We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Really? Interesting, blastia for personal use isn't very common where I'm from, but to be a mage like me you need to have a considerable amount of talent and intelligence."

"Just a bit of what?" Savranth asked, now thoroughly confused.

"It seems someone else should have told you that much. You may want to have that addressed later." Anna says to Jessica. "However, I believe Sasha is busy with some work right now. She still has much work she needs to complete."

OoC: Zeph is too busy to RP sadly.

"I'm afraid I'm not sure how to answer that. I come from a rough world, full of a lot of bad things and even worse people. That doesn't mean I can't be a gentlemen when it's appropriate, like when talking to ladies like yourself." Marston said to Yukino, looking a bit introspective.

Persephone appeared near Ness and watched her silently.

Ness just shook her head for a few moments in response to Sav. "...Never mind. I--" She stopped short as she felt something watching her. She just stopped and blinked for a few moments, not saying a word. ...I have a feeling that I forgot something important...

Yukino nodded a bit. "I see. It's nice to see someone who can still act properly despite the world being less so around them." Kind of wish I was like that before...

"Well, don't get the impression that I'm perfect. I guess it's one way I try to make up for some other shortcomings." Marston said to Yukino.

Persephone continued to watch Ness.

"I never said anything about magic seeing personal use. I said it required slight effort and talent. It is only majorly applied to warfare, as anyone who's shown to have such talent are more often than not convinced to fight for whatever purpose has sprung up in that month, or are outright conscripted." Nybeth replied to Rita, sounding somewhat disdainful. "Though I can understand these 'blastia' not seeing much personal use. If these 'cores' cannot be crafted, then only limited amounts can exist at one time."

"Yeah I'll see about getting that addressed." Jessica said with a sigh. Hearing that Sasha was busy, she replied, "Oh. Ah well. Thanks again. I should get going now." She left Anna's office while giving Anna a wave. She went off to find a bathroom to get some privacy, then once she was sure no one could see her, used her visor to check Ness and Savranth's location. Seeing that they were both together, she teleported onto the rooftop where they were, putting her visor away as she walked up to them.

"I see..." Savranth says. "By the way, Jessica just arrived and some random woman is staring at us. She should leave before she gets in trouble with the military."

Rita nodded "Exactly, and their size can range, further limiting the amount for personal use. That isn't to say the other sizes aren't useful, the kind classified as "barrier blastia" are more useful, as they form large energy shields over our cities that allow humans to pass through but keep monsters at bay. Others exist as seige weaponry, engines for transportation, and so on and so forth."

Envy raised an eyebrow at the steadily growing crowd on the roof ...What the hell is going on down there? he wondered

Ness perked up as heard about Jessica, ignoring the comment about the random woman initially. She turned to wave to the catgirl and then saw Persephone staring at her. She almost immediately froze in place and began to visibly shudder a bit. ...Oh. And it looks like Jessica doesn't have those two with her... So where are they!?! She turned shakily to finish waving to Jess before turning back to Persephone. "L... Long time... no see... M.. Ms. Persephone..." ...I'm not going to be able to talk now, am I? She thought as she sputtered out a greeting.

Yukino shook her head. "Of course, I wouldn't try to hold you to up to some perfect standard. Nothing can really be perfect. All we can do is try to cover our shortcomings. Even I'm doing that now."

"Right. I won't pry by asking what you're covering." Marston said to Yukino.

Persephone gave a somewhat devilish grin to Ness as she sauntered over to her. "Oh I'll only be here for a short time. I just wanted to thank Vanessa here ever so much for the service she provided to me." she said in a light and airy voice, still grinning like some sort of intelligent and amused predator.

"Then, do so. I have no patience for people who think they are better than everyone else." Savranth replied curtly.

Jessica grew confused as she noticed that Persephone was there while she was walking up. She waved to Ness, seeing that she seemed uneasy and only growing more confused. "So I went to go check on Holly and Echo, turns out they both just went home. Also apparently Rex didn't feel it necessary to bother to tell us that." She opened with. "Sooo, who's this and what is she talking about?" She asked, gesturing at Persephone.

"Interesting. We don't have ways to apply magic like that where I hail from. No one person could ever manage anything of those magnitudes." Nybeth replied to Rita as he started stroking his beard and trying to picture in his head the things she was talking about.

Ness was still shaky, more so now due to Persephone's grin. She did feel a tiny bit relieved by what Persephone had said. ...She... isn't being sarcastic... is she...? "Y... You're... welcome." She bowed toward the muse slightly, still shuddering a bit.

Turning to Jessica, Ness sighed a bit in relief. "I see. Thank the stars... She talked with a bit more confidence as she explained. "Well, Ms. Persephone is Holly and Echo's mother. I promised to take care of the two girls and she's... been watching to make sure I did so."

Yukino smiled toward Marston. "And thank you for that. The past should stay in the past..."

"Well, a person doesn't really control those ones, we program them and then they work automatically. It's really just the personal ones, called bodhi blastia, that we control directly." replied Rita

"So do I, darling. So do I." Persephone said to Sav as she turned her cheshire grin on him.

"Yes, well, I should be getting back to dear Holly. Perhaps I shall bring you around to visit them at some point. Hmm...Yes, I think they would enjoy that." she said to Ness, tapping her chin in thought as she started to fade into purplish smoke.

"It should, but it rarely does." Marston said grimly.

Ness smiled a bit as Persephone began to fade away, not because the woman was leaving, but because she loved the idea of seeing the two girls again. She nodded happily at the idea. "...I'd like that as well. They probably want to see Jessica just as much as they'd want to see me though." Suddenly, a thought popped into the fedora girl's mind. ...I'll at least get a warning about that, right? ....No suddenly waking up in a different world, right? Ugh... I can't take this...

