We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Hellosh and Hellen, being bored with Holadino, leave to Lakewest. On the way,(Assuming Vanessa is near Lakewest) they meet up with Ness and co.

Hellen waves at them, and Hellosh sighs apathetically.

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"I-I do I really do, but... I saw it, I know I saw it! You were feeling sick! I know I saw it! Before it gets worse, please just leave!" She lamented, trying to calm herself down.

Jessica would be feeling the slight pounding of what would be a headache.

Going to let you two have a line or two first.

The light seemed to just sit there, although it seemed like the flowers nearest the light seemed to shift to face the light, much like they would do for the sun.

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Ness looked over at Hellen and Hellosh waved faintly before turning back to the light on the field. "Hello. ...Are you the one who tripped me?"

"Eh? Oh that? That was nothing! I think I may have just eaten something bad for lunch. It's pretty much already passed." Jessica said through the door, trying to make Sophia feel better. She started rubbing her temples with one hand as it felt like she randomly got a headache. Damn fox showing up and getting me this riled up...

"I wish!" Hellosh smugly said.

After hearing what Hellosh, Hellen gave him a light elbow to the stomach. "Jerk" She muttered to Hellosh. "No, madam. Why would we do that? Also, are you hurt?" She said to Vanessa.

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From the inside, Sophia was still somewhat bracing the door, seriously spooked with what she thought she saw. Hearing Jessica she wiped the tears she had, looking up at the door she was sitting under. "A-are you sure?" She called out, sounding really sad. She still wasn't believing Jessica just yet.

"Of course I'm sure." Jessica said, trying her best to sound reassuring. "Now do you want to open the door and let me back in?" She asked, not actually needing Sophia to open the door to enter the room, but again, to be polite and avoid making Sophia feel like she was entirely powerless in the situation.

There was a long moment of silence as Sophia sat at the door, weighing her options. Jessica eventually heard the lock unlock and Sophia eventually opened the door very slowly, holding it still pretty tight. "Y-You're sure..? Nothing's wrong..?" She mumbled, her cheeks were stained with some tears.

Jessica stopped rubbing her temples immediately as she noticed the door opening, so unless Sophia had her face pressed up against the crack of the door as it opened, she wouldn't have noticed what Jessica did. "Yeah! It's fine. why are you worrying about me? Is something wrong?" She replied to Sophia as she took notice of her appearance.

Sophia hadn't seen Jessica bring her hand down, although Sophia was still watching her like a hawk. "You... could say that... I just don't want... it to happen again." She sniffed, still not moving from the door.

Jessica would smell the chocolate again a little.

"Fine, I won't eat what I had for lunch today again. Now you gonna let me in or what?" Jessica replied to Sophia with mock irritation, planting her hands on her hips. She chuckled to show she was joking and try to lighten the mood. She took notice of the smell when she first noticed it, but ignored it as best she could after that.

Sophia sat there for a couple more moments, Jessica didn't seem to be different than what she normally was. She wasn't complaining about anything. "Alright..." She said, not laughing at Jessica's joke, as she opened the door for Jessica to come in. Although it was obvious as hell at this point, Sophia was very cautious at this point.

Jessica smiled and nodded to Sophia as she walked past her and into the room. Though she was still suffering from a headache, she was pretty good at ignoring the pain of such things, and so long as it didn't get too much worse she would easily be able to avoid showing any signs she was even in any pain to begin with. After walking into the middle of the room, she turned to face Sophia to signal she was waiting for her to close the door.

Sophia closed the door, and locked it, she however didn't uncover her tail. She seemed to not be thinking as much about the moment at hand as much as something that was on her mind. "I shouldn't need you that much longer, I can work it out on my own with a little effort." She whispered.

"Uh, alright then." Jessica replied, a little off-put by Sophia's whispering and her obviously overly cautious nature. She didn't ask Sophia about it however, since Sophia didn't give her a straight answer the last two times she asked what was wrong. Jessica took off her coat and gloves and set them aside once again, then held up her right arm for Sophia to examine.

Jessica's headache would slowly start to get more and more pronounced. Sophia however went to go and looked at the arm. She smiled a little. "I know that you probably won't agree, but... for a replacement, this does look nice." She said, trying to put her mind off of her current thoughts.

Jessica had made sure her vest covered up the part of her shoulder where the metal joint was grafted to her skin, as she had assumed that seeing that would disgust Sophia. She furrowed her brow a little as her headache worsened, for overall continued to show little to no signs that she was being bothered by anything. "I have to make sure it works properly, and that involves polishing it from time to time. Still doesn't keep me from wishing I didn't need it..." Jessica replied to Sophia, muttering the last part under her breath.

"Right..." Sophia sighed. Sophia wasn't planning on showing that part of Jessica's body anyways, since she had already carved part of her lab coat already. "I guess that's a fair trade off instead of the alternative..." She said.

