We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Well, it seems there has been a misunderstanding." Savranth said. "Anyway, how goes your search?" He holds up his hand. "Should I use a little healing magic?"

"Soldier. Is what he says true?" Richard asked the soldier.
"Well... sir, he said he wanted to give us magic, and, uh..." The soldier started.
"I see. in that case, good work. You should be commended for being quick on your feet to recognize a potential threat." Richard told his soldier. He then looked to Tribly. "Keep your magic. We have no need of it. Even if what you say is true, it'd only be a waste."

He looks to Envy. "I'm well aware of you and the dimensional travelers that have come to our cities. I'm even aware of the boy that shares Admiral Idula's last name."

"My name is Ine Cecilon. Second child of King Garzic Cecilon." Ine said with a small curtsey. "You are master Loki, are you not?"

She then looks to Rita with a smile. "I'll keep that in mind and paint him again. Maybe next time I'll do better."

"Well, okay then. Whatever floats your boat." Trilby shrugged.

"Strange... smell? What do you mean?" Sophia asked, a mix of surprised, saddened, and anxious. She closed the window latch.

Rita smiled back "Hope so!"
I hope not

Envy smiled "Oh good, so then you'll be releasing him?"

"Oh so your a white mage" He asked Savranth
OOC: @Jessica "Ha my nose is actually just a hole in my face" And he actually does have nose because (From one of those accidental trips into the chemical vats super heroes seem to be so fond of) He sneezes and blows down a house

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"I guess so. So do you guys actually have a way of contacting people?" Jessica asked Savranth, as she fixed her posture from her sneeze. "Well, I know she was in this town at some point recently. But until tomorrow I can't really learn any more than that." She took out another tissue and began wiping the blood from her nose as she said, "Yes please."
Finally taking noticed of Ness, Jessica waves to her with her free hand.

@Outis: Not much at all.

Ness slowly walks up to Sav and Jessica. Noting Jess' bleeding nose, Ness almost immediately pulls out her glove and attempts to heal her. "Jessica... how did you get hurt? And don't worry about finding Tao... I have that handled..."

@Outis, Envy went around seeing who would join him in the ruins, if you wanted Marston to go you can just say he was there for that

"That I am." Loki answered with a nod. "I came here with the intention of delivering information my companion and I had discovered that would aid Xiphatia. And I leave with the intention of gather more information for your father." He explained, then paused. "A task which I have yet to begin... Oh, how time flies. A full day has passed, and we have yet to even leave the castle."

"I'm not sure, I don't recognise it..." Erica answered, sniffing the air. "It smells... sweet, I think?"

@Outis, Envy went around seeing who would join him in the ruins, if you wanted Marston to go you can just say he was there for that

Unfortunately I'm not sure how much I'll be on for the next few days. So I dunno.

"Well, we do have necklaces that work over long distances in a similar manner to the crystals we place in our ears for missions. Though, I have neither at the moment." Savranth explained. Seeing Vanessa go to heal Jessica, he decides not to bother.

He looks to Steiner. "I'm a mage. I can use a variety of magic. Including some basic healing magic."

He yawns. "Anyway, I had better head to bed. I'll talk to you later. I suppose we may head to the ruin that Envy talked about."

"That remains to be seen. I still see no reason to assume that he ISN'T a spy, even if he is from another world." Richard tells Envy. "And I have no reason to assume that you know him all that well, to know that he isn't a spy."

Richard looks to Tribly. "So, prove our suspicions wrong. Tell me something of value that the enemy would rather us not know."

"I see. Well, I wish you luck, Master Loki." Ine said. "If I am able, I will try to paint your dragon again, later." She said with a smile. "Anyway, I had better head on to bed. I'll hopefully see you later, Master Loki. Lady Rita." She said as she headed off to the castle.

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"Sweet..?" Sophia sniffed the air herself just to make sure herself, she couldn't smell anything herself, which with her nose only meant it could be one thing. 'The glyphs did seem a little brighter day... All this work and I still can't suppress it...' She thought, visibly saddened, but then put on a warm face for Erica.

"Don't mind it I guess, you probably want to go and look for inspiration right? I can let you to it if you want? I was reading some... books before you made my heart jump." She laughed a little, although it was a shallow laugh.

Rita waved as Ine left. "So now what?" she asked Loki

Envy shrugged "Fair point."

"Some jackass threw a rock at me. I didn't get a good look at 'em though." Jessica replied to Ness, sighing pleasantly as the pain in her nose subsided and she stopped bleeding. "And you've already got a way to find Taokaka? Great!...Because aside from learning that she was in this town long enough to get a job and plans to talk to her employer, I've got nothing."
She waved goodnight to Savranth as he left.

