We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Grace nodded, and continued to follow her, "So... You and Jessica?" she said.


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"Okay." Savranth says. "So, you wanna go to the capital? I think it would be best if we go to the main gate and walk in. Don't want to appear as enemies." Savranth says pulling out the pictures and handing them to Jessica.

Athena leads Nybeth to the office of Tiberius and knocks on the door. "Come in."

Entering, she salutes and addresses the general. "Sir, Nybeth would like to speak with you"

When the soldier and Saber enter, she turns to them. "One minute."

Ness looked back as she entered the Spice Rack. "...What about Jessica and I...?" Please don't let this be something... idiotic...

Yuki shrugged slightly. "Yeah... I can sense stuff like that... It's freaking scary..." Noting Black admitting to being somewhat scared, Yuki smirked a bit before remembering something and beginning to look around. "Hehe... Where the hell is fedora at...? She knocked me out yesterday..."

Black shrugged. "I'm afraid I don't know who that person is" She said to Yukino. "But I saw her punch you...Which was kinda amusing..." She added, muttering the last part.

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"Why would I wish to do that? Did I not just state my reasons for that. I wish to make them see the appeal of the treaty table. I for one, wish to see this war come to an end. My only reasons for prefering one side over the other in this little conflict is because as it stands, Xiphatia has the upper hand, so I capitalise on that. To push Legaia over the edge and surrender." Loki explained to Envy.

"It's quite a long story..." Erica said to Valentine as she finished getting dressed and sat back down on the bed. "But I suppose we have time, since we were just left here."

The soldier waited by the door until he was told to come in.

Jessica nodded to Savranth and accepted the pictures from him. "Probably for the best. Don't want them assuming we're spies trying to infiltrate the place or something." She replied to Savranth. She took the picture of the main gate and started pouring her attention over the picture, trying to memorize every detail regarding where things were placed in relation to one another. At the same time, she took out her camera, set it to display the picture of her map, then handed it to Savranth. "Where exactly would the main gate be in relation to the rest of the city? I need as many details about space as possible to reduce the risk of flubbing this."

So the General also handles the payroll after all. He would do well to learn a lesson about delegation. Nybeth thought to himself as he walked into the General's office. "I realize this may seem like little more than an annoyance, but I haven't been paid for my assistance in capturing Holadino." He addressed Tiberius.

"Are you... Together?" she said.
"I'm just wondering... Sorry if it annoys you... You seem to like each other... Sorry..." she said.

Envy raised an eyebrow "How do you figure that they are winning? Everwood and Rockbyrd were destroyed after all."

Ness blushed a bit, but hid it as best she could from Grace. "...I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that..." She walked up to the counter and waved. "H..Hello... is there someone staying here by the name of Erica?"

Yuki looked over a bit annoyed at as her ears twitched, picking up on Black's muttering. "So... you saw her punch me and then decided to laugh about it. Good job, I would've done the same... Wait, she's got that friend of hers up here... the one I tried to introduce you to last night, before you went all emo and stormed out... Wonder where she is..."

"That gate is on the southern end of the city. Close to the beach. It's convenient to go there for leisure and such." Savranth explained to Jessica.

"No problem. I was simply waiting on you to show up again. It's been a while since you were last here, so I held on to your payment." Tiberius explains, placing a bag of money with 300 Gold in it on the desk.

Athena walks out to see what the soldier wants. "Yes?"

Not exactly wanting to confront Black, Sophia decided to just move on, although because of the time of day, there wasn't many people around either, so if they were looking they would most likely see her.

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Grace seemed to be equally awkward...
"You know... Together together?" she said.

Mild begins to walk around... Wherever Black and Yuki is, completely lost.

Black seemed a bit annoyed at Yukino "emo" remark. "I saw her punch you and drag you off, I guessed it was someone you knew, otherwise they would left you face down in the ground....and I didn't actually laugh....laughing is something I don't do!" She said to Yukino. "and I'm not an emo...whatever that is!" She said with a huff. "I'm gonna get some water or something..." She said, then walked off. after finding a drink, she would go back to the room and sleep.

"Yes we should..." Valentine said, then yawned. "Mind if we do that tomorrow tho?" She asked Erica.

