We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Oh, well, if you want to know how I escaped..." Trilby grinned.
In a flash, his revolver was out. Trilby pressed it into his chin, and fired. Before his head hit the ground, the body had started to vanish.
Trilby appeared in front of Richard.
"Simple as that."

OoC @Trilby well, looks like you'll be hauled off for experiments with Soto until you die. That should be fun!

Jona let his sword hang loose from his belt again, and smiled tentatively as the pheromone scent soothed his suspicions. Even so, he remained tense, the product of a lifetime of predation by animals not dissimilar to Xyleena.
"Speak?" He asked her, wondering if he had just imagined the voice that he had heard in the tree.

"My name is Kynn'Varl Nar Tasi." The shuttle's pilot replied to Marcus with a nod, before turning sharply to look at Savranth. Though his face was hidden behind the mask, the indignation in his voice was clear.

"I need to explain myself? I'd love to know just what it was that blew my ship out of orbit as soon as I came close! You think I crashed on purpose?!" He glanced back at the pod and shook his head ruefully.
"That ship cost almost every credit that I had to my name..."

"Indeed I did. This is of little consequence to us, however." Loki answered Rita with a nod as he climbed down the tunnel and entered the main chamber of the cave, then walked over to Nybeth. "Are all the thralls currently under your control stored here? Or have you others stored elsewhere also?" he asked.

Xyleena grinned, her face straining to demonstrate a facial cue not native to her kind. "I speak, yes. You speak?"

Marcus nodded. "sounds like it was either the planetary EMP sheild... Thingie, or the fang ship overhead. Hard to tell with this planet."
OoC @Berk honestly, when you were first describing Kynn's arrival, I thought it was going to be captain Olimar.

"No, but you COULD have killed someone. And that isn't something we should dismiss. So, explaining who you are and what brought you here would go a long way to alleviate some of these good peoples fears." Savranth said gesturing towards the people outside of the building.
"Don't you think not being hated and feared would be a good thing?"

He motioned towards Marcus. "And like he said, this planet prevents ships from landing or leaving. In other words, you're pretty much trapped here."

"Is that so... Well, that means there's only one way to keep you from escaping..." Richard replied. "You still haven't provided anything to make me think your aren't a spy. Or at least a nuisance that I should eliminate."

"Indeed, my observations are showing that it was caused by something similar to an EMP field. And, given time and the necessary resources, I could rebuild the ship." he said.

Grace held out her hand to the guy who her name she could not pronounce, "I'm Grace." she said.
She looks at Savranth, "It was out of her control." she said.

"I think it came from that way." Jessica replied to Ness, pointing in the general direction of where the pod had landed. "Wait, how did you not hear it? I mean, I know your hearing shouldn't be as sensitive as mine, but I'd have thought something crashing into a building wouldn't be hard for humans to hear."

"For the time being, yes. I have a few outside ensuring this place does not become discovered, but the majority that I control are kept here until I have need to them." Nybeth explained to Loki as he removed his safety gear and stopped working to turn around and face him.

"Well since you're here, if you have no need of me here would you like me to head to Fourside now?" asked Rita to Loki

Envy crossed his arms "Put it together Savvy, all these people from other dimensions, take a guess where he's from."

OOC: @FPS *Quick Google check* What could possibly have made you think I'd use something like that in the thread?

Jona hung his head slightly, and shook it.
"Can't. Can't remember..." He replied somewhat sullenly, suddenly painfully aware that what he had taken for a mindless animal was more fluent in human speech than he was.

"EMP shield?" Kynn replied dubiously. "Strange, I didn't get any sensor readings that might have picked up on it. And it did a lot more damage than just to the electrical systems." He glanced at Savranth and shrugged somewhat dismissively.
"It's not like I was aiming for the city. Those escae pods have next to no steering, and my ship... well, you saw what state that was in. As to who I am... well, you have my name. Kynn'Varl Nar Tasi, originally of the Idenna. I'm... on my Pilgrimage. Beyond that, there's not much to tell. That's nothing to hate and fear me for..." He folded his arms and squared his shoulders defensively. "Unless of course, you have a problem with Quarians to begin with."

Savranth shakes his head at Grace and Envy. "What did I say that disagreed with that? I merely asked for an explanation. How many of the people in this town know that there are people from other worlds walking among them? Knowing who this person is can help us ease their concerns as well as inform us of who we are dealing with. I assure you that-"

"Someone mind explaining just what the Hell is going on here?" Athena said as she arrived.

