We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OOC: ok look i go to bed when you lot are just waking up so i can't be on when you're on anyway after traveling for hours Saber caught up with Ness and Co

OoC: I am the Midnight Night Hatchy!

"Using one of Garzic's children to get closer to the throne is indeed what I had planned on doing. Yet I did not know the youngest one was favoured. This may be of use, or it may not. We shall see. Afterall, the key in this is to have one who is easily manipulated. Enlightening any one of them is a thing I would do as a last resort alone, as none of them have blue eyes naturaully, the change will not go unnoticed."

After getting the pollen out of her eyes, Erica cast a Detect Life spell. In her right hand, which was clenched into a fist, glowed a feint violet light. Looking around, Erica saw every living being was highligted in the same violet hue. The blue glow, wasn't highlighted. "Whatever that light there is, it's not the thing we're after." she remarked, ending the spell.

The laughing stopped with a indignant hmmph.

"Apparently the youngest one is the only one that can use the families bloodline magic, which as Ine was so kind to tell me, involves the use of summons. If we play our cards right he could summon armies for us." replied Rita

Ness began to look a little pale as she took Hellen's help in getting up. Still coughing a bit, she looked up and gave her a small smile. "T...Thank you. As to your question before, I'm Vanessa..." She calmly activated her green clip and her eyes changed to a green color, allowing her to see weakpoints and things that were cloaked. She scanned the meadow carefully looking for the fairy. ...Dammit, now my allergies are going to start flaring up...

"Nice to meet Vanessa! And, uh, you look a little pale... Are you okay?" Hellen asked Vanessa.

Hellosh sighs and says: "Just reveal yourself already! We better things to do than wait for you."

Nybeth had been spending his time carving up the more mangled bodies of soldiers with his somewhat recently acquired mithril knife. Since Loki, Rita and himself had stayed in the jungle clearing, he had to do this in plain sight of Rita and Loki. If they happened to not be too disgusted by his actions to occasionally glance back, they'd notice he seemed to favor carving out certain body parts in particular, namely the shoulder-blades, hearts, eye-stems, and brains.

Jessica had remained at Winterhorn for a while until the headache she had received had subsided, as she was afraid that teleporting would exasperate it. The feeling that replaced her headache also prevented her from making an exit from the college, as she started wondering what the point in even continuing would be. She even so much as contemplated teleporting to the top of the library tower and hurling herself off the mountain, but didn't go through with it. She ended up dragging herself into one of the guest rooms and cried herself to sleep.
When she woke up the next morning, she wasn't particularly confused by her seemingly uncalled for bout of depression, simply chalking it up to something that was practically routine for her. She left the guest room and wandered around the college grounds for a bit as she tried to get her priorities back in order.

Yuki was wandering around the college grounds as well. She stopped to wave at Jessica as she passed her by.

Ness silently nodded in response to Hellen before letting out a small sneeze and continuing to scan the meadow.

"Oh? Now this is interesting. Of course, he could in time need to be disposed of like the rest of his kin, but until that time approaches, I can make good use of this." Loki answered, then grinned slightly. "I do like how so much information is kept so poorly here. Be it people talking too much for their own good, or written information simply being waiting to be found. It has helped me a great deal so far."

Loki had no interest in watching whatever Nybeth was doing, a single glance being all that was needed to disuade him from it. Even as he didn't watch, the sounds and smells made him frown.

Ness would find the fearie standing at the north of the medow. Its weakpoints would obviously be the head and center of mass.

Behind Hellosh, roots shot up from the ground and wrapped around his ankles, then the roots pulled back, attemping to trip him up.

Rita smirked "Yea everyone here is pretty stupid. I figured the Legaians would keep their stuff locked up better, guess not." said Rita, avoiding looking over at Nybeth working

"Mmm. That was most enlightening." Persephone purred as she appeared next to Yukino.

Ness sneezing a small bit still, started to make her way toward the faerie in the north, keeping her eyes active. ...Please don't do anything stupid...

Her fur on Yuki's tails stood up on end for a moment as Persephone appeared by her and spoke in that tone. She sighed a bit in relief before looking at the muse. "I should really tie a bell or something to you..."

