We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Well when I use my other spells, they actually feel like they have weight to them, my wind magic and throw me clear off my feet if I'm not careful." Sophia looked back to the now brown orb. "But for that brief moment before it broke up, it felt like it didn't have that same weight, like it was missing what gave it character." She tried to explain the foreeign concept to Erica.

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Once in the lab, Envy would see them loading the container into a back section of the lab. Lucia's assistant, who looked different than the last one, helping them unload it and move it into the lab.

Envy went looking around for Lucia

In the location where the Holadino group had stayed for the night, Kynn and Jona woke at roughly the same time. Kynn grinned with relief behind his faceplate as he sat up, his fever having mostly subsided.

Jona had slept in the rafters of the building, his years in the jungles of Felucia driving him to seek the refuge of height and shadow when he slept. Now he dropped to the ground, landing gracefully in a crouch and checking that his sword and chitin dagger were hanging from his ragged belt before wandering outside to see what was happening.

Lucia was, as usual, in her lab. Working on other projects. "Now, if I reroute the power through... No... That would cause the systems to overload..."

The Rookie was once again wandering around Holadino and spotted Jona. He raised a hand in greeting as he approached.
Oh great, this can only go well...

"Well hello Lucia, I'm back from my little ruins expedition. I've brought you back something you might find interesting. Oh, and here's the key back." he said setting the key case near her

Loki hmm'd silently upon seeing the card reader. He then looked at the reader more carefully, to see if there was any sort of indicator what card he would need.

"I see." Erica thought for a moment, softly rubing her lower lip with her index finger as she did. "Well, try what you did there again, but determine what it is that you're missing. That seems like the best thing to do now."

"Yes, I know of that. I've already heard about it. I'll be working on that once they get it in and set up." Lucia said, not looking away from her work. She touched the computer screen, altering her work.

Loki would see a few colored lines on the card reader. They were blue in color. Loki needs to find the Blue Key Card.

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Due to certain apparent complications, I guess the thing with tribly will be retconned for now...

As Jona stepped out into the sunlight he caught sight of the Rookie waving to him and squinted suspiciously. Slowly he bowed at the waist, briefly and without taking his eyes off of the power armoured trooper.

Behind him, Kynn also emerged, fitting the end of one of his food cylinders into the underside of his mask. He watched Jona's stiff bow as he ate without speaking, mildly intrigued by the feral padawan's brittle courtesy.

OOC: @Salty, I think that's his second character who was talking to Hellosh before. I suppose you could retcon it to just before he pulled the trigger

"Alright, I should tell you a bit about it though, this thing was somehow able to use magic. Fire, lightning, wind, you name it. In addition, it had some sort of powerful shield, and armor that was very nearly impossible to penetrate, only becoming weak when attacked with a weapon dipped into these strange magic forges that are back at the ruins. It also had some sort of bizarre repair ability that allowed it to completely restore any injuries it had." said Envy, also adding in the rest of the details about the mech not stated above.

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"Alright I'll try." Sophia said. It took her quite a while to get back to it, but she eventually managed to get back to the same mind set that produced the last result. Once again as she realized she was getting somewhere, the colour started to almost instantly return. She did however manage to get one piece of information out of it.

"It feels... sad. I don't know how to describe it better than that."

OOC: Anyone in or around Holdino?

OOC: Yep. Got my guys awake and outside there, same location as Rookie and Tophat (is Tophat still with Rookie?)

Grace began to look around, "So... What now?" she said.
"Tedd's device... Sorta isn't working, from what I can tell..." she said.

The Rookie stopped and cocked his head to the side as he observed Jona's bow, then noticed Kynn. He waved in greeting to him as well.
OoC: @Random: It's just ordinary armour, though I can see why you'd think otherwise. Oh, and yes, Tophat is still with the Rookie.

"Which is why I won't be working on it immediately. We'll need to make sure it's in a location where it won't be able to interact with any of our technology for fear of what might happen if it revives." Lucia replied, still working on her current project.

OoC: @Salty, So does that mean bringing her the thing won't have any consequences?

"Fair enough, what are you working on now anyways?"

