We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Sophia listened to Erica's explanation, smiling a little at the mention of her technically one uping Erica, it didn't mean too much, but being compared in that fashion made her feel good. "No, I'm not from this dimension... Head Mistress Anna, was gracious enough to let me to stay and learn here." Small but warm smile crept across her face at the end. "It really meant a lot to me that she was so kind. But you are not from Winterhold? What made you go there?" She asked curiously, taking a seat on one of the benches in the room, the glyphs still running.

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Using Sensory magic to survey the battle field, Savranth cathes the sound of something approaching from behind him. Clenching his blade he turns with a quick motion unleashing a vacuum slash on those behind him.

Within the file room there were numerous filing cabinets. As well as computers and other equipment.

Jessica awoke from sleeping on the couch in Ness' hotel room once again. After stretching out, she noticed Ness was still asleep. In the effort of trying to think of something to do for the day, she took out her visor and used it to check the position of the people she was keeping tabs on. Savranth's still near Holadino, must not be checking out the ruins he was talking about yet, no real reason to see what he's doing....I haven't gone to see Sophia in a while...ah damn, I really hope she didn't find out I went to Winterhorn twice without trying to contact her, she might think I'm trying to avoid her...may need to smooth things over...I should also try and pick up Echo and Holly, now that Taokaka has been dealt with. Jessica put her visor away, then got up and went into the bathroom, so as to not disturb Ness too much while she slept as she teleported away. Reappearing in the Winterhorn courtyard, she began looking around for either the Headmaster or Sophia.


Before leaving, Jessica had found some stationary in the room. She took the time to write out a note for Ness, then folded it up and left it where Ness would most likely check for her when she woke up.

Black was sitting around near the mountain Holadino. This war.... a few flash backs of the zombie solider fight played in her mind, she sighed as she closed her eyes. This is not going to be easy....even harder then expected....

The boy woke up in Holadino and took a stroll around the town.

Even in his dusted up state, Kynn knew better than to let the Berserker get close enough to slash at him. Activating his Omnitool he reached out and triggered the incinerator charge, blasting a wave of oil into the air hot enough to cut through steel. This dangerous attack was followed up with a shotgun blast aimed at the creature's upper chest and face.

Seeing the predators turn to fire at them, Rookie grabbed his SMG and began firing tight bursts on their position, though he was badly suppressed. Kynn, by sheer luck, was sheltered from their fire by the body of the Berserker.

Jona twisted his body as the predator ignited the lightsaber, a premonition of phantom pain giving him a split second's early warning. Still it burned his trousers and singed a shallow furrow across his skin and meagre muscle. He screamed in pain, but at the same time ripped the dagger in the predator's chest upwards viciously. Releasing his blades and bringing both palms together he slammed another wave of Force energy into the alien's perforated chest, the massive power that had once allowed him to hold up two good sized trees hurling the predator away despite his armour.

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Regardless, depending on just how good Jessica's nose was she might be able to smell Sophia's classic chocolate smell. It would be extremely faint at this point though. Sophia and Erica were in the training room.

Looking at the cabinets first, Loki looked if there was some form of index he could refer to.

"Well..." Erica began, going to sit next to Sophia. "It's an absurdly long story, and I'm afraid I don't remember the majority of it... But here's the gist of it; early in my life, I lived with a band of dimensionally displaced travelers. Amongst them, was an elven woman by the name of AEanna. After some time, AEanna became the headmistress of Winterhold and eventually offered me a place there. After weighing my options, I eagerly took her up on her offer. I enrolled, and stayed at the college for... For...." Erica trailed off, her face visibly strained. "A long time." she eventually finished, but sounding annoyed. Sighing, she continued, the annoyance in her voice quickly fading. "Did I tell you my profession? I think I did."

"Yes you said that you were a landscape... designer I believe?" Sophia said, as she thought about Erica's story.

"And your story... it does sound a lot like me..." She sighed a little. "But from what I can tell you got a happy ending to your adventure, didn't you?" She grinned sheepishly.

Most of the cabinets had markings indicating their subjects.

Personal A-L
Personal M-Z
Material Reports
Military Actions
Accidents and Other

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Kynn's attacking sent the hunt leader flying, armor rent. He struggled to his feet, body bleeding badly. "Not... Not bad. Now, lets finish this." he took a heistant step forward, and began a stumbling walk towards Jona, saber ignited and extended, leaking blood badly from his chest.

the ten predators behind Savranth were hit by the vacuum slice, and their front rank killed. the One armed predator leaped forward, over the vacuum slice, and fired 2 rounds of the explosive shells at Savranth. the other 4 stood back in the branches and fired at the retreating predators, who had just arrived into the forested area near Savranth. they returned fire, killing four to match the four they lost in the surprise shooting.

the remaining predators continued to split their fire, only to be interrupted by a roar from the center of their camp. The other 9 berserkers had hit fever pitch, and began tearing into their own allies ranks, killing and maiming.

