We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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With her eyes active, the faerie still stayed highlighted to the fedora girl. Keeping her eyes on it, she picked up her hat and focused on walking toward it, ignoring the petal swirls the best she could.

Yuki just sighed before bowing her head. "You... I can't get anything past you, can I?"

Saber pulls his hood up and trys to bend in with the any other travelers OOC:because this shit worked in Assassin's Creed and i will make it work here.

"Indeed, Miss Black. It is very interesting..." Persephone said in her purring tone.

Nybeth stood back up. "Based on how many bodies we managed to obtain, the process of reanimating all of them should take at least a few hours, if not a day." He replied to Loki.

Jessica became visibly sad as she continued wandering around the college grounds. "Okay..." She sent to Ness telepathically. "It sounds like you're busy, I'll just wait here then if you don't want me following." She sat herself down on a bench and sighed.

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I am the Night Me!

Both Hellosh and Hellen jump away from the sticky white stuff which is apparently is glue like nectar...
And continued looking for Vanessa.

"Great! That bitch is laughing at me." Hellosh said with great sarcasm.

Black nodded. "No, I tend to find out...one way or another..." She said to Yukino, slightly jokingly. "Apart from blushing, I trust both of you are okay?"

"Hmmm, well there are a lot of bodies." noted Rita at Nybeth's time estimation.

Yukino clutched her head in slight annoyance, still red-faced. "Yeah... We're fine..." Looking away from both Black and Persephone, Yuki noticed Jess sitting alone. She waved at the catgirl, smiling despite her red face.

Ness tried to cheer Jess up a bit as she noticed her disappointed tone through the thought link. "Now here I am... beginning to worry you. Sorry, but we're both going to get through this, alright? You don't need to feel bad, I just want to know what happened... so it doesn't happen again" She telegraphed in a cheery tone.

"Oh, very well." Persephone said, still in a light and good mood.

"That is time I would rather spend resolving other matters..." Loki answered Nybeth. "I trust you will be able to find your own way back?" he then asked.

"You're all so funny..." the fearie spoke, its child-like voice being hearable to all who stood in the medow. With Ness approaching still, the fearie grinned. It dispelled its invisibility, revealing that it was a small humanoid, with a blue, transculent body and two butterfly-like wings. Giggling, it fluttered its wings and began gliding away from the medow, further into the woods.

No one paid much attention to Saber as he walked through, as Lakewest was a tourist hotspot, and thus travelers were a common thing. Saber would find the soldiers stationed on the walls surrounding Lakewest to be on edge, however. The military instilation was next to the entrance of Lakewest.

Black put a hand in her pocket. "Good..." She said in response.


No one paid much attention to Saber as he walked through, as Lakewest was a tourist hotspot, and thus travelers were a common thing. Saber would find the soldiers stationed on the walls surrounding Lakewest to be on edge, however. The military instilation was next to the entrance of Lakewest.

Saber approached the military instilation, looking around he observed the area

"And how are you?" Persephone asked Black politely.

With the faerie moving back into the woods, Ness held her hat down and followed. Noting that the faerie had revealed itself via voice, she deactivated her eyes and followed as quickly and cautiously as she could.

Jessica waved back to Yukino almost sheepishly. "Alright, that's fair. Thank you for being concerned about me." She mentally replied to Ness, sounding somewhat more cheery as well. "I'll just let you focus on what you're doing now."

"Yes yes, I can get back fine on my own." Nybeth replied to Loki with a nod. "Shall we rendezvous the same place we always do?"

Rita stood up and stretched

Both Hellosh and Hellen followed Vanessa.

"I'm fine thanks" Black said to Persephone. "Ive been amused by Yukino's actions....so my day is off to a good start..." She added.

White had traveled to Holadino, she walked around the city in her brown hooded robe, covering most of her face.

"That goes for both of us." Persephone replied.

"Indeed. And I shall see if it will be at all posible to acquire some manner of device that alows us to comunicate over distances, as the lack of this is somewhat of a bothersome." Loki said to Nybeth, standing up and nudging Fafnir to wake the dragon up. Slowly opening her eyes, Fafnir yawned, which sound like a loud hiss.

As Ness followed the fearie, it slowly disappeared into the shadows, although it remained partially visible, as it didn't turn invisible. Two thin tree branch swept towards Ness, threatening to smack her in the face.

