We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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One zombie was mowed down by the watercrafts machine-gun fire, and fell over motionless before the rest took notice. Though they took notice and opened fire, since they had no cover, another 7 Legaian zombies were made still again.
Noticing his zombies under fire, Nybeth pointed at the area where the watercrafts were congregated. "Harness power of the wyrm, that races 'cross the vault of sky, drop stars from fastness high above, come burning down to ground!" Using a significant portion of his spell-power reserves, Nybeth summoned several large meteorites to fall out of the sky and onto the position the watercrafts occupied. In addition to threatening to crush the crafts, the waves made by the massive stones hitting the water would likely threaten to capsize them as well.
The Legaian zombies took note of what Rita was doing and decided to not enter the base for the time being, instead attacking soldiers on the wall closest to them once again.

"Do I look like the kind of person who goes around picking fights with Kings? It should be fine." Jessica reassured Savranth. Since it seems he went back to bed, she left, popping back up in Winterhorn to pay Sophia a quick visit.

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Sophia was in one of the ledge areas near the entrance of the college. She was still inside the building however. She still had the bucket and blanket to collect any of the flakes of wood that she removed from the block she was working with. She seemed to be a little mesmerized by what she was doing, just the stroke against the wood, concentration, and humming along as she did, not noticing Jessica was near her.

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The nine soldiers that were being tossed around in the whirlpool were all but fried when Rita's Thunder Blade fell in the center and discharged the electricity. Once the whirlpool disappeared, they soldiers lay on the ground, twitching as electricity coursed through them, but most certainly dead.

The shots of the zombies generally didn't do much against the watercrafts, although one lucky shot managed to kill a soldier who was sailing the craft. Nybeth's meteorites, however, crushed two of the crafts, with the other three capsizing due to the enseuing tidal wave the meteorites hitting the water caused.

The zombies firing upon the soldiers stationed on the wall killed the one standing on the northen part of the wall. Ten soldiers that climbed the ladders now reached the climbed ontop of the wall, however, and opened fire on the zombies.

Loki pulled out a dagger from his unseen inventory and threw it at one of the soldiers, hitting him right between the eyes. He then turned and fired and energy blast at one of the watercrafts that sailed along the western shore. While the blast didn't destroy the vessel, it did heavily damage it, a plume of smoke rising from it.

When Loki attack, the trio was made detectable once more. With their infrared vision, the soldiers caught a glimpse of the attacking trio. The watercraft Loki had shot aimed at him and fired, hitting him in the shoulder. Since the craft's machinegun was of a higher caliber then the soldiers' riffles, the shots didn't simply bounce off as others had done. Clutching his shoulder, Loki warped further away.

A mortar was fired at both Rita and Nybeth, while 40 soldiers laid down suppressive fire.

Enemies: 105 soldiers.
10 soldiers operating 8 mortar cannons.
9 watercrafts. One heavily damaged.

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Following the humming to Sophia's location, as there weren't many other sounds to pick up on, Jessica eventually found the girl. "Hello Sasha!" She said, giving the younger girl a friendly wave as she approached her. "Whatcha up to?"

Sophia stopped as she looked up from her work. "Oh Jessica." She smiled happily. I didn't hear you coming. But I'm happy you're here." She said as she put down the block she was working on.

"I needed to ask you about something... A little personal." She said as she raised up a block that on the left side seemed to resemble a particular cat girl with what looked like a lab robe on, the right side however wasn't very completed. It seemed to have been left so that she had room for whatever pose she eventually decided to take.

"Look familiar?" She smiled softly.

Jessica tilted her head to the side curiously as she examined the block of wood that Sophia was showing her. "Huh. That almost looks like..." She examined the block of wood more closely. "Is this supposed to be me?" She asked, not wanting to seem overly presumptuous. "Anyway, what do you need to ask?" She asked, looking away from the wood and back to Sophia.

"Yes, it is you, or going to be." She said as she looked at it herself. "I... wanted to ask about... your right side. I wanted to ask what you wanted me to do. It just seems like I should ask you about something like this. I have a couple of different poses in mind, but it depends on your preference." She said.

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Jessica couldn't help but sigh as Sophia seemed to make a big deal about her right arm. "What all did you have in mind?" She asked the girl, wanting to see what Sophia was thinking of doing before suggesting anything.

