We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Well that surprises me. It's terribly unfair that a lovely woman should not be complimented." Persephone said to Yuki, smirking at her transformation.

"To fully answer your question, I'm here to study the magic used in this world." she said to Black.

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Black's eyes widened when Yukino transformed into a fox-version of herself. "That is really quite...strange..." She said a bit speechless, she walked around Yukino to make sure she was copying her perfectly. "Even down to the way I wear my boots..." She muttered, a mixture of annoyed and impressed. "That's fair enough...." She said to Persephone, still a bit weird out by Yukino.

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As the mushrooms opened, Hellosh pushed Hellen away. Inhaling the spores, Hellosh grabbed his head in pain. He also heard whispers in his head before being silenced by one mighty voice. I loathe you! The voice said. After that, Hellosh went berserk and started slashing almost everything in his sight. After a dozen cut-up trees, Hellosh calms down.

Hellen looks horrified. "Are you....calm now?" *Sniff* Hellen said, almost tearing up.

"Yes....are you okay?" Hellosh, actually being concerned about Hellen, asked about her condition.

"I'm fine! Let's just go, okay?" Hellen shouted.

Hellosh sighs and continues his search with Hellen.

Black-Yuki smiled a bit toward Black as she swished her tails. "...Don't tell me you're... jealous of my tails, Miss Shooter?" Turning back to Persephone, she blushed a bit as she scratched the back of her head. "I can't really help it... Thank you though.." She replied a bit awkwardly.

"I've been better." Jessica curtly replied to Persephone. Glancing back over at Yukino, she raised an eyebrow at her sudden transformation. Didn't know she could do that.

Once the bodies had been dug up, Nybeth set about reanimating each one, resolving to put in the proper work on them all later once he had the equipment to do so. As he worked, his zombies, including the ones he had newly created, patrolled around the clearing, making sure he didn't get taken by surprise by Legaian patrols coming in to respond to the completely depopulated base.

"A fair point." Loki replied to Rita, then paused for a moment. "Now, before we return to Shaintaio, let us first return to the den. I am certain Fafnir wishes to see to it her young are fed, and frankly, I could do with some food also." Leaving the forest, Loki spurred Fafnir on, doing so until she reached nearly her full speed. When nearing the sea, Fafnir took flight, Loki calling "Fly!" once more as this happened. I do hope Fafnir will learn to recognise this command soon. Getting her to fly using the method I do now is so inefficient.

The fearie laughed as it saw Ness' athletic display, clapping its hand once more. Turning around to face forwards, it began flying closer to the ground, shifting to avoid obstacles if need, and from time to time, obstacles such as bushes moving out of the way for the fearie.
Roots shot up from the ground infront of Ness, which tangled together and formed a net.

"If you say so. Either way, we better pick up the pace. We're falling behind." Erica said to Valentine as she began to run. To conserve her energy and thus prevent being fatigued sooner then she would normally, Erica ended her spell. In the distance, Erica saw the trees felled by Hellosh. Did he cause that?

One of the roots of the trees Hellosh cut down sprang from the ground and attempted to wrap around him.

The civillians White spoke to either paid her little mind as she spoke of the "Destroyer", or gave her a incredulous look.

"What is the matter?" Persephone asked Jess.

"I find it interesting you can blush while disguised like that. It's adorable, really." she said to Yukino as she took hold of her chin and seemed to study her face.

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"Yea I could eat too." said Rita

"Jealous? why would I be jealous?" Black said to Yukino, slightly defensively. Although if that's what I'd look like with tails, that wouldn't be too bad...

"Of course Miss Erica" Valentine replied as she too picked up the pace.

Once White finished her preaching she sat down on a bench to rest for a little bit. ignorance, makes me happy to know I'll watch you all die in flames She thought to herself, showing a slight smirk.

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Unlucky for the roots, Hellosh was still on his bad mood. With a loud shout, he rips the root away from him like it was just dirt on his clothing. "Oh come, you little brat! I know you can do better then that! Attack, attack, attack!" He shouted.

"Stop. it..please..." Hellen said.

Ness used a nearby tree as a makeshift wall and hopped onto it before jumping off it to avoid the net and land cleanly on the other side, still keeping her hat firmly on her head. She hopped to the side as apporpriate to avoid the bushes and the like as she continued to give chase. She began to breathe a bit heavily as she had been exerting herself quite a bit in this little game. Nonetheless, she was actually laughing a bit to herself as she was running.

Black-Yuki just shrugged a bit and winked. "I was just wonder- ...Yip!?" She was stopped short in her reply by Persey grabbing her chin. The foxgirl flailed a bit helplessly, muttering things and still blushing more. Why am I getting so worked up now!?!?

"Hmm...Yes, very convincing indeed." Persephone as she let go, laughing quite a bit.

Marston happened to hear White's preaching and watched her closely.

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"Nothing's the matter, I've just been better is all." Seeing what Persephone was doing with Yukino, she sighed and stood up. "I'll just leave you two alone now then." She remarked as she went about strolling around the college grounds again.

Nybeth continued reanimating corpses, and would continue to do so until he was either interrupted by something or finished.

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Flying towards the main continent, Fafnir eventually reached the mountain range. When near the entrance to the den, Loki pulled back on the reins, making Fafnir land. As Loki climbed down, Ba'ul and Rizomata stormed out of the cave, Ba'ul being disppointed to see Fafnir hadn't brought any food. Fafnir turned to greet her young.

"Well then, since I do not feel like having roasted deer or goat yet again, let us return to civilisation." Loki said to Rita, turning to Fafnir to undo the belts fastening to reins and sadle.

