We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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What if someone else was behind the attack that started the war 20 years ago? What if they could use magic and technology? How long have they been in the shadows? Could there be other connections..? Savranth said to Jessica.

"I suppose. But no one thought that was something to plan around. I guess you could say it was hoped for, though." Tiberius replied to Yukino.

Yuki just 'hmmmm'ed in response to Tiberius.

Ness noted Jess' eyebrow raise and blinked a bit. "Jessica... are you alright...?"

"Oh not gonna bother answering that first question? Ah that's fine, I wasn't really that interested in an explanation for aliens or you killing people anyway." Jessica said aloud passive-aggressively without really thinking about it.
She thought back to Savranth, I suppose that's not impossible. The fact that there aren't any records of who was behind that first attack at Valencheirn did make me kinda suspicious that someone may have been careful to ensure that was the case. What're you gonna do about it now though?
Hearing Ness speak to her again, her ears twitched as she seemed to come out of a sort of trance. "Hmm? Oh, sorry, I'm talking to Savranth right now."

I don't know... There are only a few who may have any clue about the truth. And maybe not even, then. Any idea where one might look for those sort of answers? Savranth replied to Jessica.

I had been listening to Yukino and the general talking. It's a pretty sad tale, from what I've gathered.

Ness seemed to jolt up a bit, confused.. "Huh? More of those aliens? Someone got killed? ...Please fill me in on what's going on..."

I hit a complete dead end in my research, so I wouldn't know where to start....Maybe try and find Lyra and investigate some more ruins? If suddenly people are trying to kill you because you're digging stuff up, maybe that's because digging stuff up will lead to you finding something they don't want you to know about? Jessica suggested to Savranth.
Turning her attention back to Ness she said, "Savranth said something about killing Yukino and getting attacked by aliens. Except apparently Yukino's still alive. That's really all I know."

Well, did you learn anything else in your research? I figure this person or organization couldn't be completely erased from history. Savranth asked.

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Ness blinked a bit as she noted Yukino's name. "...What? He killed her!? ...But she's alive?? ...And he dealt with those aliens as well, huh?... This is getting to be annoying... "

With Sav seemingly wrapped up in something, Yuki waved over toward Tanner nearby.

I walk over to Yukino and try to talk in a hushed tone. "So, you didn't tell me you were wanted dead in this country." I say to her with a slightly joking tone.

I remember something about some group called the 'Order of Alnitak', who I'm pretty sure built those ruins that had the robot and those magic wells. Jessica answered Savranth after some thought. Also there was something about when the war over the land Valencheirn was built on ended both sides demanded to see the other's Divine Authority or something like that. Not sure if that is in any way relevant, but it's all I've got. She added off-hand. Refocusing her vision to where she was actually paying attention to Ness, she said to her, "Yeah, I was confused by that too. I'll ask again."
You said something about killing Yukino and some aliens, what was up with that? She asked Savranth.

Yuki scratched the back of her head sheepishly as she heard Tanner. "Yeah... sorry about leaving that little part out. Didn't really want to make enemies with ya."

Ness nodded appreciatively toward Jess.

I wonder... Could there be some connection. You said both sides demanded this 'Divine Authority'? Does that mean each nation has it? Savranth asks. But, I've never heard of any such thing... Where could we find it?
Realizing he's forgetting the other question he adds. I don't know why, but some aliens attacked some of us near Holadino. And, earlier, when we were attacking Holadino, Yukino was simply attacking everyone regardless of alliance. When I confronted her, she and I ending up fighting. I thought I killed her, but she disappeared.

"I understand. If I wasn't so against lying, I'd have done the same thing." I say to Yukino.

Yuki tilted her head a bit and her ears twitched a bit. "Against lying? Why's that?"

I don't have any idea. Ask the King about it maybe? They both denied having it, but they could have easily just been bullshitting each other. Jessica suggested, grabbing at the first idea she could manage to come up with. Focusing herself back on Ness once again, Jessica said to her, "So Savranth was attacked by some aliens, could have been the same ones I noticed, can't say for certain. And apparently Yukino picked a fight with him and lost, but instead of dying she just kinda disappeared...And then reappeared, I guess."

Ask the King... That will be difficult. There is no real way to reach Shaintaio, right now... But, if we could... it would be worth a shot. Savranth replies to Jessica.
"Now, if only there was a way to get that far." He said aloud. "And we still need to do something about this war, too..."

"It's just a personal preference I guess. I try my best not to lie, especially not to people I care about." I say. Honestly, I don't know whether to feel goofy or secure carrying on a conversation like this in my suit with some many people around who don't like me just because of it.