"Only if it's tasteful." Persephone said with a sing-song laugh. "And of course I wold insist on getting you one as well." she continued, smirking mischievously.

Yuki's ears drooped a bit as she narrowed her eyes slightly. "So I've been downgraded from little sister to pet... Great. And could I even tie a bell to you...?" She straightened up for a moment as she got serious. "That aside, did you get your fill of magical knowledge and stuff here? I've got to track down little miss Fedora and get myself back to that volcano."

Nybeth continued his work, extracting body parts from the human corpses with a level of practiced efficiency that served to make the acts he was performing all the more disturbing. As he extracted the parts he seemed to need, he set about preserving them for later use, drying the eyestalks, cutting off the frontal lobes of the brains and salting them like slabs of meet, cutting the ventricles off the hearts and preserving them in a jar while they still bled, and breaking apart the shoulder-blades into smaller shards of bone.

Jessica idly waved to Yukino, mostly out of reflex, and kept walking. Her eyes were still red from her bouts of crying last night. Well, what to do now? Might as well see how Vanessa's managing. Refocusing her thoughts, she transmitted to Ness, "So how are things going on your end?" A feeling of anxiousness returned when she started wondering if Ness had heard her thoughts from the night before, as she wasn't exactly in the most composed and self-controlling state she could have been.

"I wish I brought a tissue." Commented on Vanessa.

"Hellen, stop being soft to people you do not know." Hellosh said, dismissing the fact that Hellen wants to give Ness a tissue.

"Like the people I do are any better." Crossing her arms, Hellen coldly replied to Hellosh.

Hellosh sighed. "Touche..." Hellosh replied. Then the roots grabbed hold of Hellosh ankles and succeeded in making Hellosh trip. "AH!" Luckily, he avoided most damage by falling while his hands are forward and his palms are open. Afterwards, Hellen then cuts the roots with a vertical downwards slash.

Hellosh stood up. "That's it, I will end the foul life of whatever that did this!" Hellosh shouted.

"Well, you were kinda asking for it...." Hellen said.

"Not this shit again." Hellosh bluntly said.

"Yes, this shit again! And you better get used to it!" Hellen said with a bit of anger.

Hellosh sighed.

"Oh it was just a joke, darling. And, no. I've never been a fan of neck jewelry." Persephone said. She then brightened up considerably. "Don't tell me you were waiting here for little ol' me." she said with too much shock to be real.

"Indeed. It only serves to give my theory that humanity only wishes to be subjugated more credibility. Why else would they leave information that will lead to the downfall of the current, laughable, system of rule." Loki remarked, half jokingly. "Nybeth. Are you about done with acquiring whaever it is you need to reanimate the dead?" he then asked Nybeth after a pause, and with looking at him still.

When Ness began to walk towards the Fearie, another flower bloomed infront of her. This time, it sprayed nectar at her. Should it land, the nectar would stick to Ness and hold her in place as if it were super glue.

Upon successful in making Hellosh trip, the fearie giggled again, having the time of its life.

while traveling Saber decided to be come a mercenary and earn some coin and asked a pass-by if there was any work "excuse me i'm sorry to bother you but do you know where i may find work as a mercenary?"

Nybeth finished the work he was in the middle of before looking up in response to Loki. "I believe so. Now I need only to take the time to reanimate each corpse." He replied to Loki. He cleaned off his knife on the uniform of the dead soldier he was dissecting, then reverted it back into a crystal which hung as a charm on a bracelet on his right wrist.

"Things are going... Ah!!" Ness started to telegraph to Jess before the flower started to bloom. Recognizing that she didn't want to aggravate her allergies more, she rolled off to the side, avoiding the nectar in the process. "Things.... could be going better..." She finished telegraphing to the catgirl before activating her glove and using Wing Summon. Two glowing butterfly-like wings, comprised of light, extended from her back as she used them to get up a few feet into the air. She began to fly toward the faerie, not wishing to risk more flower antics.

She let out a soft giggle as she heard Hellosh and Hellen banter.

Yuki grunted slightly before replying sarcastically. "Of course I was waiting for you, madam." She calmly adjusted the collar around her neck and the small ball connected to it. This isn't exactly... jewelry...

