We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Something bothering you miss?" Marston asked Black as he noticed her looking down.

Rita shrugged and tagged along.

Envy waited for Richard to respond

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Grace looked at Erica, and nodded.
"... You wouldn't happen to know where Savranth is, do you?" she asked.

"Indeed I have." Nybeth replied to Loki with his back still turned to him. He pointed over at another rock in the cave, on top of which sat the leather and explosive material he had bought the previous day. Turning around to face Loki, he said, "I am also working on testing and modifying my Poison Cloud spell as you have instructed, but I have hit a bit of an impasse." He began pacing around his cave as he continued. "In order to test the effects of time on the potency and lethality of the gas, I need living subjects to test them on, of which I have none."

As Jessica finished stretching she stood up. "Yeah good morning." She said to Grace and Erica, still sounding half asleep. Noticing Ness off a ways, she walked on over to her, giving her a "Good morning." as well. Hearing Grace, she replied, "Yep, I know exactly where he is."

Loki looked towards where Nybeth had pointed to. Seeing the materials, Loki noted that the explosive substances wasn't black power, but rather a substance he didn't recognise. "What is that substance, there? Never have I seen it before." He asked, then paused before addressing Nybeth's concern. "And that need not be a substancial a hinderance. It is quite posible for me to smuggle the stored gas some place where there would be living subjects to inhale it."

"Who...?" Erica asked Grace, looking up from the letter, slightly confused. She thought she didn't know any Savranth, but wasn't sure of this because of her unreliable memory.

Grace nodded at Jessica, and looked at Erica, "A fellow I know." she said.

"So, what now?" she said.

The letter read as such.

Black sighed and raised her head slightly. "That depends, do you think it's wrong to kill that of which has no soul?" She asked, kinda quieter then usual.

"Well, why might you want to do that?" Marston asks Black.

Ness waved over toward Jessica as well, smiling a bit. "Good morning, Jessica." She tilted her head toward Grace. "Well... we could just teleport to his location, I think."

Yuki calmly got up, a bit oblivious to everything going on near the ship. She started to walk off toward Holadino, yawning a bit.

"Well, my blastia can detect harmful air, we could use that to see how lethal your gas stays, but either way."

Envy was still waiting for Richard to respond

Black looked down. "It was against a zombie like creature....and in self defense..." She said to Marston. "Does that make it....fairer? that I have given the dead body some final rest..." She added, sounding unsure.

"To be honest, I am uncertain as well. I was unable to identify what exactly it is either." Nybeth replied to Loki, following his gaze to the unidentifiable material he had been sold. Looking back at Rita and Loki, he said, "I am unconcerned as to how the gas is tested, so either method is acceptable to me."

Jessica smiled back at Ness before glancing back at Grace. "Well I still need to find Echo and Holly. After that...well, I hadn't figured that far ahead. Savranth said he would look into something while I was gone, might as well see how that's been going."

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After some time, Richard answered. "How is she?" he replied, somewhat distand-mindedly. "Angry... Anyway, we have no scouts available at present. They're either off-duty, or already were sent out."

"If it can measure the lethality of the gas, then this would be the better option, I would think. As this would take far less effort.[/i] Loki remarked after hearing Rita.

Valentine? Erica thought upon reading the letter. It took her a while before it dawned on her remembering who the sender was. Oh, right! She's here, then? This is turning out to be quite the reunion. Thinking more on the subject, Erica's mood eventually sank. I'd have to inform her of AEanna's passing... She placed the letter back in the envelope, folded it, and placed it in her satchel. She gave little responce to Jessica, Ness and Grace discussing what to do, only partially because she had nothing to add.

"Well, I wouldn't say you did anything wrong." Marston replied to Black.

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The Kid begins to walk away from the group, ever so slowly...

Grace nodded, "I should probably see him." she said.

"Well, you'd just need to cast it somewhere where it won't kill me and I can monitor it." said Rita

"I see, well at least I was able to find her. Will she need a new hip? And was her weapon recovered?" said Envy

I look down and quickly grab up the datapad and look at it.

"Well that makes me feel slightly better then..." Black replied to Marston. "I can only pray for there good after life"

Ness got up and slowly wiped the dirt off her feet before putting her socks and shoes back on. "I nearly forgot about those two. I'll go and check on them, then you can take Ms. Grace to see Savranth if you want... or vice versa." Noting Erica's silence, Ness looked over at her and noticed her putting the letter way. Her curiosity was piqued, but she ignored it for the moment. "Ms. Erica, perhaps you should come with us to talk to Savranth. He can help you to get more situated with this world."

Yuki continued to walk toward Holadino, eventually seeing Black and Marston. She approaches them, waving a bit.

"A nice gesture at least." Marston says to Black.

