We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Well, I'm not from around here as it were..." The boy said to the Old Man with a small smirk, he looked around the town, interested in what this new place might have to offer.

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OOC: I think it would be interesting if Tanner were to meet Yukino. Perhaps I shall play him...

"Well...I was sleeping in the cell, then I got pulled down a hole, meow. In the hole, there was another Tao. She looked like me and talked like me...although she was a little weird, meow. The other Tao said she was my guardian angel and that she was rescuing Tao. After a bit of crawling, other Tao collapsed the tunnel behind me and I just walked out of the tunnel." Tao explained.

moved down.

"I take it you said that to Tao thinking they couldn't hear you, implicating yourself in her own crimes..." Savranth replied to Grace.

"Well, I think it's an interesting ability. No one has that sort of power here."

"Would you like anything else? Some rolls perhaps?" The waitress asked Rex and Martson.

"What do you know of me, girl? Nothing? I've given much more than you realize. And you've given me much entertainment..." The voice said.
"Of course I want a favor. But the rewards are great..."

"Ah... I see..." The old man sighed. "Look, kid. Don't go say that kind of talk all willy nilly. Saying you're not from around here could get you into trouble. I know might life might be a little rough, but not having magic isn't the end of the world, right?" He said, thinking that the boy was actually a Xiphatian beastkin that had crossed the border since he couldn't use magic.

"I guess I wouldn't mind a hot meal, as long as my gracious friend here is paying." Marston said to the waitress with a smile to Rex.

Ness raised an eyebrow. ...What? "Hmmmm...."

Yuki just sighed, dejected. "Just tell me what to do. I don't care anymore...."

Rex calmly shook her head at the waitress. He gave a small smirk back to Marston. "Right, go ahead dude."

"Ah your sound worried about me?" The boy said with a small grin. "and who says I don't have magic? Although sometimes I wish it was the end of the world..." he added to the Old Man, muttering the last part to himself.

Black was busy training near the Mountain, using her blade on Boulders and what not.

Grace sighed, "Yeah, I know, I know... Well... She didn't mean to... She's... Kitten-like. She wanted to play with the glowy-thing, and I didn't want her to get arrested for it... Do you know where she is?"

The man sighed, walked into the diner, and approached a waitress.
"Excuse me, but could you tell me where I am? I seem to have fallen through a portal of some kind..." he asked.

"Yea I guess it's pretty useful, never hurts to have hands that can turn into blades and stuff." said Envy as he started to make his way towards the door out of the ruins. He took the key with him as well, shouting to Jessica "Since you can teleport I hope you don't mind me taking this!"

"That is not an excuse for her actions. You can't simply say that you didn't mean to do something and expect that no will hold you accountable. And, no I don't. She killed a guard and escaped." Savranth said to Grace.

"You should come back with us. I think you could be useful." He said to Envy.

The waitress looked at the man. "This is Holadino, sir."

Several screens appear around Yukino, floating in the air with small rune like areas bordering them. Each one showing Savranth, fighting, talking, using magic or technology.
"Kill him. He's a nuisance that needs to be eliminated."

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"WHAT!?" Grace said to Savranth, "No, no, no... I might not have known her long, but I don't think she would have done something like that... No, no, she wouldn't, she wouldn't..."
She looked at him, "I know, but..."
she slowly went quiet.

"Hmmmm.....nah, at least not right now. I prefer my privacy, maybe I'll think it over. See ya later Savvy." said Envy as he walked out of the door of the temple and started to head down the mountain.

Yukino looked at the screens before slowly nodding. "Fine." ...Given what happened, even if I try to apoloize for what I did, he'll just kill me anyway. This is for the best.

"That's fine." Jessica distractedly replied to Envy. As the doors closed and the lights shut off once again, Jessica's right wrist lit up to accommodate her desire to not stand around in a completely dark room.

As Nybeth was wandering around, he noticed Black completely by herself. He ducked behind a tree before he could be noticed in kind. Perhaps now would be the time to see if this 'destroyer' is up to snuff. He thought to himself. He held out a hand with three chunks of bone in it, which all quickly seemed to degrade to dust. A fog bank seemed to roll into the area in which Black was practicing, slowly obscuring her vision until she would have a hard time seeing more than a dozen feet in front of her. As this happened, she would also hear footsteps seeming to indicate someone was approaching her from behind.

"Then you can use magic?" The man said actually a little startled, his pipe falling from his mouth. "Are you crazy or just stupid? Why would you be here in the middle of a war?"