"Good night to you then." Loki said to Ine before she left. Once she was inside, he turned to Rita. "First, we shall make a return trip to the den. I assume Fafnir would want to go feed her young, and I have something I wish to discuss with Nybeth. Once this is out of the way, we shall head to the Wild Lands. Garzic excepts us to learn more of the impending attack, so I aim to do just that. Or actually..." he explained, but trailed off near the end. "No, we have been given two objective, so it would be more efficient to split up after having returned to the mountains. You shall go to Fourside and see if you can learn how long their airships can last without supplies, while I will make my way towards the Wild Lands."

"Well, yes. But now I'm here, I wouldn't mind helping you with your studies. Afterall, I said I would, and once I make a promise, I keep them." Erica answered Sophia with a smile. "What is it you were reading?"

Ness nodded with a small smile before pointing to the clip on her fedora. "Tao found a job here? Hmmm.... I wouldn't expect someone murderous to do such a thing..." She paused a moment before shaking her head and continuing. "Mr. Logan outfitted me with a remote teleportation device. It seems to teleport based off of memories... So all I need to do is think of Tao while the device is active, and we'll be a few feet away from her. ...I'm going to modify it a bit though... excuse me." She absentmindly waved bye to Sav as he left.

Ness took out her PDA and placed the clip carefully on the ground. After scanning the altimeter with her PDA, a single beam of light connected the two and her PDA's overlay changed to a console screen and a holographic keyboard. She typed wildly and data rolled wildly upward on the other screen. She seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit as she did this.

Rita nodded at Loki "Alright, once I've done that should I return to the den?"

Sophia looked back at the books and papers she had sprawled everywhere. "Those were a couple books on... shall I say reading and penmanship. The librarian at the library here was nice enough to give them to me..." She said blushing a little.

"I guess we could go to the training room, just let me get my things." She quickly scooped up everything.

"Maybe she was planning on trying to blend in or something." Jessica suggested to Ness as she finished cleaning up her face. "He did? Why'd Bryce do that? It sounds a lot more convenient than what I can do." She asked Ness. She curiously looked over Ness shoulder as she worked. "So, um, do you plan on leaving this dimension often?" She asked, sounding a little nervous about her own question.

Nybeth had long since returned to his cave, finding remaining in Holadino to be a complete waste of his time. Once again the smell of embalming fluid and corpse-rot filled the air around the mountain.

Ness nodded a bit toward Jess' first statement and shrugged at the second. "That makes sense, but she must have also found someplace to stay in the meantime. If we ask around enough, I may not need to use this device. In all honesty, I don't want it all that much. Mr. Logan's organization has operatives who 'keep the balance' by killing those who don't use their brand of multi-universal transport. As good as the design is, I want nothing to do with it. However... it did give me an idea on how to get a dimensional coordinate system... using this world as an origin..."

She shook her head before she went off on a huge tangent. She noted the nervousness in Jess' voice and shook her head. "Since I can go back home using this device, I can implement the coordinate system back home. That will probably be the only time I'll leave this dimension... but that will have to wait until we find Tao. They still have that tracker on me..."

She smiled at Jess as she continued. "I'm coming back to help you resolve this anomaly. I'm not going to leave you hanging like that. I promise."

"Indeed. That would be a good spot to meet once more." Loki answered as he walked over to Fafnir and gave her a gentle nudge on the neck. In responce to being woken up, Fafnir's snapped up and uttered a low roar, but upon seeing it was Loki that had woken her up, she settled down, although she was still rather crancky. "Well then..." Loki began, waiting to see if Fafnir would be accepting of being mounted with her bad mood by approaching her. "Let us be off." he continued when he saw Fafnir allowed it, mounting.

"You want to learn to write more formally? I can help you with that too, I suppose." Erica answered Sophia as she reached into her satchel and retrieved her notebook. Opening and flicking through several pages, Erica showed it to Sophia. There was the name "Sasha", and under that a description of Sophia's general appearance. It was written in charcoal, and because of this, looked a bit smudgy, but the calligraphy suggested Erica had formal training.

Rita hopped up onto Fafnir "We should probably check on Nybeth's progress as well."

"N-no, I just..." She stopped a little as she saw Sasha. "No I just want to be able to write so it doesn't look like I'm trying to make my own language up as I go. Your writing is very pretty though." She said as she stared at it a little longer.

"Should we get going then?"