"I'm being nicer than others would be..."

Savranth look to Kynn. "I'm just going to call you Kynn. My name is Savranth. And this is Athena."

Ness shrugged before turning toward the direction Jess pointed toward. "You know how I'm not really bothered by loud noises, especially from my guns? They seem not to register as all that important in my mind... I really don't know why either... But let's get going, shall we?"

Rex looked at the pod and the captain with a bit of sympathy. Malfunctions fucking suck...

Grace looks at Savranth, "You have a good point, but I don't think she's dangerous."
She looks at Athena, "We're helping this alien from another dimension get settled and easing her her concerns." she said to her.

Data looked at the newcomer, "Indeed, I assume it must be because of atmospheric debris, or something similar..."
He takes a closer look at the pod, trying to figure out what happened to it.

OoC @Berk more the fact that whens hes first introduced, he crash lands his ship. Seems like he'd be a good fit for introduction here, in this thread.

Marcus shrugged. "Can't say I've ever met a Quarian before, to be honest. Its a big galaxy, after all. And it might have been the venemous fangs who shot you down. Got cloaking fields, and the weaponry to really do a number. Your guess is as good as mine in the long run though. And equally pointless, since we're all stuck here. So, Kynn'Val, got a shorter name? Mind if I call you Kynn, maybe?"

"I suppose you can. I Xy. You? What you call self?" Xyleena asked, clicking her talons absentmindedly against the tree.

"Indeed. The quicker we are finished with these tasks, the better. When you go about your iquiry, make no mention of me, however." Loki answered Rita, then looked back to Nybeth. "I see. You mentioned the thralls are as intelligent as they were in life, so I assume they are capable of using the weapons they did in life. But, are the Xiphatian thralls able to still use their magic also?" he asked.

Kynn nodded.
"Kynn, yeah, that's how the name works. As for these Venomous Fangs, I caught another ship's signature in orbit, but they were well out of contact range." He replied to Marcus and Savranth, before turning to Marcus and the pale human in the yellow shirt.
"Doubt you'll get much information from the pod. So, take-off is impossible as well? That's... inconvenient." He said, glancing up at the sky, then looking around at the crowd.
"So... what planet is this, may I ask? Last I checked, I was in Asari space. Don't see how I could have ended up here without hitting a Relay."

"Well, considering your test to see if I was a spy was apparently to ask me for information only a spy would know, of course I haven't." Trilby pointed out. "As for me being a nuisance, all I've done is give you some information, and offer you a new weapon which your enemy wouldn't expect. I don't see how that's being a nuisance."
He leaned around Richard to the soldier who had brought him in.
"And I would appreciate it if I could have my arm back."

@Berk, who WOULDN'T want to play Olimar? He throws tiny creatures onto giant enemies who then mercilessly beat the poor things to death, he'd fit in perfectly!

Rita nodded and left the cave, beginning her travels to Fourside

Envy held up his hands defensively "All I'm saying is you're probably just going to get as good of an explanation as any of us could give you about how we got here."

"Jona." Jona replied to Xyleena, gesturing at himself. He then pointed at Xyleena.
"You... alien? Felucia?" He asked slowly, searching for the words to try and frame his questions more coherently.

Data looked at him, "Indeed. Until we can locate the source of the field and neutralize it, we will be unable to commence space-travel."

Grace looks at envy, considering her... Then her antenni pop out, as she continues to look at him, then to the newcomer, "Pleasure to meet you." she said.

OoC: Probobly should have mentioned she's in Human Form.

"I never said this person was dangerous. I merely asked how he got here. And some know more than others..." Savranth replied. "And as far as anyone knows, it is, yes. Though some are hoping to find a way home."

Athena walks over to Kynn. "Okay, so I gathered that you're from off world. What else can you tell me?"

"Are you done with your nonsense? No one would want anything to do with magic. You can leave that idea alone. But your tone is completely disrespectful and I see no reason to ask you for anything. I won't have some person who treats everyone like garbage working under me. So, leave or adjust your attitude. Or I'll make sure you don't escape next time." Richard chided Tribly.

Jessica nodded to Ness and prepared to follow her wherever she intended to go. Maybe she's just used to noises like explosions at this point, she did say she was in a war back home....That's kinda sad actually... She thought, keeping her concerns to herself.