Rita chuckled "Probably." she simply said

Persephone suddenly dissolved into smoke, then surrounded Yukino and reformed, hugging her from the front. "How very sweet of you." she said, smiling down at her.

"I could pretty much say the same thing. You need any help there?" Jessica broadcast mentally in reply to Ness. Wanting to put her anxious feelings to rest, she added, "...You didn't happen to get anything...weird coming from me earlier, did you?"

@Dotslash: Forgot to bring it up earlier, so I guess it's up to you whether Ness picked up on Jessica being depressed or not.

"And this will take how long?" Loki asked Nybeth. Hearing Nybeth had stopping slicing away at the bodies, Loki glanced over to him, frowning at the grissly scene, but overall, not seeming too disturbed outwardly.

Seeing Ness formed wings of her own, the fearie laughed. "Oooh!" it said with child-like glee. The fearie raised its hand towards Ness, making the flowers beneath her, twelve in total, bloom and point upwards. Each unleased another cloud of pollen.

Seeing Ness take action, going to one specific point, Erica cast her Detect Life spell again, now seeing the Fearie also. There you are.

"Well, I suppose you could offer to do some free-lance work for the military. That aside, I wouldn't really know. Sorry." the passerby answered Saber.

Ness gasped a bit as more clouds of pollen were released. Stopping in mid-flight and gaing a bit of elevation, she focused herself before flapping once and hard with the wings, creating a gust that would blow a majority of the pollen away from her. However, she sneezed again and lost her concentration, causing her to drop back onto the ground. "I... I did.... Once I finish up here... we need to talk about it... I'm worried. Please don't try to follow me now... this faerie hasn't proved to actually want to kill me... yet." Ness glumly telegraphed back to Jessica.

Yuki twitched a bit as Persephone hugged her. Sighing, she patted the muse's back in response. "Don't expect more of that from me..."

"AWWWW! Aren't you cute? Giggling like a brain dead child. Don't worry, child, I'll make my strikes swift!" Hellosh sarcastically said.

"Hellosh, don't push it." Hellen said.

"What? Are you telling me you're afraid of them or it, or whatever?" Hellosh asked Hellen.

"It's not them, it's you. You know what happens when you get into battles; you become a furious beast, only caring about the blood of your foes."

"And that's a bad thing because?" Hellosh replied, while a sadistic smile started appearing on his face.

"See?! It's happening right, god damn, now! Suppress it now, damn it!" Hellen shouted.

Hellosh sadistic smile started disappearing, replaced by his usual stoic face. "Fine. I guess I should follow Vanessa and help in whatever the hell she is doing." Hellosh said while calming down.

"Good." Hellen replied.

Then the duo started following Vanessa.

Persephone giggled slightly as she smoked away. "And I think you look just lovely, darling." she added while smirking.

"hmm right well thank you anyways" Saber said before walking off to the nearest military base to offer his "services"

Black was watching Yukino and Persephone from the top, mildly amused by what she could see and just about hear.

Rita hung around

Envy was still on the lookout

Yuki couldn't help but blush. "..Eh!? ...How'd you...!?!..." She face began to flush red for a moment as she idly grabbed on of her tails and began to hold it, numerous thoughts running through her head.

"I saw you adjusting your collar, and made a guess. I suppose I was right." Persephone said with a wider grin.

OoC @Dot: For some reason, I read that as "she spat in the muse's face". xD

Two more flowers bloomed infront of Hellosh and Hellen, both flowers prayed glue-like nectar at the demon siblings. All the while, the fearie giggled, seemingly finding Hellosh's outbursts rather amusing.

The flowers that had previously bloomed beneath Ness lost their petals, but rather then fall to the ground, they flew up, swirling around Ness, paticularly her head. The collection of swirling petals with the many colours made for a desorientating display.

Erica hung back, not wanting to get involved if she could help it. She kept her Detect Life spell active to keep an eye on the fearie.

Saber would find the nearest military pressence in Lakewest.

Black jumped down and gave a small wave to Yukino and Persephone. "What's the matter Yukino? you've gone red slightly..." She said to Yukino in her normal tone. "Didn't realize you got embarrassed about complements...." She added with a hint of a smirk.

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