We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Oh...dammit..." Jessica cursed under her breath as she head what Ness said. "It's just a subconjunctival hemorrhage." She replied to Ness, displaying a significant amount of familiarity with the particular medical term. "It's not anything major though. It'll probably go away in a few days....And no. We didn't find jack squat on that island, so now we're back to square one." She stood up and tried to follow after Loki, but seemed incredibly unsteady on her feet, stumbling a few times before she even made it to the door of the cabin.

Ness calmly walked over to Jessica and offered to help her walk. "Not anything major, huh? And I see. Hopefully, you'll have more luck next time."

Having been leaning on the door handle to stay up, Jessica gladly accepted Ness' help and leaned on her shoulder. "I meant that my eyes were nothing major. Though I admit they probably look unbelievably creepy... This is just me being stupid and tired." With Ness' help, she left the cabin. She gave Skippy a "Thanks for all your help." before leaving his boat and heading back to the palace, though with having to rely on her friend's help it would take her a while to get there. "So have you been having better luck than me recently?"

"No worries, missy." Skippy said to Jessica, placing the index and midle finger of his right hand on his forehead, then pointing at Jessica as a greeting.

Having arived back at the palace, Rita entered and returned to the area provided to the group to sleep at, while Loki lingered in the garden.

Ness scratched the back of her head a small bit as she continued to help Jessica walk. "Yes... your eyes look a bit awkward, but if it's temporary, I don't see a problem with them. As for my search, I haven't been able to find anything just yet. I'll keep at it though."

Jessica would have waved appreciatively back to Skippy, but the only functioning arm she had was wrapped around Ness shoulder to keep from falling over, so she gave Skippy a small wave that she wasn't even sure he would see instead.
She smiled a bit at Ness. "I'm sure you'll have better luck than I've been having." Upon reaching the palace, she told the guards at the gate that Ness was with her so they would let her through if she came in with Jessica. "Do you mind if we go to the garden? I'd like to see it again."

Ness nodded toward Jessica, smiling a small bit. "Sure. I don't see why not. And hopefully I'll be able to find something, be it another door or the key. I'm guessing that your Psionics are still out of whack, correct?"

Feeling another headache coming up, Loki decided to go to sleep also.

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"Thanks." With her friend's help, Jessica made her way to the palace's garden. On the way there, she replied to Ness, "Uh...yeah, they're still a little messed up. I was able to manage them earlier though, so I think the only reason I can't do them now is because I wore myself out again." Once she had made it to the garden, Jessica took notice of Loki. She attempted to wave to get his attention with her right arm, but found it still unresponsive. Seeing him walk off into the palace, she sighed. Guess I took too long. I'll have to catch up with him tomorrow.

Ness nodded a bit as she began to find someplace to sit down and enjoy the flowers. "I see. Those Psionics seem to be a massive strain on your body. But you'll be better in a few days." She watched Loki walk off and noted Jess trying to wave at him. "Could you tell me who that man is..? I feel something's a bit off about him."

Needing Ness' help to get around, Jessica followed her and sat down next to her. "Once you learn how to control them and keep them in check, Psionics aren't so bad. They are still a strain though, and they screw you over hard if you make a mistake. Psions live an average of 20 years less than the normal for our species because it wears down our bodies so much over the course of our lives." She replied to Ness, looking at the foliage instead of her friend. "As for that guy, I don't really know much about him. I met him the first day we were here, but I think he went off on his own apart from all the other displaced people, since I haven't seen him since then."

Ness nodded a small bit. "I see... I'll see if I can learn more about him." She turned toward Jessica for a small bit before tilting her head slightly. "So how long does it take normally for someone to more or less master Psionics? ...and how long would that shortened line expectancy come out to?"

"He seems alright to me. I mean, he didn't want to help me any when I brought up the anomaly to him, but then again Sasha didn't either." Jessica said, still speaking about Loki. "As for mastering Psionics, it depends on the person. It took me about six years between learning I had potential and graduating from Psion school. Though for most it usually only takes four or five years. As for how long we tend to live, usually somewhere around sixty to seventy years. It depends on how heavily Psions use their powers." She continued looking at the flowers and plants, almost seeming to not want to look at Ness.

Ness glanced over toward Jess looking away and nodded along with her explanation. "I see. Learning all of that in a six years must've been difficult. People back in my world usually take 10 years or more to even become proficient at magic or telepathy. Seeing how your use of Psionics leaves you so drained, I can understand it eventually having a long-term effect as well. You have a gift though, not using it would be a bit of a waste."

"Well they make you devote yourself fully once you get put into a Psion school so you learn to control them as quickly as possible. Because when some people can start fires or render someone brain-dead with their thoughts, just to name a few things Psions are capable of, it's in the best interest of everyone that they learn how to not accidentally do that as soon as possible." Jessica explained to Ness. "It was difficult for me though. Especially since I had to deal with a...well...you know...setback." She rubbed her right arm through the sleeve of her coat. "Though in case how much I use my powers wasn't enough indication, I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that I'll die early."

Ness nodded sullenly. "Right... That makes sense as well." She adjusted her hat a bit as Jess talked about dying early. "Just because you know you'll die early doesn't mean you show keep trying to drain yourself like that..." She said, a bit gloomily.

Jessica sighed and leaned back in her seat, staring up at the sky for a change of pace. She frowned at the fact that the city lights drowned out most of the stars that she enjoyed seeing. "Yeah...but I'm just at that point where I think 'screw it, teleporting's easier than walking'. It's not like I'm trying to kill myself. Besides, I don't really have much reason to stop or slow down."

Ness nodded a bit, spinning her fedora around on her finger idly. "Right. That's good to hear. And yeah, this clip really has made travelling around a lot more convenient for me, so I see what you mean. That reminds me... how did you end up being chosen to fix this whole anomaly deal?"