Nybeth nodded his head once to Loki. "Indeed they are. At least the ones who retain most of their intelligence do. I have to find the corpses with the least damage to the head and body structure to make the most out of them. If a body takes considerable damage to the head, it will subsequently damage its intellect once reanimated."

OOC: @wacky, not really sure what Grace is doing/saying to Envy there (who would look male, despite being androgynous)

Kynn nodded in agreement with Data, then turned to face Athena as she spoke.
"That depends. What else are you hoping to find out?" He asked slowly, inscrutable behind his mask.

OOC: @Furi It doesn't exactly fit my pattern of characters, does it?

Ness eventually found her way to the pod crash and shuffled through the crowd, making sure that Jess was always one step behind her. As she made it into the clearing, she tilted her head at Kynn and the crowd. "...Another crashed pod? Interesting... Are you alright, sir?" She asked Kynn as she stared at the crash for a moment.

OoC: @Fury: I'm not really sure. He seems pretty suspicious, to be honest, just something about him... Is he disguised? Does he look the same to how he did when they last met.

Data continues to examine the ship.

Grace looks at Savranth, "I'm pretty sure I know how I got here, I asked to come here." she said.

OoC: @wacky, He does look the same as the last time they met (his default form) but who's to say that's what he really looks like?
@Berk, oh I know, I was just saying. :P

Envy raised an eyebrow at Grace's antenna movement.

Rita kept walking

Marcus shrugged. "Well Kynn, I've been stranded about a month, about the same way you arrived. So I suppose I should welcome you to the castaways club. Lyra? Would you be a dear and fetch our newest member some vintage wine?" Lyra called down from the edge of the crater "Of course Patterson! Would you like the '68 'go fuck yourself', or the '72 'eat shit and die'?" "The 68 sounds splendid my dear. Go fetch Xy for me, would you? Now there's a girl that knows her way around the bottles." Lyra heads from the crater lip back to the clearing Xyleena and Jona were currently at. Marcus chuckled and turned back to Kynn. "sorry, we kind of banter. So, I have no idea where asari space is. Don't suppose you know what a Yatjua is?"

"hello Jona. No, not from Felucia. Yes alien."

Grace chuckles, "What's next, someone from Tatooine?" she said.

"I see. Then that is good news." Loki answer, a small grin on his face. "Now then. One final question before I leave you to your work. Do the thralls have some semblance of self-awareness so that they can make decisions on their own accord, and thus fight even should you be a long distance away, or need you be near them for them to functions as intended?"

Trilby shrugged.
"Just trying to help. If you don't want my help, fine. I won't offer it again, unless you ask for it." he said, as he turned to leave.
"FYI, there are at least two gunmen in the Xiphatian military now. Maybe more. Just something for you to think about."
As Trilby walked away, a mobile phone dropped to the floor behind him.

"Let's start with friend or foe?" Athena asked.

"Who knows, but perhaps we have other business to attend to..." Savranth said.

Richard picks up the phone and throws it in the trash. "Idiot. Xiphatia has already lost the war."

Kynn glanced at Ness as she came out of the crowd.
"Hmm? Yeah, I'm alright. A little shaken, but no broken bones, lacerations or suit ruptures. Thanks for asking." He replied, then turned his attention back to Marcus.
"I've had gold membership in the castaways club since leaving the fleet. I've been..." He trailed off."Wait, what do you mean you don't know Asari space? Their territory is the largest of all the Council races. It covers the entire Attican traverse! And no, I don't know what a Yautja is. You said earlier you didn't know what Quarians were?" Kynn was starting to sound confused. As he thought about it, he turnd to Athena again.
"I still don't even know what world this is. Is it Alliance controlled? I've never seen one of their planets. Can't say if I'm anyone's friend or foe. A Quarian in my position has very few friends, and just about everyone and everything in the galaxy is a foe to some extent."

Jona nodded.
"No... not Felucia. Don't know you... where?"

OoC: @Salty, or @Nail, when should I have Rita arrive

Rita kept walking

Envy clapped his hands together loudly "WELL if that's all settled, anyone who's up for exploring the ruins, follow me!" he said as he started to head towards the southern ruins

Data looked at Kynn, "You are currently not in your universe." he said.
He looks at Envy, and follows him.

Grace slowly follows envy... As she looks at the Newcomer, "Come on, this is as good as anything to get to know where you are..." she said.

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