We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Yes, we can supply you with a scope. Though these rifles don't work with silencers. They would reduce the effect of the rounds too much." Richard explains.

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OoC: @Dot so she went to her home universe, I'm reading that right?
Lyra and her hunters wandered into the outskirts of RockByrd, somewhat tired from the long trip.

Rita, in the mountains, heard voices coming from somewhere and went to investigate

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Omega nodded as she began to lead Jessica toward the door outside the room. "Yes, she does and this tends to happen a lot. It's a bit of a pain when she's needed for other things..." The room Omega led Jess to was massive and pretty open. It felt a bit homey with a giant TV and a massive leather couch in the middle of the room. Other furnishings were set meticulously about along with numerous staircases and hallways. Small, faintly lit, green wires seemed to run up and down the walls.

Sitting at a table, a man with short, unkempt white hair looked toward Jessica, although she wouldn't be able to tell with a visor obscuring his eyes from her view. He wore a simple white zip-up jacket and blue jeans. He seemed to be reading something before Jess walked in. Omega turned as she began to explain to Jess.

"This is the Lobby, also known as the HUB Room. From here, you can go anywhere in the facility, from the training rooms and the library, to the bedrooms and the lounge."

Yuki shrugged a bit. "Let's say I didn't have a choice and dropped in. Aside from that, I find it suspicious that I found a zombie milling about and you just happened to be milling about as well."

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A man appeared in the room Jess and Ness had arrived in, and watched Ness work.

Ness looked back at the man, somehow aware of his presence as she worked. "...Who are you?"

Jessica followed after Omega, glancing back at Ness for as long as she could, then focusing her attention back on the android. She seemed to marvel at how large and open the Lobby was as opposed to inspecting its actual furnishings. Humans really take space for granted, don't they? "This place is pretty big. Does this place have any laboratories or workshops too?" She asked Omega. She noticed the man, but since he appeared to be reading something, she didn't consider saying anything to him, as she didn't want to bother him.

Nybeth managed to recognize Yukino as having been present during the tail end of the fight his zombie had with Black. "A zombie you say? I had no idea. Perhaps I should consider going home if these mountains are so dangerous." He replied.

The man looked down at the clipboard in his hands, and said "Hello there ma'am. I'm Ezekiel, your balancer for today. We need to just ask a few questions that Bryce failed to ask you, simple background information that he didn't think to ask. idiot that he is... Anyway, we can't stop by, normally, in a universe suffering an event, but since you left that universe we can get this done. which reminds me, this universe isn't currently logged in the Altiverse's map, were you planning on doing that before you went back to the event universe?"
Ezekiel wore the black jacket and jeans that the previous balancer had worn in the video, looking well groomed. He had black hair and a pale face as well, and if Ness took a good long look she'd recognize him as the man from the video.

Rita hid behind a rock fairly close to Nybeth and Yukino's position

Yukino had put her hand to her katana as Nybeth was talking, so she was aware of Rita's presence nearby (provided she had a soul). "So I'm not going to get a straight answer from you. Very well. Good night and stay safe, sir." She appeared to walk away before cloaking herself and beginning to tail Nybeth stealthily.

Omega nodded as she began to hover toward a set of stairs that spiraled downward. After going down two floors, the decor looked a lot more futuristic with computer screens laid out everywhere. Numerous rooms had their doors open, one had a black haired, black tailed foxgirl looking over a set of bubbling beakers and a number of magic circles sparking around her. She adjusted her glasses slightly as she began adjusting the magic slightly, taking notes on a clipboard each time she did so.

The android held out its hand toward the various doors. "These are the laboratories. They hold almost anything needed to research magic, technology, science, or any combination of the three."

Ness looked back and frowned internally at the man she'd seen. Damn it... "Yes... I was planning to. What else do you need to know?"

Ezekiel pulled out his pen, and tapped it on the paper. "First, your full name. Secondly, gonna need to know your profession. That should get us started best."

Ness sighed a bit toward Ezekiel as she continued to work. "Vanessa Antoinette Sinclair. I work in Research and Development."

Ezekiels wrote down the answers. "Okay then. Now, how did your universe come across inter-dimensional travel, and how did you first encounter the WAOA?"

Ness scratched her head a bit as she continued typing out things. "Through the development of binary-atomic encodings and mappings. That allowed us to map universes accurately and through our maps, we found gaps between our universe and others. Then a friend of mine assisted me in the development of a portal that sent data across the gaps. I'm sure Mr. Logan could fill in the rest of the details on that. As for WAOA, Mr. Logan was my first contact that I know of."

"I believe I gave you a straight answer, madam." Nybeth called to Yukino as she seemed to walk off. Sighing to himself, he went back to continuing on his way, passing by the rock Rita was hiding behind and not seeming to notice her there.

