We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Jessica looked down and over at Hellen as she came over, genuinely surprised that anyone was still up and about at this time of day. "Eh? I just kinda assumed you two were just hanging around each other because you were both dimensionally displaced. Didn't know there was any kind of previous history there." She commented. "But if you feel like you've got to say something, might as well."

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Hellen looked on the ground, ashamed."He wouldn't let somebody he just met touch him, let alone punch him... Of course we have a history... He's...my brother..." Hellen answered Jessica.

"Huh. I guess that makes sense, looking at the big picture." Jessica commented, putting together everything she knew about Hellosh and Hellen in her head. "Dunno why you're making this out to be a big deal or anything though." She said as she went back to looking up at the sky again.

"The reason I'm making a big deal out of it is because people usually get violent when I admit it....." Hellen answered Jessica. Hellen looks at the ground some more. "People tend to view Hellosh as a demonic monster, even though he isn't. They blindly fear and loathe him, and they hate me for my association with him. I thought you would hate me as well." Hellen said.

"Demonic monster? I'll admit that the guy's a prick, but that seems like a bit much." Jessica said to Hellen with a raised eyebrow. "And I don't think I'd ever hate someone just because they're related to a jerk. Doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to lump two people together just for being related. They can easily be incredibly different from each other."

The Rookie headed out on the streets, wandering around Holadino.
(To the Rookie: Seems like the magic folks are winning this war.)
He nodded, deep in thought.
(To the Rookie: ...You're not thinking of trying to stop them, are you?)
Shrugging, the Rookie saw Jessica and Hellen in the distance. He waved as he approached.

"Hellosh.... didn't have somebody who really cared about him, besides me and mother." Hellen said. After a while, she gritted her teeth in anger. "Do you know why Hellosh is always like that? He looks horrifying even by my peoples standards, so people tend to bully him a lot when he was a kid. But that's not the worst. His own father never really cared about him, yet Hellosh loves him. He treats Hellosh like a dog, yet he does not complain. He views him as a tool, yet Hellosh accepts it. Hellosh wanted to please him.... Wanted his love, but that monster never gave him some! He even.... You know what? I'm not telling the most depraved thing he did to Hellosh. But I will tell you this, it completely broke him. It snapped his mind, completely ruining him.... " Hellen said.

As Jessica listened to Hellen she sighed and flexed her right hand a few times as it rested in her lap. "I'm not really sure what you expect me to say to that. I mean, that really sucks and all, but people treated me like crap as a kid and I'd like to think I'm not as a big a prick as he is because of it." She leaned back and looked up at the sky once again. "But then again my dad was decent to me at least, so I'm not really sure if I can weigh in on that." Sighing again, she waved at Rookie as she noticed him walk up.

"Yeah, sorry. I get so angry when I remember him." Hellen said, while putting hateful emphasis on him. "Also, the reason I'm not as fucked up as Hellosh is because he sold me as a slave. Luckily, the guy who bought me was a pretty nice person. Bit too religious, but over all a nice person." Hellen said.

Jessica cringed a little upon hearing what Hellen said. "He couldn't have been that nice if he enslaved people. Probably some damn self-righteous human..." She muttered to herself. "Though I can see what you mean about your dad apparently being a monster now."

"Yeah, but Hellosh will try to justify his actions if he was here. He would say 'He did it because he knows that the mercenary life is not for me and he attended to sell me to a nice person, and blah, blah, blah!' I can't conceive why would Hellosh humanize the monster, even after ruining his life! Do you now know why I'm happy after I got sold?" Hellen said to Jessica.

"Yeah I think I've got a pretty clear picture..." Jessica said with a sigh. A yawn crept up on her, so she stood up and stretched for a bit from having sat for so long. "I really need to get some sleep. Goodnight Hellen." Jessica said before turning and heading back into the hotel. She was so tired that she nearly fell over onto the couch out of reflex, stopping herself when she noticed Ness was already sleeping there. After taking the time to take off and properly hang up her coat, she climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep on her left side, her mechanical arm being held out in plain view.

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Black woke up and just stared at the sky a bit before moving.

The boy started to walk back out of the forests, a bit of blood near his mouth. "Getting REAL tired of the nature shit!" he said to himself, punching a couple of trees out of boredom.

As the boy walked through the woods, he might hear the clanging of steel on steel, and a man shouting.

Grace, being outside the city still, and still asleep.

Data begins to walk around the city, and see's black.

"The heck is that?" The boy questioned as he looked around, keeping his hands in his pocket for now.