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nearby where the fight is happening Saber not knowing what's up ahead pulled out a strange looking ocarina and decided to play a personal Favorite of his

and as he played the song over and over, the wind carried it across the battlefield for all to be heard, almost all of the lower ranked soldiers stopped fighting not because of the song but because of an ruthless and merciless aura that could rival the grim reaper himself which came with it some of them wanted to flee but they couldn't, they were froze to the spot as they looked towards where the aura was coming from, they noticed a thick fog had appeared from nowhere

"Well I wanted it to end up looking like something like this." Sophia picked up what looked like a large ball of cloth. As she unwrapped it, it revealed a figurine of Erica. It was well crafted to the point that Jessica would know that it was definitely Erica. She was standing in a small base with a couple of flowers. Sophia had apparently gotten her hands on some stain and lacker too, which meant that the figurine was in a slight grey-scale. There were a couple of nicks in it, but overall it looked quite good.

It wasn't really that she was making a big deal out of the arm for herself, but that she knew that Jessica was sensitive about it. She didn't want to make a creation that Jessica wouldn't like.

The biggest disadvantage to Rita's powerful magic was how they made her immobile while she cast them. As a result, the mortar blast hit closer to her than she would have liked, knocking her away and giving her some light wounds. Fortunately this also blasted her out of the way of suppressing fire. From her new spot she cast her fireball spell, sending 8 relatively strong fireballs towards the watercraft. They homed in very slightly.

Envy was still spying on Holadino, while also watching out for Black

Four Xiphatian zombies were downed by the gunfire from the soldiers on top of the wall. While the remaining six made their way through the gate now that the whirpool had passed, the remaining three Legaian zombies gave them cover fire as they too began moving towards the gate.
From the jungle where Nybeth had been previously, a crow that looked greatly displeased by what was going on around it emerged from the growth of the jungle and began circling around the air above the base. It's patterning was a little faulty, leading one to assume that it may have been injured.

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Nybeth's zombies all continued their actions completely unphased by the sudden additional fog that had shown up after that which was brought in to summon them. The crow also didn't seem to care much either, as being a crow it didn't care much for concepts like 'the grim reaper'.

Jessica hummed to herself as she examined the wooden figure Sophia had made of Erica. "That's really good!...Still don't know why my input is needed on this though." She commented. "Did you ask Erica what all she wanted when you made this figure of her?"

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What crew members of the capsized watercrafts hadn't met their end due to drowning swam to the surface and held on to whatever part of the craft they could grab, catching their breath.

Two of Rita's fireballs homed in on the craft that Loki had damaged previously, destroying it as flames came into conact with the exposed gas tank. The other six fireballs homed on on the watercrafts sailing by the western shore. Three fireballs hit the craft dead in the center, ensuring the crew would burn to death. The other three hit another watercraft on the side, damaging it, but it was still sea-worthy.

The Legaian zombies providing cover fire downed three soldiers. While the remaining seven returned fire, confusion began to spread amongts the ranks of the soldiers as they recognised the zombies as Legaian.

Loki fired at the watercraft Rita had damaged, the explosion further damaging the hull, causing the craft to sink. After seeing his attack had been effective, Loki leapt back ontop of the wall and stepped over to another soldier, stabbing him in the right side, perforating the man's kidney. Twisting the blade around and kicking the soldier away, Loki leapt off the wall, into the grounds of the base and rolled into cover.

For a moment, the trio were made detectable again, but this didn't last long enough for the Legaians to pinpoint the location of anyone.
50 soldiers began blindly firing into the general direction where Rita's fireballs had come from. 20 soldiers took defensive positions near the gate and opened fire on the zombies that had entered. The final 31 took potisions in the north of the grounds. Twelve of them crouched down, while the rest remained standing. Six of the soldiers operating the mortar cannons left their posts and joined their comrades in the defensive positions. Three joined the front line in the south, the other three joined the rear.
No one noticed Nybeth due to im being a crow. A crow that was only visible for a brief moment.

Enemies: 101 soldiers.
4 soldiers operating 2 mortar cannons.
7 watercrafts.

Sophia smiled a little when Jessica complemented her, really appreciating it. She then wrapped it up just as gingerly as she had uncovered it. As she was nearly done she looked up to Jessica. "No... She doesn't know at all, just thought she'd really like it. The reason I'm asking is... well..." She took in a deep breath and said the next string in sentences in one fell swoop.

"I want to do a nice pose for you, and do it with right arm visible, but at the same time I know that you aren't very happy about it, so I don't want you to hate it in the carving just because it's there, but at the same I don't feel right hiding something needlessly like that, and it would test my skills to do something new, but then again I can't do it right because I never got a really good look, so I can't do it if I tried right now and would probably just screw it up. SO..." She gasp at the end.

