We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OoC: Hey guys, you ready for predator invasions?

Where would you do it?

"No idea. But it appeared as a Legaian soldier before it attacked." Savranth told Grace.

OoC: @FPS: Rockbyrd has all but been abandoned being under a pile of rubble from the floating city. So go for it.

Looking over the various keycard readers , Loki pressed his back against a wall once more and waited, opting to wait for a person to open one of the doors for him, rather then to try and hunt down a keycard himself.

"The spell itself feels sad and empty, and once you become aware that it's working, it fails once more? Hmm... Odd. I can't say I've ever heard of anything like this before." Looking away from Sophia, Erica thought on what to suggest, taking the various factors into account. Looking back, she said, "Alright. I have an idea. It would seem that this sadness you mentioned is the factor that is holding you back. I'm not sure how this works, but that seems to be the case here. So, this time, I want you to do the same thing, but this time, go in with a diferent mindset. As you focus on the spell, concentrate on things that make you happy. Perhaps if you yourself feel more pleasant, this will counteract the sadness the spell emits."

Grace thought for a moment...
"Hm... Tell me, how crazy are your conspiracy theorists? Have you heard of a species called Urynom? Do you have any Transformation magic?" grace asked.

"No one really pays attention to those types of people. And there is no transformation magic." Savranth explains.

"Dammit, where did I leave my lunch? Is it in my fridge?" A man says as he walks up to a door and slides a Key Card through the slot. The card was yellow.

(To the Rookie and Kynn: Well, I'm also a person. But I am a inanimate object with an age of several hundred years. So technically I'm a magical artefact.)
He registered the twinge of shame, followed by some hesitation. Intresting, I wonder wha- Hang on, what's that? That guy is not weak-willed, to say the least...
(To the Rookie: Subject with high will-power coming our way. Don't draw weapons or anything just yet, but stay alert.)

@Salty alright then, Rockbyrd and the forest around Holadino then.

Over the skies of Holadino, the vengeance, the venemous fang's vessel, drifted. From it, several pods fell to Earth, lighting trails behind it. It continued drifting, over to Rockbyrd, and launched a much larger group.

Lyra and her troop were wandering through the remains of Rockbyrd. "Best guess, it'll be somewhere underground. Maybe in the mines, be a good place to keep it isolated. We just need to find its location... she trailed off as she saw the shower of pods. "Lets make that a first priority."

OOC: @Outis That's Marston that Jona and Tophat are sensing, by the way.

Grace nodded, thinking...
"He can't be a Greater Chimera, I'd know that..." she muttered.
She looked at Savranth, "You'd be surprised. Mr. Verres occasionally uses Conspiracy theories to locate paranormal activities, since most of the time they have an ounce of truth in them." she said, leading to a mild chuckle
"I don't suppose you'd know what I'm even talking about." she said.

OOC: Heh, now you two are just flattering me...

Marston halted his horse and looked up at the sky, grimacing a bit.

"A person. So, you think and feel as organic beings do, despite not being a living thing?" Kynn asked with interest.

Jona glanced down the street, but as he did so, the being he had sensed was suddenly eclipsed by a malevolent shadow from a greater distance. A feeling of dread coursed through him as the cruel minds of a number of other beings approached at speed, growing stronger and stronger. He grabbed the hilts of his weapons and stared around in all directions before looking up, and seeing the specks of metal descending rapidly.

"Danger!" He cried out in alarm. Kynn glanced sharply at him then followed his gaze to the sky.
"What's that? Artillery?" He said sharply, looking around for cover.

Sophia nodded at Erica's suggestion, closing her eyes as she tried to think up as many happy thoughts as she could. Still with her eyes closed concentrating on warm summer nights under the stars, the wood cravings she loved to do, laughing with friends, entertaining/training her bunny snatching ferrets, she tried once more on the spell. This time it didn't take as long to get the effect started, probably because she had already gotten a handle of reaching this point, but as she continue, not only did the chocolate itself start to lose it's colour, but some of the brown particles started to level the orb, which the glyphs quickly removed.

Sophia still concentrating on happy thoughts still didn't see the chocolate steadily turning white, although the process still seemed rather slow.

"Not a clue..." Savranth said as he sees the vessel flying overhead. "However... I think we need to go see what that is about... I don't think the military will be able to leave the city to deal with that..." He said running off to the forest far away from Holadino.

OoC: Keep in mind that the only forest close to Holadino is to the West. And pretty far way.

Grace see's the falling pods, and nods, following Savranth.

Data sees the pods falling, and begins to sprint to where the pod will fall.

Marston figured he might be needed for whatever this thing was, so he started riding toward where the ship was headed.

The Rookie drew his pistol and glanced up at the sky, using his VISR to zoom in on the metal specks.
(To Kynn, Jona & the Rookie: Hell if I know, but metal falling from the sky is rarely good. Take cover!)
Nodding, the Rookie looked around and got into cover. He brought up the zoomed picture he had taken moments ago and dropped it onto his datapad, before handing it to Kynn.
(To Jona, Kynn & the Rookie: Drop pods, could be from that huge vessel in orbit. Likely hostile. Better get ready.)

Seeing a person walk up to a door and swipe a keycard in the reader, Loki moved closer to the door and stepped behind the person, but kept enough distance that the man wouldn't bump into Loki should he take a step back. Once the soldier opened the door, Loki took a glance at the room and warped inside. Once inside, he stepped out of the path of the soldier that just opened the door and looked around the room he was in while still keeping an eye on the soldier that entered also.

As Sophia worked on the spell, Erica looked on carefully, but silently, taking in the subtle changes that were happening with the chocolate sphere. It seems to have a effect.