"Uh... could you be less specific, please?" the man asked.

"Believe what you will, but it doesn't change the fact that she did it. And she had help." Savranth told Grace.

He looks at Envy as he walks off. Something is up there. According to our reports...

"It's in the nation of Legaia, though currently held under Xiphatian control." The waitress said to the man. She looks back to Rex. "By the way, were you gonna pay for him to have some food?"

"I knew you would see things my way. As for dealing with him, you should attack him in an enclosed area. And make sure it's not storming. That will allow you to take away the advantage of his most potent magics." The bubble releases Yukino, allowing her to drop to the ground. Her sword is also released, slowly floating down to her.

OoC: @Dot: Is Yukino actually sorry for what she did..?

"Crazy yes, stupid no." The boy replied then raised an eyebrow. "What war?" He asked the Old Man.

Black continued practicing on her speed on the boulder, when it started to get a bit foggy she shrugged. Must be the fog of the mountain She thought to herself, but as the mist thickened, she lowered her sword to her side. "Who's there?" She asked when she heard someone walking, but can't see much, let alone the boulder in front of her.

The Rookie wandered around Holadino, not having a clue what to do.
OoC: I'm off to bed. @Outis: & @Dot: If you want to use Tophat to check if Tao is telling the truth, be my guest.

"Okay... May I help find her?" she said.
I don't think she killed anyone... he mentioned a second person... Maybe them?

@Salt: Yeah, she is. This doesn't mean she's not going to kill someone.

Yukino landed softly and calmly clipped the sword to her belt. Her eyes seemingly had no shimmer to them anymore as she looked toward the chair. ...Revenge is pointless. I've wasted my entire life causing others pain and torment, all in the name of what I thought was honor and duty. My clan wouldn't have wanted that from me... they would've wanted me to do something more meaningful with my power... To protect something... like soldier boy was trying to do...

"Understood. I'm assuming you're going to drop me off somewhere?"

Rex nodded toward the waitress.

Ness sighed a bit toward Tao. "I find that... really hard to believe Tao."

Envy headed northeast for a little bit, and after making sure he wasn't being followed, he cut south

And then the old man realized that he'd had quite a bit of booze and realized that Holadino wasn't actually a Legaian town any more.....

"The war between Legaia and the kingdom of Xiphatia of course." The man answered.

damn you, for you know our vice. Fine. Give us a location, and we shall descend on the fools who fight you.

@Farmer Guy: Because the authorities are Xiphatian...

"Thank you." Even though I have no idea what those things are... the man said, before turning to leave.

ignore this

@Zeph, Holadino was taken over by the Xiphatians

"Well, that's what happened, meow." Tao said to Ness as she started nuzzling again.

Whoever was approaching Black didn't answer back, but simply kept creeping closer. They got to the point where if Black turned around, she'd at least see a humanoid silhouette standing about a dozen feet behind her. The silhouette lifted up one of it's hands, and suddenly the boulder in front of Black began breaking apart, large cracks forming along the surface. As small rocks broke off from the boulder due to some unseen force, they hurled themselves at Black as if being thrown by a particularly strong man.

The glyphs around Jessica's head faded as she sighed again. Well at least that's over with. Let's see what Vanessa is up to. She thought as she took off her visor, put it back in her coat, then teleported next to Ness, appearing in her usual bright flash of white light.

"Others are already looking for her. Do as you wish, though." Savranth said to Grace. He holds up the Philopsher's Blade and makes it transform into a staff. Then, a gun like he had done last night. "I'm starting to get the hang of this..."

"Well, sir do you want anything?" The waitress asked Marston.

"Are you ready to go, then?" The voice asked.

You misunderstand
I could crush them in an instant
But that would be too direct...
You will do that just fine

ooC: @Drak: Sorry, but I didn't know what she was looking for...

Ness sighed a bit more toward Tao as Jess flashed in. "I'm sorry, Tao, but I need you to come back with me to Lakewest so you can explain what happened. If you don't, they will jail me in your place... not to mention, you've also been ordered to be shot on sight. At least if you come with me, you'd have a chance to explain that way and hopefully they'll understand that you didn't kill that guard. They wouldn't dare to kill someone in the lobby of their own buildings." ... I hope.

The fedora girl gave Jess a small wave after her little talk.

Yuki nodded. "I'm ready, sir."

Well I feel uninformed.... -.-

Retcon powers: Activate!!!!!

Grace sighed, "Alright... How do you think the sword works, anyway?" she said.

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