Flying through the forest more, the fearie came out at the place where the Predator bomb had gone off, the area being little more then a big cratar. Saddened by the sight, the fearie slowed down.

Ness, Hellosh and Hellen weren't met with any tricks this time.

Erica eventually caught up with Hellosh and Hellen. "Where did... the woman with the hat go?" she asked, struggling to remember Ness' name once more.

Black quietly observed Persephone's actions with a small "Hmmm". she then sat down on the free space on the bench.

"Yea that sounds good... does Holadino still take credits? Or is it gold now that Xiphatia owns it... I guess it doesn't matter." said Rita as she stretched after dismounting from Fafnir

"You mean Vanessa? She's not far from here." Hellosh said to Erica while pointing to where Ness went. "Also, kill whoever caused this. And if you don't, I will." Hellosh said to Erica, while his voice changes a bit and his eyes glow red.

"Let's go, Hellen." Hellosh said to Hellen, his voice seems normal this time.
Afterwards, they continue following Ness's path.

Ness slowed down as well before looking at the crater and sitting herself down to catch her breath. Despite her being tired, she noticed the faerie being somewhat sad. After a few moments, she simply said "...I'm sorry that this happened to your home."

Yuki sighed a bit as Persephone let her face go, before transforming back to her normal state with a puff. "Hmmph."

"Had enough of being me for a day?" Black said to Yukino casually.

"Sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable again." Persephone said to Yukino. She then smoked over to Jess and walked beside her. "You wouldn't happen to know what Vanessa is up to, would you?" she asked.

"Indeed, it matters not. As we have credits and gold both." Loki answered. Once down with removing the sadle and reins, he brought it inside the den, then began climbing down the mountain, heading towards Holadino. "I do wonder if they will accept those coins you collected from that odd gold cat spell as currency if they indeed do use gold now, however." he idly commented.

The fearie landed on its feet and fluttered its wings a couple of time. It was a great deal smaller then Ness, barely reaching up to her hip.

"I'm done playing now..." it said glumly.

"That seems really exsessive..." Erica said to Hellosh, frowning. She didn't seem to bothered by his glowing eyes, although she did find the subtle change in tone peculiar.

In the Wild Lands, one of the other Legaian bases had been informed that the one in the south had all but been wiped out. In responce, a small airship was send to track down those responsible, first making its way to the base, survaying the bloodstained yard.

"You know what to do." Hellosh bluntly said to Erica before completely leaving.

Rita shrugged a bit "I had some trouble using gold from my home before, but I just have to convince them that gold is gold either way. It's not like there's anywhere else that takes gold, so I'm not sure why their markings matter." said Rita as she followed Loki

Envy took note of Rita and Loki heading down the mountain towards Holadino. Once their backs were turned he would take a few pictures of them. He still appeared to be a child.

Ness smiled toward it a bit, extending her hand toward the little faerie. "It's alright. I had a lot of fun chasing you. My name's Vanessa. What's yours?" She said still a bit out of breath. She ended up sneezing once more, turning her face away from the fairy as she did so. Crap...

Yuki shrugged toward Black. "Yeah... for now."

Black raised an eyebrow. "Are you...Okay Yukino?" She asked, sounding slightly concerted.

White continued to move around Holadino, her scanner picking up nothing but steady levels. weak and pathetic.. She thought to herself.

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Marston followed White around, trying to be discreet.

Yuki looked at Black, also raising an eyebrow at her concern. "Yeah.. I'm fine... What made you think I wasn't?"

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Loki stopped walking momentarily and looked around slowly. After a moment he frowned slightly and continued on. "Exactly so. If nothing else, they could smelt it down to be repurposed." he answered Rita. After some time, the duo arived in Holadino. "I see things have not changed much here."

The fearie tilted its head in responce to Ness extending her hand, not understanding the gesture. Looking at Ness with its pitch-black, almond-shaped its, the fearie's wings began giving off a feint light, this light changed colours and colour patterns, switching between blue, orange, green, yellow and turqouise. "That is my name. There is no word in your language for it."

Erica shook her head in responce to Hellosh and continued to where he had pointed, seeing Ness talk to the fearie after some walking.

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Black shrugged slightly. "I don't know....you just seemed kinda...down is all" She explained to Yukino.

White was unaware of Marston, as she thought he as just another town's person.

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Grace flies up to Erica and Co, exsausted, landing next to them, "So... This is the fairy?" she asked.

Rita looked around "Nope... strange, this is probably the "cleanest" occupation I've ever heard of."

Envy took note of White in Holadino, but didn't take any pictures of her ...What the hell is she doing here?

Ness looked at the wing's light pattern in interest. "...I see. Sorry I can't actually call you by your true name then..." She said, scratching the back of her head a bit. "So... What do you want me to call you and why did you decide to play with us?" She asked the faerie, now shifting her position to lie on her belly to talk to it.

Yuki giggled softly before explaining. "No no, I'm fine. I'm just not... used to how to... uh... handle being complimented yet. I... never really got them since I went all psycho bitch, so it's... weird to hear them... and kind of embarassing..." She ended with her voice trailing off a bit.

"Not exactly, no." Jessica replied to Persephone, technically not lying since she hadn't checked in with Ness to see if she was done with her previous task, so she could have possibly been doing something completely different by now.

One of Nybeth's sentries alerted him to the airship that was approaching the base. Annoyed by this information, Nybeth began picking up the pace on his reanimations, while also chewing on some more leaves of a plant he kept with him that helped him to focus his spell-power.

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