We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Jessica shrugged at Savranth. "Can't say I really remember this person if they were ever here before." She replied, glancing down at the girl. She stuffed her hands in her pockets as she said. "I'm looking for someone here, but all my leads have gone cold for the time being and I have to wait until tomorrow. What are you doing here?" Hearing Ezra, she started glancing around, but with him being so small she was unable to locate the source. "I have no idea."

Grace looks at Savranth, seeming a bit far off.
"Yeah... that's... Me..." she mutters.

<Etho> but that's boring... he said

"Not yet." said Rita to Loki before turning back to Ine "Before he helped me I was a low class mage at best, and now I can perform spells that could decimate entire ranks of Legaians."

"Roy" chuckled at Trilby "No, you didn't meet all of us." he then turned back to the soldier, and flashed his clearance card "I am not as much of a random person as you think. But think about it, if he was a Xiphatian why would he advertise that he could use magic? ...Not to mention that this man was one of the few who fought against Xiphatia at Holadino and managed to make it out."

"We attacked the city. We're going to continue on as time goes on." Savranth explained. "Who are you looking for?"

"Yes, he made it out of the city. That only makes it more suspicious. And no one said he was smart. I'm not listening to this drivel. He's going to a holding cell." The soldier said leading the way into the military installation.

"I see. I'm not sure if I really want to put up with that sort of thing..." Ine said.

"Huh..." she muttered, as she slowly tried to get up...
"What do you mean... Attacked a city?" she said.

The video starts, showing a middle aged man with white hair sitting in a chair. "Hello there my children, I am Alexander Wheaton, founder and current director of the WAOA. If you have had the pleasure, or displeasure, of meeting me before, hello again! How have you been?" The man laughs. "Now, if you are watching this, you passed your altimeter test. With skill and patience, you will travel across universes, master of your own fate. There are but two rules you must follow, as a traveler." Wheaton pauses, gathering his thoughts.
"One. Do not give those without universe traveling capabilities altimeters, or allow them to use portals. We must ensure that we do not rush more primitive universes technology too far along, or cause unneeded culture shock." He stops speaking again, and looks lost in thought. He shakes his head, and says
"The second rule is for your health. Do not, under any circumstances, interfere in a balancer's work. If they claim to be balancers, ask for a simple display in powers. If they demonstrate it, be compliant and polite. They are patient people, but they will kill if they feel you threaten the balance. This short video will show the power of the balancers, a better warning then any I could draw."
With that, the screen went black again.

"Interesting..." Trilby muttered in response to Envy's comments.
He turned to glare at the soldier.
"I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear that." Trilby said, as he followed the soldier calmly.

Ness blinked as she tilted her head as she waited for the video to continue. Balancers...? Does that mean...?

"That voice that was talking about tea" Ezra made a rock hit Jessica in the face "I'm down here, you self-bathing idiot"

Rita shrugged "Well you wouldn't really have to put up with anything. I'm not saying it would make you the same kind of mage as I am, it's just what I chose to work with when my mind was open."

"If you think that's wise... but I would hate to hear of one of your superiors finding out that you imprisoned a possibly huge asset to the war. You may want to contact them first."

"Fair enough. I fail to see why not, as it costs no effort on your part, but it is your choice to make. Should you ever change your mind, however, you had but ask. I will likely be visiting the palace more in the forseeable future." Loki responded, hiding the slight annoyance he felt.

Erica sighed in responce to Etho. "Beggers can't be choosers. Don't say I didn't warn you when you're fined for tresspassing, however." having said that, Erica turned back to Sophia. "You've been awfully quiet. Are you alright?"

"What? Oh ya I'm fine, just trying to remember what electricity was again..." She said softly, and rather sheepishly.

"Like I said. We attacked a city. That tends to happen in war." Savranth explained.

"I don't care what you do. But you're going to a holding cell." The soldier said leading him back into the further parts of the building. "And I'd hate for my superiors to hear I let a possible spy walk around our city. Which do you think they would find worse?"

Coming to a holding cell, he opens up the door. "Go on in."