Black was still staring into space.

The boy would hear the noise coming from the right, and careful listening would point out that while two weapons were clashing, only one voice was crying out.

Grace slowly gets up, and hears the fighting. She begins to slowly move towards it.

The boy's right ears twitched slightly and he grinned slightly. "Now that sounds like FUN!" He said with a bit of a manic grin, as he ran over in the direction.

As Grace and the boy moved to survey the sounds of fighting, they would find Xyleena and Marcus in a duel. Marcus had shucked his jacket for a white wifebeater, his pale skin showing off two armsleeve tattoos of wolves in motion, done all in black. Xyleena had no weapons but her claws, but everytime she partied a knife swing from Marcus sparks would fly from her hands. Marcus would occasionally call out a move, such as 'leg sweep!' And Xyleena would perform the voiced attack. If Grace or the boy had a very keen eye they'd spot a shimmer in one of the trees.

Rex yawned as he rose up off the roof he had slept on before beginning to look around.

Ness scratched her head a bit before waking up on the couch. Agh! How does Jess sleep like this!? She thought as she worked to fix the small crick in her neck.

Grace see's the shimmer, and begins to walk up to it.

The boy just watches Marcus and the Xyleena fight. Not sure what that...thing is...but it looks like fun! He thought to himself as he put his hands back into his pockets and smirked slightly.

"Morning..." Black said to Rex, still staring up at the sky.

As Grace drew closer to the shimmer, it would fall, decloaking in midair to reveal Lyra. Her hair back to black and wearing her original outfit, she aimed to land on Grace and hold her down. Xyleena and Marcus continued their fighting, not paying attention to the confrontation.

Rex looked over toward Black and waved. "Yo... You look like you're thinking about stuff.... again. Sup?"

Ness yawned as she finished massaging her neck and calmly walked toward the bathroom to take a shower. Seeing Jess' mechanical arm out in the open, Ness raised an eyebrow. ...I guess she's becoming a bit more comfortable with that... She took off her clothes and headed into the shower, leaving her belt on the floor.

"Oh...just this and that..." Black said with a small shrug. "I feel I should warn you as I did to Yukino, but there is someone like me your want to avoid....not sure where she is though..."

The boy just watched, not seeming worried about anything on display.

Grace kicks see's the alien fall, dives out of the way, shifting into her omega form, then kicking her into a tree once she proved to be waist level.
"Who are you? Are you okay?!" she shouts.

Rex raised an eyebrow as he nodded. Well... I ain't prying into that. "Even Yuki wouldn't have been able to take 'em? Alright, who is this person?"

OoC @Wacky Lyra's dropping down on to Grace. Gonna need to rewrite that, since it doesn't make sense in a number of ways.

"Her name is 'White Rock Shooter'....as much as I hate to admit it she is more powerful then me..." Black sat up slightly. "It's the reason I'm around here....although she has told the technological side I'm a 'destroyer'...so now I'm a wanted criminal...." She gave a very small chuckle. "To think someone like me to be betrayed as a crook....quite amusing..."

Lyra hit the tree, and quickly recovered, pulling a knife and setting herself in a stance, growling. "shut the hell up, before you interfere in the match. I won't have those two stopped just because some outsider pokes her head in. Just shut up and watch, before your throat gets slit."
The fight between Marcus and Xyleena grows more violent, slashes coming closer and closer to skin. The movements begin to take on an almost dance like choreography.

Rex nodded. "I see... Since you're in a formerly techie town, don't except friendly looks." He had heard her mutter and scratched the back of his head a bit. "You sound kinda bitter now."

Ness exited the shower and sighed happily as she dried off and started dressing herself. Soon after, she began to head outside, making sure that the door to her room was locked. She pensively adjusted the clip on her fedora. ...Hm... I did modify this quite a bit... Still it's good I added a secondary phrase for the original mode, so I can use it in both nations..

Grace looks at the fight...

The boy smirked a bit more after hearing Lyra speak and stepped forward. "Well aren't you a feisty one?"

"I suppose I am a little....I spare my life to keep the dimensions in check..." Black said to Rex. "and when you get called a destroyer when all you do is re-build....it's slightly annoying...."

Rex sighed and nodded. "I see, that makes sense. But why exactly do you try to keep the dimensions in check? No offense, but it's not really your problem, so why throw yourself into it?"

Ness walked around until she heard chatter on the rooftops. She leaned up against a wall and listened. ...Could this be... one of those... balancers?

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