We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Jessica woke up from where she had previously been sleeping, the couch in her hotel room in Holadino. Standing up and stretching, she seemed to be in a half-decent mood. So what to do for today then? She thought to herself.

Yuki giggled a bit at Tanner getting flustered again. Feeling a bit flirty, she joined her hands behind her back and seemed to slide next to Tanner, lightly pressing herself to his side. "So... why did you chose this line of work?"

Ness was still asleep, the earrings still attached to her ears. She seemed to be snoring lightly.

OOC: Tanner is about 8 ft tall in his armor.

"...Well...A complicated series of circumstances..." I say, trying to avoid the conversation.

OoC: Edited last post to make sense then. Yuki's 6'.

Yuki smirked as she pressed on a little harder. "Maybe you can just simplify it for me then?"

Savranth was standing about the town's entrance. Should we continue on with the attack or try to see the King? I'm not sure which would be the best course of action...

OOC: Huh, about the same height then otherwise then.

"...I didn't have any money, or a job, so I went to the military and I was drafted." I explain quickly. "You might not want to get that close. I may have pretty good control of this suit, but you never can be too careful." I add, warning Yukino of the possible danger of trying to cuddle with a mech suit.

Erica was in bed, still sleeping. Although she looked like she slept lightly, her eyes moving back and forth under her eyelids.

Looking around the room, Jessica noticed that all of her companions were still asleep. Yeesh, and I thought my 14 hours were a bit much... Jessica yawned a bit and thought, Still kinda tired though... Noticing that Ness was still wearing her earrings, she planted her face in the palm of her left hand, remembering that doing so with her right was an unnecessarily painful experience. Why didn't I remember to take those off?... Seeing nothing else to do for the time being, she knelt down next to Ness bedside and examined her new earrings.

"Out of necessity? I see." ......Boring. After Tanner's warming, she let up a little, but stuck her tongue out a bit. "I may not look it, but I can take a few hits from a mech suit."

Ness continued to sleep as Jess leaned closer to her. ...D...Dex...

"Do you like them?" Persephone asked Jess.

"...I'd rather not test that, if it's okay with you. And yeah, necessity." I say. Then I decide to start the arduous task of getting myself out of my suit.

"Do you like them?" Persephone asked Jess.

Say what? Deus Ex Machina, much?

@Salt: In all honesty, she always does that.

Yukino stepped back as Tanner began to take off his suit. "Heh..."

Say what? Deus Ex Machina, much?

This is what I've always been doing with her, and you've never had a problem.

"Heh what?" I say between grunts.

Ooc: @Outis: She just shows up randomly without any fanfare or anything. She has no reason to have any interest in this world due to her "daughters" being gone. I see no reason she would be here or do anything, now. Before she had some purpose. Now, she's just there. And I had the same issue with Wacky doing basically the same thing with Death and several other characters.

Hearing someone speak in the room, Erica woke up. Sitting upright, she rubbed har now half-closed eyes as her eyes adjusted. Looking to her right, she saw Persephone, and in turn yelped as a woman who she had never seen before suddenly was in the room.

"Gah! W-who are you?!" she exclaimed. She nearly tumbled backwards, out of back, but just managed to hold on to the edge of the matras.

Yuki shook her head a bit, still smirking. "It's nothing. So I'm assuming you obtained that suit... and your ship through the army?"

Erica's outburst caused Ness to shift a bit before slowly waking up. She sat up in the bed rubbing her eyes, still a bit oblivious to everyone in the room.

Jessica fell back off her knees and onto her back after being startled by hearing Persephone's voice. Oh great, it's that voice from the library again. Maybe I really am going crazy... She didn't bother responding as she assumed the voice was a delusion in her head of some sort. Hearing Erica seeing to speak to someone, she let out an "Eh?" and started looking around, still laying on the floor.

Nybeth was meandering around Holadino for the time being, having little else to do.

"No." I say as I finally flop out of my suit and onto the ground. "I belong to the Long-range, Long-term, Force Recon Corps. Or just the Force Recon Corps. We're actually a division of the secret service, so we work directly for the President of the Global Coalition of Governments.

OOC: Hmm...probably should have said Persey is physically in the room.

"I am an acquaintance of Miss Sinclair. I do apologize for so rudely disturbing you and your companions." Persephone said to Erica, sounding sincere, even if she looked highly amused by their reactions.

"There's a stranger in the room!" Erica exclaimed in responce to Jessica whileclimbing out of bed, not taking her eyes of off Persephone, holding the sheet infront of her, as she didn't want a total stranger seeing her in her sleeping gown. Once her groggy mind cleared, and upon hearing Persephony, Erica looked more angry. "I don't know how you got in here, but that door is locked for a reason! Get out! she demanded, not fond of the idea of a person watching either her, or anyone else while they slept.