"Well, I understand, but I don't know... I'd rather work to gain my own talent. That sounds like cheating..." Ine answered.

Etho nods, and flies back out the window using his jetpack.

"Oh. So that's how it is. I kinda wish I could help with the war, but when I spoke with Tiberius about it he didn't seem too interested in trying to keep in contact with me to ask for my help. I guess I'm just not useful in these kinds of situations." Jessica replied to Savranth, sounding quite self-depreciating. "But right now I'm looking for that Tao--" She was cut off when a rock hit her in the face and sent her stumbling back a bit. Growling as her nose began to bleed, she reached down and grabbed Ezra by the head-fringe with her right hand, then brought it up to her face a simply glared at it. "The hell is this thing?"

Trilby shrugged and stepped inside the cell.
"Am I going to be here long?" he asked as he sat down on the floor.

The video cut in again. On it, a single man stood opposite an army. Someone familiar in warhammer 40k lore or game knowledge would recognize the mechas and soldiers as Tau, though there weapons seemed upgraded and streamlined. The man stood in a black Jacket and some loose firting jeans, with a shock of black hair partially obscuring white eyes. He said "Your army has been recieving contraband altimeters, to invade universes you feel need your protection. The WAOA has heard your plans and proposes a counter solution. You give us your contraband altimeters, and we do not destroy you. Fair trade, all things considered. Do yiu agree?"one of the mechas landed at the front of the army, and said in a metallic voice Step aside foolish child. The Tau shall bring about a multi universal army, for the greater good. We have seen the monsters the veil beyond the universe can bring, and have killed the Tyranid threat time and again. Let us handle other universes defenses as well. the human sighed, raised his hand- and abruptly the lower half of the mecha disappeared, and it began dripping the Tau blood and oil the mecha ran on. The commanders screams echoed actoss the plain, as the army seemed to collectively gasp, and take aim. The man held out his right hand and generated a black sword that seemed to suck the light out of the world, and began cleaving his way into the army, separating bodies as if they were paper, shots from the armies weapons being consumed in dark voids that appeared several meters from the man. The video stops as quickly as it began, to be replaced by Wheatons paler face.
"That was more warning then most balancers give. They have the unique ability to create things out of nothing, or as the video showed, destroy something, making it into nothing. They can destroy conventional armies with the ease you or I breathe, and should not be trifled with. Your instructor may have a few words he will wish to have with you. Congratulations on becoming a traveler, again!"

"Alright, as my master said, feel free to ask if you'd like some help later." replied Rita with a friendly tone

"Either way, you should let a superior know about this, especially if he can do what he claims."

"War... Tao?..." she muttered, before collapsing, falling asleep.

OoC: I'm off to bed, folks, I shall see you all tomorrow.

Ness' face was neutral. Nothing more than glorified murderers all working in the name of 'balance'... Suddenly... I want little to do with this... However, this will be useful for finding Tao... She wordlessly turned toward Bryce, nodding to signify she understood the video.

"That's not true. We just had no way to contact you. Nor did we know where you were. We couldn't help that. I'm sorry that you almost got caught up in the crossfire, though." Savranth said to Jessica.

"You could be here for years, if you're a spy." The soldier said, turning his back to Tribly as he walked out.
"What do you think I'm going to do?" He said walking out to go find a superior.

"I'll keep that in mind..." Ine replied.

OoC: Wait... Vanessa just left the world, didn't she..?

"I am Ezra the mighty and powerful! I could..."
"Is that a toothpick...?"
"Thanks for that Captain Obvious now as I wa..."
"How'd you know I was a captain" Ezra facepalmed

"Good thing I'm not a spy, then, isn't it." Trilby replied.

"He could have at least mentioned that you all don't have any way of contacting people across long distances. I just assumed he thought I was useless and was trying to be polite or humor me or something..." With a dejected sigh she flicked Ezra away off into the distance, then worked on plugging up her bleeding nose with some spare tissues.

