We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Jedi!" Jona exclaimed, and gestured at himself. "Long ago. They... fight evil. Sith. Crime. They keep..." He struggled to find the word he wanted, but couldn't. After so long, even its true meaning eluded him. "They fight... to stop fighting. Stop others from fighting? The Force, source of power. This is Jedi weapon." His expression darkened.
Sith weapon, too. Dark Force. Murderers. Traitors. Kill many of us. My friends. My teachers." Hanging his head, he fell silent, unwilling to speak any more than he already had. He was unused to saying so much, and the topic was painful.

However, when he heard the name Anakin, he glanced up sharply at Grace, eyes blazing. His hand tightened on the lightsaber hilt til his knuckles turned white.

"Traitor." He growled. "Anakin Skywalker. Murderer!"

"About as well as could be expected." Nybeth replied to Tiberius. "I noticed that reinforcements seemed to have come in. What is the next move to be made? Are we to use this place as a staging point for our next push?"

Jessica gingerly placed the book she was holding back in her coat after showing it to Erica. "I could see about getting you a copy of the book yourself if you'd like to read it." She offered to Erica. Placing a hand on her chin, she hummed to herself as she thought about Erica's question. "No. Well, not exactly. Most of Four's personal effects are being preserved in our city's museum."

"Glad I could be of some help." Marston said with a bit of a smile as he put his rifle away and started reloading his revolver.

"Well, that's the first wave done." Lyra said, looking out at the horde of predators. She reloaded her rifle, and rubbed her new collection of wounds less then enthusiastically. "What was that, 60? I'm counting the bodies, but some seem to have gotten... Gibbleted. That even a word? Hey Marcus, use your supercomputer brain, and tell me if Gib-"
"No, its not. Least, not when I got my dictionary installed, back in '98. And its 50. So says the counting program. Looks like a few got turned quite chunky." he said, kicking one of the dead over with his foot. "So what, now we die well? You give some rallying speech, and me and Xyleena take down a hundred each? Cause if that's the plan, we're gonna need another 10 or so of us. Jesus, must be a thousand of those slimy little bastards."
"We're gonna die here aren't we? Won't those Xyphatian people come help? we're in there territory."
Lyra shrugged. "Hell if I know. This place is in the middle of absolutely bloody nowhere, from the looks of it. They could have a million, and we'd have the same problems. Let me see if I can call someone, make this fight more even. Or get out of it, if we can." she pulled herself back into the mine network they'd set up in, and tapped at her commbead. "Hey Ness. Yello, Nessy poo, I could really use your help right now..."

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Why am I not suprised... Loki thought once seeing the computer asked for a password. For lack of a better plan on how to proceed, Loki clicked on the box asking if one had forgotten one's password, although he needed some time before he got the cursor to do what he wanted.

"Likewise." Erica said to Ness. Noting her facial expression, she said, "I don't suppose you're the descendant of someone I knew too?" with a chuckle. Looking back to Jessica, she said, "If posible, then I'd like that, thank you. And a museum dedicated to Four? She has become a celebrity, it seems!" with that said, she chuckled again.

Grace looked at Jona, "Peace?" she said to him.
Then, seeing his response to Aniken skywalker, recoiled, "<... I think I know... He faces justice...>"
Savranth would hear "... Yu chyump Yu pmequ... Fo husoc dacgyuso..."

@Random: You're forgetting about the new language? And yes, this is how Uryuom language is taught.

"I see. It seems you feel strongly about this. I suppose the Force is sort of like your magic..." Savranth said to Jona. "Perhaps we should head back, too, though." He said noticing others leaving.

"It's either that or we head to Granite Pass. If we do that, we'll move from the base we captured." Tiberius explained.

Richard looks to Envy. His expression made it obvious that it was something that he considered above Envy's concern. Perhaps classified information. "That won't be necessary. As for the defenses, I know of nothing that currently needs work. Maybe Soto will have some work for you?"

A box popped up on the computer.

The PASSWORD is easier than you think

Ness blinked a bit as she picked up on Lyra's transmission. She sighed a bit as she tapped her ear and whispered a bit. "Ms. Reed? What do you need?"