Black nodded. "Its just respect for the dead, hoping there find there way around in the after life" Black replied to Marston, she gave a small wave to Yukino. "Good day"

"Either way, as long as it can still produce an explosion once touched by a flame, it can still serve its purpose." Loki said to Nybeth on the subject of the explosive materials, then turned around. "As for the testing of the gas, this is best done outside, I should think. So then, shall we?" With that, he climbed out of the cave.

"That's fortunate, yes. And yes, the damaged ball joint had to be replaced by a cybernetic hip, as it couldn't be saved any longer. She didn't take this well. As for her weapon, yes. That was on her when she was recovered, said she'd been using it as a crutch." Richard answered Envy. "Anyway. Has there been any movement in Holadino?"

Erica looked up towards Ness and shuffled out of the sleeping bag, standing up. "I was planning on going with you anyway, so I might as well." she answered with a small smile. Although her voice retained its usual cheery tone, her facial expression looked bothered. Picking up the sleeping bag, she handed it to Jessica. "Here. Thanks for lending it to me. Sure beats sleeping on the ground."

Rita headed out of the cave

"Nah nothin yet, I'm keeping a good eye on it though. Do you think Medea will be in fighting shape soon? Hate to have her out of commission if they decide to attack the Port." said Envy as he looked down at Holadino.

Savranth sat on the Military buildings roof, looking out to the surroundings.
I suppose things will start up again at some point... This is where it truly starts...

Jessica glanced around at her surroundings to confirm that she was in a forest. "Uh, there's no place to draw any chalk circles here, it'd be a major pain for me to move everyone. I think you have an easier time of it anyway with that thing that weird guy gave you." Jessica replied to Ness. Taking out her visor, she quickly checked Savranth's location. "Looks like Savranth is still in Holadino. If you guys go and find him, I can just catch up with you after I get Echo and Holly." She said as she put her visor away.
Glancing over at Erica offering her the sleeping bag back, Jessica said to her, "You can just leave that on the ground, I'll pick them all up in a minute." Noticing her facial expression, she asked, "Something up?"

"That could work." Nybeth replied to Rita. "You would also have to test all these aged samples I've been producing." He added, pointing over his shoulder at all the glass jars. "We must determine if it is the dispersal of the gas that renders it harmless, or the passing of time itself." He followed after Loki as he saw him leaving the cave.

Grace nodded at Ness, "Thank you."
She looks at Erica, "What's wrong?"

"Yeah. Peace after death is about the best most people can hope to get." Marston said to Black, showing his cynicism a bit. "Howdy Miss Yukino." he said to Yuki.

I take this time to get back into my suit.

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Ness nodded toward Jessica before motioning both Grace and Erica toward her. "You'll need to be in physical contact with me in order for me to teleport you. ...You also may feel a bit queasy after the teleport, but you'll get used to the feeling soon enough."

Yuki smiled a bit toward Black. "Hello Black and Mr. Marston. How are you two doing?" Her tone didn't have its usual sarcasm while she spoke to the vocaloid hazama spirit.

OoC: @Outis: The Kid just arived, he has no idea what's going on.

The Kidd watches the folks at the giant metal rock... Testing the ground.
The ground ain't giving, ain't bobbing, ain't doing anything. Ain't rising, ain't falling, just stayin.
And there's some all around him...
The Kidd sits down, and just looks at it. Looks at the horizon, at the fact that there is one...

Grace nods, and takes her hand.
"I've probably faced worse." she said.

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"Rita, fetch the jars, would you." Loki said to Rita as he left Nybeth's cave, waiting by the entrance once outside.

"No. She'll just have to adjust to her new hip, and she'll be all set. This will take three days at the very most. I suspect the aftercare will be over and done with by tomorow, however." Richard answered Envy.

"Well, I just recieved a letter from an old friend who I shared a room with when I was still in college. Valentine, is her name. You might know her, Jessica." Erica explained to Jessica and Grace, laying the sleeping bag back on the ground at Jessica's request. "Anyway. Appearantly, she's here too. While normally, this would be a thing that excites me, as I haven't seen her in ten years. But I'd need to inform her of AEanna's passing. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to that." she explained further, stepping over to Ness once being motioned to do so.

"it's what I'd like after I die" Black added to Marston. "you seem to be in a good mood Yukino..." She said her as she put a hand in her pocket.

Rita nodded and went to fetch the jars

"Hm, well that's good. If I could make a suggestion, you guys should train an advanced sniper and scouting unit, their higher ups don't seem to mind standing around, one is just kinda sitting on a roof right now, totally open. What happened to her anyways?" said Envy, casually observing Savranth and the surrounding area

As the two other women held her hands, Ness quickly closed her eyes and pictured Savranth. She tapped the clip on her fedora and it teleported the trio in a small white flash. They appeared a few feet away from Savranth on the roof. Ness shook her head a bit after the warp, a little shaken up by teleporting more than one person.

Yuki shrugged a bit toward Black. "...You could say I've been reborn, more or less. Peace after death... that would be nice..."

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