We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Well... since they can't co-exist not to mention the war, they are captured, and depending on the individual killed." He stated.


OoC: Actually, next time Tribly dies is permanent.

I guess Trilby is in for a surprise...

There were now nearly 100 soldiers on hand in Holadino. As well as numerous Golems, probably 10 in total. What's more an airship has since landed outside the town.

The waitress returns with Marston's food.

The receptionist looks up, shocked to see Vanessa and the others. "What are you doing here?" Seeing Tao. "Is that the escaped criminal?"

"Then, you should get rid of it... I will admit that a machine using magic is odd, but it could still be dangerous." Richard says to Envy.

Loki may find several bases located about the Wild lands. Four Xiphatian and four Legaian. As well as two small towns.

Trilby started searching for Athena.

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"I know it can, that's why Lucia should get a hold of this. She could work with it safely, who knows what secrets this thing has. A special power source, its weapons, how it moves, what its armor was made of. During the fight this thing healed itself! Imagine if our mechs had the ability to do that! I think the risks could be worth it. Lucia should at least get a look at this thing."

Grace begins to follow Savranth, "Uh... I don't suppose you know how to travel between dimensions?" she said.

So you always start with a sphere? Sophia replied as she brought a single hand and pooled a small amount of chocolate magic. At first it was particles, but then they quickly condensed into an amorphous liquid that was chirming in a relative sphere.

Ness looked toward the receptionist and nodded. "...Yes, it is. She says that she wasn't the one that killed the guard. I understand if you don't, but please take her side of this into consideration." I really can't believe that story... It's just too... wild to be true.

Yuki continued to watch intently. ...This soldier should try and walk away...

Tao started to look a little nervous, but she trusted Ness, so she just continued to hug her.

"Thank you very much mam." Marston said to the waitress before starting to eat.

"I do not. If I did half of you would already be gone." Savranth said as he came to Holadino.

Athena was walking towards the airship with a man that Tribly would have never seen before. They stopped for a moment.

"Well, turn her over. We'll have to deal with her." The receptionist said as she called for some soldiers to come take Tao away.

"That assumes a lot..." Richard says. Its look highly advanced... Maybe even more advanced than our own technology... "Just where did you get that thing?"

The boy's eye widened. "Killed! Jeez...I know there's a war and all but..." He replied to the Old Man. They want to kill magic users? I wonder if there like the Doctor....if so I've got half a mind to kill them myself... he thought to himself, as he turned his face away slightly.

The soldier responded to Black by continuing its attack. It slashed at her multiple times with its sword, attempting to hack away to her with multiple vertical slashes it made by swinging its sword overhead at her, then swinging it back up after following through with its initial swing.

Jessica attempted to pry Taokaka's hands loose from around Ness, thinking that her hugging her was sending entirely the wrong message.

There have been multiple bases built here? Loki thought, lloking at the bases he could see, then looking at each of them more carefully, spotting the diferent architecture and defences. And not all of them are of Legaian make, by the look of it. The rule that none are to establish a military pressence in the Wild Lands is one that is adhered not, it seems. He then looked towards Rest's Cradle. As it was further away then he could see, Loki didn't spot the second settlement. And that...? That place is marked on the map, I believe. Which likely means that those that have fled the war live there. Having no interest in the settlement, Loki steered Fafnir to the south-east of the vulcano at looked at the Legaian bases he could see, trying to spot the fleet he read about. Now, where is the location I seek?

Erica nodded and smiled. "That's right. A mage may cast a spell so fast after manifesting it that the sphere goes unnoticed, but still, it would have started as a sphere." she added, while looking at Sophia's hand as she too formed a sphere in her hand. "And I see your magic works in the same way. Hmm... Well, now that you've done that, try casting the healing spell again. But, don't do it the way you've been thought. I want you to try a difirent approach."

"Well if they are too dangerous and it would prevent more Legaian blood, it isn't that hard to understand. Especially when any Xiphatian's magic could cause Legaian machines to explode."

"But I..." Sophia looked at the chocolate orb in her hands. "This is my water magic variant... I don't know..." She said, trying to think of how to in essence, reinvent the wheel.

Grace seemed a bit shocked at Savranth's response.
"... Really?... That's... Rather harsh..." she said.

"Oh come one, it's not that much of an assumption, look how advanced this thing is. And this is what was inside the ruins. The thing must have some worth. We need to take a shot, turn it over to Lucia, she can examine it in a safe room using safe equipment. This thing could lead to innovations that allow us to wipe Xiphatia off the face of the planet in a heartbeat. Wasting this would be a tragedy for Legaia."

Trilby grinned, and loaded an explosive round into his rifle.
He took careful aim at Athena's chest, adjusting for all the various things that would affect the bullet over this distance.
Then he fired.

Once the bullet had left the rifle, Trilby slowly breathed out, then began packing all his gear away, save for the sniper scope. He moved away from his sniping position to a different location, then took a quick look at Holadino to make sure he had hit, before fleeing for Port Letosh.