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Jessica nodded a few times as she heard Savranth, but continued studying the picture. "Southern end..." She muttered to herself under her breath. Taking a deep breath, she placed her hand on Savranth's shoulder. "This might be a little disorienting." She warned him. The pair of them vanished in a bright flash of light. When they reappeared, instead of finding themselves in front of the main gate of the city of Shantaio, they found themselves in an area that was instead simply visually/thematically similar to their intended destination.

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"You have my thanks." Nybeth said to the General as he picked up his bag of money and stuffed it within the pocket of his robes. "While I am here, is there anything that would require my presence?"

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Loki looked quizically as Envy sank into the ground as he jumped down. "Another who looks it, but is in fact not human, it seems. Is this not a quaint little meeting." he remarked. "As for your plan, that is all well and good, but it is of no consuquence to me. What I care about is not wherther this person, who is appearantly called Black..." The rivals have even equally ridiculous names, it seems. "Lives or dies. What I care about, is that Legaia falls into such disarray that they see the appeal of the treaty table." he answered Envy, pausing after mentioning Black's name to mentally ridicule it. He didn't bother to follow up on Envy's other comments.

"My scar?" Erica repeated, lifting her left arm to look at it herself. "A painful reminder of a lessen learned the hard way." she answered. Reaching for her satchel, she began getting dressed.

"Captain Rainfield? I believe she headed for the general's office. Follow me." the soldier who Saber addressed answer, then began walking to the main building. Entering, the soldier lead Saber to Tiberius' office. Standing outside, he knocked on the door.

john waited patiently with the soldier

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"Everwood was lost? A shame. And they owed me a day's worth of free drink..." Plus, I could have used them in furthering my plans. "But to answer your question, look towards Holadino. How long has it been since that place was taken. A week? Perhaps two? Eitherway, Legaia has made no attempts to reclaim the area. Why is this? Unless there is a place where ample foodstuffs are grown, Holadino is the only place from which Legaia gets their food. With it taken, it is only a matter of time before their amry all but starves. All Xiphatia need do is hold the line." Loki explained to Envy.

"Still tired?" Erica asked with a slight chuckle.

Valentine nodded and laid back done.

"Perhaps you should spend less time looking at the ceiling, and more time actually sleeping." she jokingly remarked, then stood up and nodded. "But, yes. Tomorow then. Good... Err... Rest well, Valentine." she added, trailing off near the end as she didn't quite know what time of day it was.

"Until tomorow, Miss Erica."Valentine rolled over to her side, and fell asleep.

With Valentine asleeping, Erica tied the satchel around her waist and left the room, heading downstrairs.

"I believe so." Thyme answered Ness, trailing his finger over a page of a ledger. "Three Erica's have checked in over the course of a week. What is the last name of the person you're looking for?"

The soldier saluted once Athena opened the door. "Ma'am! This person is here to see you." he stated, pointing towards Saber.

Savranth and Jessica appear in front of the gate of the palace. Crap. This is where I didn't want to suddenly appear. "That could ha-"

A sudden crashing sound could be heard. Looking up, they would see an explosion striking a giant city protecting shield. "What!?"

"Currently. I'm not too sure. We were thinking of moving out with the army to take Port Letosh, but I'm not too sure. We'll need much greater forces than I currently have. I could go myself, though..." Tiberius explained.

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The soldier saluted once Athena opened the door. "Ma'am! This person is here to see you." he stated, pointing towards Saber.

John steps forward "ma'am i'm a mercenary sent from lakewest to assign you in anyway i can" he said

Rita looked a little sad at hearing of the fate of Everwood, not realizing that Envy was exaggerating it's destruction

Envy shook his head "Now that's just silly. If that one place was their only source of food they would pull out all of the stops to get it back, and yet they don't seem to care. Legaia has lost some veggies, but Xiphatia has lost their entire Mythril mining site. But I guess I could be convinced that neither side has an edge, to be honest I don't care that much who wins. I just kinda find Xiphatia the more annoying. Plus, since you seem like someone on this hell hole of a planet that actually might be a bit of fun, I could be persuaded to help you out a little." Said Envy as he leaned against a tree.

With Black walking off, Yuki laced her hands behind her head and looked up at the stars. "I've done... fuck all again, haven't I? Sweet."