"I mean no offence, princess, but I think you misunderstood. The spell would not turn you into a master artist, it would only your full potential. You would still need to work to improve yourself, but the spell would make it clear to you what precicely you need do to improve." he explained to Ine, then smiled. "But once more, if you are certain you would rather decline, then so be it. Far be it for me to talk a person into accepting."

"Electricity? Well, naturally it comes in the form of lightning. It can also be produced with steam engines. I've seen devices that used electricity to power themselves without harnessing steam, but I can't remember what they were. That was too long ago, I'm afraid." Erica said to Sophia.

Rita thought for a moment "...That is the best way to put it, I still almost burned myself to death while working on my spells after you unlocked my potential..."

"Roy" hung out near the cell "You just had to open up with "magic" didn't ya?"

"To be fair, you did leave without telling us. We didn't know you planned to leave as soon as you did, so we couldn't give you any way to contact us or vice versa. And within this city, being found with such a thing could be dangerous for you." Savranth replied.

The soldier makes his way to office of Richard. He knocks on the door.
"Come on in."

Walking in the soldier addressed Richard with a salute. "Sir, I have found a possible spy."

"Is that so? Then, I suppose I should interrogate the spy..." Richard says as he stands up.

After a few minute, Richard arrives at the cell.
"So, this is the spy?"

"I know of no magic that a person could use to expand their mind so fast. Generally that takes real talent to begin with. Few can quickly learn anything. And isn't half the fun of learning, finding out the hard way? As a Princess, I rarely have to try for anything and am waited on hand and foot..." Ine explained. "So, there is little appeal in that sort of idea for me."

"Well, like the vid said. Don't piss off the balancers, don't take people who don't belong out of the universe, and you'll be fine. Now, lets just send you back. I've got another job to do off in some other universe. Focus on something from where you left, maybe Jessica, and you'll be right next to her. See ya next time kid. Maybe stop by some time, say hey."
OoC @Salty Bryce's portal took her anklet into account, and is basically keeping a thin connection between the worlds. Its acting as a relay, and is basically taking how she moves into account to project her presence in the real world. Not sure how the magic involved works, but imagine that it acts like a radio receiver rerouting the signal to make sure it reaches its destination. If that's what you're referring to, anyway.

"Steam engine? Like water in a kettle steam?" She asked, as she went over to secure the window.

Ness nodded before tapping the clip "Good luck, Mr. Logan." Teleporting a bit away from Jessica, She stretches a bit as she reappears in the dimension.

"No, sir. I'm just a multiversal mercenary who simply wished to augment your forces with technology-compatible magic." Trilby answered Richard. "This has all been a big misunderstanding."

"Whatever you think is best I suppose, but the offer will always stand. Fafnir doesn't seem to mind being a model for you anyways." said Rita with a smile, trying to stay on good terms with Ine

"Roy" nodded at Richard "I can vouch for his story sir, you can even check with Lazarus. He is aware of the people from another dimension, and is aware that I am one of them."

"Well I am chasing a criminal, I had to leave as soon as I could. I don't know why you all were expecting me to hang around for longer than I had to." Jessica replied to Savranth. After crossing her arms, she added, "And I'm better at keeping things hidden than anyone apparently gives me any credit for." She suddenly sneezed, causing her nose to start bleeding once again. "If I find whoever threw that rock at me I'll break their nose, see nose they like it..." Preoccupied, she doesn't seem to take much notice of Ness reappearing.

"I will get my revenge for this!" Ezra said while being flung away. Steiner turns his attention to Jessica's face "Don't worry I have a po... Oh yeah I used the last one"

"Indeed. Never did I suspect dragons sleep as much as this." Loki said to Rita, then looked back to Ine. "Like I said, that is your choice, and I shall respect it." I would force it upon you, were it not for the fact that it would be noticed... "But let us change the subject. I has dawned on me that I know not your name. So, might I ask it?"

Erica nodded. "Yes, but on a larger scale. I don't know how it works exactly, mind you. All I know is that water is boiled in a large by burning up coal in a large furnace, and the steam produced by this is used to produce electricity. So there you go." she explained. "By the way... What is this strange smell? I've been smelling it for a while now."

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