Yuki began to pull back quickly and silently.

'A museum?' Sophia thought to herself. "I don't mean to interrupt, but... what's this museum?" She looked at Erica and Four, feeling like she should really know this.

"Oh thank fucking christ, you actually have the bead in. The fangs just dropped a regiment on my head, I've got 3 people able to fight about a thousand or so enemies, and I don't have anyone else to call. I'm really sorry, realize that I'm probably interrupting something very exciting and enjoyable for you, but I might die in the next hour or so-" she was interrupted as Marcus yelled out "Need our sniper up top, more incoming! looks like another 50 to test the waters." "Shite, I need to go. Head to Rockbyrd, get as many people gathered up as you can, we need help ASAP." she got off the comm and ran to the entrance, already loading her weapon with AP rounds to bust through a predators helmet.

The boy shrugged when he noticed the people walk away. Maybe there use to that sort of thing....weirdos.... he thought as he walked off a little.

"I suppose it's not safe to ravel alone, not with all these creatures around after all" Black said to Marston as she continued to walk.

Envy smiled "A fine idea, I'll go see if the good doctor has any work for me." and with that Envy went to see Soto

Jona nodded at Grace's guess of peace, but looked confused by her claim of justice against Anakin Skywalker. Before he could think of a response, however, Savranth set off, and he turned to follow him.

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"Especially for a lady, like yourself." Marston said as he neared the edge of the forest.

"I'll see what I can do." Jessica said to Erica with a smile. "Well technically there's only a wing in the museum dedicated to Four, but it is one of the more popular features." Hearing Sophia ask about the museum, she looked back over to her. "Oh, I'm talking about the museum back in my homeland. They mostly just preserve historical artifacts there and allow the public to observe them. But they also display artwork and sculptures or other things of that nature as well." She explained. Noticing Ness whisper to herself, her ears perked up visibly. "Something going on?"

"I see." Nybeth replied, nodding once. "And what are our current plans?"

Ness sighed a bit as Lyra got off then turned to Jessica after mumbling a bit to herself. " Echo and Holly will probably enjoy one more day here... Excuse me, I need to go assist Ms. Reed in not getting killed. Yukino should be enough to help her, but I need to make sure she doesn't go a-wall. I'll return once it's over." With that, she tapped her clip and teleported to Yukino's position.

The foxgirl tripped as Ness teleported near her, leading to her sliding on her face. After a bout of silent cursing and explanations, the duo teleported their way to Rockbyrd, as Ness focused on the moments when she had driven there.

"...More of those aliens... They'll most likely be well armed this time."
"...You've fought them before?"
"Yes, but I don't think I'll enjoy it this time around." Yukino seemed to look out into space for a few moments as Ness raised an eyebrow.

Grace shrugged, and followed Savranth, "From what I understand, it's pretty similar, but not quite the same." she said, "And yeah, we really should head back."

@Random Berk: Grace rubbed her Antenni on him to teach him Uryuomoco, to ease the language barrier.

Black gave a very small smile and a nod. "Your quite the gentlemen for the assist" she said to Marston.

The boy started at the sky as it turned dark, holding his head slightly.

"Really? That's a museum? How strange, why would people do something like that?" She replied back to Jessica, her head tilting to the side a bit.

Sophia heard what Vanessa said, but as she turned Vanessa had already left. "Wait wait wait... Killed?" She said rather shocked.

"I hardly know how to be anything else in the presence of a young lady like yourself." Marston said as he whistled for his horse.

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"It's still a similar concept. Magic is a natural thing for Xiphatians and even animals and plants can have magic principles." Savranth said as they left the forest.

"Current plans are to prepare for the next effort and keep the enemy guessing as to our intended target. Both Port Letosh and Granite Pass have large forces in them." Tiberius explained.

Soto was looking over some video of his Alien specimens. "Yes... very interesting... Not quite the next step in human evolution, but they are something of value."

OoC: So... How did Vanessa know Yukino was there and why didn't she get anyone else?

