We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Very well then. Is there anything required of me for the time being?" Nybeth asked.

Jessica sighed with worry at the words Ness had left with as she disappeared. She nodded along with Erica's explanation of the purpose of a museum. Keeping her attention on Sophia, she said, "So could you take me to see the Headmaster instead, since Vanessa seems to be busy with something important now?"

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"Fair enough." Marston said, a bit annoyed that he would probably not get back to Holdino or the nearby area that anytime soon. Never the less, he kept his horse going at a relatively slow pace to accommodate Black. "I don't have a lot of faith in people, but there usually some good ones mixed in with that bad, no matter where you go." he said after some time.

"Understood..." She quickly took aim at an Elite's head an fired. Like at the temple, the bullet let out a bright light trail and exploded on impact.

Yukino took note of the towers before leaving an uncloaked clone out in the open nearby it. The real foxgirl kept her cloak on as she continued toward the grunts from the back.

Envy shrugged "I can't explain it, but it could. Unless it had some sort of wildly strange technology that allowed it to heal itself and attack with wind based attacks. Either way, Lucia will sort it all out, unless it is beyond her."

"Of course I can. I hope she's ok though." Sophia said, saying the last part as she looked over at the spot where Vanessa used to be.

"I like to have as much faith as possible in people" Black replied to Marston. "Unfortunetly that can be abused by the wrong people...."

the boy looked up at the sky, his whole body shaking. he stared at the night sky. 3 moons....this place....is more like hell... he thought as his body jerked a bit.

If anyone happened to be near the forest, they might hear a faint howling in the distance.

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When he saw the password was indeed 'password', Loki facepalmed. For stupidity such as this... These people deserve everything that is coming to them. With a sigh, he looked over the screen, the icons meaning next to nothing to him. He read the text under the icons to see what they were about.

"She was quite the character. But I'm not sure what she did to warrent her own wing in a museum. Dr. Broca could no doubt answer that, however." Erica said to Sophia.

Grace looked at Savranth, and nodded.
"Tedd mentioned something to me about things that were from stories, might actually be real somewhere." she said.
"It's odd, really, how revered his world is. Everyone knows about it, or heard about it."

"Yes. Anyway, we still have to deal with you and your wanted status." Savranth said to Grace.

"Well, in your opinion which would be a better target to take? Granite Pass supplies certain material to the Legaians. But Port Letosh would give us a place to head to the Capital from... Though, we still have no way to access the capital." Tiberius asked Nybeth.

"It doesn't matter. Lucia is a rather annoying woman. Trying to unseat me as the top scientist in Legaia. She'll have her work cut out for her, though." Soto said to Envy.

The icons said more of the same sort of thing that Loki had read on the filing cabinet. Though, it also included a tab for "Wild Lands".

Grace nodded, "... I don't suppose you're related to any high-ups? Maybe some influential politicians?" she said.

"Yes, I do find her line of work to be rather boring, especially compared to yours, which brings me back to why I am here. Do you have any work for me? A little assistance will make you staying on top as head scientist that much easier."

As the real Yukino passed the towers, she would activate motion sensors that would set off alarms. Their blaring would echo through the camp, though no soldiers seemed to come out to answer it. Yukino, however, would see several dozen predators moving to react to her presence, seeing through her cloak with ease.

Ness's shot removed the elite's head, causing it to spin as a counterpoint to Lyra's own shot, who collapsed to the ground. the remaining Elites quickly cloaked, though this didn't stop another of Lyra's shots killing another Elite, who was shown when he collapsed with a chest missing most of its vital organs. "Okay, think that'll distract them. Ready to pack up and get the hell out of dodge?" Lyra asked over comms.

"That it can miss. That it can." Marston said a bit sadly as he walked along with Black.

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Reading over the text, Loki frowned at the topic being much of the same that was on the filing cabinets. Why would they want to have to diferent sources to store the same information? Unless there is information stored here that is not written down on paper. Looking over the icons more, he spotted the one named "Wild Lands" and after a moment of thinking what to do, clicked on it.

Ness made a small "Tch!" as she heard the alarms. "Go ahead and get moving. I need to make sure someone I brought didn't end up killing herself. Don't worry, she and I will take care of this." She quickly switched her sniper out for her RPG and fired a rocket at another section of the encampment.

With the group of predators rushing at her, Yuki sighed as she disabled her cloak and summoned her scythe. In one swift motion, she spun around and sent a massive black wind toward her assailants, threatening to cut them severely. ...It won't be smart to stick around here. As Ness' rocket exploded, Yukino quickly ran full force out of the camp, leaving an afterimage and toward the fedora girl's position.

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"We can work on that. But you need to acknowledge that your actions were wrong." Savranth said.

"Well, you could test yourself against these new alien subjects... But you didn't want to test the GRUNTS..." Soto said, before noticing that someone was calling on his video screen. "Now what? How about answering that?"

When Loki clicked on the icon he would see a map of the Wild Lands with the Legaian bases labeled. As well as the Xiphatian and the towns.