"If I'm going to complete the carving the way I'd really want to... I need to see, your arm, again..." She said, tumbling her thumbs, which if Jessica noticed, Sophia had let one of her thumb nails actually grow a bit longer than the rest, almost looking a bit pointed.

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With a cry Rita fell back as she was struck by the gunfire. One hit her in the side, though it avoided major organs, and another hit her in the arm. Luckily the position she fell into provided more cover than she had before, and for now she was safe from the gunfire. Panicking a little bit she tried to apply pressure to her wounds.

Two of the Legaian zombies were downed by the returning fire from the soldiers. The remaining zombie readied a grenade and hurled it over the wall and into the northern half of the base's yard before opening fire with it's rifle again.
One of the Xiphatian zombies managed to ready a shield ensuring that only two were gunned down before the rest took cover on the outside of the wall again. The four that were still up and moving began advancing into the base more carefully, the shield-user and an earth-user providing cover while a lightning-user and fire-user retaliated against the Legaian defensive line with occasionally tossed out bolts of magical wrath.
The crow landed on the roof of the main building and transformed back into Nybeth, albeit with more than a few nasty wounds he was unable to avoid when the Xiphatians retaliated. "Heartbeat of life, gossamer wings, return to roost, to me!" He chanted, pointing his walking stick at an injured Legaian (if one is available, if not, just a regular one near the front). Blue light flowed out of the injured man until it formed a small blue ball, which after being formed quickly sped towards Nybeth. Consuming the man's life-force, Nybeth managed to heal some, but not all, of his wounds, enough to keep him from collapsing at the moment. He took cover by moving further from the edge of the roof, in case anyone happened to take notice of his spell.

Jessica sighed again and looked away from Sophia as she heard her request. I don't hide it 'needlessly'...but I really don't want to have to explain why to Sasha, and she's not just going to accept no for an answer...Plus she really seems to want this...so... "Alright. If it'll make you happy, I'll let you see it again." She relented, after a bout of mental discussion with herself.

Black was sat up in the guest room, tinkering with her scanner. That sniper shot did more damage then I first thought...

"Grenade!!" One of the soldiers at the rear called out when the zombies hurled a grenade in their midst. While they dispersed, twelve soldiers were still killed by the blasts, with four more soldiers incapacitated by the shrapnel. The subesequent rifle fire of the zombie served to made those in the front rush towards the mortar cannons, using them as cover.
The mortar cannons useless at this range, the four that still operated the two joined the rear. One was struck by a lightning bolt in the back as he ran, and died as a result. The onslaught of fire and lightning killed three more soldiers making for cover, while setting one at the rear aflame. Two other soldiers in the rear rushed over, pulled the burning Legaian into cover and attempted to extinguish the flame. From the rear, 15 soldiers laid down suppressive fire against the advancing zombies. Seeing no other attacks come from the direction the fireballs had previously, the fifty soldiers turned towards the zombies. Ten of them made for the east of the base, and ten others made for the west. There, they began advancing towards the zombies, aiming to flank them. The remaining 30 joined the rear and aided giving supressing fire.
Nybeth's spell finished off one of the soldiers that was wounded by the shrapnel of the grenade. Although some took notice of the blue stream, they couldn't see Nybeth, as he was still cloaked, and thus didn't fire on him.

Seeing how many soldiers were in close proximity of one another, Loki leapt ontop of the wall one more and fire two energy blasts, both aimed at those in the rear. The blasts together killed 22 soldiers, wounding two others, and momentarily interupted their firing at the zombies.
From the waters at the south-east, two watercrafts also opened fire on the zombies.

Enemies: 70 soldiers. 4 Wounded.
7 watercrafts.

Yukino was up on the roof of the Main Tower, humming to herself as her legs dangled off the side.

Sophia smiled warmly again as Jessica agreed to let her see the prosthetic arm again, although she was a little critical about how she said it. "I really appreciate this!" She said as she quickly started to gather her stuff.

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Since none of the soldiers bothered to even check if their target had been killed, Rita had time to calm down and pull out what looked like a yellow gummy candy out of her pocket and eat it. Once she did most of her wounds were healed, though some nasty scars would likely remain. From behind the troops she cast her Meteor Storm spell again, raining 6 large fiery boulders onto the unaware troops.

Envy was still watching the Holadino area for troop movements while looking out for Black

After a bit of failed tinkering, Black walked outside the grounds and took a deep breath of fresh air.

