We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Grace seems bearly phased by the teleportation, and see's Savranth. She waves at him, as she bounces down to him.

Jessica went around piling all the sleeping bags together. "Oof, yeah, I can imagine that might be something you'd want to have to pass on." Jessica replied to Erica before she disappeared. As the series of blue glyphs formed around her head again, she looked back over at Erica only to notice she was gone. I was going to ask why Valentine wasn't there in the first place, but thinking about it, Erica probably wouldn't know. A portal opened up underneath the sleeping bag pile, causing the bags to fall in and completely disappear when the portal closed. Once that was done with, she teleported into Winterhorn and began looking around for Anna.

"I do not intend to test them all at once. Doing so would rather defeat the point. Just grab one and we shall see if the gas has fared any." Nybeth shouted back at Rita as she ran into the cave.

"I think we can all agree getting a little peace would be nice." Marston said to both women.

...Eh, whatever. I get out of my suit again and start carving up the rock with my laser.

Once teleported, Erica stumbled around, somewhat desorientated. Coming to a standstill with some effort, she rubbed her temples, trying to regain her sense of balance.

Loki waited for Rita to bring the jar of gas.

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Rita brought a jar back, and using her blastia detected the lethality of the gas inside

Envy waited for Richards response

Black patted Yukino lightly on her shoulder. "Well...that's nice to hear at least..." She said, then lowered her hand. "unfortunetly peace will have to wait....there is still the matter of this world to sort out first..."

"You're underestimating your foes. That would prove deadly. Even if you successfully, killed one person, you'd be dead before you could celebrate. There's a reason I'm the head of intelligence. I know better than to risk my men or my operations on things without much chance of success." Richard responded, sounding annoyed that Envy had the audacity to tell him how to run his own operations.
"From what we gathered, she was attacked by some Xiphatian scouts on her way away from the town."

Yuki sighed a bit before nodding toward Black, smiling slightly as she patted her shoulder. "Right... About that... I've decided to side with Xiphatia in this fight. Since the Legaians think you to be some 'destroyer', you'll be doing the same. Right?"

She turned toward Marston afterward. "How about you, Marston? Will you be joining in this as well?"

Ness flopped onto the roof, landing hard on her butt while still clutching her head. ...Alright... My limit is definitely two... Let's not exceed that...

"Forgive me, snipers are more common where I'm from. What would they do that would leave me dead before I could celebrate?" asked Envy, picking up a stick and swinging it around like a sword just to compliment his disguise of a young boy camping out

Rita would find that since the gas had nowhere to disperse to, it retained full enough lethality to kill about a half-dozen men.

"Well?" Nybeth asked Rita, curious as to whether the object she had could really do as she had claimed it could.

Jessica eventually wandered into the main tower of Winterhorn college in her search for Headmaster Anna.

"We don't use them as much because they on;y prove useful with the proper equipment. Medea is highly trained in it's use." Richard explained. "And they'd spot you as soon as you shot and chase you down and kill you before you had any hope of escaping. There's a reason they spotted our spy force at their Defense Base, you know. And that was despite them avoiding any sort of confrontation."

Anna was going over several applications in her office.

Jessica may see some students in the halls, though.

"I already have actually. Nice to know you and I will be on the same side." Marston replied to Yukino.

"As much I don't like to, I have no choice too..." Black rpelied to Yukino, then looked up to the sky.

"Oh yea, this is this still lethal. I would say it could kill at least 5 people, maybe more." replied Rita

"I see, I'll be a bit more careful here then." replied Envy

"Excellent! It seems that the gas can keep for at least 22 hours if contained well enough." Nybeth replied, sounding satisfied. "That is, if you are certain that what this 'blastia' tells you are accurate." He added, his satisfaction fading into skepticism.

Jessica decided to approach the students with what she needed. Walking up to them, she asked, "Excuse me, could you tell me where I could find..." She then proceeded to give them a description of what she remembered Anna looking like from the time she had met her. "She said she'd take care of some children for me for a bit, so I need to find her and let her know she's off the hook since I can take them back now."

Grace walks up to Savranth, "Hey." she said.

"Make sure you do." Richard replied.

"The Headmaster? I think she's in her office." The student told Jessica. "Top floor."

