We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Rex scratched his head before handing one of his credit cards to the waitress.

Yuki simply watched as she sheathed her sword. "Right..." ...That thing must have been a zombie. Nothing else could smell so horrible, aside from some mutants from my world... but I'd know if Nexus decided to set up shop here.

OoC: Anti Hatchy blah blah blah

After quickly looking over the various signs, while still weary of any personnel that might bump into, Loki headed towards the offices, moving along the wall until he reached the intended destination. Once at the door of the offices, Loki pressed his back against the wall next to the door, and inspected both the door, and if it would need a keycard to open if closed.

"Could you me what you're doing? I can't guide you if I'm left in the dark, afterall." Erica remarked, though not with an obnoxious or otherwise unpleasant tone.

"Oh sorry, I was just trying to reform it while thinking about healing someone. Seeing what felt right?" She looked over at Erica momentarily.

The waitress takes the card and walks off with it. A few moments later she returns with the card. "There you go, sirs. Have a nice day."

"That's standard tactics in combat." Richard said entering the armory. Going to a rank of rifles, he hands it to Envy. "There we go. You've been rearmed. Lose it again and it'll cost you."

Loki would see that the door does not need any sort of card to enter, being the front door in a fringe base in the middle of nowhere.

"Just don't worry. Things are better this way. Trust me." Jessica said, still trying to cheer Ness up. "Go ahead and do what you need to. I can find something else to do in the meantime."

With the soldier being utterly annihilated by Black's cannon shot, there was nothing left to get back up and try to attack her.
Nothing particularly worthy of the title 'destroyer', having that much trouble with but one soldier. What a waste of a perfectly good sample. Nybeth thought as he felt the existence of the zombie soldier being snuffed out.

Envy picked up the rifle "Thank you sir, is there a range nearby I can practice on?"

OOC: @Drak/@Dot: If one of you could do something with Tophat, since you're about the only people who would/could.

Black put away her weapon and walked away, kinda quickly.

The boy fell asleep on some hay bays.

OoC: night all!

Ness looked back toward Jessica and sighed before nodding. "I'll be back in a moment... unless you want to come with me." She tapped her altimeter for a moment. I wonder how everyone's doing...

Yuki watched Black walk off and began to walk toward the remain of the zombie, pinching her nose as the smell was retch-inducing as she got closer.

Rex exited the diner.

"Yes. Follow me and I'll take you to the range. Would you prefer indoor or outdoor?" Richard asked Envy.

OoC: Isn't Tophat in Holadino?

OOC: @Salt: Yes.

"You have yourself a good night." Marston said as he exited the dinner.

Still pressed against the door, Loki placed his hand on the doorknob, he attempted to open the door. If posible, he would leave it ajar, rather then open it completely, then looked at the grounds of the base to see if anyone would notice the door opening seemingly on its own.

"Well then, keep at it." Erica answered with an encouraging, but still controled tone, clasping her hands together. "Tell me when you feel something is worth exploring further, and we'll go from there."

"Lets go outdoor." said Envy

@Outis: Ehhhh, I really don't like God-modding other people's characters. I wouldn't even know what to do really.

"Sure! I'll go with you!" Jessica replied to Ness with an eager nod.

Were Yukino to examine the remains of the zombie, it would appear to now be nothing more than the mangled remains of a Xiphatian soldier's corpse that had undergone chemical preservation to prevent it from rotting.

His business in the area now done, Nybeth began moving back to his cave.

As she continued Sophia started to get the feeling like she was missing something, however still plagued by the upchern of past skeletons, she couldn't seem to pin point what was missing, what she was doing just felt empty. As she continued, the brown lustrous colour of the orb seemed to dim ever so slightly.

"Outdoor it is." Richard led Envy to a range on the West side of the town, just outside the city limits. The targets were to the West of the town to prevent stray fire from hurting anyone.

"We'll start with 20 yards and move back."

Due to people working at the docks and watching the main gate, it didn't seem as though any would notice the door opening. Inside, however there was a secretary working the desk.

@Outis: Ehhhh, I really don't like God-modding other people's characters. I wouldn't even know what to do really.

I'd like to be sensitive to that personal dislike of yours, but my characters life is pretty much on the line here. It could be as simple as:

*Jess see's Tophat and gets the idea to bring him to resolve the Tao thing. Tophat proves Tao didn't kill the guard and that's that.*

Rita was still sitting around in the cave, occasionally helping the young dragon hunt when needed

Envy aimed and fired at the target. He had a good amount of gun expertise, and had used Legaian rifles in the assault of Everwood, so he had a pretty fair idea of how to use the gun.

@Outis: That would involve going back to Holadino though...

Yukino sighed at the sight of the mangled soldier before kneeling down and clasping her hands together for a moment. Afterward, she set off toward Holadino.

Ness smiled a bit as Jess agreed. She lightly took the catgirl's hand and tapped the altimeter. After a flash of light, the duo would find themselves in a small somewhat bare room with a large circular metal ring mounted the wall facing them. Extending from the ring were a few metal extensions and a massive looking mainframe computer. Ness took her device off and placed it in a small metal tray attached to it as she began to look for something... presumably a chair.

A silver-haired android in a red and white maid uniform slowly began to make its way toward the two girls, not walking but using small thrusters that came out of its calves. It gave a small curtsy to the pair as it neared them, still hovering. Its eyes gave off a yellow glow as it tilted its head at Jessica. "Welcome back, Miss Sinclair. Who is our guest?"

Ness seemed to smile widly as she motioned to the android. "This is Omega, one of my first robotic creations. Go ahead and introduce yourself to her. I worked very hard on her AI and it works rather well, I must say..."

