We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Yuki actually remembered the time before where Ness hadn't known the term thrown around. "Did you two have sex yet?, was what I was asking. Sorry, guess even sexual terms differ across dimensions..."

Ness nodded a bit as she telegraphed to Jessica. "I'm done for the most part... for now. I need to do something tomorrow, and I may need your help with it. Hold on for just a bit longer." Smiling at Bloom, Ness lightly messed with its hair, using her pinky finger lightly. "I see. Thanks for answering all those questions for me. Hopefully, I can come back and play with you again sometime. Then maybe, you can show me all of those pebbles you were talking about." She said with a warm smile.

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Hellosh's eyes started opening. "My head....." He said.

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Ness would feel Bloom's hair didn't feel much like hair. feeling thicker and more slick. Bloom giggled as Ness played with its hair. "I'd like that. You were good! And I'd love to show you my pebbles!" It excitedly exclaimed.

"I can't say that I do." Erica answered Hellen. When Hellosh came to, Erica stopped tip-toeing, being glad to do so, as her feet were starting to get tired."What happened to you there?" she asked, then looked back to Hellen. "I never studied curses, and have known only a few demons. Maybe ask my friend there. She used to be a demon. Perhaps she can help?" she added, pointing to Valentine.

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Ness winked toward Bloom before walking off. "Right. It's a promise. Now, be safe until then." Weird... its hair felt almost like... That aside, I should probably bring less confining clothes... She finally noticed the fact that she hadn't changed outfit at all since she had entered this world. "......EEWWWW. I need to get a few new clothes..." In her disgust at herself, she unknowingly broadcasted this to Jessica before continuing with what she really wanted to say. "Jess, I'm finished up here. I'll teleport to you soon."

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Oh...that makes more sense with that other thing she said... Jessica's face flushed bright red after she came to understand what Yukino was asking. "I...really don't think that's any of your business." She replied to Yukino, crossing her arms and turning away from looking at her. "Oh! Alright then! I can do whatever you need!" Jessica mentally replied to Ness, her feeling of being flustered shown by sounding somewhat overly enthusiastic in her head. ...I should get some new clothes too... She thought to herself upon hearing Ness other transmission, looking down at her own clothes, which at this point were somewhat ratty after not having been washed for over three weeks.

"Bye, miss!" Bloom said excitedly as Ness climbed out of the crater and walked off. After that, Bloom flew off herself.

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Ness calmly walked up to the group and offered to teleport them back to the Spice Rack. After they accept, she'd do so before teleporting to Jessica. With the multiple multi-person teleports that she'd done, along with Bloom causing her allergies to still cause her some trouble, Ness would have to rest at Winterhorn for the night.

Yuki giggled softly. "Sorry, I couldn't help but a--" Ness calmly drove a fist into Yuki's skull and dragged her unconscious body off before coming back and saying good night to Jess.

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"What happened to me? I have no idea." Hellosh replied to Erica.

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"Hmm... Well, It would be in your best interest to find someone with more expertise on the matter of curses and have it lifted. If it randomly causes such heavy bleeding, I can't imagine it being anything good." Erica said to Hellosh. She and Valentine accepted Ness' offer to be brought back to the Spice Rack, and once there, feeling tired, Erica conviced Paprika to accept Septims. Having rented a small room, the duo went to bed.

"This reminds me of the time we shared a dorm." Erica said, changing into a sleeping gown and climbing into bed.

"It does, doesn't it? The entire trip so far has given me a sense of déjà vu, really." Valentine answered with a chuckle. Not having brought any other clothes, she only took her boots off, going to sleep in her dress.

"Yes... The similarities are uncanny. I wish it weren't so." Erica said with a sigh. "Anyway, good night, Valentine."

"Good night, Miss Erica."

Jessica nodded and said goodnight to Ness, though she looked the other way since she didn't want her friend to see her all flustered as she was. Feeling somewhat tired, she followed after Ness, but not before sticking her face in the snow to cool herself off, sighing pleasantly as she did. She bed down for the night in the guest rooms as Ness did.

"Halt. State your business." a soldier said to Saber as he was stopped at the gate.

"i'm looking to do some free-lance work, i was told to come here" he said

Rita will follow Loki and follow his orders

Envy continued to spy on Holadino. If Xiphatia moves out he will report all movements and follow the troops

OoC: So yea if Xiphatia moves out Legaia will know about it
Off to work

Jessica woke up after sleeping on a chair or couch of some sort in the room Ness was sleeping in, as she had become accustomed to. She stretched out and groaned to herself as she took in her surroundings for a few moments while trying to wake herself up further.

Having made it back to his cave, Nybeth worked on preserving his newly acquired zombies and patching up any problems he noticed with the bodies.

Ness slowly began to wake up around the same time Jessica did. She was still a bit sore from her escapade yesterday, so she groaned and stretched a bit as she rose up out of bed.

Yuki was fast asleep in another guest room, rather far from the others.

Jessica noticed Ness getting up and stood up from her seat as well. "Good morning! Or more likely, good afternoon" She said to Ness in pleasant greeting.

Ness rubbed her eyes a bit before smiling and waving back at Jess. She rotated in bed so that her feet were on the floor. She was without her fedora, so her bedhead was prominent. "Right... The way we sleep, it probably is... How are you doing, Jessica?" She replied, chuckling a small bit.