"I was pretty much the first out of not a whole lot to volunteer for the assignment. Most people who were eligible were discouraged from wanting to participate because they assumed all manner of horrible things could happen to them. At that point I just didn't really care about any of that." Jessica looked over at Ness playing with her hat and suddenly seemed enthralled by it twirling around on her fingertip. "What's the story about that hat anyways? I rarely ever see you without it."

Ness continued to twirl her hat around as she replied. "I understand. I'm a bit glad that you were so fearless in that sense. There's always a risk when trying something new... or even worse, trying to fix a mistake caused by it."

She seemed to look at her hat as she continued. "The story behind my hat? ...Well, this was a memento of my parents. They both loved to wear these sort of things every day and soon enough when I became of age, they bought me one, and said for me to wear it proudly as a mark of our family, just like they did. And so I did, I got teased saying that my skull was going to shape to fit my hat." She looked up at the sky. "About a week or so after that, they ended up disappearing as I started working on my digistruction code."

Jessica continued to be enthralled by Ness' hat, following its motions with her head. "It was honestly less me being fearless and more 'I've already screwed myself over, not like things can get worse'. Sounds kinda depressing, but it got me here, so I'm not regretting it." She giggled a little at hearing Ness' story. "That's so nice. I wish my family had something like that. I bet your parents must have spent a lot of money though after you kept 'losing' them, huh?"

Ness smiled a bit as she stopped spinning her hat, noting Jessica following the motions. "Ah. I suppose I can't argue with that sort of logic either. Rex thought almost the same way when I met him for the first time." She placed the fedora down on her lap. "Well... actually, I've never actually lost this hat. This is the same one from ...how old am I know, 33? So... 15 years wearing the same hat. I keep it clean, of course. When I said 'disappearing'... I meant my parents. They said they had something they needed to do, but they haven't kept in touch." She concluded, looking toward the sky for a moment.

Jessica stopped looking at Ness and her hat and shifted her gaze down at the ground. "Ohhh...I'm sorry. I completely misread that. I really didn't mean for that to get brought up..." She glumly replied. She sighed as she scratched her head, suddenly feeling incredibly awkward about the situation.

Ness looked over toward Jess and smiled warmly. "It's no problem, Jessica. It's not like they're dead. They're not in the city I'm in, so I'm sure they're alive, milling around somewhere, having the time of their lives." She smiled a bit before looking up at the blank sky. "What are your parents like Jessica... if you don't mind me asking?"

Jessica looked over at Ness' smiling face and gave her one in return, then simply nodded in reply to what she had said. "My parents? I guess that's fair to ask about." Jessica replied as she glanced up at the sky as well. "Mom's always been nice. Except now I can barely stand to visit her since she always ends up badgering me for grandkittens. And goodness knows that's not gonna happen." She let out a dour sigh before continuing. "I don't remember that much about Dad really. He always worked outside the city, so I never saw him all that much....How about your parents?"

Ness giggled a small bit as Jess talked about her mom. "I can relate somewhat. My grandmother used to talk about that all the time." She resumed spinning her hat around her finger. "As for my parents... my mom was a bit strict while she was raising me. She always wanted the best out of me and wouldn't take anything less. I used to hate her, but I'm grateful for her now. As for my dad, he was pretty kind, but he was almost always working on things in his lab. He was a scientist as well."

"Sounds like our Dad's were kinda similar. The most I ever remember about him was...shortly after my 'accident'. He took an entire month off of work to help me learn to do things left-handed. He wasn't left-handed or anything, he just always showed up at the hospital during physical therapy..." Jessica let out a sigh that expressed a mix of emotions, though it sounded predominantly cheery. She seemed like she was about to say something else, but instead let out a yawn. "Sleepy...eyes are heavy..." She quietly muttered before leaning over on Ness and falling asleep.

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Ness smiled a bit before helping to carry Jessica, robotic arm and all, to a room prepared for her. Afterward, she stretched herself out as she looked up into the sky one more time. "Mom... Dad... We'll meet again someday... I'll show you how much I've grown since... then." She muttered before teleporting herself into her room in Granite Pass and falling asleep.

Rita was in the castle courtyard, observing the flowers.

Jessica wandered her way out of the palace, looking for Loki and/or Rita. Finding Rita in the garden, she strolled on over to her.
Jessica looked significantly less exhausted then she did yesterday, though she still looked as if she was a bit tired, having bags under her eyes. Some of the bloody red in her eyes had cleared up, but her sclera were still mostly red, just with occasional small patches of white poking through.

Rita looked up from the flowers at Jessica "Oh you're awake. ...Are you feeling any better? You're eyes are still red and you look pretty beat."

"A little." Jessica replied to Rita, taking in a deep breath now that she was outside. "I can walk on my own again, so that's certainly better. I should probably stop looking like crap in a few days. Thanks for the concern." She glanced around a bit, looking to see if anyone else was around. "So...what are you thinking about our task now?"

Rita sighed "Well we couldn't find it, and I can think of no other possible spot where they could be hiding, so I hope Xiphatia has a good backup plan for dealing with this. I wouldn't bet on it though."

Jessica scratched the back of her head as she tried to think. "Maybe they built it on the mainland or something? I mean, we all thought the Legaians building a base on the nearby islands wasn't so far-fetched as to be immediately dismissed. It's either look into that or just give up completely as far as I can see it."

Rita thought for a moment "I suppose it's possible, but I wouldn't like to think these guys were that clueless and blind to what's going on in their own territory. Plus, ships would have been flying over that area as they went between this city and everywhere else on the mainland. They probably would have noticed a giant Legaian fleet."

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