Ness sighed a bit. "That makes sense if it's her... But she wouldn't run from a fight. And they must've landed in more than one place then... but why...?" She put her hand to her chin for a moment.

Yuki shrugs a bit. "I can respect that, but sometimes you need to lie to people in order to keep them safe..."

"I think it's more important that people learn to deal with the truth, even if it's painful." I reply to Yukino.

If you could get me a picture of a place in Shantaio, or a very vivid description of one, I could get us there. Jessica informed Savranth. Turning back to Ness once again, she shrugged. "Maybe they're invading." She suggested. "From what I saw of those guys in Rockbyrd, they seemed pretty dug in. If we could provoke them into attacking both nations, we could help solve this war, I would think."

I'll see what I can do for that... Savranth answers Jessica.

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Ness scratched her head a bit. "Then both sides would bond together against a common enemy... Smart. The only question is how we might go about provoking them."

Yuki smiled a bit sadly. "Sure..."

Keep me posted. Jessica thought to Savranth.
She idly rubbed the pendant of her necklace through her shirt as she took a moment to think. "I'm not sure. Maybe Lyra can tell us why those guys have huddled themselves up in Rockbyrd. If so, we might be able to repeat the circumstances and get to attack someplace belonging to the Legaians. We should probably also inform someone on the Xiphatian side that they have these guys holed up here, assuming they don't already know."

Black, Marston, and Tanner all rest in preparation for the attack.

OOC: Goodnight everyone.

Ness nodded a bit before getting up and dusting herself off a bit. "That sounds like a good idea. Even if Sav reported those attacks, they may not have reached nearby here yet."

Yuki took to a rooftop to rest up.

"It's a little late to try doing that tonight though. We can get to it tomorrow." Jessica said with her own nod. Finding a large rock, she walked over to it and drew a circle on it in chalk. "We should probably get going now though, I don't want to push our luck in not getting spotted any more."

Ness nodded toward Jess as she drew her circle. "Yes... those things are vicious... Ah! What were we talking about before Sav was mentally talking with you? " That reminds me about rebuilding our link too....

"I think we were talking about trying to find Lyra. You said you helped her get away from here, right? Did she mention anything about where she might go after that?" Jessica asked as she finished the circle. Not wanting to waste time, she focused and activated the circle, then went through her usual routine of testing the portal by jumping through it, and as usual shortly reappeared next to it. "Your chariot awaits." She said rather jokingly as she motioned for Ness to enter the portal.

Ness giggled a bit as Jess reappeared, placing a hand on her chest in mock surprise. "Oh, for me~!?" Getting back to being serious, she scratches the back of her head a bit. "Yes, I did help her, but I revealed my position when I did. I was forced to teleport quickly before I ended up even more cut up than I was. All I know she wanted to do was try to find something. It might be the key we're looking for as well." She explains before she hops into the portal.

Jessica's portal led back to the room she had rented in Holadino.
Jessica took a few moments to clean up enough of the chalk to break the portal, then followed Ness with her own natural teleportation, reappearing in the room with her. "Oh, so that's why you were in that state when you showed back up after running off that time." Jessica commented. "I guess all we have to be able to do now is wait and see if we can contact Lyra again. Like I said, she could be pretty much anywhere by now. Although I guess we could help Savranth with something he wants to do now and try to find a picture of a place in Shantaio."

As she appeared in the room again, Ness sat herself down on the bed. She nodded a bit with what Jessica said. "Shantaio? Isn't that the capital of Xiphatia? Why do we need to go there?"

"Apparently when Yukino showed up again after Savranth thought he killed her, she said something about someone being out to get him. And he also thinks this person may be related to something called a 'Divine Authority' that I found out about while we were researching Valencheirn. I thought the King might know something about it, so now Savranth wants to go to the capital." Jessica explained to Ness. She walked over and sat down next to Ness. "Which reminds me, do you want me to set-up the mental link between us again?"

Ness put her hand to her chin. "...I see. So someone is pulling the strings here... It makes sense to talk to the King, since odds would be that it's him doing so..." She quickly took off her fedora in response to Jessica's suggestion. "Yes... I'd like to establish that link again."

"That wasn't really what I had in mind, but I guess we can't really rule that out for certain until we've actually learned some more." Jessica replied to Ness. Nodding to her now fedora-less friend, she placed her hands on both sides of Ness' head. She began to hum as she concentrated on forming the link. Since she had already made one previously with Ness, it was only a matter of rebuilding the broken link instead of having to build one from scratch, thus the process was easier and went quickly compared to the first time.
After several moments, Ness would hear in her head, "Uhh...testing? I guess..." and it would feel as if the bit in her mind that had been missing since the link was broken had returned.

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