Jessica couldn't help but giggle a little at seeing Ness' messy hair, as it was rare to see her hair in such a state, or at all really. Since Ness was still sitting, she wandered over to her bed and crouched down at the foot of it, resting her chin and hands on the foot-board. "I'm alright. Better than yesterday at least. How about you? How'd that thing you were busy with all of yesterday go?" She asked Ness curiously.

Black was sat outside, looking into the sky.

"blackmail? why would I do that?" White asked Loki with a small smile. "I trust there is a reason, or goal for why your here?"" She asked quietly.

Ness noted Jessica's giggles and went to try to smooth out her hair a bit as she replied. "Well... I've been doing alright, just a little sore. I had to chase down a rather ...tricky fairy and find out a few things. Regardless, I have an idea of how to get the key without anyone really getting hurt. But speaking of yesterday..." Ness' expression got a bit serious as she slid off the bed to sit on the floor, looking over toward Jess at eye level. "...What happened that made you like that...? You may have beaten up on yourself every once in a while, but the things I heard were..." The fedoraless girl shuddered a bit as she recalled the thoughts that came across that day. "Y...You... really started... to scare me..."

"My goals here? Forgive me if I am not eager to state my intentions to one who is but a total stranger." Loki answered White, then looked around, "Especially when there are two, perhaps three pairs of prying eyes upon us." Having said that, Loki walked passed White, but stopped after taking three steps. "But. If you are so curious, wait for me at eastern edge of town. We shall continue this conversation elsewhere, if you wish it." With that, Loki walked off to find a place where he could buy food, Rita following.

Erica sat in bad, reading through her notebook.

Jessica took her hands and chin off the footboard and sat down on the floor fully. She looked over at Ness' general direction, but avoided looking her in the face. "I think I may have just been having another depression episode." She began. "I tend to get those from time to time...I just start thinking about how much I've screwed up and...well...my mind goes...places." She rested her hands in her lap and started wringing the fabric of her pants in her hands. Her voice got smaller and weaker as she apologetically said, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have put you through that...I'll try harder to control myself..."

White gave a small nod. "Thank you very much for listening Sir! have a good day!" She said to Loki as he walked away, putting on a act for people who were watching her. She then started to slowly walk around town.

Black was humming to herself slightly, as she watched the clouds go by.

OoC: @Drak, Aww, I wanna give Jessica a hug...

Ness blinked for a bit before scooting over and hugging Jess. "No... Y.. You shouldn't keep that all bottled up in yourself... I should know... I've used to have episodes like that as well..." She paused a bit before continuing. "If it will help, you can talk to me about it... You're a lot better a person than you think, Jessica."

After a little searching, Loki and Rita found the dinner. Holadino was but a relatively small town, so it didn't take them all that long to find it. Entering, they each ordered pumpkin soup as a started, then Loki ordered a steak with asperagus, and Rita grilled chicken with salled, each had a cup of tea to drink. When done, Loki paid, as Holadino still, for the most part, used credits, which Loki had far more of then Rita did. When all was done, the duo left the dinner, and made their way to the eastern edge of town.

I do wonder if that odd woman is indeed still waiting. She is... a peculiar one.

Having read through four pages seemingly over and over, as she flipped the page back and forth, Erica put her notebook down, then looked if Valentine was awake

Yuki made her way outside, rubbing her head. She was still a bit sore after Ness had clocked her.

"Halt. State your business." a soldier said to Saber as he was stopped at the gate.

"i'm looking to do some free-lance work, i was told to come here" he said

White reached the Eastern edge of town and waited. This trip has proven to be quite successful so far....let's continue this winning streak...

"Hows your head treating you?" Black asked Yukino, her eyes to looking up at the sky.

Valentine wide awake on her bed, hands behind her head. Just like she was staring into space.

Yuki's ears drooped a bit as she sat next to Black. "Could be a lot worse. How's the cloud watching going?"

Jessica started involuntarily tearing up a bit as Ness hugged her. "You r-really think talking about it will h-help?...I've n-never actually d-done that before...t-talked about it w-with anyone..." She replied, a stutter making itself present in her voice. After a pause, she asked her currently fedora-less friend. "Y-You remember that d-dream of mine you s-saw a while ago?"

Ness nodded a bit, remembering the scene a bit as she kept holding Jess lightly. "Yes... keeping your pain to yourself only makes it hurt more... And yes, I remember that dream..."

"Good....they still exist" Black replied to Yukino. "It's rather relaxing..." She added with a tiny smile.

Giving the fact that she was the only one standing where she was, plus the fact that wearing a cloak, which none of the other residents or occupiers did, White was rather easy to spot. "So, you have come." Loki said, walked up to White, but then passed her again, going up the mountain. "Follow us, then." Now to see just what your angle in this little game you are playing is. Loki lead White further into the mountains, but didn't go to the dragon den, but rather a desolate place where no one was likely to venture. Once arived in a suitable spot, Loki turned to White and asked, "This should be far enough. Now, who are you? And why the interest in me?"

Seeing Valentine was awake, Erica asked, "Couldn't sleep?"

"Is that so?" the soldier Saber addressed asked. "Well. We are in need of someone to help in the kitchen."

"T-Then you already know..." Jessica began, upon hearing that Ness remembered one of the outcomes of their previous mental link. "I don't know w-why you're still s-so nice to me...y-you already know h-how m-much of a s-screw-up I a-am..." Jessica's crying became more apparent as she started wringing the fabric of her clothing more tightly.

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