We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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As Ness heard Jessica scrambling to reattach her arm, the fedora girl paused for a few moments, believing the sound to be coming from another suite nearby. As she finally realized it was in the room, Ness slowly rose up to a sitting position, rubbing her eyes. As such, she didn't fully see everything that was going on. "...Jessica... what are you doing?"

Finding the quickest way to put her arm back on would be to take off her coat, Jessica did so. Using her prehensile tail and left arm, she managed to plug her right arm into what appeared to be a mechanical slot embedded in her shoulder. In doing so, she left out a shrill, yet quiet, shriek and collapsed to her hands and knees, her right arm not seeming to respond and simply hanging limply. After a few moments it went into a few spasms, then it seemed as if Jessica had regained control of it, as she began using it to support herself as she brought herself into a sitting position.
Panting a bit, she answered Ness, "Oh nothing...nothing at all...Sorry if I disturbed you any..." Please don't see me Please don't see me Please don't see me. She picked her coat back up and immediately started fussing with the sleeve so she could put it back on.

Noting Jess' pants, Ness stopped rubbing her eyes to see what was going on. As she saw Jessica trying to put her coat back one and clearly seeing the arm in its shoulder slot, she couldn't help but ask "...I see. So were you doing maintenance on your arm then?" She didn't seem disgusted at all with what was happening.

Noticing that most of the plates on her arm were still open, Jessica let out a displeased groan as she set about closing them all up. "Yeah...I was. It's a pain, and I absolutely hate having to do it, but it came time to get around to it again. I waited until a time when you weren't around so you wouldn't have to see...sorry I didn't finish fast enough." She said apologetically to Ness, assuming she was just being polite and suppressing feelings of utter disgust. She picked up her coat and started fussing with the sleeve again to free it so she could put it back on and hide her arm once again.

Ness tilted her head, a bit confused by what Jessica was saying. "...Why would you wait until I was gone? I could have helped you with some of the checks if you had just asked. In fact, I would've loved to see the inner workings of your arm. " She sighed a bit dejectedly, thinking that she might be expressing a little too much interest in the arm, making Jess uncomfortable.

Jessica sighed and stopped fiddling with her coat sleeves for a moment. "I was worried that you'd find it...and me, disgusting to see my arm detached." I know I hate seeing myself in the mirror with it off... "I didn't think you would actually be interested in it...I don't know why, I guess that was pretty stupid of me..." She replied to Ness pathetically. She went back to work and eventually freed the sleeve of her coat, but hesitated in putting it back on for a moment.

Ness blinked a bit before sighing and shaking her head. "...Why would you think I'd find you disgusting? I already told you I liked you with or without your arm." She calmly rose up off the bed to take a closer look at the arm and offer Jessica a hand up. "You've really got to stop being so down on yourself."

Jessica stood up with Ness' help, taking her hand with her left while holding her coat with her right. "Well, it's just...I showed Sasha my arm one time and...she just looked so horrified it made me feel awful for showing it to her." She said, shuddering a little and unconsciously wringing the fabric of her coat in her hands. Her right arm would look pretty much exactly the same as it had the first time Ness had seen it. "I thought that...I thought maybe you were just being polite...so I didn't want to push anything and was trying to be careful." She seemed to take in Ness' last comment, but didn't say anything in reply, instead just looking down the ground.

Ness looked toward Jessica and sighed a bit before attempting to hug her. Well... Sasha does seem to scare rather easily. I'm sure not suspecting Jessica to have a prostetic arm led to that reaction... "...Don't assume I'm like other people, Jessica. I've always been a horrible liar, so if I was being insincere, you and I would both know. You can always come to me with any of your problems... like this one, alright?"

Jessica didn't attempt to avoid or fight back against being hugged by Ness, but didn't reciprocate the gesture. After a few moments had passed, she wrapped her arms around Ness and hugged her back, crying slightly. "I'm sorry, I s-should have just trusted you..." She said, sniffling a little. "I'll t-try not to keep things to myself from now on...y-you can ask me whatever you want, I'll answer..."

Ness just smiled as Jess returned the hug. Noting her sniffling, fedora girl held her a little closer. "And remember, you can do the same with me. I won't try to hide anything from you either. All you need to do is ask, and I'll help to the best of my ability."

Jessica found herself smiling a little. "O-Okay. I'll keep that in mind." She replied to Ness, still sniffling a little. She hugged her fedora-clad friend a little tighter as she stood there with her, wanting to enjoy the now much more pleasant moment a little while longer.