The pods landed in the forest, 20 in all. 110 predators and 10 berserkers disembarked, quickly moving to secure the position in the far away forest.

Jona flitted away to the nearest building. Kynn sprinted for shelter likewise, activating his kinetic barrier as he went. Finding shelter, he activated his omnitool and aimed it up at the specks. The holodisplay lit up with digits and formulas and a thin orange beam locked onto one of the pods, flicking on and off at different angles at a high rate as it tracked the object.

"The trajectory isn't right... according to this, those objeccts aren't aimed at Holadino at all." Kynn called to the Rookie and Jona. "They're going to come down several kilometres to the west!"

Data runs into the clearing first, whirling out a phaser, set to setting 8, and shooting three random aliens, vaporizing them instantly, before rolling behind a tree. He scans for heat around him.

Savranth stopped on the outskirts of the forest, taking out the Philosopher's Blade from his sheath. "Look alive."

The soldier went behind his desk and knelled down. Opening up a small fridge, he took out a lunch box. "Aw. Much better." He said as he sat at his desk to eat the meal from the box.

As she continued more and more of the brown particles were driven off. Eventually the orb seemed to come to a rest, now completely white and maybe only a quarter of its original size. Erica wouldn't really know if the orb that was now there was just part of what the original orb was, or possibly it had somehow substituted for the brown one. The important part however, was that it was there, Sophia had created an orb of white chocolate.

Sophia peeked with one of her eyes to see if anything was working, and her jaw partially dropped at the sight of the orb. "No wait..." She muttered in disbelief.

(To Jona, Kynn & the Rookie: I suggest we head over there and investigate. Whoever that is, they're here in force.)
The Rookie took off his rucksack and took out the SMG inside. He also took a field repair kit and quickly fused together the damaged chestplate. When finished, he packed the kit up again and attached the chestplate to his armour. Donning his rucksack, he prepared to follow Jona and Kynn.
OoC: I need to leave now, sadly. The Rookie will follow Jona and Kynn. His armaments (In case of a fight) is a Silenced SMG with low damage per shot but high rate of fire, a silenced pistol with .50 caliber shots and fragmentation grenades. See ya.

EDIT: Never mind, I was wrong. I don't have to leave just yet.

Marston continued to ride to the west.

Savranth stopped on the outskirts of the forest, taking out the Philosopher's Blade from his sheath. "Look alive."

So...Savs talking to himself, huh?

OoC: @Outis: Grace is with him...

Kynn glanced at the Rookie.

"Wait, why? I don't think that's such a good..." He trailed off as the Rookie set off regardless, and Jona sped ahead of them at the full speed of a sprinting Jedi.

"Damn it." Kynn finished and groaned before setting off after them.

OOC: @Kirke Excellent. Hmm. I think I can use this fight, actually...

Grace nods, and switches into her omega form.
"Just... Don't shoot until I can try to talk to them."

Data would be met the moment he appeared with a burst of fire slamming into him, his presence announced well beforehand by his heat signature. Two of the predators he fired at avoided the shots, returning fire with unique shotgun style weapons that sprayed buckshot that exploded on contact. the third lost his left arm in the disintegration before his body armor, much more advanced then the others, restabilized his structure. Instead of going into shock, the shot predator chuckled and pulled his weapon with his other hand. <This one has fight hunt leader. May I take a squad and claim his skull?> this was directed towards a predator in armor anointed in blood, with a strange flag wrapped around his shoulder. He nodded imperiously, and the newly one armed predator collected ten adders to chase after Data, firing into the trees as he ran from them.

OoC: Gonna need to ask that you wait until you actually have a group in place to fight them. Bad things happen otherwise, like being found out early and having the army prepare for you.

Once the soldier sat down at his desk to eat, Loki looked at the desk to see if there happened to be a blue keycard laying on it. He also looked if there were any open drawers.

As the brown orb turned white entirely, Erica tilted her head as she watched on curiously, not entirely sure what she was looking at. Once she saw Sophia's responce to seeing the orb herself, Erica smiled. "It worked, I take it?"

OoC: Would an android even have a noticeable heat signature?

@FPS: Data's an android, and dosn't leave a heat signature.

Data runs away from the clearing, running fairly quickly, as he makes a mild turn, very, very mild. A few bullets pierce him, but leave no effect. Unless the shots are made to pierce heavy duty armor (I mean, pretty heavy duty)

OoC: @Nail I'd assume at the very minimum he'd show up as a human sized signature that differentiates from the forest in heat.

Jona arrived in the forest well ahead of the Rookie and Kynn, and came to rest in a tree overlooking the position where Data had been shot. He hunkered down on the branch and drew his sword, hissing as he saw the shotgun wielding predators close in on him.

OOC: An android would produce some kind of signature. He still needs energy to function, and that means a higher heat level than the surrounding flora. (Which incidentally also produce heat, but only a negligible amount, if I remember my biology correctly.)

Marston was still on his way to the forest.

OOC: Next post he will be there.

OoC: Gonna need to ask that you wait until you actually have a group in place to fight them. Bad things happen otherwise, like being found out early and having the army prepare for you.

That sounds an awful lot like strategy. And you know how we are about strategy round these parts.

Marston was still on his way to the forest.

OOC: Next post he will be there.

OoC: Gonna need to ask that you wait until you actually have a group in place to fight them. Bad things happen otherwise, like being found out early and having the army prepare for you.

That sounds an awful lot like strategy. And you know how we are about strategy round these parts.

OOC: I for one fucking love when we can work actual strategy in a battle rather than just say 'my character lives and kils a bunch of mooks because he's magic enough to do so.'

The Rookie arrived at the edge of the forrest and slowed down, intending to scout the enemy camp before engaging. He stalked slowly through the forrest, using his VISR to identify enemy contacts.

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