Ness looked to Tao, who had been pryed off by Jessica, and then to the soldiers as she took a step back to allow the soldier to do what was needed. "She says that she didn't kill that guard. Please take her side of this into consideration. One last thing..." She lifted her leg to reveal the anklet. "May I have this removed?"

"Really? gotta admit, causing there machines to explode sounds kinda fun" The boy replied grinning a little.

Black quickly blocked the slashes, one of them cutting at her left knee. She jumps back after the hacking a sighs a bit. "You leave me with no choice then...." Black said with her eyes closed. "I'll fight you back....I've given you enough changes to back down..." She added as she opened her eyes again, her left one now Blazing up. She quickly ran in a slashed at the solider's legs.

The old man gave the boy an odd look. "You do realize that it would need to be in close proximate right? This isn't an explosion that you can simply walk away from."

"Well, they all want to go home... Why would that be harsh?" Savranth says. He pauses. "Did you hear that?"

The round hits Athena, with great force. As she falls, the man, Tiberius looks off angrily to the direction of Tribly.
"I knew I heard someone." He quickly vanishes from sight, running directly for Tribly at incredible speed.

The base commander comes out, having heard the news. "She escaped our prison and killed a man. Why should we listen to her? But we'll remove the anklet, now." He motioned to a soldier to do so.

The soldier quickly walked over to Vanessa and removed the anklet.

South-East of the volcano, Loki would find a base in a rather large inlet. In the port of that base, was a single ship.

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Tao started to whimper in fear as she tried to stay close to Ness, looking at her with clear fear and confusion. "Tao didn't kill any guards, meow!" she protested.

"Even under that circumstance, I doubt we would be able to develop anything THAT fast. But, I'll send it to Lucia." Richard says, weary of what the machine might do.

@Salty: It was an explosive round that Trilby fired, which would at least either injure or daze Tiberius.

Envy clapped his hands together "If anyone can make it happen, Lucia can. Call her up quickly, we should get this thing safely transported as soon as possible."

Though the soldier attempted to back-step and avoid Black's attack, she proved too fast. Black's slash cut deep into the soldier's legs, scraping against the bone. And yet, the soldier didn't seem terribly bothered by this, as it made no screams, grunts, or any other indication that it felt any pain at all. Instead, it attacked Black while she was still in recovery of her own attack, swiping at her midsection again with a horizontal slash. Instead of purely blood, its wounds also leaked a chemical that smelled of the back room of a mortuary.

Jessica rolled her eyes at Tao's protests. "Just confess to what you did and accept punishment for your actions. It'll make everyone's lives much easier."

Ooc: @Tribly: I disagree. Either way, he'd be on the way. And with his level of healing magic, any injuries would be healed along the way.

That looks to be promising. Loki thought as he spotted the ship and flew Fafnir to that location, to get a better view of the lay-out of the base, and trying to see how well defended the base was, taking in the nunber of people that were present outside. He also looked at the ship to see how many personal was on its deck, and if there were any open doors leading below deck.

"I know magic is a tricky thing, but if you only repeat yourself, you'll never get past this blockade. Trying diferent approaches is vital for success." Erica remarked, trying to sound encouraging. "Now, I suggest then rather then focusing whatever it is you use to fuel your spells into a healing spell, if posible, try to apply this source in its raw form. See how it reacts and go from there."

Grace pauses for a moment, then catches up, "Misinterperted that, sorry..."
She then heard the shot, and looked around.
"Shot?" she said.

Ness rubbed her ankle a bit as the soldier removed the brace off of her. Looking toward Tao, Ness sighed and shook her head. "Tao... you need to prove that you didn't kill that guard. However, that doesn't excuse the other things that have happened." I shouldn't be talking about that, since I might've broke her out of my own will.

Yuki's nose picked up on the scent of death eminating from the soldier and she stood up and drew her katana out, attempting to check the soldier to see if he had a soul. Her blade began to catch fire as she did so. ...That smell... It's like a walking corpse...

Black blocked with slight anger as the solider tried to hit her midsection. "Two scars are enough thank you..." She muttered to the solider. He can't be human....maybe a machine? she thought as she swung her sword at the solider's left arm then went to kick at his stomach.

The Boy shrugged. "Still, I'd like to blow something up like that" He said to the old man. "To see it in flames.... destroyed....broken...Oh it would be PERFECT~!" He added, sounding a slightly jolly.

@Salty: It would be an explosion pretty much right next to Tiberius. The whole reason Trilby uses explosive rounds is to take out multiple targets, or take out his intended target if he misses. I wouldn't expect it to kill Tiberius, but it would at least stop him from instantly running at Trilby.
Also, how fast is Tiberius actually running, and how loud would he be?

OoC: @Tribly: I know what he used. Tiberius will catch Tribly. He may make a sound, but he'll also be hard to kill or catch.

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