We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Jessica managed to hear Savranth, but stayed in her huddled position as the explosions continued going on. "So we came here at the worst possible time then?! What do we do now?!" She shouted in reply to Savranth, practically in a panic at this point.
"I just dropped into a war-zone!" Jessica mentally replied to Ness, her feelings about the current situation being transferred through the mental link as well as her thoughts.

"I suppose since I've little else better to do I could possibly see about obtaining more manpower." Nybeth replied to the General.

Rita kept her mouth shut for now, not having anything to add

Envy thought for a moment "You can do that? Alright, deal."

"I don't know... I don't have a clue what is happening. I haven't heard anything that would make me think that there was any danger of this." Savranth replied as the explosions continued.

"That may be a good idea. As things stand, now, we're in a decent position. But I would like to apply more pressure." Tiberius explained to Nybeth.

"Very well. You may sleep in the barracks. And food will be served in the Mess Hall. Don't bother anyone, though. If you require anything, you seek out me." Athena said, walking off.

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"Are you serious!? You said that there wouldn't be any... wait, this means the capital is under attack... I'll try to get to you as soon as I can!!" Ness mentally replied back, her thoughts conveying fusion of annoyance and concern at the situation. Turning back to Erica, she sighed a bit. "...Yet another thing came up, Ms. Erica." She leaned up to the woman to whipser in her ear as just blurting the news out would most likely cause a panic to whoever was listening. "Jessica teleported to the capital... but it happened to end up being a war zone. I know you hate fighting... so I'll go alone there. Do you think you could do me a small favor though?"

"question are there any work that needs doing?" he asked

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And the team up is between Loki, which by extension includes his MC'd followers, Envy, and White.

"Excellent. Well, the thing to do still stands, force Legaia to fall into disarray. If you are sided with them, feed them false information regarding the "Destroyer". Let is be a boogyman for them, a thing they collectively fear, and in turn, gives us a thing that favours all three of us. That aside, if you could sabotage some of their bases, sink their ships, or assasinate any high profile personel, then this would certainly not go amiss." Loki explained to Envy.

Erica looked rather shocked upon hearing what Ness had said, but nodded in responce to her question. "Of course."

"Of course of course, the usual stuff, what about you though? What will you be doing?" replied Envy

Though the explosions still greatly unnerved her, Jessica managed to get herself to stop cowering, though she was still visibly shaking. She started looking around to see if the city around her was in some sort of panic, or if people were responding in some other way. "H-How fast does news normally travel?" She asked Savranth, trying to focus on something other than the sounds of explosions.
"Maybe it would be better if you just stayed where you were...I don't even know the entire situation yet." She transmitted mentally back to Ness.

"Very well then. Unless there are any other matters that need my attention, I shall go seek out some associates of mine." Nybeth replied to the General. He made his way towards the door, expecting the General to get his attention and stop him if there were any more pressing matters.

Ness continued to whisper. "I'd like you to find the man that sent us to try to kill that fairy, Bloom. His name is Chafla and he's a raving lunatic... but he has something of worth to us. I need you to try and find out where he may be hiding it... if you can. However, if you don't want to follow that madman around, I'll have no complaints. Now... time's of the essence for me..."

She was about to teleport to Jessica's location before noting her transmission. "You're in danger! I can't ignore that, even if Savranth might be with you right now!!" She let out a small breath before teleporting to Jessica's side. The distance caused Ness a small headache as she crouched down. ...Woops... Already regretting this...

"This looks like it just started... I doubt they'd have made it from the front line this fast without us knowing... Damn. What should we do?" Savranth replies to Jessica's question.

"Very well. Take care." Tiberius told Nybeth.

"We currently have no major concerns I know of. You can look and see if you find anything, but don't take matters into your own hands. Seek out me or the General, if you do. Otherwise, we'll deal with you as well." Athena replied.

"I? Oh, very much the same things, probably. It could be posible other matters require my attention, however. Who knows?" Loki answered with a slight shrug. "I am wondering, however. Your choice of words there, "the usual"? You have been doing this for longer then?"

Alright. Time to watch a "raving lunatic". I haven't seen any of those in a while. Erica thought as she left the Spice Rack and looked around, then sighed. It would've been helpful if I knew just what he has that we want, however.

Envy chuckled "Oh let's just say I've seen my fair share of conflict."

Rita frowned a little bit This guy couldn't be more suspicious if he tried...

"I don't know! Doesn't the city have shelters or something for when things like this happen?" Jessica replied to Savranth, assuming that may have been the case since she apparently saw absolutely no one on the city streets.
"But then you'll just--" Jessica began to relay to Ness before she suddenly appeared next to her. "Oh my! You alright?" She responded verbally to Ness as she crouched down next to her.

Nybeth left the General's office and eventually made his way out of the military building as well. Intending to meet up with Loki again, he went on his way to leave Holadino. Turning into a crow, he made his way towards the continent's central mountain chain. He eventually found Loki and Envy speaking with one another. Having never seen Envy before, Nybeth-crow landed in the tree near the two, observing and assessing the situation before trying to determining whether to make his presence known or not.