The Wild Lands. A lawless and untamed land. There is only a minimal of military support in the region. mostly to prevent either nation from gaining a foothold in the land. However, there is little of actual value. The desert in the North is fairly barren and Mount Zublo is an active volcano which has turned the lake at it's base into a lake of sulfur.

"Yeah, I hope she is too." Jessica replied to Sophia. "Well, she is the progenitor of my species, as well as the founder of the society I was born and raised in. So there's some good reasons why we conserve her things and her memory." She chimed in upon hearing Erica. Wishing to see how Echo and Holly were doing, she moved over to the door, signalling to Sophia that she most likely wanted her to lead the way to the Headmaster.

"That depends." Nybeth began. "If you intend to wage a war of attrition, cutting off their supplies would force them to eventually give up when they are no longer capable of fighting. However, if your intent is to end the war quickly, the soundest move wound be taking the capital and 'cutting off the head', so to speak."

Grace sighed, "... Alright... They were wrong..." she said.
She then suddenly falls down, fast asleep.

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Envy nodded and went to answer the video call. He had probably spent enough time around Legaian tech to figure out how to answer the call correctly.

'Progenitor...' Sophia gathered her books as she saw Jessica head for the door. "I should go help Jessica, but you can come along too if you wish Erica." She told Erica thoughtfully.

As she got up and moved over to the doorway, Sophia chuckled a little. "The way you use that progenitor word, it sounds like this Four mothered an entire country." Sophia lightly laughed a little.

"Yes, those are the options. I favor taking Port Letosh, but Granite Pass could also allow us to attack Fourside and maybe take it and reduce the support of the enemy air fleet. Anyway, I appreciate your input." Tiberius replied.

When Envy answered the phone Richard was in the line. "Just who I was looking for. How goo are you at espionage?"

Envy grinned "Who me? The best, sir."

Lyra nodded to Marcus and Xy. "lets go, lads. Best get out while the gettings good." without further prompting, Lyra and her team ran out of the tunnels and out towards Lakewest, moving as fast as they could.

After Ness's missle launch, her position would be bombarded by plasma fire. One of the artillery guns fired, its shell burrowing into the ground. Moments later, Ness's position would begin shaking as if suffering an earthquake.
As Yukino ran, shots were sprayed after her, most missing harmlessly. She might be hit by some of the predators fire at Ness though.

There could scarecely be information more useless then this... Moving on. Loki thought upon reading the text. Closing the window, he clicked on the icon that said 'Military actions', in the hope what he'd find was diferent then what he found in the filing cabinet.

"I have little else to do, so why not." Erica said to Sophia, standing up and following her.

With her little perch shaking for the artillery shot, Ness took a deep breath as she leaped off. A few shots grazed her body and most tore up her coat. Luckily for her, Yuki leapt up high to catch the fedora girl. As soon as the two made contact in mid-air, Ness teleported the duo back to where Jessica was in Winterhorn. Both landed with a small thud and both were panting, out of breath.

"Ness... let's never do something like that again..."

"Then, I want you to find out what the Xiphatian plan of attack is. How soon they will attack and where. Can you do that?" Richard said to Envy.

Loki would find that there is less information in the files. Likely due to them having not been updated, yet. It would seem that this installation did not have the information on any attack on Shaintaio.

Hearing the thud, Sophia wheeled around to see Vanessa and Yukino, teleported back gasping for air. "Are you two alright?" She said worried.

"I have knowledge of tactics that I've been required to pick up in my line of work. May as well make use of it." Nybeth simply replied to Tiberius.

Jessica opened up the doorway out of the training room, holding it open for Sophia and Erica to exit. "While from what I read about her that wasn't exactly her intention, I suppose you could claim that's actually true." She replied to Sophia in response to her 'mothering a country' comment. Seeing Ness and Yukino show up again, she stopped holding the door and moved over to Ness' side. "Goodness gracious, are you alright?"

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Envy thought for a moment "Hmmmm, now that's a tall order, but doable. I think I could handle it, but do you have any tips on where I should start?"

Ness slowly rose up and gave a weak smile to Jess. "I've been better... but I'll live." The cuts from the shots were bleeding out a bit.

Yukino looked over at Sophia and nodded sliently. She kept her eyes from meeting with anyone in the room. ...I should've been faster.

Loki frowned at the fact that he couldn't find the information he was looking for. Not know how to propperly turn a computer off, he pressed the 'power' button. Once the computer powered down, he walked over to the door and pressed his ear to it to hear if there were any footsteps in the hallway.

Erica turned around after Sophia and Jessica did, her hearing not being as sharp as theirs. Seeing Ness was bleeding, she said, "You're hurt. Let me heal you..." Just as she was about to step over to Ness, she turned to Sophia. "Or actually, why don't you try it, Sasha?"

"Well, Holadino is fairly close and they have a presence there. You maybe able to blend in with the local populace if you can get past any guards they have posted." Richard replied.

In the hall, there was only one person walking by.

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