We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Well that's pure simplicity. I'll start right away sir." said Envy as he began to walk off.

Sophia looked to Vanessa and then to Erica. "I-I can try." She answered as she brought up a orb of brown chocolate. She knelt down and concentrated on keeping calm and thinking good thoughts. Although it took longer than the second time, she did manage to form the white chocolate, and perform the 'healing hands' spell. The cuts that Vanessa had would have closed up, the process soothing and pleasant, however by the end she (Vanessa) would start to feel the comings on of a small migraine.

When Sophia was done she nervously got up and gave Vanessa a wide berth. "How do you feel?" She asked a tad nervously.

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Ness sighed a bit as Sophia began to heal her up. As the migraine began to set in afterward, she held her temples a bit as she managed to get up. "A lot better... Thank you, Sasha."

Yukino stood up as she caught her breath and stood back a bit.

Hearing the footsteps, Loki waited until they passed, then opened the door, stepped out and closed the door again. Going back the way he came, Loki waited for the secretary in the lobby to look away from the door, then opened it and stepped through, once more closing it behind him. Making his way to the gate, nimbly eveding any personel along the way Loki warped outside the gate, then looked over the ship. Hmm... Going to check there also would likely be pushing my luck. Best not. making his way to there he had left Fafnir, Loki discarded the keycard he stole along the way. Reaching Fafnir, who was still cloaked, Loki undid the knot around the bush, mounted Fafnir, then set off back to the main continent.

"You look as if you have a headache. Am I correct?" Erica asked Ness upon seeing her rub her temples.

'She has a headache... doesn't she...' Sophia thought to herself, a splash of worry across her face.

"No problem... I'm just happy your alright, right?" She said anxiously.

Rita was still around in the caves, but the time she had been there had not been wasted. For the past couple of days she had been training in her little training area in the mountains. What was once a large flat area was now more or less a scorched crater. If a passerby stumbled upon it they would think it was the site of a great magical battle. Some places were scorched more than others, pools of water had formed in indentations and crevasses in the rock, and large jagged formations of rock had been pushed upwards, the result of earth magic.

Envy was loitering in Holadino for now

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Ness shook her head a bit at Erica as she took her hands off of her temples. "No... I'm fine now. It must've just been something that just came up." She gave a smile and a nod toward Sophia. "Yes, I'm alright."

Yukino blinked and subtly shook her head. ...You've always been a horrible liar, Sinclair.

Sophia still wasn't convinced, only thinking that at best Vanessa was just being polite. "If you say so." She said, not taking her eyes off Vanessa.

Jessica breathed a sigh of relief as Ness' wounds closed up and pat Sophia on the back appreciatively. She offered Ness a hand in standing back up if she needed it. Noticing Yukino standing off nearby, she looked her over and asked, "How about you, you alright?" She asked.

His business in Holadino seemingly concluded, Nybeth returned to the mountain chain, intending to stop by his cave and check on his zombies, for lack of anything better to do.

Loki eventually reached the dragon den. Landing, he dismounted and removed the sadle and reins from Fafnir, who moved to check up on her young eagerly. Seeing Rita wasn't in the cave, Loki sat down against a stalagmite and waited.

"If it's 'something that just came up, that it's not nothing. But if you insist that you're fine, then as you wish." Erica said to Ness, not wanting to press the matter, despite knowing almost for certain something was wrong. Turning to Jessica, she said. "Would you object to me coming with you to whereever it is the journey takes you? If have quite some question regarding your ancestry."

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Sophia actually jumped ever so slightly when Jessica patted her on the back, not really paying much attention to her. However realizing who it was, Sophia calmed down a little. T-thanks... Sophia smiled weakly.

Ness smiled toward Jessica as she took her hand and stood up. Noting Sophia's staring at her, Ness gave her another genuine smile.

Yukino looked toward Jessica curiously and nodded slowly. "...Yes... I'm alright."

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Rita returned to the cave, looking pretty worn out. Seeing Loki asleep she went to sleep as well

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"Of course not! I would love that actually. And I'd be happy to talk some more about it." Jessica happily replied to Erica. Noticing she had accidentally startled Sophia, she held up her hands and said, "Sorry, didn't mean to spook you. But you did good." After hoisting Ness back onto her feet, she turned back to Sophia and said, "So do you think it would still be possible to see the Headmaster tonight? If not, are there guest rooms or something we could stay in so we could see her tomorrow?"

Sophia's vision shifted from Jessica, to Erica and finally Vanessa, seemingly adding something up in her head. "I... um..." Just then some of the papers in the book she was holding russled, she looked down and seemed surprised. "You're kidding, I forgot that one, but I need it for tomorrow. And that lounge will close soon..." She then looked at Jessica. "I forgot a book when Erica first showed up today, I got to go get it! I can't believe I forgot it..." She nervously laughed a little as she went for the door. "If you ladies still want to see the Head Mistress, she's on the third floor of the east wing, third door on your left. Otherwise, there should be some guest rooms for visiting family downstairs there are signs to the right hallway that should point you there." Before anyone could interject, Sophia had already made her way out the door, specifically taking the west wing route to get back to her room, even though it was a little longer.