"noted" he said before turning around and leaving *you couldn't beat me if i was drunk, on my worst day and i had one hand tied behind my back* he thought angrily as he headed to the barracks and went to bed

"That's part of the point of the shield..." Savranth replied. Seeing Vanessa arrive, he looked to her. "Hey... What are you doing here?"

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"I do not doubt it." Seeing Crow-Nybeth land on the tree and oogling himself and Envy, Loki briefly looked up by moving his eyes. Why is it looking at us like that? I wonder... Never thought I would see the day I would grow weary of birdss. Now that I think about it... Was a spell similar to that used by this "Envy", if that is indeed his name, to sneak up on me? Looking back to Envy, Loki said, "Well, I am certain you would want to go on your way now. How will we contact one another in the future?"

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Ness sighed for a moment before getting up onto her feet. "Yes... I'm fine." She replied to Jessica before looking toward Sav. "I'm just here to make sure that Jessica isn't hurt... What's going on?"

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Envy shrugged "Beats me, I wouldn't have a way to talk to you. We would probably run into each other though, unless you have a better way." Envy was immediately suspicious of the crow, since animals were usually frightened and ran whenever he was near, but he didn't do anything.

"They can't rely entirely on that shield though. They've gotta have something in place as a back-up for when the city gets shelled like this." Unless they just never anticipated anyone to get this far, though if that were the case they wouldn't bother with the shield. Jessica replied to Savranth before turning back to Ness. Hearing Ness ask for a situation update, she replied, "Savranth and I got here to find the city under attack, now we aren't really sure what to do."

Nybeth-Crow continued to simply observe the situation, glancing about and occasionally cleaning its wings, as is standard behavior for birds.

"That I have not." Loki answered, hopping down from the boulder he sat on. "Well then, we will have to hope for another chance meeting. Until then. And... Have fun." Having said that, Loki walked away. Not taking the risk of having Envy follow him to the dragon den, Loki instead went the other way, and when he and Rita were out of sight, obscured himself and Rita from detection. After that, Loki walked back to see what Envy would do. Now, show me your secrets...

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"I don't really know." Savranth answered both Vanessa and Jessica's questions. "There should be a military intervention, I'm sure. Perhaps I'll go see what is happening on the coast? We could also address someone in the palace."

Loki likely would have gotten what he wanted had Nybeth not shown up, but due to his suspicions he decided to play it safe and he just found a nice little spot to get some rest for the night. It would appear that Envy went to sleep, but in reality he would be faking it since he did not require any sleep.

Ness nodded toward Sav and Jess' responses. "I'd think checking with the palace would be a smarter idea with we're trying to find the military..." Odds are that it would also be the more guarded area of the town...

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That was disappointing... Loki thought as he wakjed to the dragon den. Once at the mouth of the cave, Loki waited outside and dispelled the shroud, believing Nybeth would return to his own cave soon.

"Well. Today was eventful." he idly commented to Rita as he waited.

"Yea it sure was... I don't know though, I really don't trust White, or... whatever that one guys name was." replied Rita

"Well we're already here at the palace." Jessica remarked, pointing over her shoulder at the no-doubt impressive looking gates behind her. "Might as well see if anyone's here first." She turned around and approached the gates slowly and as non-threateningly as she could, which considering how she looked made her seem pretty much entirely harmless, to see if there would be some kind of reaction.

As Loki left, Nybeth-Crow took flight and followed after him. After losing track of Loki when he disappeared, the crow started flying around for a bit to try and get its bearings on where it was. After figuring out its general orientation and location in the mountains, it made its way back to its cave. It then transformed back into Nybeth, who then entered his cave and began working on his zombies once again to kill time while waiting for Loki to contact him.

"Seems like a wise course of action." If nothing else, I can leave them here while I go see what is happening. Savranth follows after them.

A guard steps forward. "What are you doing? Invading our palace?"

Ness looked at the gate and the guard as Jess pointed them out. ...Well, then. Looks like I completely missed something here... She followed Jess toward the guard and held up her hands as a sign of no hostile intentions.

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"Neither do I. Both of them seemed far, for lack of a better word, unstable for me to place my trust in them. The fact that they are untrustworthy needs not mean they are without use, however. I simply intend for them to cause some chaos in Legaia, and once they have outlived their usefulness, we shall have them killed." Loki answered Rita. Once he saw Nybeth-Crow flying around the area and landing infront of the cave, Loki left the mouth of the cave leading to the dragon den and began walking to Nybeth's cave.

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Rita will follow Loki

Jessica held up her hands in front of her reflexively when the guard addressed her. These guys are certainly on edge...guess that's to be expected though. "No! Not at all!" She replied to the guard.

Loki would notice that the smell of chemicals didn't seem quite as strong as it used to, but the smell of rotten bodies had increased significantly. Entering the cave, he'd find Nybeth working on patching up some structural issues in his zombies, sewing up wounds that could be exasperated into much more massive issues if left unattended.

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