"Well I already have an idea of who to ask regarding where Taokaka might be. I just couldn't do it today." Jessica replied to Ness. Her ears folded back slightly upon hearing what Ness said about the organization Bryce belonged to. I really hope my people never run into any of them...I'll have to be extra careful around that Bryce guy. Her mood was lifted again as she heard the last thing that Ness said to her. "Thanks. That means a lot to me. But I was asking because I remember that earlier you said you wanted me to form another mental link between the two of us, but if you would be going back and forth between dimensions a lot then it would just get easily broken."

"So we should. And so we shall." Loki answered as he spurred Fafnir on. Moving towards the direction she was facing, eventually nearing the wall surrounding the castle. With unable to go forward, but still being spurred on, Fafnir took to the skies, after which Loki steered her towards the south. "I do wish I had a means of propperly commanding Fafnir to ascend and descend..." he idly commented. Going in a wide arc around the aerial battle zone, Loki and Rita would in time reach the mountain range again.

Once near the den, Loki pulled back the reins, making Fafnir land. "If you would go see Nybeth and see what progress he has made. Oh, and ask if he can re-animate only those just deceased, or if he can do so with those long-dead also." he commented, unmounting.

"I see. Well, I can still help you with that if you wish, but naturally, this will need to wait. And thank you for the compliment." Erica answered as she put her notebook away. She noticed how uncomfortable Sophia, but thought this was because she was embarrassed. "Lead the way." she said with a smile, indicating she was ready to follow.

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Rita nodded and headed to see Nybeth, she would take his answer to the question of if he can re-animate only those who recently died, or if that mattered, back to Loki and then head to sleep

Ness nodded with a small smile before finishing her modifications. "Right, the mental link... I won't be switching dimensions much at all, so once we finish this Tao business, we'll reconnect it."

Placing her fingers on the clip, she calmly said "X21, Interface up!" The clip projected a small screen, displaying a map of blinking dots and Ness calmly taps one large one to the bottom-right corner. A small portal opens up and a rather lavishly dressed catgirl with half-red, half-neon blue drill hair poked her head and massive hairdo out. "Huh... Nessy?" She seemed to gasp at Ness, who only groaned a bit.
"You poor thing! You're looking much less fabulous with that dingy clip on your fedora... Come here and let lil' ol' me fix that right up for you! Hm... You could still use a new fed- Kya!! "
The girl shrieked as her rant was interrupted by Ness pushing her back in and closing the portal. "...Well, that works. ...Yay." Ness placed the clip back on her hat before dispelling the map and pocketing her PDA.

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*Poof* Sophia and Erica are time bubble'd.

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Rita would see several more corpses in Nybeth's cave, as well as all the others from before were now all up and moving about. Without turning away from his current work of preserving one of his more recently acquired bodies, he replied to Rita, "Nearly any body can be reinvigorated with unlife. However, results improve based on how 'fresh' the body is. Older bodies suffer a noticeable decline in intelligence."

Jessica nodded to Ness, and then was completely taken aback when a portal opened and out popped a girl with a ridiculous looking hairstyle. "Uh...who...was that?" Was the only response Jessica could come up with for the time being.

Ness scratched her head a bit. "Her name is Akane. ...I'd rather not explain any further. Anyway... it's getting a bit late... let's head off to the hotel for now." She said a bit hurriedly before starting to walk in that direction.

Why would anyone do that to their hair?...Does she not like it or something?... Jessica stroked a lock of her own hair for a few moments before realizing that Ness was no longer there. After this fact come into her consciousness, she glanced around for a few moments before spotting Ness heading back to the hotel. She hustled to catch up with Ness and followed her the rest of the way.

Ness looked back at Jess rushing toward her and giggled a bit as she saw the catgirl stroking her hair. "Don't worry... she's a bit... really.... passionate about certain things. ...Imagine me with that kind of hairdo. She nearly gave me it... while I was asleep. Luckily I woke up before that happened..." Ness shudders a bit before entering her room and laying herself out on the couch. "You've slept on the couch for more than long enough. Hope you sleep well, Jessica. Good night." Ness lets out a bit of a relaxed sigh before taking off her hat and drifting off to sleep.

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After Ness had gone to sleep, Jessica went back out and sat down on the porch of the hotel. She looked up at the sky and was happy to find that the bad weather from the previous day had cleared up and she now had an unimpeded view of the sky. With Holadino being a farming settlement, there was little ambient light around to drown out the stars, so Jessica contented herself with gazing up at the night sky for the time being.

Hellen sees Jessica, and then sighs. She walks to her and says: "Hello, Jessy. I.... *Sigh* Do you know they guy who insulted you yesterday? Do you want to know my relation with him? I felt like it's something I should tell you."

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