Seeing the cabinet labeled 'Military Actions', Loki stepped to that cabinet and began looking for drawers, trying to find the most recent entry.

This would be simpler if I knew what year it is...

Erica snapped her fingers when Sophia confirmed Erica had told her her profession. "Yes. That's correct. And indeed, I earned my 'happy ending', as you called it. My becoming a landscape designer is a result of what happened during my time in the college. You see, it started one day when students got an asignment to grow reagents necessary in potions. I found that I rather enjoyed tending to plants and watching them grow. In time, I requested a small patch of land on which to grow things. Of course, given the harsh climate, it didn't go all too well, but still. Anyway, once I left the college, I turned my hobby into a occupation and became a gardener, and later what I am now. And hopefully, one day, a landspace artist architect."a

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Marston turned around and crouched low, trying to find who was now shooting at Sav.

"It's good to have a hobby that turns into a way to earn a living. I actually lived on a farm, so I can understand how tending to gardens can be enjoyable, although I do enjoy wood carving myself." Sophia said, twittling her thumbs a little.

Savranth holds up his hand to produce a shield. The first round hits the shield and causes it to shatter. The second round hits, but nothing is there when the dust clears.

The most recent files show that there have been several small clashes with Xiphtian forces. But nothing on any sort of military actions other than the clashes. The most recent one being dated just a few days ago.

OOC: @FPS Think you might have made a typo there. Kynn attacked the berserker with his shotgun and incineration blast. Jona is duelling the hunt leader alone.

Kynn chuckled vaguely to himself as the berserker was scalded by the Omnitool incineration and then smashed down in a cloud of blood by the shotgun blast. His weapons seemed to wield themselves, with his arms merely trailing behind them as they fired. Gesturing at the predators who had been distracted he tensed his muscles and twisted the fabric of space around them, creating a warp field that yanked them into the air and violently hammered them into one another.

Jona gritted his teeth against the pain in his leg and began to storm towards the predator, recognising the bullish desperation of a beast that was in great pain and knew it was in trouble. His arms outstretched, the discarded bone and chitin blades leapt from the ground and snapped back into his hands as he advanced. The Force sending him a premonition of what the predator would do when they closed to fight, he tensed his legs and then aimed a blow with his sword. When the predator reacted to block however, Jona sprung his trap. Abandoning the feint, he sprang into the air, vaulting neatly over the predator's head. As soon as his feet touched the ground behind it he lunged with both points outstretched, aiming to run his opponent through.

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OOC: @Outis The hunt leader challenged Jona to single combat. As for the rest, Kynn is high on Red Sand and is just using whatever he has on whoever comes close. Whatever effect he has is up to FPS, and dumb luck. I was using Rookie because he was backing up Kynn when @Kirke left.

Random berk:

Sorry, I meant to address @FPS. I was trying to say the predators themselves have already killed more of themselves than we have.

Since she had found no sign of Headmaster Anna, Jessica followed the scent of chocolate she had faintly picked up on. Following it to the training room, her ears and tail twitched with curiosity, as she remembered that normally the smell was suppressed whenever Sophia was in the training room. She pushed open the door and poked her head inside to see if Sophia was actually inside, or if it was just a lingering odor from her having been there previously.

Loki browsed through the files, rather then reading them with care. When he found that it didn't detail what he was looking for, he put the files back where he had found them and looked to files dating further back, browing through, looking for anything detailing the forces gathered in the Wild Lands were planning to do, or anything to point him in the right direction.

"Wood carving? That's an art AEanna practiced too. I always enjoyed looking at her sculptures..." Erica remarked, then seemed to trail off again, but this time showed no signs of being strained, rather pleasantly lost in thought. Snapping out of it, she looked back to Sophia. "Do you have any of your work you could show me?" Just as she had asked this, Jessica opened the door of the training room. Erica looked at her, but didn't say anything yet.

"Unfortunately not here... I haven't found any good soft wood here yet." She said to Erica.

Hearing the door open, Sophia turned to see Jessica stick her head into the room. "Jessica? It is you. How are you?" She said very enthusiastically.

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(To the Rookie: I'll give you an opportunity in five, get ready.)
The Rookie nodded and pushed in a fresh clip into his SMG, and grabbed the pistol with his left hand.
(To the Rookie: Two targets, two and three o'clock. Hit em!)
The Rookie rose slightly and took aim at two of the Predators, as Tophat temporarily shut down the visual and balance senses of the Predators facing the Rookie. He stood up and fired a stream of bullets from both weapons at two of the predators currently in the air. After a few seconds, he ducked back down again.

