We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"I understand" Black said with a slight nod. "Your get use to it....I guess?" She added, not sounding to sure herself.

OoC: I am the Anti-myself!

"Do you know if she's alright?" Persephone asked Jess next.

I come up to a fortress of some kind with big walls. Better ditch the suit for now... I think as I get out of my suit and head toward the place.

OoC: @Outis, where is Tanner anyways?

Seeing the fairy, Hellosh runs to it with berserking rage.

"Hellosh, stop!" Hellen shouts loudly. She didn't want see Hellosh in this state again.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Hellosh shouts as he swings his sword towards the fairy, not caring if he hits Vanessa as well. As it seems hopeless for the two. Until, a green force bubble protects the two.

"Hellosh, stop!" Hellen shouted, while using her force field to protect the two.

Hellosh continues his attacks at a faster rate while still shouting.

"Stop!" She shouts louder, but it doesn't stop him.

While the bubble was near breaking point, Hellen runs and hugs "Please stop! *Sniff* Please stop!" Hellen cried.

Hellosh drops his sword and finally calms down.
"......." He say didn't anything.

Yuki sighed a bit before shrugging. "Yeah... I'll deal with it when it comes to it... I guess..." She said, not sounding that sure herself. She gave Black a small thumbs up. "Don't worry about me, Vocaloid. I'll be fine."

OoC: @Outis, where is Tanner anyways?


"So it does. The obvious uneasiness of the citizens aside, things look rather peaceful." Loki remarked, slightly suprised no one seemed to take much notice of the wound in his shoulder, or any of the smaller wounds. Although the latter weren't open any longer. I should really have this wound dealt with. But... not here. It would only raise unnecessary questions. To better conceal the wound, Loki took off his coat and flung it over the shoulder.
Further walking into Holadino, Loki and Rita passed White while Loki looked for a diner or restaurant.

"Appearantly so." Erica answered Grace.

Seeing Ness lie down, the fearie crouched infront of her, resting its arms on its knees. The glow in its wings faded. Ness would find that although the fearie had a feminine body shape, it was in fact genderless, as it lacked genetalia.

"Call me... Bloom. I supose that somewhat fits." it replied after some thought. "And I--" The fearie, now identifiable as Bloom stopped mid-sentance when the berserking man that was Hellosh began charging at it. Not taking chances, it shot up and flew over to the center of the crater. There, it remained, ready to strike if needed.

When Hellosh was stopped by Hellen, Erica held her right hand behind her back and formed a sphere of turqouise light in her hand.

Scanning around the area, the airship picked up on the trails of the bodies that had been dragged, and the occasional blood stain. Following this trail, the airship headed towards the forest.

"She seemed alright the last time I spoke to her." Jessica replied to Persephone, sounding a little uneasy as she remembered some of what Ness had said to her telepathically. Now made to be unable to not worry, she projected to Ness, "How're you doing? E-Everything alright?"

Nybeth's sentries continued to let him know the position of the airship as it approached. Figuring that he still had some time left, he continued reanimating the bodies and spiriting them away.

Grace looks at Hellen and Hellosh.
"What... Happened?" she asked.

"Nothing!" She snaps at Grace.

Grace recoils in shock, "I... Simply want to help..." she said.

"I'm happy to hear that." Persephone said to Jess.

I see Yukino and some other girl and walk toward them.

Black nodded, with the tiniest of all tiny smiles. "Good to hear" She said as she stood up. "But what do we do now? anything to be taken care of?" she asked Yukino.

White's scanner picked up something strange as Loki passed her, she turned back to make sure she got a look on before approaching Loki. "Excuse me Sir" She said rather politely.

Tanner would, in fact be stopped at the gate. "Hold it. What's the password?" the guard asked.

"Nothing happened, so there's nothing you can help with!" Hellen cried while still hugging Hellosh.

Ness was a bit surprised by Hellosh's sudden rage and became a bit angry. She managed to calm herself down as Hellen stopped him in his tracks. She noticed what Erica was doing and gave her a silent nod before telegraphing a bit cheerily to Jessica. "Aside from a few idiots... I'm doing great. I should be finished with what I'm doing here pretty quickly. Just hold on for a bit."

She slid into the crater and started to walk toward Bloom, holding her hands up. "Sorry, he doesn't have a sense of humor. It's alright. You can talk to me. His sister will keep him for hurting you."

Yukino put her hand to her chin. "All I really wanted to do was go back to the volcano I found myself at. It seemed like something important might be there. But I need to find Ness before I can do so..." Her ears twitched as she picked up on Jess and Persey's conversation. She began to walk over toward them.

Realizing Loki was wounded she also said "Oh I can't believe I didn't notice you're still wounded, here, eat this. It can heal you." she said pulling a red gummy candy from her pocket and handing it to him. She gave a curious look to White when she approached.