As Sophia left, it didn't seem like the glyphs completely went out, although unless the rooms lights went out, you wouldn't notice. As Jessica and the gang would do their thing, everyone would be able to smell the slight smell of chocolate, but as they went it would slowly grow fainter and fainter.

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"We're talking 'destroy a village' levels here, mostly. Of course, a weak fire mage with a few elixirs and a good plan can destroy most villages with only moderate difficulty." the man replied.

Hellosh escapes from his time bubble! "Damn time bubbles!" He muttered.

"How can I tell you this..... *Sigh* This world is filled with powerful magic users.... Luckily, for you, it's not filled with demons." Hellosh explained to the man.

"Luckily for the people, actually. Demons are easier to handle. They tend to not have families and friends in the worlds they threaten. Mages... they do. And people tend to see the killing of their family members as 'murder'." the man replied, looking slightly uneasy. "And they have this terrible habit of making 'inner circles' and 'sanctums' and summoning demons to further their own goals."

"Ah huh... Well, something tells me you won't survive long. Why? Because 'Mages' basically run the government here..." Hellosh said. Afterwards the sign on his neck shines a little red, it also slightly bleeds. Hellosh held neck, rubbing it, then looks at the blood on his fingers. "That's strange..." He muttered to himself.

"Hmm... well, I'd expect them to have some form of regulatory order. In that case, I doubt I'll have much work to do..." The hunter sighed, a mix of relief and boredom.
"Something wrong with your neck? Do you require a healing salve?"

"Order, you say? They seem to have a working justice system; in other words: Cause chaos, get thrown in jail or killed. Simple, isn't it?" Hellosh said to the man, with a small grin on his face. "And no thank you; I hardly feel pain. Anyhow, don't ask about the mark. I don't remember where I got it, and when I try to remember I get severe headaches."

"Yes. Almost elegantly so." the man replied. He raised an eyebrow at Hellosh's response. "You appear to be bleeding. Do you know what caused that to happen?"

"I absolutely have no idea. The first time it had happened, it was gushing blood. Maybe it's you, since it bleed when I met you.... Or my neck is messed up? Theories?" Hellosh asked the man.

"I don't believe I've done anything to cause you to bleed... unless that mark is related to some form or curse that I inadvertently set off, though I have no idea what I could have done that would cause any kind of reaction." the man suggested.

"Curse?" Hellosh muttered. "I think I remember something about a curse," Hellosh held his head in pain,"but I keep getting headaches!" Hellosh grumbled.

"How curious... perhaps the curse is designed to incapacitate you when in the presence of the being which placed it upon you, and prevent you from discovering who, exactly, it was that did so..." the man mused. "Though why it would be activated now, I don't know..."

Hellosh gritted his teeth."I remember a few words: Sacrifice, reborn, demon!" Hellosh said,"What do you think of this?" Hellosh asked the man.

Hellen puts her book down, and goes to Hellosh. She examines his neck and says:"What the hell is this?"

"I have no idea." Hellosh simply replied.

Rita was awake

Envy, disguised as a female Xiphatian soldier, was looking around Holadino for Tiberius, or Athena.

Jona sat in the rafters of the building the Holadino team had taken as a camp once more, holding the red lightsaber in front of his face. He ignited it, producing a red glow and loud snap-hiss, deactivated, and reactivated it repeatedly as he thought about the origins of the weapon, and the last time he had held one. He was clearly troubled by the idea.

Lying awake listening to the lightsaber igniting over and over, Kynn groaned and got out of bed, heading for the door.
"You're going to wake all the others if you keep playing with that thing. Stop it." He called out softly, trying not to disturb anyone else.

The Rookie woke up slowly and yawned while stretching a bit.

Loki too was awake, occupying himself with twirling a kunai-like dagger around between the fingers of his left hand at various speeds, neot once fumbling the dagger.

Fafnir had left the cave to go hunt.

Envy would find neither Tiberius, not Athena outside. But there were several Xiphatian soldiers at the military compound, which had been re-fitted to suit the Xiphatians.

Rita approached Loki "Welcome back, did you learn anything useful?"

Envy approached the compound. As he did so he listened in to any conversations going on between guards, specifically looking for any talk about where the Xiphatians would target next.

Deactivating the lightsaber, Jona suddenly glanced up into the distance. He sensed some great disturbance in the Force, one that he had only felt once before. It was coming from just outside of Holadino.

On the outskirts of the town, a crackle of electricity split the air wide open, revealing a window that looked onto a very different landscape. A figure stepped through it and glanced around slowly. He was dressed in a chestnut brown robe and cowl, and the face beneath it was ashen grey and hollow, with dark red eyes under a hooded brow. Seeing the town, he grunted to himself and set off in that direction.

Meanwhile, near the location where Erica, Jessica and Sophia had settled for the night, a second portal opened at the exact same time. A tall, rangy human in light blue robes passed through. His skin and eyes were both shades of rich brown, and his wide lips curled in a slight smile as he uttered a brief incantation. The spell lit up a human figure not far from his position, shining through the obstacles between him and his target. Satisfied, he began to head in that direction.

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