Ness simply closed her eyes as the two embraced. She didn't want to let go of Jessica just yet.

Jessica managed to regain her composure, sighing pleasantly as she stopped sniffling. She used one of her hands to wipe the tears from her eyes while she continued hugging Ness with the other. After a little longer taken to enjoy the moment, Jessica let out a yawn and began to rest her head on Ness' shoulder. "I'm feeling a little tired, mind if I go to sleep? You can tell me about what you did today tomorrow."

Ness nodded a bit as she continued to hold Jess for the moment, though she loosened her grip quite a bit so the catgirl could break away if she wanted to. "Go ahead. What I did today didn't amount to much, in all honesty..."

"I still want to at least know where you got these earrings. I don't remember you having them before." Jessica replied to Ness, having noticed the earrings Persephone had given her when the two started hugging. She gave Ness one last squeeze before gently breaking away. After letting out another yawn, she curled herself up on the couch as she had grown accustomed to. She gave Ness a "Goodnight." before falling silent, then eventually falling asleep.

OOC: I'mma sleep now too. G'night!

Ness gave Jessica a "Goodnight." before rolling onto the bed and going to sleep. She calmly took the earrings out and digitized them into her belt beforehand.

OoC: Night.

Envy would spend the day reporting on any troop movements in Holadino

OoC: Off to work, back later

Rita had been making progress with Ba'ul, and in times where his sibling had caught her giving him affection she had shared it as well, not wanting the other dragon to feel left out.

Envy was still watching Holadino

Grace slowly wakes up, and begins to look around. She slowly gets up, and sat by the window, looking out into the city.

Heidi sat there, on the mountain, looking at the city.
I know, I know... The question is, what do we DO with our new life?
Laugh at it? Laugh at how Tedd's screwed up this time?
Goth... Please be quiet?
Oh, fine.
So... what now?

She see's Envy, and waves at him.

Envy, who was disguised as a little kid, gave an awkward wave to Heidi

I exit my ship and start walking toward a town that's in the distance. I managed to pull together some scraps to make some cloths...Well they could be called cloths, I guess. They hide my laser anyway, and I can carry my visor in a satchel, so that's also good. Let's hope things work out.

Tanner eventually makes his way to Holadino. However, at the entrance, he's stopped by a guard. "What's your business here?"

"I'm interested in helping the war effort." I say to the soldier, which could turn out to be true.

Heidi begins to look for a way to reach Envy, and, when she finds one, she begins to move towards him.
"Alright, let's recap the good things going on... We're not dead, we're in the same dimension as she is, and we're in a whole new world, that's worth something."
Don't forget the fact that we're lost, alone for now, no idea where we are, my form has a broken ankle, and we're now our own separate entity that Tedd might decide to just leave here.
Oh don't be so GLUM! Look on the bright side, we are our own people now!
People who're either three people with one soul, or three souls in one body. Either way, it's bad news.
Oh, be quiet.

The Kidd walks up to the city walls, poking at em with his rifle. He ain't sure how they keep it standing.

"Oh? And why is that? Why do you want to help us?" The guard asked Tanner. He motioned to one of the other guards who quickly left, going to the Main Building.

OOC: So who's at Holandio

Envy was confused as to why this random person was approaching him. He said nothing as she approached.

"I'm a patriot." I say with a straight face. Again, not really a lie...technically.

Heidi eventually reaches Envy, and jumps down next to him.
"Hey!" she said, sitting down.
... Are you sure this is a good idea, Heidi?
Personally I think it's a horrible idea, we have no idea if he's even human.
So? It's someone who might know where we even are. That's better than nothing.

"Hey, whatcha doing up here?"
she asked him.

The Kidd begins to walk around the city, 'til he finds a large gate, folks standing guard over it. He walks up to them, and waves, asking where he is.

OoC: Just wondering, what's the skin-tone/race of the guards?

"A patriot of what? Whom do you serve?" The guard asked Tanner. He ignores the silent Kid.

Meanwhile, the other soldier had entered the building and was out of sight for the time being.

OoC: @Wacky: Skin tone is irrelevant.

"...Camping. You're weird!" said Envy with a grin

"...People who need a little help." I say calmly, hoping this answer is satisfactory.

Heidi chuckled, "Yeah, might be a bit drunk, not entirely sure." she said.
"Just wondering... Where am I?" she asked.

"That's not an answer... Where are you from?" The guard asked.

"Yes, that is a good question." Tiberius says as he is led back by the other soldier.

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