Ness blinked a bit before noticing that Erica had come downstairs. Turning back to Thyme, she gave him a small bow. "Actually, she just came down. Thank you for the help though." She waved over toward Erica to try and gain the woman's attention.

Turning to Grace, Ness calmly shook her head. "She and I are... just friends..." ...Maybe... we could...

Grace nodded, "Alright..." she said.
She sees Erica, and waves at her.

"Not vegetables alone, but their main source of meats also. And as an extension, milk and eggs. But it is indeed a moot point." Loki answered, walking over to a boulder and hopped on to it, sitting down."I have no love for either side myself, and ally myself with one, ultimate to further my own gain. As for a bit of fun... Yes, I do believe I share your concept of fun, judging by the way you spoke to White. So, do tell, what would be needed to persuade you to help my cause?"

"Alright then." Thyme said to Ness, giving her a small smile.

Seeing both Ness and Grace wave at her, Erica gave a cheerful but small wave in turn. "Good day, you two." she greeted, wlaking over to the duo. "I was wondering when you would come back. You more or less left without notice yesterday." she said to Ness, but didn't sound confrontational about it.

"Can I take my leave, ma'am?" the soldier asked Athena.

"Hopefully, you're less trouble than our other mercenary. Tell me your name." Athena said to John.

She nodded to the soldier. "Go ahead."

Jessica came out of the teleport and immediately bent over, supporting herself with her knees. She was panting heavily as a result of the extra effort she had put into the teleport. Before she had a chance to look around and see if she had been entirely successful or not, she heard the explosion, causing her to reflexively yelp, crouch down, and cover her head with her hands.

"Whatever you think would be best." Nybeth replied to Tiberius, managing to completely hide his disinterest in the subject, as he had quite a bit of experience in doing so.

"Hopefully, you're less trouble than our other mercenary. Tell me your name." Athena said to John.

She nodded to the soldier. "Go ahead."

"John, John Saber and i prefer the term problem solver to mercenary, it's a....nicer word" he said

Ness smiled a bit in return to Erica before beginning to explain. "I apologize about that, Ms. Erica. There was something that... really began to bother me, so I had to make sure things were alright, which they were, thankfully. That aside, you remember Jessica, Madam Four's descendant? She'd like you to accompany her in talking to the King, if that would be alright with you. Let me just check on her..." "Jessica? Are you alright? I found Erica..."

Yuki sighed before getting onto a rooftop and looking up at the stars.

Something is off about this guy... thought Rita

Envy chuckled "Oh you thought I was serious. I don't actually want anything, I'll just help. Funny thing about me, I just do what I want, and what I want is for one side to win this thing so I can go home, and if you have some grand plan to make that happen faster then I'm on board."

"It seems..." Savranth started as several more explosions hit the protective shield of the city.
"Shaintaio is under attack... Did they get through the front line? I wouldn't have thought they would have the manpower to launch an attack so soon, even if they did."

"Honestly, I want more manpower. There's no telling what the enemy has set up..." Tiberius replied.

"Idiot. You called yourself a mercenary. If you don't want to be called one, don't introduce yourself as one. And problem solver sounds more like you're doing math. Be honest with your actions and title or don't bother." Athena replies as she walks away from the General's office door, herself. "Do you require any materials?"

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"Hm none i have all the tools i need" he said

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"Is that so? Well then, this is an agreement easily made. As I, came to this place of my own volition, and can leave should I wish to do so. And, I could transfer others to where they wish to go just as easily." Loki answered, speaking half truths. "However, both sides have something that I want, and I have no intention of drawing attention to myself by opening trans-dimensional portals until I have acquired this. So, help me, and I will send you on your merry way."

"Oh, that's quite alright. I'm not upset. It gave me a little extra time to catch up with Valentine if nothing else." Erica answered Ness. When Ness mentioned Jessica, Erica nodded, actually remembering. "Yes, I remember. That's another thing I've been keeping myself busy with today, reading the notes in my notebook over and over, effectively stomping the information into my head. But to get back to the point, yes. I wouldn't mind that. If she is going to see royalty, then I'm boind to find some inspiration for my work at the palace."

The soldier saluted to Athena once more and left the building, returning to his post.

@Outis: Uh... Shaintaio's under attack. Other than that, nothing really.

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