OOC: I thought everyone was outside the college...

"He tried to hurt both of them!" She shouts, "You're reacting like there's something wrong! I'm only asking!" she shouts.

"Shut up." Hellen coldly stated. "And the reason he attacked her is because she poisoned him with some mushrooms.... Hellen said to Grace.


She slid into the crater and started to walk toward Bloom, holding her hands up. "Sorry, he doesn't have a sense of humor. It's alright. You can talk to me. His sister will keep him for hurting you."

OoC: How does she know they're related? I don't believe Hellen told her....

Jessica sighed with relief and nodded to herself as she heard Ness' response, though it would seem like she was nodding to Persephone as well. Her expression seemed neutral as she noticed Yukino once again walking over to where she was. Why are these people acting so clingy to me?

OoC @Outis: I thought they were still within its walls.

"Oh? A foodstuff capable of healing? A handy thing to have, I am sure." Loki said to Rita as he accepted the candy. After looking at it, he ate it. Once he swallowed and his wounds had closed, Loki looked to White. "Yes?" he asked, putting his coat back on./color]

Bloom hesitantly flew down towards Ness, although she didn't land. "He's mad because he lost, no doubt!" it said indignantly.

Erica kept her hand with the inactive spell behind her back, ready to cast it at Hellosh if need be.

The airship was now at the edge of the forest, the trees obscuring the trail. At turned on a searchlight and swept this across the area.

Black followed behind Yukino, but at a distance as she didn't want to bother Jessica. "Apart from rocks and lava, would else would be important at a Volcano?" She asked Yukino.

@Dirty: The banter from before showed familiarity and the fact that Hellosh tended not to trust anyone kind of makes it obvious she's related to him somehow. Or else, he'd probably, y'know, cleave 'em clean as soon as they touched him...

Ness sighed a bit, nodding with Bloom's kiddy logic. "Yes, I suppose so. You're alright, I hope?"

Yukino shrugged before stopping a little bit away from Jessica, staying near Black for now. "It's just a gut feeling I have. It might not be worth anything, but I'm pretty flame resistant... so it shouldn't be that hard to explore..." And all the masterminds usually hide out in volcanoes...

Grace sighed, "... Alright... I just want to help..." she said.

Rita crossed her arms as she waited for White to speak. Loki would find that the candy healed his wounds by 30%. It also tasted like a sweet gummy candy version of an apple.

Hellen snaps at Bloom for suggesting such a thing."Lost? LOST?! You fucking poisoned him! You heartless, soulless abomination! What the hell is wrong with you! Do you think this is a fucking game, huh? Do you think it's a fucking game! Attacking random people at forests! I find you truly sick!"

Hellosh didn't do anything, not even move.

Grace see's Hellosh, and sits down next to him, "What's wrong?"

OoC: @Nail, she is covered over by a brown cloak. from head to toe, so her outfit wouldn't be seen, unless Loki is rocking 3-D X-RAY glasses :P

"Sorry to bother you, but I'm warning the people of this land of the destroyer" She said to Loki. "She is a force not to be messed with, I'm just trying to warn as many people as I can" she explained to Loki and Rita. Non human....this world is full of surprises...

"Oh fair enough then..." Black replied to Yukino.

OOC: Sooo...Are people inside or outside the college?

"Very good." Persephone said to Jess.

Marston was still watching White.

OoC: @Hatchy, ohhhhhhhhh that's why I thought it would be a bad idea to be in Holadino, didn't realize she was disguised

Rita raised an eyebrow "A destroyer? If there's something so dangerous why isn't it common knowledge?"

OoC @Hatchy: *Le gasp* Changed. :P
@Outis: How far away is Marston?

As he was healed, the bullet was forced out of the wound and fell out of his sleeve. "Is that so?" Loki asked White, looking down to the bullet, picking it up and holding it under his coat, placing it in his unseen inventory there. "Indeed. Why do all not know of this? We have been here for quite some time, and never heard anything of the sort." he chimed in to Rita, looking back to White.

Bloom nodded in responce to Ness and crossed its arms in responce to Hellen. "Of course this is a game! I didn't attack anyone, he did! As for the "poison", all it did was make him slightly delusional. And the effects lasted only a small time! Bah! I find you humourless."

OOC: @Nail: Within earshot I guess.

@Outis: Inside, if that wasn't obvious.

At the rate that the airship was approaching Nybeth calculated that he would need more time than it would allow. He sent one of his zombies off to find a position a good distance from the clearing where he was working. The zombie made it's way off to the west of Nybeth's location, at which point it fired as the Legaian airship with its rifle to try and attract its attention.

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