat down to get some rest in the alley next to the hotel.

Bertie seemed to have vanished, overnight...

"I don't know what happened to her! I want to make sure she's safe."
"Yeah, I know, it's just... I don't want to risk it."

Rita was... in a courtyard I guess, of the Shiantaio castle

Envy was hanging around Holadino

After having dinner, Loki took a moment to explore the halls between the dining room and the entrance that weren't guarded in a attempt to get a better picture of the castle layout.

Rita would find Ine, still sitting in the courtyard, seemingly painting Fafnir.

Fafnir had fallen asleep next to the fountain.

... Near Rockbyrd, a small obsidian portal appeared, as Etho walks through... Then walks back...

Data began to walk around, having been doing so for the last few days. He eventually reaches Holiando, and begins to walk around the city.

Rita walked over to Ine "You sure you want to be this close? It is a dragon after all."

Sophia was in one of the more quieter wings of the college, almost like a lounge kind of area. The room was fairly spacious, having many places to sit, various rugs and tapestries, as well as a roaring fire. She had a couple different books with her as well as several papers and such, sitting on one of the couches herself.

Etho begins to fly over the wall of the collage, and lands in front of the wall, as he begins to walk around, and begins to look for anywhere he could climb in, or maybe a hole in the wall...

Black was walking towards Holadino, her map held out in front of her. I wonder if anyone can tell me some info here....it feels like I lost a day or something...

In the North-west on the far side of Holadino, near the lake. a teen boy woke up and rubbed his head. "Ah...dammit...." he said as he sat up. "This time it feels like I've been hit by a crowbar" he muttered, annoyed. the boy looked at his reflection in the lake, seeing blood was on his face he quickly wash it off and stood up, looking around a bit confused.

@Wacky: I thought Etho was really good about not trespassing on people's property?

Sophia continued to read the one book she had.

@wacky: And Etho gets arrested for being a spy in 3...2...

Jessica rolled off the couch she had been sleeping on in her room in Holadino. After taking a few moments to squirm around on the floor on her back, she sat up and yawned while stretching out her left arm. I just realized, I went to Winterhorn twice and never said hello to Sophia. I should back sometime soon or she might think I'm ignoring her again... She thought as she got up, left the hotel, then seemed to aimlessly wander around Holadino for a bit.

When Rita spoke to her, Ine lowered her brush and looked up to Rita, giving a modest smile. "I was a little apprehensive about approaching him at first, but it's not every day one is presented with the oppertunity to paint a dragon. And he has been relatively quiet since I arived." she answered in a soft-spoken tone.

Etho wouldn't be able to stand infront of the wall due to them being at the edge of the mountain top, and attempting to stand on the narrow snow-covered ledges would result in falling off.

Ness slowly rolled off the bed and adjusted the altimeter clip in her hair, so it was just above her enhancer clip. Donning her hat, she walked outside and stretched a bit. ...Whew... I think... now's a good time to try and find her...

Rex was still sleeping on a building near the entrance of town.

@Zeph: Right, Derp :P

Etho shrugs, and contiunues to walk fly around the walls, wondering if he could find someone who could tell him the password...

Data see's black, and walks by her, "Hello, would you mind telling me where I currently am?"

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