OoC: Didn't Holly and Echo leave? I don't know the details...

OoC: @Salty, Persephone gave Echo her voice back and took Echo and Holly back home.
although there is still a note on the wall which no one has seen/discovered yet.... despite having writ it out ages ago.

Rita frowned "Of course she can! It's stopped me from entering areas with poor to lethal air quality dozens of times."

Envy responded with a simple "Roger." before going back to his "camping."

@Salt: Anna would know that they were gone though. Rex told her about it the day they left.
Also, Ness teleported the trio onto the roof.

Yuki sighed a bit before nodding. "Then it's just a waiting game for now, it seems. The general wouldn't tell me anything on their next move."

OoC: @Wacky: I feel I should point out that Savranth is on the rooftop of a building... The main military building in Holadino.

"I know that feeling, and it ain't a plesent one." Marston said to Black sympathetically.

Well, I finally got the rock to look like a decent grave stone. Now for an inscription...

"Thank you." Jessica replied to the students. She wandered around for a bit until she discovered that the way to move about the tower was through the teleportation pads similar to what she had to use to get into the library for the first time. After some time messing around with them, she managed to get to the top floor, where she wandered around until she found Anna's office. Walking up to the door, she knocked on it.

Nybeth raised an eyebrow at Rita's act of having assigned a gender to what he thought of as simply a piece of equipment. "And how exactly does 'she' work in that regard?" He asked, putting emphasis on the word she to get his bemusement across.

OoC: @Salt: So is Ness and Erica, they all teleported to him a few posts back.

Rita ignored Nybeth's added inflection on "she" "Through magic and science, she already operates through absorbing the air and using the magic in the air, it was simple to adjust her to allow her to analyze the air, and then it only took a little bit of work to allow her to analyze specific sections of air."

"Waiting game....then we must use what time we have to our advance..." Black said to Yukino. "Either by training or learning what we can of our enemy..." Just like White would do...

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Black will just follow Marston and Yukino wherever.
Night all.

Savranth looks back at the others. "Where did you run off to?"

Richard didn't reply to Envy.

"Come in." Anna said through the door. Her usually cheery voice sounding a bit strained at the time, but not necessarily angry or rude.

"We went to Erica's home, visited an old friend of hers, and-"
She then collapses, for seemingly no reason.


"Ah, I see now." Nybeth began. "You've modified it's base functions so that you can use it to analyze air particles and determine whether or not they contain anything toxic or harmful to the human body." He commented, paraphrasing what she had said to him and seeming slightly impressed. "Did you fashion that device yourself? I've never heard of such a thing." He asked, now more curious about Rita's blastia.

Jessica entered Anna's office upon hearing her. "Hello. I'm back to take those little girls I unfortunately had to saddle you with off your hands. Thanks for keeping an eye on them again."

"Half of it is, the body is easily crafted and is needed to use the cores, which cannot be created. Where I come from they are what allow us to use any and all magic." replied Rita

"Didn't you know? It seems their mother came to pick them up. I was informed that it was fine by the man you left to watch over them, that it would be okay." Anna replied.

Ness shook her stupor off for a moment as Sav talked. "Oooh... Just.. this and that..." She mumbled a bit in response.

Yuki sighed a bit as Black spaced out before turning toward Marston. "What will you be doing in the meantime then, Marston? I'm glad to have you on my side as well."

"I guess I'll be enjoying my time not spent getting shot at." Marston replied.

"Interesting. Where I hail from, magic is simply a natural phenomenon. Anyone who puts forth the effort and has a slight bit of talent can perform at least small feats of magic." Nybeth relied. "Aside from having to learn spells from grimoires, equipment is not needed to use magic, only time to clear one's mind and channel the energy required."

Mother?...I kinda just assumed they were both orphans. "No, I didn't know that. Thank you for telling me that....I guess I'll just be going now....Unless, there's a girl named Sasha here, can you tell me if she's busy right now? Jessica said to Anna.

Yuki giggled softly at his response. "I suppose I should do that as well." She paused for a moment before continuing. "I hope I'm not being to presumptuous, but you seem really well-mannered, though your outfit would say otherwise. What kind of world are you from and what's it like...?"

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