We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Ness nodded toward Bloom before putting a hand to her chin. "Bloom, have you ever 'played' with a man that..." She went on to give Bloom a detailed description of Chafla, curious as to why the madman would want this seemingly harmless spirit dead.

Yuki nodded before waiting for Jess again.

"You forced people to play your game without consent, without reason. I didn't want to play your 'game' nor do the others. You harm people for your own amusement, and then mock them for getting hurt." Hellen gives a horrifying glare to Bloom. "You're a monster."

White shrugged slightly. "I'm afraid I do not know, the message wasn't getting out very clear so I'm having to hand deliver it to the people" She explained to Loki and Rita. "I have a picture of the bandit, if you care to keep an eye out for her?" She asked politely.

Rita shrugged "Yea might as well show us."

"Very well. Show it." Loki said to White, his reason for caring being that if "the Destroyer" was such a threat, it warrented people going around telling about it, the Destroyer would be worth placing under his command. "I do find myself wondering, however. Who is it that comisioned you to get the word out, as you said it. You hardly strike me as any government official."

"If you didn't want to play, then why come here in the first place? The moment you followed the light, you agreed to play!" Bloom said to Hellen,landing with a huff. Once Ness gave the description of Chafla, it shook its head. "No... I tried, but he wouldn't come to play." it answered.

When the zombie emerged from the forest and began firing on the airship, it turned, shining the searchlight on it, and training two machineguns on it. The bullets fired by the zombie did only minimal damage on the hull of the airship.

"Drop your weapon and surrender! This is your only warning!" was said over a megaphone, being under orders to capture whoever was responsible for the massacre is posible.

White dug the picture of Black out of her cloak and handed it to Loki. "No I'm not an officer, just a traveler" Her eyes lit up slightly. "A messager, just trying to help those who need it" She said with a slight smirk. "I know she is not from this world....then again I can tell of others that might not be as they seem..."

"Play? It's obvious you're insane. We wondered randomly around here, and I 'followed the light' to check if Vanessa is safe." Hellen said to bloom.

"Vanessa, it's obvious she is harmful and leaving her to do what she wants is dangerous. I suggest we deal with her or, better yet, let the government deal with her. And please, she's not as innocent as she looks! And it's obvious she won't change her ways." Hellen suggested to Ness.

Ness nodded a bit while keeping her hand on her chin. "...I see. Did he just run away when you tried to play with him? Did he say or scream things at you?" So he's been here before... and turned tail?

She shook her head toward Hellen. "There's a difference between harmful and overly playful, Ms. Hellen. You can leave if you wish, but I'm going to chat with Bloom for a while longer. There are things I need to know about."

In response to getting the airship's attention, the zombie started running west, away from Nybeth's position. As it went, it attempted to conceal itself again, but only after it had been spotted going in a particular direction.

Nybeth continued his work in reanimating the corpses, having made significant progress by now.

Jessica took notice of Yukino and Black loitering around near her. "Need something?"

"What was that?" asked Rita, eying White.

Yuki looked over at Jess and shook her head. "We heard you knew where little miss fedora was. I need to talk to her so I can get back to the Wild Lands."

Savranth walked about Holadino. Tomorrow, I'll go ahead and move this all forward. I've waited long enough...

"Playful? How is this playful! I understand you're a forgiving soul, but what's the point of forgiveness if people do not want to change themselves to the better and continue their misdeeds? Can I at least report her? So the authorities know what punishment is suitable for her behavior?" Hellen asked Ness.

"And you are not native to this world either, I take it?" Loki said to White, looking at the picture of Black handed to him, handing it back when he had memorised what Black looked like. He handed the photo back to White, but heard what she had said with a lowered voice due to his sharper-then-normal hearing. "And how do you mean, "things might not be as they seem?" he asked suspiciously.

"He didn't even want to follow the light into the woods. Just when I had hoped I would have something to do, he just turned around and left..." Bloom answered Ness, sounding disappointed. It ignored Hellen, having grown bored with trying to argue with her.