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Kynn's blast, while bouncing the predators, killed few. the 20 left from the attacks from the berserkers sprayed fire in a return burst at Kynn and Rookie, completely forgetting the traitors and seeming to accept their new airborne positions..

Jona's block would stop the downward saber swing, but the hunt leader, exhausted by the strike, would fall forward, avoiding the strikes. He rallied as his suit applied more anesthetic and healing items, and he stood a bit more surely, turning to apply a side strike to Jona, aiming to decapitate.

The armless predator jumped over Savranth's position, not stopping to wonder where he'd disappeared to, simply falling onto Marston, weapon dropped in midair in his desperate attempt to pull his knife.

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Grace looks at the Beserkers, and jumps onto one, and begins to claw at it's face, still in her squirrel form.

Data charges into the fight from behind the Aliens, shooting three with his phaser beam, set to maximum stun.

OoC: FYI, it completely vaporizes anything that it hits.

The boy started to travel out of Holadino and head up North.

Black just traveled down from the mountains.

Savranth who had moved behind a tree comes around the other side, throwing a fireball at the Predator.

All Loki would see is more data regarding small clashes and military maneuvers used in practice. Nothing about the ship or any other plans.

Savranth who had moved behind a tree comes around the other side, throwing a fireball at the Predator.

Is that the same predator that is on Marston now?

OoC: @Outis: I only know of the one. So, yes.

Frowning at the less-then interesting finds, Loki put the files he opened back, taking care to put the files back as he found them with as little difference as posible. Not what I had hoped to find. Now to see if I will have better luck looking elsewhere. Loki then walked over to the cabinet marked "Material reports" and looked to the most recent entry.

It's been a while since I saw a cat person such as her. Erica thought as she looked at Jessica, but still said nothing.

Marston was able to use his rifle at such a close distance, so he pulled his revolver and fired all six shots at the predator on him.

Jona ducked the sideswipe easily and, reversing his hold on his chitin dagger, thrust it viciously into the inside of the predator's left knee. He twisted around the side of the predator's leg, ripping the dagger forward and out as he went. Coming up behind the hulking warrior even as the pain from the severe wound began to register, he hacked the end of the bonesword across the back of his right knee, slicing his hamstring. Keeping a grip on his dagger with just a finger and thumb he slammed a quick Force blast into the small of his opponent's back before seizing his throat in an invisible grip, squeezing furiously.

Plasmacaster shots hammered into the trees and ground around Kynn, wildly inaccurate due to the predator's less than stable firing positions. Even so the rain of plasma seemed to penetrate Kynn's doped up mind and he hopped back before racing for the cover of a tree.
"Hey! Are you having a good time?" he called out to Rookie on seeing him, seemingly completely unaware of just how serious the situation was. Leaning out of cover he launched another preprogrammed function of the Omnitool, causing the plasmacasters of several predators to malfunction in a shower of sparks.

"Oh, there you are Sasha. I was looking around for you." Jessica said to Sophia as she pushed the door open wider and fully walked into the room. "Yep, it's me. And I suppose I'm doing alright. Better than I deserve at least. How are things for you?" She asked Sophia as she walked over to her. Glancing over at Erica, she turned back to Sophia and added, "Who's your friend?"

Nybeth idly wandered around Holadino, looking for anyone of importance to the Xiphatian military.

"This?" Sophia looked over at Erica. "This is Erica of Winterhold. She helped me learn healing magic." Sophia said, practically glowing.

The Rookie glanced over at Kynn and nodded with a chuckle as he reloaded both his weapons. He fired off a few rounds with his pistol against the predators, but kept in cover.

(To the Rookie: Hang on, give me a minute, that took a lot out of me.)
Tophat 'said' to James, almost sounding like was panting.

The 17 predators began splitting their fire, 8 targeting Rookie and Kynn, spraying down with their explosive shotgun shells, while the other 9 focused fire on Data, spraying a wide spread over any area he would try to run to.

The Hunt leader choked as the attack finished him, and he stared into Jona's eyes, whispering "You. Fight like the man too. He called himself the blade of the sith. I think you earned that name better." with that, he dropped the blade and prepared for the hereafter as best he could, closing his eyes and sighing.

the predator Grace leaped on barely paid attention to her, as his mask prevented any actual damage. Instead, he'd grab her and throw her off, lobbing her far from him.

the Predator leaping at Marston fell onto him, a deadweight that was now on fire.

OoC: @Furi they aren't using plasmacasters, which should be an indication of how well equipped these guys are...

"Hello." Erica said to Jessica after Sophia introduced her. "I'm no longer in Winterhold, however, having graduated quite some time ago." she added. Erica found it odd Jessica said 'better then I deserve', but doing ask anything, it not being her place to do so, as Jessica was a complete stranger.

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