We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"You managed to get healing magic down? Great job! Sorry I couldn't be of much help, but what I do technically isn't magic, so I probably wouldn't be any useful in helping you learn anyway." Jessica pleasantly replied to Sophia. Glancing back over at Erica, something finally clicked together in her head. "Indulge me for a moment, but have you ever known another cat-person with ears and a tail like mine? She'd have had a name you'd probably find odd too."

Data looks around, and shoots two times at one alien, and waits for any other aliens to attack. When one attacks, he'll fire at it.

Grace is thrown across the feild, out of the fight.

"Oh and this is Jessica, or um... Dr. Broca. She's the one who got me here to Winterhorn in the first place." Sophia said to Erica.

"It isn't?" She asked Jessica a little surprised.

Savranth uses a gust of wind to put out the fire on the alien.

He then looks for another target to fight. What are they doing here?

Loki would see that the materials reports were telling of materials being used in maintenance and other functions. Rounds fired, and used in repairs and such. It would seem that the base was using a small amount. Though, there was nothing indication there was any sort of major military action. There were also notes mentioning repairs on ships coming to the base, both from the Main Land and from other bases.

Marston struggled to get the dead alien off of him.

Again not what I had hoped to find, but this information could be worth something regardless. Loki thought when he read the ship was scheduled for maintenance. He then looked for if it was mentioned when these repairs were due.

"Well, then, it's nice to meet you, Dr. Broca." Erica said after hearing Sophia introduce Jessica. "As for your question, indeed I have. Three of them, in fact. A mother, and two daughters. Two of these people had odd names, although one more so then the other." she explained, then tilted her head slightly, looking intrigued. "Why do you ask?"

Jona's face twisted with rage.
"Sith..." He growled, before reversing the bonesword in his hand and driving the point down through the Hunt Leader's trachea so hard that it pierced through his spine and into the ground.
"Never." He finished as the Predator's blood gurgled up around the blade and from his mouth in glowing green froth, mingling with his last breaths.

Kynn hunkered down behind the huge oak that he had taken cover behind, its trunk slowly splintering away under fire. Singling out one of the Predators as he leaned out of cover, he centred another warp field right in his chest. When it opened it began to rapidly pull him apart at a molecular level, like a tiny black hole. Kynn quickly ducked back into cover. The red rim around his vision was beginning to recede, and with it both his temporary biotic powers and his state of euphoria were deserting him as well.

The Rookie grunted in dismay as the predator shots blasted parts of his cover into pieces. He grabbed the last grenade at his belt and lobbed at the enemy.

The remaining predators were slaughtered by Data, as they were all shooting at him.

the 10 remaining traitors approached Savranth cautiously, and one moved forward to speak to him. "You, Sav-Ranf?" it asked in guttural english.

OoC: @Berk I assume the fact that he killed the guy suggesting he was a sith was a hint to his path?

Sophia just listened to the conversation between the two. She adjusted her sash a little as she waited.

@Drak: Just confirming but Jessica wouldn't smell anything while in the room.

"No, technically what I do is...well just ask me later and I'll try to explain it. I don't want to bore Miss Erica here by talking about something she won't know anything about." Jessica replied to Sophia.
She nervously scratched at the back of her neck with her left hand as Sophia introduced her. "Sorry, I should have just introduced myself. I don't mean to be so rude." She said to Erica, though she seemed to snap back into enthusiasm upon hearing what Erica said. "Do you mind if I ask what their names were?"

Savranth held his blade at the ready. "Yes? What is it?"

The records would indicate that the currently docked ship would be finished with maintenance in a few days. Another was expected in a few more days time, making a return trip.

OOC: @FPS Who knows? Jona's story is uncommon to the Jedi. He has a lot of anger and hatred left over from the night of Order 66 of course, and he's had no guidance or even any human contact since then. However, a lot of his rage also comes from living in one of the most hostile, dangerous environments in the Star Wars galaxy. He's had to be an absolutely murderous predator himself to survive the kind of creatures found on Felucia by himself. He's as much an animal as he is a Jedi. Technically, he's probably already a dark Jedi. It's unlikely that he'd become a Sith though, because even if he fought one, he'd strike them down out of instinct as much as hatred or a desire for revenge. Of course, if he encountered Anakin Skywalker, or someone that he knew for certain betrayed the Jedi to their doom... different story.

Jona straightened up painfully leaving his bonesword in the corpse. Glancing down at the fallen lightsaber he gestured, and it jumped to his hand. Holding it up he ignited the blade and glared at it, thinking.

Kynn looked out at the carnage wrought by Data and emerged from cover, breathing heavily. His hands were beginning to shake now, both from adrenaline and the aftereffects of the drug. Exhaling sharply, he retrieved his pistol and folded both weapons back onto their clasps.

"Alright." Sophia nodded. "And it's ok, I introduced Erica too." She smiled innocently.

@Random: What's Order 66? *Ducks behind safety crate of safety*

The Rookie grunted and got back on his feet, observing the battlefield as he holstered his weapons. He looked over to Kynn and nodded to him in respect, doing a quick salute.


OoC: @Furi they aren't using plasmacasters, which should be an indication of how well equipped these guys are...

Ooc: wat, I'm not even home yet :o

Loki took the files detailing the scheduled maintentance from the folder and folded it up twice, once horizontally, then vertically. Once he made the files disappear, Loki placed the folder back where he had found it, closed the drawer and moved on to the cabinet saying supplies. When if this ship due to be re-supplied? he thought, once more looking at the most recent entries first.