"That is rather presumptuous. How is she harmful? None of us are even hurt. She strikes me as little more then a child." Erica chimed in. Seeing that Hellosh had calmed down, she dispelled the spell she had readied and lowered her hand. "Furthermore, how do you know she can't change her ways? You've known her for a only short while."

"Open fire." the pilot of the airship said to the gunman once the zombie ran. The guman nodded and opened fire with both machineguns.

"I guess I could point you in the right direction. Last I checked she was kinda busy though." Jessica replied to Yukino. She glanced around for someplace where she wasn't likely to be seen. She started wandering over to head behind the student dormitories.

Despite getting shot numerous times, the zombie continued to limp on and away from the aircraft.

White smiled. "No I am not from this world, I am a dweller of the Hazama....or limbo as you might know it as" She said to Loki, her smile turned into a small smirk. "I'm referring to you, you appear human but still....things are not as they seem are they?" She said with a small chuckle. If Rita or Loki were looking, they would see her scanner bring up several random digits and figures.

Ness sighed again. "Ms. Hellen, you're overreacting to the situation. She never meant to hurt anyone with her playing around. I know you received the worst of it, but there's really no point to stay angry about it. You can try to report the spirit if you wish, though I doubt people will listen to you."

Turning back to Bloom, she nodded again. "So the man merely passed you off as a ghost of some sort and then kept spouting unresearched lies about you then. You take care of this forest, correct Bloom?"

Yukino put a hand to her chin as she followed Jessica. "You think you could check on her again? If she's busy, there's no stopping her from finishing it, so there wouldn't be a point in me trying to get near her."

This wasn't news to Rita, she had assumed Loki wasn't human long ago, even before being mind controlled. "Doesn't seem like you are either, what's your point?"

"The poisoned mushroom, my brother pushed me away so it could not harm me. They also caused him some mental damage, since he wen't mad with anger directly after it. Now please, tell this is not harmful." Hellen said to Erica. "Then please, make her change her ways so that she can't harm others!" Hellen said.

"I..... Maybe I am overacting...... Okay, I'll her be and give her the benefit of the doubt. But if she doesn't change, you know the rest........ I'm sorry...it's just...it's just...... *Sigh* I'm sorry..... By the way, can you help me with Hellosh? He doesn't seem okay. Hellen said to Vanessa."

OoC @Dirty: By the way, Loki and Hellen have the same text colour. You know what this means, don't you? ;D

Loki raised an eyebrow. He momentarily glanced at the scanner, but didn't pay it much attention. "If you are considdering blackmailing me using the obvious fact that I am no human, then you will only waste your time." he said with a mocking tone. "You, on the other hand, are likely in a less fortunate position. Do take this into considdertion."

"I have my own ghost story now?" Bloom asked Ness excitedly, seemingly taking pride in that. Chuckling, it added, "And, that's right.I ensure the plants stay nice and healthy!"

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but he seemed to be prone to fits of anger, even before this happened." Erica said to Hellen. "Either way, what's wrong with him?" she then asked, refering to Hellen mention Hellosh didn't seem okay.

The airship began following the zombie, not letting up its fire.

"What the hell? How can he still be standing?"

Savranth spots Loki and Rita talking to someone. Didn't I see them somewhere before..?
He slowly begins walking towards them.

"Well, she said she'd get back to me when she was done, and she hasn't yet, so I can really only assume she's still busy." Jessica replied to Yukino. She sighed and thought, She's taking an awful long time with that...I should see about not wasting my time anymore.

The zombie was utterly torn apart under the sustained fire from the airship. It had fulfilled its purpose however, as Nybeth was able to finish reanimating and moving the rest of the Legaian bodies. Having finished his task, he cast his Black Plume spell, transforming himself into a crow. Nybeth-crow then began its journey towards the mainland.

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@Outis: Might as well surrender and kneel to Loki.

Ness scratched her head a bit. "Pretty much... though only that man Chafla really believes in it. So do you have help in protecting the forest or are you alone?"

She was going to respond to Hellen, but Erica basically took the words out of her mouth. She simply nodded in agreement with the mage before turning back to Bloom.