"Should we follow her? We don't know if this thing has ill intend or not, afterall. Even if it hasn't made any attempts to actually harm any of us." Erica said to Valentine.

"Halt. State your business." a soldier said to Saber as he was stopped at the gate.

Yuki sat on the bench on the opposite side of Jessica, still a little red faced. Her ears twitched abit as she heard both Black and Persey talking about her. Her face began to get a little flushed again.

Noting the branches, Ness slid under them, keeping her hand on her hat before continuing to chase after the fairy. She smiled to herself a bit as she followed. ...It doesn't mean any actual harm, does it...? Does it just want to play with someone?

Marston happened to be in Holdino, having no reason to leave. Although he did wonder where everyone had gone off too.

Rita walked up to Fafnir "They must have something that can do that, how else would they communicate between airships?"

"Yes lets follow her" Valentine said to Erica. "I feel it best to try and help anyone I can....seeing as it's part of my job now..." she added, muttering the last part.

Black nodded in agreement with Persephone. "Don't worry Yukino, I'm only...joking...with you" She said to Yukino, pausing on the word joking. "mind if I ask why your here? I thought you were Echo's carer?" She said politely to Persephone.

The Hell siblings continued following Nessy. OoC: Yup! I have nothing more to add to that.

"She does have a family beyond me. She and Holly are staying with them." Persephone said to Black. She smoked over to where Yukino was sitting and sat rather close to her.

Yuki just sighed a bit before looking toward Black, adopting the girl's usual look. "Fine then." She said in a monotone, resembling Black's. Her face was still a little red as Persephone sat next to her. That... was so sudden...


"Precicely. Although it is a posibility such a device is integrated in those vessels, and a portable one exssits not as of yet. We shall see." Loki said to Rita, climbing ontop of the sadle. Once Rita was on the saddle also, Loki would ride Fafnir out of the forest, shrouding the dragon, Rita and himself once more.

The fearie continued to glide away from Ness, doing so backwards, without ever bumping into something. This suggested it had great spacial awereness, and didn't rely solely in eyesight. The fearie exitedly clapped its hands at Ness evading the tree branches. Another tree branch swept infront of Ness, this one thicker, and aimed to smack her in the stomach.

As the hell twins followed Ness, mushrooms popped out from the ground and released spores into the air. They wouldn't be dangerous if inhaled, but would cause irritation and minor delusion.

"Alright then." Erica said to Valentine as she began following Ness into the forest, keeping her Detect Life spell active to help her keep track of the hunting party in the relatively dark woods. "What was that last part?" she asked valentine.

Nybeth nodded to Loki, then turned his attention to the mass grave that was hiding the bodies ripe for reanimation. Nybeth ordered his leftover zombies from the raid on the base to dig the bodies back up again, a task that they immediately set about performing.

Jessica looked over at Yukino, curious as to why she decided to sit on the same bench as her. "Eh? What's up with--" Her question to Yukino was cut off by Persephone suddenly appearing between them, to which she responded by scooting over closer to her end of the bench.

"Do you not get many compliments?" Persephone asked Yukino, looking at her quizzically.

"Apologizes, I should of guessed that but I was.....curious is all" Black said to Persephone with a slight bow, then noticed as she smoked-teleported away. well that's... different... She thought. She looked at Yukino with a T_T face. "I'm getting the feeling your mimicking me now....so you best be slightly better..."

Valentine lit a flame in the palm of her hand as she entered the dark woods, so she could see clearly. "Oh...nothing to worry about Miss Erica!" She said with a small smile.

White was walking around Holadino, still cloaked. she warned several random cilvians about the "destroyer" while scanning them with her scanner.

"And how are you today?" Persephone asked Jess as she looked over to her.

Yuki paused before nodding toward Persephone. Turning to Black, she nodded before she ended up transforming into a copy of Black... with two black fox tails. "Of course. But a copy can't really compare to the original..." The fox replied in an almost perfect copy of the Vocaloid's voice.

Ness smiled as she decided to have some fun as well. Seeing the next branch, she tossed her hat ahead of her, then proceeded to preform a twirling backflip over it. In mid flip, she caught her hat again and resumed running after the faerie, not skipping a beat.

Rita climbed aboard Fafnir before it took off, saying "Nah they must have some way to talk to ground forces as well."

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