The headache would continue getting worse.

Jessica grunted in the affirmative to Sophia's remark, not really wanting to say anything more on the subject. Stop being so damn grumpy. You already agreed to this. "So what were thinking of in terms of a pose?" Jessica asked Sophia, wanting to at least shift the subject in a slightly different direction if not outright change it.
Her tail started occasionally flicking about in the face of the mounting irritation from her mysteriously growing headache. Why's this getting worse?!

Sophia got up as Jessica grunted at her. "Right... pose... I was thinking something like this." She said as she struck a pose much like Jessica's avatar picture.

The headache would get even worse, Jessica might remember that Sophia was insistent on if she was feeling well, maybe there was a good reason for her being highly nervous about it.

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"Hmm, that's a nice one. Should work just fine." Jessica commented to Sophia. She sounded like she has started to hum as she was trying to ignore the increasing pain in her noggin. I can't hold this in much longer! This is almost as bad as when I exert my Psionics. "Oh! I just remembered that I have some important matters I really need to get back to. Could we maybe wrap things up here soon?" Jessica said to Sophia, not technically lying as there were other things she felt were important that she needed to get done.

Rather busy today with stuff, but wanted to make sure that Jessica could do stuff.

Sophia thought that Jessica's humming was just her wanting to get this over with, not really blaming her because it was getting late. "Sure. I think I've seen enough... thank you Jessica." She said, as she went and grabbed one of Jessica's gloves and handed it to her helping her get on her way faster. Letting her out the door, Jessica was free to teleport back to that hotel or wherever she was staying in for the night.

The headache would persist for another half hour or so until finally it seemed to completely disappear. What was let in its place however was a sense of longing and anxiety. A feeling of depression that seemed to not be satisfied with much of anything. At the time she wouldn't notice this herself, but she seemed to cling to one of her gloves however, which seemed to lessen her depressed state somewhat. By morning she would have come to her senses, not having any other lasting side effects.

Rita was sitting against a tree, drawing various mathematical symbols in the dirt with a stick.

Envy was in the same place he had been.

Ness stood for a moment waiting for a response from the light and taking a look toward the flowers turning toward it. ...A nature spirit...? Like Ms. Persephone...?

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"Ummmmm hello...." Hellen said to Vanessa, hoping to gain her attention.

Loki sat against Fafnir as she slept. Glancing over what Rita wrote, he said, "Regardless of the fact that the ship had set sail prematurely, I dare saythis this has been a successful venture."

Ness' question would go unanswered. The same child-like giggle that was heard when Ness, Erica and Valentine were trekking through the woods was heard again, although it didn't seem to be coming from the light.

"This is odd..." Erica remarked, mostly speaking to herself. Carefully, she approached the light.

Ness looked over toward Hellen and raised an eyebrow as she waved back. ...Who is this woman? ...Is she related to that Hellosh person? Noting the giggles, Ness calmly and cautiously reached her hand out toward the light.

Yuki yawned as she woke up in her guest room.

Hellosh heard the giggle. "Okay, who giggled?" Hellosh asked the group in a demanding tone.

"Okay, before this gets anymore awkward, my name is Hellen. What's yours?" Hellen asked Vanessa for her name.

"Yea, but what do we tell the King now?"

"We tell exactly what has transpired here. Save for the ussage of poison gas, as that might be frowned upon. I think Garzic would be more then pleased with what we have achieved here, considdering we initially were just asked to gether information." Loki answered Rita.

As Ness and Erica reached the light, infront of them, a couple of flowers suddenly bloomed and shifted towards the duo. They blew a large cloud of pollen into Ness and Erica's faces, far more pollen then any one flower could posibly contain. Erica staggered back, coughing and rubbing her eyes.

The light disappeared and re-appeared west in the medow. The giggling turned into laughter. Someone was very amused.

Rita thought for a moment. "You're right... and don't ask me why I suddenly thought of this, but looking back, Ine mentioned that her younger brother was the favored heir, if all else fails you could enlighten him and use him to get closer to the throne."

Ness got caught in the cloud of pollen as well, causing her cough and wheeze a bit as she ended up falling onto her bottom. As such, she was a bit too distracted to respond to Hellen's question as she continued to have coughing fits. So this thing is a nature spirit... and an annoying one at that...

After leaving the guest room, Yuki walked around outside the college grounds, humming to herself a bit as she did.

Hellosh, noticing the strange events, reaches for his sword. But before he could pull it, Hellen stopped him. "Calm the hell down, Hellosh." Hellen coldly said to Hellosh. Hellosh growls a bit, then calms down.

"Oh dear." Hellen muttered. Hellen extends her arms to Vanessa. "Here, let me help you!" She said with a smile.

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