"I wonder where everyone is..." Savranth says to himself.

Ness finished waking herself up enough to register Persephone's voice and looked over at her. Her expression was a mix of grogginess and surprise. "...Miss... Persephone... Thank you again for these earrings, but... what are you doing here?"

Yuki put her hand to her chin as she walked toward the entrance of Holadino. "I see, I see. The President's parade... but that didn't really answer my question. Where'd you get the suit?"

Jessica rolled off of her back and onto her hands and knees, then stood back up. Upon seeing Persephone, she commented, "Oh, it's that creepy person again."

Nybeth continued wandering about, occasionally glancing up at the sky in a bout of wishful thinking.

"Mmm. Seems we must talk outside the room. I shall be waiting for you in the lobby, Vanessa." Persephone said as she headed to the exit. "Again, terribly, terribly sorry for disturbing you all." she said over her shoulder before turning into a cloud of purple smoke and slipping through the cracks of the doorway.

"It's standard issue for all infantry in the Force Recon." I say to Yuki as I follow her. Hope my suit will be alright...But what could really happen to it? Besides, Buddy will let me know if anyone starts messing with it, I think as I glance back at my suit. "I'm not sure if 'presidents parade' is a good way to describe it anyway..." I add.

Grace, having slept as a squirrel, transformed right next to Persphone, holding her claw to her neck.
"Who are you?"
She hears Ness, and asks her, "Who's this woman?" she asked, as Persphone walks off, and fades out the door.
Grace just looks at the door...
"Alright, who was she?" she asked.

The Kidd see's a folk, standing at the entrance. He begins to walk to the 'ol fellow, and waves. He walks up to 'im, and asks who he's talking 'bout.

Mild was walking around the city of Holiando.

Once Persephone left, Erica sighed and sat back down onto the bed, looking for her satchel, in which she had her clothes. "You're both oddly comfortable with someone just entering a bedroom and watching you sleep for who-knows how long..." she commented, addressing Jessica and Ness both, refering to their lack of alarm at Persephony randomly appearing in the room.

"She wasn't there when I woke up. So I'm pretty sure she only showed up a few minutes ago. I really should have noticed her showing up though..." I really don't like that. Jessica replied to Erica. Glancing back over at Ness as she sat up in bed, she said to her, "Can we just ignore her? We've got a lot of stuff we need to get to doing."

Ness scratched the back of her head as Erica spoke. "I wouldn't call it comfortable... it's just that I've gotten used to her appearing out of nowhere." Turning to Grace, she explained. "To put it simply, she was a mother of two kids that I was watching over. She's a bit odd to leave them in a warring world, but she still cared about them."

Turning to Jessica, she shook her head. "I'll see what she needs from me this time. You can take the others to start on finding Lyra, I'll catch up once I'm done with Miss Persephone. Excuse me for a moment..." Ness slowly got out of bed and walked out of the room and into the lobby, combing her messy hair along the way.

Yuki nods a bit, then shrugs. "I see. That's pretty high-end for being standard. And well... you basically are in a procession with the president being the center, correct?" She waves over at Sav as she nears the gate.

"Well, not me, no. I've never even seen the president in person." I say to Yukino. "And, well, it would be a little hard to do our jobs without those suits." I add.

Persephone was lounging in the lobby.

Savranth sees Yukino. At least she isn't trying to kill someone...
He waves back to her.

Ness calmly finished combing her hair before sitting down in a chair near Persephone. As she was fedora-less at the moment, she looked a bit like a different person. "What did you want to discuss, Miss Persephone...?" She asked, getting straight to the point.

Yuki walked up to Sav and sighed. "When are we moving out, soldier boy? I'm sure I'm not the only one getting restless." Turning back to Tanner, she raises an eyebrow. "You've never seen the man you've been charged to protect?"

"That makes the matter less disturbing, but only mildly. I can't say I'm fond of the prospect of someone simply appearing in a bedroom. As I had said to her, the door is locked for a reason." Erica said to Jessica with a small sigh. "But enough about that. Better not let one incident spoil my day." Finding her satchel in the drawer of the bedside table, Erica raised an eyebrow, not remembering putting it there, even if she did. Not thinking much of it, she retrieved her satchel and went into the shower cubicle to change, doing it there instead of in the middle of the room for decency's sake.

Ooc: back in a few minutes

Over the past few days Rita had made significant progress with Ba'ul, almost as if Rita had a way with creatures. The other dragon seemed to like her as well. She was currently petting both of them.

Envy reflected on the things he had seen over the course of the day, such as any possible troop movements

Black was busy day dreaming, just standing around. looking down at her sword slightly.

"How are you?" Persephone asked Ness, inspecting her nails and seeming to not be interested in getting to her point.

I silently follow Yukino, wondering who the other guy is.

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