Jessica followed Omega down the stairs, this time being more intrigued by the decor than stunned by it. "Pretty impressive." She commented. If I had known about coming here ahead of time I could have saved myself the frustration of filling out a requisition order for some equipment and just asked if I could borrow some. She took a few moments to look through all the doors before commenting, "Studying all three in one place, turns out this place does even broader work than I thought." Turning back to Omega, she asked, "You called this place Sinclair Industries, right? So does that mean Vanessa owns all of this?"

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As Nybeth passed Rita stood up and said "Jeez, be careful out here, crazy people walking around talking about zombies..." she said as she headed back to the dragon den, putting more emphasis on the warning than on the phony remark about Yukino.

Ezekiel nodded, and wrote down the answers. "How stable would you rank your universe, on a scale of one to ten? one being your life is always in danger, and you must always struggle for your survival, ten being you never need to struggle for anything? And as a follow up, what would your universe need to change it from its current ranking to a minimum nine, preferably ten?"

Omega nodded a bit. "Not entirely. We have people who hold stock in the company, although Ms. Sinclair does indeed own most of it. She built this company from the ground up, thus her name being part of the company's." The foxgirl Jess had seen poked her head out from her work as she heard the android. Seeing Jessica, her ears twitched slightly. Interesting... She moved her head back in for a moment as she resumed her work.

Ness placed her hand on her chin as the other kept typing away, eventually the computer beeped and scanned the altimeter again. "All things considered, I'd say it's around a 7 or so. Our world runs pretty well, it's just this city and a few others that have gone to hell. If we were able to make these cities a bit less violent, my universe would be fine. But let me make something clear, sir..." She turned to face him, since her code was compiling. "I'd ask you... for your sake, not to try and jump into the affairs of this world. No one will enjoy it and numerous people will get hurt, even more so than now."

Yuki continued to tail Nybeth calmly. She noted Rita's tone a bit as well. So they're cohorts in this? This definitely warrants delving into.

"Mmm. Miss Sinclair, when you say the cities have gone to hell, do you mean gang warfare? Because unless you're dealing with outer universal interference, that's people from other universes interfering negatively, standard response is not to bother. Now, if its eldritch monsters from beyond the warp, we'd be required to interfere, but we know we aren't the kind face lifting people out of the muck. I'm a monster, and I've come to accept that over my years of service to the balance. We'll leave you and your people to find a natural equilibrium. Unless its something like a natural disaster, we're a bit more... forceful when it comes to that." he clicks the pen, and writes down some more answers. "Now, final question, how would you like to monetize the altimeters?"

Nybeth seemed slightly startled by Rita popping up from her hiding spot, but nodded to her in recognition of what she said as she walked off anyway. Afterwards he went about aimlessly wandering around the mountain range, occasionally fiddling with a bracelet he wore on the hand he didn't favor his walking stick with that bore an odd looking crystal.

"She built it from the ground up? Wow. That's amazing!" ...Way more than I've done with my life so far. Jessica said, obviously seeming impressed. "How'd she manage that?" She asked. She didn't pay much attention to the foxgirl she noticed, and instead, just like the man she had seen in the Lobby, left her be as she seemed to be busy with something.

Ness nodded a bit as the computer began running the code. Soon enough, the portal on the room whirred to life and a small holographic display of the universes Ness had discovered were shown. "Yes, it's an internal problem. As for the altimeters, I don't plan on making any money off of them. In fact, I really don't want much to do with them. I used the one provided to me to give me a descent basis to a coordinate system, since it works like a beacon I can base everything else off of. With the coordinate origin set in place, I've no need for it. If you wish, you can take it back now." She said holding the altimeter in her hands now.

Omega thought (or seemed to) for a moment before looking back at Jessica. "She and a colleague of hers managed to create a system of binary encodings to atoms. This allowed for matter to eventually be converted into digital data, which made conserving space and the like much easier. The duo eventually decided to charge for the use of creating these digistructor devices and they sold like crazy. Eventually, the two founders separated ways, but Ms. Sinclair focused on creating this place, where she could continues researching and making technologies that would help advance our society. That soon became the company motto as she hired more people to assist her."

Ezekiel's pen faltered in the middle of his writing. "Forgive me Miss Sinclair, I may have misspoke. I meant, in terms of portal technology, how would you like to work with the WAOA to better ensure economic stability? We need to know if a new trade universe will be entering the market, so that we can adjust to ensure less stable universes don't suffer. And you can keep the Altimeter, it costs paltry amounts of resources to make." Ezekiel stood, and looked the portal over. "May I examine the portal, Miss Sinclair? I must ensure it uses the Data transfer system."

Ness shrugged and clipped the altimeter back on her fedora before motioning to the hologram map and the portal. "Go ahead, Mr. Ezekiel. It uses the system you've spoken of. Also, to be honest, introducing more trade from other universes while this tech is still in development probably won't work all that well. Maybe down the line once I can optimize this design's stability and performance, maybe the world will be ready for it. Until then... I'd suggest not opening up just yet."

This digital conversion technology would be pretty useful. I wonder if I could convince Vanessa to sell my people a bunch of it? "Why'd Vanessa and her colleague split up?" Jessica curiously asked Omega.