Yuki nodded a bit. "Yeah, that happens a lot. She says she'll take five minutes, it ends up taking 3 days."

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Not that extreme. He only reaches this level of anger when it involves me getting hurt or almost getting hurt, or other 'touche' subjects. Probably that mushroom reminded of said 'touche' subject." Hellen explained Erica. "I do not know! But it probably involves something in his psyche or the sign on his neck." Hellen said.

Hellosh is noticeably bleeding from his neck.

OoC: @Nail is Erica still a demon?

@Outis: Couldn't possibly be more screwed than we already are.

Since she was in a concealed location now, Jessica took out her visor and used it to check the locations of all the people she was keeping tabs on, then quickly put it away again. Savranth's right out in the open in Holadino. I can't check and see if he wants to actually move forward... She simply nodded to Yukino as she leaned up against the wall and sighed.

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When Savranth approached, Loki looked at him, then to Marston who had been standing in one spot the entire time. My, I am quite popular all of us sudden. For all the wrong reasons, no doubt.

"No. I live alone here. There are other fearies in woods and forests elsewhere, but I've never met any of them." Bloom answered ness, rubbing its lip with its right index finger. "I've never seen another fearie in my life, actually."

"Touche subjects? What's that?" she asked, stepping over to Hellosh. Hearing Hellen mention his neck, Erica tip-toed to see it, Hellosh being taller then she is. Seeing the bleeding, she frowned. What caused this? Erica raised her right hand, in which glowed a sphere of golden light. Holding her hand over Hellosh's wound, the golden light flowed from her hand, bathing the wound in it. If it could be healed, the wound would close, while giving Hellosh a mild tingly sensation.

With the zombie gunned down, the airship landed. What remained of the body was scooped up and taken back to base for further investigation.

OoC: The True Rune is not Demonic. It's a God. A force of nature. It is Wind incarnate, with a will all of it's own. Killing Erica would only have it instantly choose a new host. Or, if there is no worthy host, it would go into hiding until one was found.

OoC: @Hatchy, you there?

Yuki leaned over on the wall as well. "So... have you and Ness clam jousted yet? It's been quite a while since you two confessed to each other like anime schoolgirls." She blurted out bluntly, though she was just curious.

Ness kept rubbing her chin for a moment. "I see. Do you have anything that people would want to take from you?" Is that man really just that superstitious...? We might want to do this world a favor. Killing nature spirits will probably cause an imbalance. I wonder if we could learn where he has his... key stashed...

@Furi: I'm thinking not, his internet seems to have cut out.

Sophia was working on Jessica's figurine, since she had the pose and shape down, she would be able to work on everything other than the detailing of the right arm first, and then finish the arm when she was in her room. It was a little obvious that if Jessica didn't want the arm to be shown, a statue depicting her having one wouldn't be a good idea.

OoC @Nail *Shudder*
Is she still a dark soul?

The type that shouldn't be told in public and talked to personal friends, family members and psychiatrists. You now, THAT type of touche subjects." Hellen said. She examines how she tires to heal the unhealable wound. "It's a curse, I think. It can't be healed."

Nybeth had used one of his most recently created zombies to distract the airship, so it had no preservatives of any kind present in it. The magic that was keeping it moving had vacated the body once it lost all structure. For all intents and purposes, it was a mangled Legaian soldier's corpse.

Jessica started at Yukino and blinked a few times. "Uh...what?" She asked, having the same problem that Ness had with the term 'knocking boots', as she had never heard the phrase that Yukino was using before that particular moment in time.

OoC @Dirty: Nope. Hasn't been since the end of WAOA2. :P
And I think you meant touchy subject. Not touche.

Bloom shook her head. "No. I have no possesions people would want. I think... Do peoples? I have losts of nice pebbles!"

"A curse? Damn... There's little I can do then. I know next to nothing about curses." Erica said to Hellen. Stepping infront of Hellosh, she waved a hand infront of his face to see what his reaction would be.

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"Do you have some logic about curse givers? Or even demons?" Hellen asked Erica.

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