OOC: @Salty, huh, I'd have thought Soto would be more excited over Aliens + GRUNTS

Envy approached Soto "Greetings Dr. Soto. I'm here to see if you have any work for me, anything that could help your progress, as long as it doesn't involve me getting killed of course." said Envy with a chuckle

In the ruins of Rockbyrd, an army sat. They had set up tents, built mess halls, and dug lines of entrenchments. As Yukino and Ness watched, a line of soldiers wearing nothing but simple leather armor and knifes charged one of the mouths of the mines, being met by a hail of fire. Most were dropped before they arrived, but several made it inside the mine, where the sounds of close combat picked up. Behind the trenches were strange artillery weapons, with barrels propped on the ground. Behind that were more elite predators, watching through binoculars, commenting to each other in their language about the assault. They wore full predator regalia, with plasmacasters at their shoulder and bracers hiding blades on their wrists.

Grace nodded, "Yeah, probably... Why did they attack, anyway?" she asked.

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"Good to know some people have manners in this world" Black said as she put her hands in her pockets.

The boy just crouched to the floor, holding his head in pain. not...Again

Loki looked over the hint that had popped up. Well, that is most unhelpf-- his train of thoughts were interupted when something caught his eye. It could not posibly be... No one would truly be so stupid as to make that the password. Despite his doubts, Loki looked over the keyboard and began typin "password". Once that done, he wasn't entirely sure what to do next. I have written what I wanted? Why is there no indication of any change? Hmm-ing, Loki looked over the keyboard again, trying to figure out if there was anything he needed to do in addition. Perhaps if I were to press this button? The fact that it says 'enter' suggest it is used to input commands. With that, he pressed enter.

"That would be most welcome." Erica said to Jessica, then looked back to Sophia. "To alow people to see what the past looked like. Think of it as a history book that you can walk through. For instance, the museum in the dimension I live in dedicates on artifacts from a lost civilisation that were recovered, and by looking at the objects on display one can get a far better understanding of how these people lived then they would only reading about it." she explained. Hearing mention of a person getting killed, Erica sighed. Some things never change.

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Ness looked over the scene and sighed a bit before pulling out her Light Sniper and beginning to look for higher ground. "Nishida, please be careful." The foxgirl nodded before cloaking herself and beginning to sneak over toward the line of predators.

As she walked, Ness got on the comm. "Ms. Reed, we're already getting into position here."

"Who knows. They said they were sent to attack me... Beyond that I don't really know." Savranth said as they entered Holadino.

Well, shoot down my best use for you right off the bat... Soto thought for a moment.
"What was it you sent to Lucia?"

When Loki entered his password of password and hit enter the computer screen changed to show the main screen. Icons and windows adorned the screen.

"Well, I'm not actually from here. But I'm sure people here are the same as anywhere. For better or worse." Marston said as his horse rode up and he mounted it. "Will you be needing a ride then?" he asked Black.

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"The guardian of the ruins to the west. A mech appearing to be of Legaian make, despite being able to use magic. It didn't seem like she will be able to figure out how to replicate it though." responded Envy

"Alright." Sophia nodded, understanding a little better. "That must mean that this Four was very special to have people want to remember her." She thought aloud.

"I thank you for the offer but I'll walk thanks" Black said to Marston as she followed him. "and I would like to think so, but you never know"

Grace nodded.
"It's odd, really... Where I'm from, Jedi's are... Well, from a movie-franchise..." she said.
"I suppose you don't know what movies are, huh?" she said.

Ness's comm would cut in with the sounds of battle, with Lyra grunting an expletive as the unique sound of a knife entering someone's pancreas sounded. "Sorry about that, had some bugger try to stab me. You're set up then? Great, you got here real quickly. If you could pick off some of those posh assholes watching through the Binocs, my shots will take care of the other ones. After that, we just run away. Sound good?" as she spoke, she moved to the mouth of the cave, taking aim at the Hunt leaders.
As Yukino approached, she would notice strange towers arranged around the base, in a horseshoe shape, stopping where the trenches had been dug.

"A form of entertainment popular in Legaia." Savranth answered Grace.

"You've obviously made some mistake. There's no way a Legaian mech can use magic." Soto replied.

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