After a while of wandering around, Nybeth grew weary. Taking out a chunk of bone and tossing it on the ground, he cast Black Plume, enveloping himself in a cloud of black smoke. As the smoke dissipated, a crow flew out and towards the general direction of Holadino.

Ezekiel nodded. "Ah, the old stand and wait routine? Makes sense. You'd be amazed how many universes jump into the idea of being in a new market, only to become a subsidiary of a more experienced universe in the market, forever dumping resources into their new fathers maw." he steps closer to the portal, and holds out a hand, which glows black for a few seconds. sighing, he pulls his hand back. "Okay, looks good. That concludes the interview, though I do wish to ask a personal question, if you'll allow me to."

Omega seemed to look away for a moment. "They began to disagree on how to use the digital-physical conversion technology. Since anything could be represented as a number, it could be edited once inside a computer. This meant that some genetic operations were made much easier... Ms. Sinclair's colleague thought it fit to begin to use this to do things like create hybrid species. Some worked well, others did not. However, she took it much to far and began trying to create a 'perfect' race. She was... and still is... bent on trying to commit global genocide. Needless to say, niether could find things to agree on anymore."

Ness looked toward Ezekiel and nodded. "What is it, Mr. Ezekiel?"

With Nybeth seemingly disappearing, Yukino sighed a bit. I must have led him to believe I was on to him. I'll keep my eye out... With that, she took off her cloak and dashed toward Holadino as well, ignoring the crow as a passerby for the moment.

"Have you and I gotten off on the wrong foot? When I arrived, you seemed somewhat dismayed to see me." at this he hesitated, and examined the room again. "I'm not going to pretend that I'm a particularly good person, but it usually takes letting someone know what I usually get called in to do for someone to take a disliking to me. I suppose Bryce showed you the video, although I would hope he gave proper explanation for what was going on..." he sighed. "He did show you the video, correct?"

Ness nodded a bit. "Yes, he did. To be honest, I may have jumped to conclusions based on the example that was given in that said video. You were punishing an army of people for what I thought was a legitimate way to transport themselves interdimensionally, then you killed them since they weren't using your method. Luckily ours coincided, but I really can't stand... anyone who would try to stomp out anyone else's way of doing things. I'm sorry if I came off as cold, but that was what I had thought." She paused for a moment before sighing. "But you've explained your policy of staying out of a universe's business unless they actively threaten the balance. I can respect that choice." But is there really a balance is the question...

"So Vanessa's colleague made half-animal, half-human species? Or am I assuming too much?" Jessica asked Omega. She began to mutter to herself, "Though I really don't see how making a perfect race and genocide go hand in hand...unless..." but simply trailed off into a shudder.

The crow flying towards Holadino seemed to take an interest in Yukino, and as such, flew overhead above her, slightly lagging behind, almost as if it were keeping an eye on her.

Omega nodded. "Yes, a few, namely cat, dog, and fox hybrids. Some of these species were present before this technology was developed. They are now more prominent than ever because of it, which is undeniably a good thing for diversity." The android tilted its head as it picked up on Jessica's muttering. "She's creating an army of these 'perfect race' organisms in efforts to kill all the others. Her justification is something along the lines of..."

The android's eyes changed to a green color as it emulated an older woman's voice. It had a mature, melodious sound to it, although it was easy to tell that the voice was extremely haughty at times. "Evolution must take its course eventually. Humans can't live... or even dominate this world forever... and with this technology, I believe that they've sealed their own fates. A new alpha organism is bound to rise... I only wish to facilitate it."

Yukino continued on through the forest before skidding to a stop near the city limits. She knew the crow was following her, but paid it no mind as to not alert it of her knowing of it. ...How the tables have turned so quickly...

"ah, well that's a good deal simpler to explain." Ezekiel said, relieved. "you missed one detail that was crucial to that sordid affair. They were preparing to invade other universes. Every one of their battlesuits and infantry had been equipped with altimeters, purely to attack another universe and make it theres. Thats one step too far for the WAOA. Thats why I performed that atrocity."

"I guess that's true." ...I'm glad my species probably aren't just glorified genetic experiments though. Jessica replied to Omega's first response. Upon hearing the recording, she simply shuddered again as what she was thinking of turned out to be unfortunately completely correct. "Now it's really easy to see why the two don't get along anymore."

The crow flew past Yukino and into Holadino and perched itself atop the nearest thing it could. It then simply started to idly clean its wings.

Ness nodded a bit toward Ezekiel. "Then it's as you said. I understand it. My apologies for jumping the gun. If you'll excuse me for now, I've got to get back to the magnet dimension. My friend and I still have work to do... she should be returning shortly."

Yukino noticed the crow fly off. She shrugged before finding a rooftop to sleep on.

Omega nodded as its eyes returned to normal. "Excuse me, I'm sensing that Miss Sinclair has finished her adjustments. Shall we return, Dr. Broca?" It asked as it began to hover back toward the stairs.

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