As she noticed the Hazama spirit walk outside, Yukino slid down the tower and landed a bit away from the girl, smiling slightly. "Yo."

Black turned around a gave a small wave to Yukino. "Good morning.....I trust you slept well?" She asked as she walked over to Yukino.

The eight Legaian zombies that had been downed by the machine-gun fire from the water-crafts earlier in the battle staggered back to their feet, no longer stilled. They made to move towards the gate and join the Xiphatian zombies. Five of them would fire on Legaians on the walls if they remained there, while the three that still had grenades chucked them over the wall, using guidance from Nybeth to know where the Legaian forces were most clustered, and thus where to throw their explosives.
Yet four Legaian zombies who had just gotten back on their feet were felled again when the gun-boats opened fire once more.

The shield-using Xiphatian zombie was overwhelmed by gunfire, leading to it and the fire-user to be felled by gunfire. The massive amount of gunfire sent the remaining Xiphatian zombies into 'defense mode' and caused them to simply huddle behind as large a piece of cover as the earth-user could generate, but took the moment to retaliate with thrown rocks and bolts of lightning when Loki got the soldiers to let up their fire.

Since Nybeth hadn't been noticed, he cast his Drain Heart spell once again, targeting another wounded soldier and draining him of life to heal his own wounds.

Jessica smiled a little at seeing how happy her gesture had made Sophia. She nodded to the girl as she waited for her to gather her things so they could adjourn to someplace where Jessica wouldn't be spotted by anyone else with her arm exposed.

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Yuki nodded a bit as she turned to Black. "Yeah. Same with you, Vocaloid?"

Sophia set her carving knife, as well as the wood blocks she had. She then gathered the blanket she had and shook it into the bucket, getting most of the wood flakes it'd caught. She then quickly picked up all the remaining flakes with her hands. She looked like she was quite used to doing this based on how fast she managed to do it. "I need an extra hand with this." She said as she stuck the barely started block into the bucket. "So I'm going to let you hold your's if that's ok." She said with a warm chuckle, putting Jessica's block into her hands gently. She then picked up her knife and Erica's figurine.

"Let's get going." She said happily.

They went back to Sophia's room.

Black shrugged slightly. "Yeah....Black slept fine thank you" She said to Yukino, reminding her of her actual name. She sniffed at the air a little. "Do you smell something...kinda like....chocolate..."

OoC @Rita: And they say candy is bad for you! :D

Erica was whereever Ness is.

The meteorites covering a large area, they killed 36 soldiers, including those that had been wounded before. The shockwave they produced also knocked the majority of the soldiers over, only the 20 that were in the east and west of the yard, near the walls, and those who took cover near the mortar cannons remained standing.

The shockwave also knocked Loki off the wall, being thrown backwards. Before he hit the ground, Loki twisted around, landing on his feet outside the wall. Looking at the shore to the south, he spotted the water crafts and fired two energy blasts at one of them. While one shot did little damage, the second did significant damage to the hull, but not enough to sink the craft. As he attack, Loki's shroud covering the trio faded for a moment again.

As Rita's meteor storm had killed the majority of the soldiers clustered together, there weren't too many soldier still in close proximity to eachother. Regardless, the various grenades that were tossed ended the lives of eight soldiers, the majority of which were the ones near the walls. The shrapnel wounded six more soldiers, but it would have been more had the soldiers not been bowled over. The gunfire of the five Legaian zombies killed the remaining soldiers positioned on the walls. The thrown rocks and lightning bolts killed three of the soldiers who were positioned at the eastern wall.
Nybeth's Drain Heart spell drained the life of a soldier who had been wounded by the shrapnel. Although as Loki's shroud had momentarily faded again, he was revealed for a few seconds, the blue stream further serving to betray his position.

The soldiers who were knocked down by the shockwave stood up. Two had noticed Nybeth and opened fire in the general direction he was seen. Leaving cover, the soldiers who were along the walls approached the zombies behind the slab of rock from the east and west, firing as they went. One watercraft continued to fire at the zombies also. The craft Loki had shot returned fire, firing in the general direction he had been seen.
The four other watercrafts began sailing towards the south.

Enemies: 17 soldiers. 5 wounded.
6 watercrafts. One damaged.

Ness was walking into the forest, keeping her ears open for any sort of cackling after she heard Chafla. Hopefully, it's nearby.

Yuki shrugged a bit. "Yeah... a little. Didn't think you had a sweet tooth, Vocaloid."

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