We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Be careful, I hate the vibe she gives off." Jessica mentally called to Ness as she left. Sighing, she muttered aloud to herself, "Since Lyra could be literally anywhere on the planet right now, I suppose it would be best to regroup with Savranth for the time being." Taking out her visor, she stuck it on her head once again and used it to locate Savranth. "I'll just be waiting outside for when you two are ready." She said to Erica and Grace as she left the room and waited outside the door.

Ness sighed silently before beginning to indulge Persephone. ...I... really don't understand you... "I've been doing well... How about you?"

"I understand... I've yet to understand her intentions either." She telegraphed to Jess.

"Yes, well the question is what we do next. Continue with the war or try to talk to the King? I'm not sure what to do. With what you have spoken of, I'm not sure which would be the wisest course of action." Savranth replied to Yukino.

"Very well, thank you. Echo and Holly have never been more exuberant in their studies with me. I can't help but think you, and perhaps some others in this place, had something to do with that." Persephone said to Ness, flashing her a bright smile. "It's heart warming sight, really. Well, if I had a heart to warm it would." she continued as she gazed at the ceiling dreamily.

"Uh, is this meeting with the king a diplomatic mission?" I ask, wanting to get in on the conversation.

Yuki looked over toward Sav and shook her head. "We keep fighting. Given how much people have been assholes to me, I'm sure the King is the biggest of them all. He wouldn't grant an audience to people who are claiming there's some geek playing with magic computers trying to kill you."

She looked away for a moment. "We need to draw that fucker out first before we destroy him. Now how to go about doing that, I have no idea. At least with the fight, we'll have less enemies to deal with. Fighting a war against a known front is better than fighting ne where you have no idea what the enemy's capable of."

Ness raised an eyebrow, though Persephone's smile made her smile a bit in return. "I'm glad to hear that Holly and Echo are doing well. ...But did you just say... that you had no heart...?" Why would she tell me that? I can't do anything about it...

Grace nodded, and began to follow Jessica, "Mind if I come?" she said, getting Dressed.

The Kidd begins to look around, and begins to walk into the city.

Near Holadino, a small wind begun to pick up, making several Black Feathers form a small typhoon. As someone stepped forward out of the feathery wind, then Feathers simply blew away with the breeze. I sense she is near by....somewhere.... The women wondered to herself, as she looked around and headed towards Holadino.

"I was speaking of meeting with the King of Xiphatia. Though, Yukino has a point. The King is not known for being very kind. Very well, we'll see what the others think and continue with the battle, if they agree." Savranth says.

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"I'm a muse, darling. A nature spirit. We don't have organs and things like that." Persephone laughing musically.

Marston would be sleeping while leaning against a wall near Black.

"Well, is that a no then?" I ask, feeling my question wasn't really answered.

"You have made substansial progress in bonding with your steed. When the times comes, you may not even have need of reins." Loki said to Rita, having been watching her with some degree of interest.

Initially, Erica wanted to put on the clothes she had been wearing the entire time, but found that they were dirty and smelled. No. That won't do. I couldn't posibly go outside wearing that now. Stuffing the clothes back into her satchel, Erica trieved a pair of turquise trousers, and a aqua-marine coloured sleeveless dress which reached halfway up to her thighs. At the thighs, the dress was split to allow for more free movement. It's not as cold here as it is in Skyrim, so I could wear these. Satisfied with her selection of garmets, Erica put the clothes on, tied the belt to which the satchel was attached and left the hotel room and joined with Jessica. "Good to go.

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Black was just standing still, not getting involved with the conversations that were going on. She took out her sword and polished it a little with her sleeve.

In the forest west of Lakewest, Lyra and the hunters were hunted. They were harried, attacked, delayed, and otherwise occupied by fang Cobras, expert stealth focused hunters. Lyra had used all but 2 of her medsticks in taking care of herself, while Marcus and Xyleena were running out of parts to keep their armor and chitin going. "So, any idea how many are out there? My money's on 3." Lyra suggested to Marcus, looking for a way to escape. "Does it matter? They've been pushing us west. Means they've got a nice big ambush they'll spring on us the moment we get far away. Thank god Xyleena's been keeping up with their mine placement, else we'd already be dead."

Ness paused for a moment then nodded. "I see... That must be nice. These organs can be a bit of a pain sometimes. ...So could you answer my question from before? What was it that you wanted to discuss?" ...Then logically, Echo is also a muse... or at least partly so.. I don't know anything about spirits and their ...birthing process. Holly's different though, since she was adopted by her.

Yuki nodded toward Sav silently before looking toward the odd wind that just blew. She sniffed the air a bit. That's... the scent of a demon... It's not Sparky or that bleached succubus... This might be fun...

"You've insisted on following for this long." Jessica replied to Grace, still not seeming entirely happy with her presence. Hearing Erica address her, she turned her head to her and nodded. She then headed off and left the hotel, using her visor to lead her to where Savranth was, waving to Ness as she passed her while leaving the hotel. Upon finding Savranth, she took off her visor and approached him, waving to get his attention.

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"Thank you, they seem to really like me. It was the same way with this one dog back home... not sure what that was about either."

Grace nodded, disappointed by Jessica's dislike of her.
"Thanks." she said.

Savranth waves back to Jessica. "There you are."