"Oh, it's no big deal." Erica said to Jessica in responce to her comments about he not introducing herself imediately. "The name of the mother is one I could never forget. Four, she was called. One of the daughters was named... Asha. I think." she answered, sounding quite unsure when mentioning Asha. "The name of the other daughter I can't remember, unfortunately."

OoC @Furi ah, sorry. Meant Berk, use four letter names for both of you... Minor mistake.

The boy had been watching the group fight the predators for a while, mostly in disbelief. Aliens?! they were fighting Aliens?!?! this place is nuts!

Black started to walk close by the forest area near Holadino.

The predator coughed, and popped his neck. "Something powerful, something BIG, wants you very dead. Threatened to throw our ships in the sun."

Kynn nodded and returned the salute, trying to keep his hands still.
"Huh... that was... that was some fight, right?" He remarked as he caught his breath. "Didn't think we'd pull through for a moment."

OOC: @Zeph Order 66 was the order given to the grand army of the Republic to turn on the Jedi and wipe them out all across the galaxy. The most intense killing was at the Jedi temple on Coruscant, which is where all the young children train to become apprentices. Jona was there on the night that the order was given. He was 6 years old.

"I'm sure a lot of people want me dead. What are you talking about?" Savranth responds keeping his sword at the ready.

The most recent report on supplies would show that the base was only getting a small amount of supplies from the ships. Probably only about 15% of what the ships could actually carry. Maybe less. And several ships were going through on a regular basis.

Marston managed to get the alien off of him and picked himself and his rifle up. When he saw Sav and the predators talking, he took a position that would allow him to watch with some stealth.

'Wait wait wait... did Erica just say... Four was someone's name? Who would name someone four?' She thought to herself.

@Random: Ah ok, I got ya. I guess I just didn't know it by name, but what happened. That was the whole thing in Revenge of the Sith, right? The clones went 'destroy all Jedi'?

Ness yawned a bit as she woke up. Looking outside the window, she sighed a bit. ...Jeez, how long was I out for? As she turned toward the couch and saw that Jess had left, she cracked her neck a bit before tapping her clip and teleporting near her. ...That reminds me, I need to pick Echo and Holly up since the Tao business is over with...

Yukino hopped off the rooftop she was sleeping on and was heading toward the forest near Holadino.

Grace, after climbing into a tree, watches Savranth.

Data... Suddenly goes offline, to commence repairs.

OoC: Yeah... Probably dropping Data soon...

The Rookie clapped Kynn on the shoulder and sat down on the remains of the fallen tree he had used for cover, idly looking at the dead predators.
OoC: Oh god its late. The Rookie will follow Kynn. Good night.

OoC: Huh.... so 60 predators didn't do much, also back

Rita was still in the cave

Envy arrived in Port Letosh again

"The monster took our ships, threatened to toss them in sun. She wanted us to kill you, to give you location of Long Fang. She probably dead now." the monster explained, tapping at its bracer. Suddenly, sound poured out from it, foreign clicks and words spraying out. "No, she still alive. Interesting. Quite interesting. But yes, we forced to hunt you, to make sure great god not kill us. Watch your back."

@Dot: How near is near by the way?

OOC: @Zeph That's right. I did a couple of spoilered scenes a while back detailing Jona's memories of the event, before I laid off for a period.

OOC: Just finished Ace Combat; Assault Horizon. God... that was less than pleasant. And I used to love those games...

Jona sighed and deactivated the red bladed lightsaber. It was an evil weapon, and he was loathe to take it, but it was too powerful to simply discard, and though he hated to admit it to himself, it felt... amazing, to wield one again. He clipped it onto his belt beside the broken one that already hung there.

Kynn grinned at Rookie, though the human couldn't see it through his faceplate. Underneath it though, his mind was racing. Tophat would pick up on it.

OOC: @Saltyk Too bad Athena died actually. I had been thinking that having her around would be very useful for developing Kynn's arc.

Jessica's face lit up immensely at what Erica said. Similar to when she met Tophat, it took the entirety of her self-control to keep from giddily hopping up and down and giggling like a schoolgirl. "Oh wow! So you are that Erica! I thought it may have just been coincidence! What are the odds that I'd meet both you and Tophat while I was out doing this? I'd imagine they must be pretty crazy..." She enthusiastically replied. "I'm sorry, I must be confusing you, let me explain. I'm Four's 14x great grand-daughter. I've read so much about you! It's a great pleasure to actually meet you." She was too enamored by Erica to notice Ness showing up for the moment.

Since Nybeth had not had any luck in finding any Xiphatian officers, he wandered around town for a bit, hoping to pick up gossip that didn't directly relate to what was happening in Holadino.

@Random: Athena dying got retconned.

OOC: I wonder what Four would have written about Grace and Gerry? And Tanner?

Marston continued to watch the predators that were talking to Sav.

"And what will you do, now?" Savranth asked, not yet trusting the aliens.

Nybeth may find Tiberius roaming about the town. Looking to see what the people were doing.

OoC: Yeah... I'm not completely sure how I feel about doing that, but it looks like it's been Retconned.

@Zeph: Let's say just outside the room.

Yukino continues on her way toward the forest.

Ness teleported outside of Sophia's door and heard some of the banter going on. Sasha's here as well? Interesting...

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