Noting no one outside saw the door opening, Loki turned back to the door and pushed it open further further, just enough for him to have a relatively clear view of the room, although the secretary at her desk was obscured by the door. Looking at the room through the ajar door, Loki teleported into the room, not wanting to open it completely. Once inside, he saw the secretary at the desk, but would pay this little mind unless she stood up. Rather, he looked for any signs to give him directions.

Erica noticed the colour of the brown orb around Sophia's hand dimming, but didn't say anything as of yet, alowing Sophia to concentrate on what she was doing.

OoC @Outis: That sounds pretty cheap to me.

@Outis: That would involve going back to Holadino though...

Once again, I'd like to be sensitive to the fact that this is a bit of an inconvenience, but, again,

...my characters life is pretty much on the line here.

I guess it's not really a time sensitive thing, since @Salt is, thankfully, in no hurry to get Tao to the chopping block. I would just like to get this settled and move on.

@Salt: Incidentally, what is the preferred method of execution used by the X-men (Your "X" nation people that I cannot spell)?

OoC @Outis: That sounds pretty cheap to me.

That is what would essentially happen if @Kirke was here, I think. What do you think should happen?

When Sophia noticed that the orb had slightly tinted, she tried to get it to go more. This had the unwanted affect of it reverting back into the full brown colour that it normally was. "No no no no..." She said to herself as it changed back. "You saw it right? It changed didn't it?" She asked Erica.

"Not bad. Let's move back to 30 meters." Richard says, walking back a bit.

Loki would see several signs pointing to other sections of the building. Officer's lounge. Offices. Filing rooms. Communications. Meeting rooms. Holding.

The secretary look over at the door. She stood up and walked over to it, closing it.

Envy again took aim and fired, really focusing on improving his aim

When the secretary stood up to close the door, Loki took a step back and pressed his back against the wall to avoid a collision. Reading the signs, Loki decided to check the filing rooms first. While I half expect something as important as details on the plan of attack to be unknown to all but those who would lead the attack in question, if it has been documented, it would likely be there. And if not, maybe I could find some other worthwhile information intead.

Making his way towards the filing rooms, Loki moved close to the walls once more to minimize the chance of bumping into anyone, stopping at corridors to look if anyone were approaching before continuing for the same reason.

"Yes it did. You might be on the right track now!" Erica answered entheusiastically. "What did you do there to bring about that change?"

Jessica looked back at Ness before focusing her attention on the android. "My name's Jessica. Dr. Jessica Broca. It's nice to meet you Omega." She said, introducing herself to Omega. After taking a few moments to look around the room, she asked, "So where are we? What is this place?"

Still lacking anything to really do, Nybeth continued to idly stroll around the mountainside.

"Firing at a range greater than 30 meters is not recommended, unless your aiming for supressing fire. You can hit the target still, but it's much less accurate and not likely to do great effect. The armor piercing effect is reduced." Richard said to Envy.

Loki would find the filing rooms on the second floor of the building. There would be a few soldiers walking about, but not many. He could take the stairs up, but would still have to open a door.

OoC: @Furi: I'll let you decide how effective Envy was with the gun.

OoC: @Salty, alright, then could you mind telling me the specs of the gun, as in how much wind affects it, ease of use, etc

Envy successfully hit the target at 30 meters "Noted, what ammunition types are there, and how should I use them to get the best effect?"

"I don't really know what I did... When I first noticed that something was happening, I completely lost it." Sophia replied. She tried to think back to what she had done. "It felt... strange though, all the other spells I have never felt like that, it felt right and yet... it almost felt empty..." She added, saying it a little glum.

Ness was already hard at work, making 'taktaktaktak' noises, as a small beam of light began to envelop the altimeter.

Omega turned to Jessica and nodded. "Nice to meet you as well, Dr. Broca. Right now, you are in the Transdimensional Portal Room of the Research and Development area of the Sinclair Industries Lab. We specially in creating new technologies and devices for the advancement of our world. If you would like to look around, feel free to ask. Ms. Sinclair will, sadly, be oblivious to things for the next few moments." The android seemed to sigh, letting out a small puff of steam from its mouth as it tapped two fingers to its forehead.

Yuki was wandering around the mountainside as well, eventually spotting Nybeth. "Hm... Isn't it a bit late to be wandering around a mountain?" She called to him.

"Our standard ammunition is armor piecing. It's not 100% effective and Xiphatian shields are not affected by it, but it works. We also have some that can pierce shields, but it's not used very often. How do you NOT know this?" Richard asked.

OoC: @Furi: Let's see. Three modes of firing. Automatic, Semi-automatic, and 3 Shot Burst. Holds, I think I said earlier, 50 rounds. Wind doesn't have a heavy affect on it largely due to the effective range being fairly short. It can shoot further than 30 meters, but any weapon with that sort of firing rate tends to be less than accurate at a great distance.

"Hmm, well I did know that. I was more just kinda hoping you had some secret tips or something. Never hurts to ask." said Envy as he packed up the gun

OoC: @Salty, how bout scopes or attachments?

"I don't use rifles... You may wish to use a scope, though some prefer the iron sights." Richard said to Envy.

OoC: @Furi: Didn't think that far ahead since the standard soldier was more or less fodder and meant to still be a threat, but also used as an indication of how the fight was faring. We'll just say it has the same sort of thing you'd see in other mediums.

OoC: @Salty, alright

"Alright, may I have a scope then? And are there any silencers?"

"Well that's an interesting, if rather broad, field of work." Jessica commented. "I guess a tour or something might be nice if Vanessa is going to be busy." Noticing the androids facial expression, she felt compelled to ask, "She must really get wrapped up in her work, huh? Does this happen often?"

Nybeth stopped walking as he heard someone calling to him. Turning to face the direction he heard the voice coming from, he replied, "And what might I ask you are doing, if not the very same thing?"

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