Yukino sighed a bit. "Sad... but true."

"And she didn't just tell you she took them back home herself?" Jessica 'asked' while crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow at Persephone before she disappeared, 'asked' being a loose term as she practically knew the answer already. "I can't imagine they'd care to see me any though." She commented off-hand.

"They work automatically? How is such a thing possible?" Nybeth asked, as he didn't know what the word 'program' meant and had no familiarity with computers whatsoever.

"Well, we can inscribe a formula into a blastia, dictating what they do." said Rita simply.

Savranth stands up. "Well, now that that much is taken care of, what have you all been up to? And how are you feeling?"

Marston nodded solemnly and left to set up camp.

Persephone left.

Well, done. Time for sleep.

OOC: Goodnight.

Ness looked over toward Jessica and shook her head a bit. "Of course, they'd want to see you. You had just as large a part in taking care of them as I did. I'm sure they appreciate that. I think... she likes to mess around with me, which is why she didn't tell me straight off that she'd taken the kids home."

Turning to Sav, she shrugged sheepishly. "Well... all we really did was bring Tao back to jail... but I'm pretty sure I know that she's not... with us anymore. I'm holding up alright though." She seemed to get a bit depressed when she talked about Tao.

With Marston walking off, Yukino went off to practice against a clone again. She went to her spot by Tanner's ship and continued long into the night.

"Interesting." Nybeth muttered as he started stroking his beard again. "That sounds somewhat similar to a golem where I come from. Though golems are just enchanted bunches of stones and bits of metal given rough minds to allow them to follow instructions."

"Getting sidetracked is about it, really. And what does it matter how I'm feeling?" Jessica replied to Savranth. "Anyway, what have you been doing? Anything about to happen?"
She sighed as she heard what Ness said to her. "You're giving me way too much credit." And I'm really hoping that woman never comes back again. She swung her left arm around and gently pat Ness on her arm. "Cheer up. You did the right thing there."

"Tao...?" Savranth thinks for a moment. "You should worry about it."
He looks to Jessica. "As for me, I've been here, working on how to use this sword... No idea how it works, though..." He says and pauses for a minute. "We'll probably be doing something in the next few days..."

Rita thought for a moment "Hmm, well we do have things like that. They're mostly machines though, generally more precise than if they were stone golems. We do have golems though, but they're monsters that usually protect ancient ruins and have no blastia."

Ness just scratched her head a bit as Jessica patted her arm. After a few moments, she nods toward Jess, smiling a bit.

OoC: And Ness will follow Jess. Night.

"Messing around with that sword, is that it? Didn't you mention something about some other ruins? Did anything pan out from that?" Jessica asked Savranth. "What do you mean by 'something' though?"

Nybeth hummed to himself, but as he attempted to think of something else to say, he found he could only yawn. "I think perhaps it is time I took to resting. Tomorrow I shall see about learning more about that explosive compound I purchased. It hardly does well to know nothing about such thing." He said to Rita as he made his way back to his cave.

"Alright, g'night." said Rita as she headed back to the dragon den, patting Ba'ul a bit as he slept before going to sleep as well.

Envy was still idly watching Holadino

"I haven't heard from Lyra since we were attacked by some creatures. I don't know what happened to them... I would have gone to the ruins they wanted to look over, if I had." Savranth explains.
"And we'll probably start another operation, soon."

Jessica scratched her chin in thought with her left hand, as usual. "I think Vanessa has a way of contacting them. Try asking her if you need to get in touch with them." She suggested to Savranth. Letting her hand fall down into her pocket she added, regarding his second resonse, "I don't suppose there's any way I could help with that at all."

"Well, she was with you. So, that couldn't really be helped." Savranth said regarding Vanessa. "As for helping us, stay in touch and we'll see if you could be of help. We'll probably need it, though..."

"Well I meant for contacting Lyra and seeing what she's up to now." Jessica said to Savranth, trying to clarify her point. "Do you have any way I could keep in contact now? I remember you mentioning that such things existed earlier."

"Oh, yes. I'll get you a necklace. That should make that easier. Afterwards, I think I'll be going to bed, though." Savranth said leading Jessica into the building. Once he made it to a small storage area that now had Xiphatian equipment, he found a small blue necklace that seemed to be made of crystal.
"All you have to do is touch it and think. Try to connect to a certain person via a mental link."

Jessica followed Savranth, then accepted the necklace from him. Instead of immediately putting it on, she simply held it by the chain with her right hand and clasped the crystal with her left hand. Since she had experience with mental links, she already knew where to begin. Directing her thoughts at Savranth, she thought, So does this work for contacting anyone, or can I only contact certain people with it?

Savranth put his hand to his ear. Only those with similar devices. Like the one I have in my ear or a necklace like that. Generally speaking you need to know that they have it and be within range. He said directing his own back to her.
I'll explain more later. Right now, I wanna rest.

"Take care, all. I'll see you tomorrow. I'm sure you'll be welcome to sleep where you would like." He said before walking off to go to sleep for the night.

Jessica nodded to Savranth as he walked off. Since she had no shortage of Legaian money and not much desire to sleep in crowded barracks filled with Xiphatian military folk who might see her hang if the right sleeve of her coat mussed itself up, she bought a room at the local hotel in Holadino. As usual she left Ness take the bed and contented herself with curling up on the sofa. She put on the necklace Savranth gave her, hiding it under her clothes in a manner that showed she wasn't entirely unfamiliar with how to manage that.

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