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"...Okay then." I say as this guy seems to ignore me. Speaking of assholes... I just cross my arms and shut up.

"Nothing really. I just wanted to see how you were." Persephone said to Ness. She waved to Jess as she walked past.

Grace waves at Savranth, "Hey!" she said.

"Perhaps, to a lesser extend, you have a way with animals as I do with humanity. Which is to say, the ability to make them comply." Loki said to Rita after a moments thought. He stood up and stretched lightly, having more then had his fill of sleeping in a cave time and again. "I wonder if Nybeth is present in his cave, and if he has made any progress with the experiments he has been conducting." he idly commented, turning to the exit of the ben, speaking mostly to himself.

Erica followed Jessica out of the hotel. Once joined with Savranth, she said, "Hello. I have seen you before... I think, but I've never introduced myself. I'm Erica."

"Well, lets go see." said Rita, standing up and heading towards the cave exit

Seeing no reason to stay in Holadino anymore, Nybeth had returned to his cave for the time being. He went about examining the explosive material he had bought, hoping to learn more about it.

"So what's first on the agenda then?" Jessica asked Savranth as she strolled up to him. "Still no idea where Lyra and her crew might be, so there's only a few things we can really do now."

After waving to Jess as well, Ness looks toward Persephone and nods. ...So... just because...? "I'm glad you came all this way just to make small talk with me and to hear that everyone's doing well." She rose up out of her chair before cracking her neck a bit. "I'm sorry to be a bit blunt, but I need to make sure that the others displaced in this world end up doing just as well. ...We'll still need to talk about me visiting sometime, but I suppose that can wait for now. I'll be taking my leave now, Miss Persephone. Please give Echo and Holly a heartfelt hello for me." She slowly began walking toward the room to get her fedora.

Yuki seemingly ignored the majority of the others gathering near.

"Hello, Erica. My name is Savranth. A pleasure to meet you." He introduces himself. He waves to acknoledge Grace and then addresses Jessica. "Well, the plan is simple. Try talking to the King or continue the war. There's no guarantee either way. The King is far from a understanding man."

The women just walked around Holadino at a slow pace, rather enjoying the look of the city. Looks innocent enough....then again I can't judge a book by it's cover...

Black was just practicing on her speed with her sword.

"Well then, only one solution I suppose." Lyra said to Marcus, before lobbing a flare into the air. "Run our asses back to Lakewest, and hope they got blinded by the flare for a few minutes." With that Lyra and her group began running quickly out of the forest back in the direction to Lakewest.

Mother Pauker! Those assholes just blinded me! Pauk, that freaking hurts, ah pauk... Ya'ti thought, gripping his head. It took him a few moments before he was back on his feet, and rushing after the hunters.

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"Hmm...Well, those two are staying with my sister, and I have nothing better to do, so I think I'll join you for a time." Persephone said as she followed Ness.

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"Well I'm useless in a fight, so it should be pretty obvious where my vote goes." Jessica replied to Savranth.

Ness raised an eyebrow toward Persephone before putting her fedora on and tapping the clip. "...I see. We won't be leisurely roaming around most likely, Miss Persephone. I hope you understand that."

"Jess, sorry, but Persephone's tagging along with me. Seeing as she has the ability to follow me anywhere, I can't stop her. Also, I'm going to try to contact Lyra again..." She telegraphed to Jessica.

She paused for a moment before putting Lyra's bead into her ear and attempting to contact her again. "...Lyra, can you hear me?"


"That shouldn't be a problem. As long as there is no fighting. I detest violence." Persephone said as she followed Ness.

Loki nodded and left the dragons den, heading towards Nybeth's cave. He smelled the stench of decay and chemicals didn't hang as thick in the air, but as this had happened before, and it proved Nybeth was present regardless, Loki didn't think too much of it. Entering Nybeth's cave, he found that Nybeth was indeed there, and thus climbed down to the main chamber. "Any progress with measuring the effectiveness of the gas over long periods of time, and how the explosive substance works?" he asked as he climbed down.

Erica gave Savranth a smile and wrote his name down in her notebook. Uppon hearing Jessica and Savranth discuss, Erica flipped pages, looking for something. No. Not here either. No... I guess it's not there. Looking up to Jessica, she said, "Wait, you never told me you were involved in this war..."

"Well, I'm not sure. I want everyone's opinion on this." Savranth replies. "We can't just make rash decisions."

Ness scratched the back of her head a bit as she waited for a response. "Then we may have a problem. The person I'm trying to find has a tendency to find her way into violent situations. I'm not a fan of violence either, but she has some information that we'll need in order to find out more about this world."

Yuki sighed a bit hearing Jessica. "The hell is someone who can't fight doing in a battle meeting? And you also know my vote, soldier boy."

Lyra dived underneath a fallen tree, just as Ness called. She pressed a finger against her own bead as she responded, breathing heavily. "Oh hey Ness, what's up? Kind of busy right now." she dropped to the ground as a screaming smartdisc arced overhead, which would easily be heard over the comm. Lyra rolled back up to a standing position, and fired Marcus's revolver into the backdrop of the forest. Marcus's weapon that had previously been hidden, a light cannon built into his right arm, began screaming a retort to the smartdisc attack, thumping a bass beat. "Still, always got time for you. How've you and Jess been?"

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