Kynn returned the Rookie's wave with a nod as well.
"You one of the local military? Or are you a drifter like the others here?" He asked loudly, removing the foil wrapped cylinder from his mask.

Jona glanced at Kynn as he greeted the Rookie, then shrugged and looked off down the street.

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Marston had exited the town after his meal and continued to camp out, since he didn't feel like taking advantage of the local populace by making them house him. He was currently riding back into town at a leisurely pace.

@Fur: We may as well just retcon the whole thing, because I'll probably end up writing Trilby out instead of doing it again.

I would have liked to see Athena die...if only to see how that would affect things.

"I don't know," Savranth replies to Grace.

"Just another power relay for the Ministry of Technology. It's to help with some new computers." Lucia replied. "If I can get this right, the new ones will be as much as 30% faster."

OoC: @Furi: I'm thinking, at the minimum, it will be mentioned in the epilogue. Haven't come up with any way they could actually use it.

Having some idea on what to look for now, Loki went back the way he came to the lobby of the building, then followed the directions to the offices. Once more, once he was near the door of the offices, he looked if he needed a keycard to open it.

"It feels sad? Do you mean the very process of casting the spell is making you feel sad, or are you sad that you can't get it to work?"

The Rookie nodded to Kynn's second statement, leaning against the wall(or whatever tall structure is nearby).
(To Kynn: Greetings. I am Tophat, a magical artefact that travels with this trooper.)

Grace nodded.
"So... That envy person..." she said.
"Did you notice anything weird about him?"

@Salt: Would giving it to the magic folks be better? Hell, maybe get a wizard to cross the X nation, and help the L.

OoC: @Salty, *sigh* I'll add that to the loss of Mythril at Rockbyrd

"Hm, well good luck with that. Good day Lucia." said Envy as he left. He would head back to Port Letosh over the course of the day

"No, it's not making me feel sad, nor am I sad that is isn't working. It just feels sad and empty. It was only brief though, whenever I seem to see that it's working it quickly goes back to normal."

Among the multitude of living things sleeping in the buildings on the street and moving outside into the morning sun, Jona sensed one moving their way who stood out more so. Not someone with any more power than the civilians of Holadino, but someone who exuded an infinitely stronger presence. Someone with a tremendous force of will.

Kynn hesitated at the mention of Tophat, but remembered what Grace had said and nodded.
"A... magical artifact? That's... hmm. Well, my name is Kynn'Varl Nar Tasi, of the Quarian Migrant Fleet, Cruiser Idenna."

OOC: @Kirke Tophat might sense a twinge of shame at the mention of the name Nar Tasi. And although he didn't sound off, in his mind he thinks of the Migrant Fleet and the Idenna with hesitation, as though he's used to bending the truth where that is concerned.

"You mean how his hands transformed?" Savranth asked.

"Good day." Lucia replied to Envy.

Loki would find that the various doors would require different colored key cards. Red, blue, yellow, green...

OoC: @Wacky: It wouldn't be any more valid for much the same reasons.
@Furi: It may get brought up in what I am thinking of would be called the True Good or True Bad endings. I'll think on it as it likely won't get brought up anytime soon.

"Not just that, I don't trust him," she said, "Something just seems off about him, sinister. Like he's... Hiding something... As for the hand, he can probably shapeshift, or something similar." she said.

OoC: Hey guys, you ready for predator invasions?

"Well, the thing is... There was a person that came to our base from Everwood. I read the report. They claimed that a Legaian soldier appeared and attacked the town. But when the fight continued further, the soldier transformed into a monster and claimed to be a specimen of the Legaian scientist Howard Soto." Savranth explains.

OoC: @FPS: A smaller force and away from cities, right? Otherwise that becomes an issue that can't be completely ignored by all but the group.

Ooc: @Salty yeah, although I do want to know if Rockbyrd counts as away from the cities. Be a good place for Lyra and the hunters to get attacked.

Grace stopped, and thought, "Really?... That's interesting... Holding back... Lab-made?... Tell me, can I have a... Description of the monster?" Grace said, "Did it look like anything from this world? Maybe a cross between two or more animals?"

Data had eventually reached Holiando, and walked into the city

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