We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Ness nodded a bit. "That's understandable then... ...It's a pain to actual try and find a job... That's part of the reason I created that company... But solving an interdimensional anomaly would definitely look good on a resume." She followed Jess' pacing with her head before nodding and yawning again. "Yeah... let's do so..." She started to saunter over toward the rooms Lyra pointed out, rubbing her eyes slightly.

Jessica entered the sleeping chambers Lyra had set aside for her most recent guests, doing so quietly so as to not disturb those already sleeping. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I couldn't do what you do...I was also thinking at one point that if I could convince Rex and Lyra to let me sell their accounts of previous anomalies to a publishing company I could probably make a lot of money that way." Jessica telepathically replied to Ness, again to avoid waking the others up. She sat herself down in the middle of one of the free, human-shaped beds and hugged her knees.

Ness entered in after Jessica and took the other free bed. She took off her hat and earrings digitizing them before flopping onto the bed. "Hmm... I don't think either of them would mind their stories being published. Hell... with those two being as colorful as they are, the books would probably sell well. Yeah... running that place is difficult, but fun... They should still be doing fine back there without me." The fedora girl looked up at the ceiling for a moment before turning to Jess and noting her hugging her knees. "Are you alright?"

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Jessica smiled and chuckled a bit at what Ness telepathically said to her. "Hmm?...Yeah I'm fine...this is just how I like to be comfortable." She mentally replied to Ness, assuming it may have been something about her posture that had set off her question.

Ness nodded a bit before laying herself down. She smiled a bit as she saw Jessica chuckling. "Ah, I see. Sorry for asking into that then. Ah... I can barely keep my eyes open..." Ness telegraphed before letting out a louder yawn than before. "Good night, Jessica. Sleep well...." The fedora girl quickly drifted off to sleep afterward.

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Rita was hanging around outside the dragon den.

Ness yawned a small bit as she woke up once again. ...I wonder what time it is...?

Jessica couldn't be directly seen from her bed, as she had curled herself up underneath the sheets and completely obscured herself as she slept. When she heard something going on in the room, she reluctantly peeked her head out from under the sheets to see what was going on.

Lyra poked her head into the cabins, now in full predator Regalia, wearing a shirt and shorts for decencies sake underneath her chainmail. "Oh, good, you guys are up. Might want to get moving, rest of the fleets been arriving all morning. Figure for you Jess, now is as good a time as any to check out the ship the first great hunt occurred in.

Ness rubbed her eyes a bit as she nodded toward Lyra. "Alright... where do you need me to be, Lyra?" She gave a small wave toward Jessica as she slowly got out of bed and donned her hat and earrings once again.

"Huh?...Oh! That might be interesting. Just a minute." Jessica retreating back under the sheets completely for a moment. After a few minutes of rustling about out of sight, she tossed back the sheets and climbed out of bed, fully dressed. She waved back to Ness, then started trying to clean up her messy hair with her hands.

"nothing as of now, Ness. Right now, we're gathering the main fleet so that the fangs know running'll be a waste of time. Once the whole fleet's arrived in system, we'll begin the rites of dueling. If you want to examine one of our factory ships in the meantime, I'd be happy to call a shuttle up for you." Lyra nodded to Jess. "you want to grab a shower first? Seems like it'd be as good as any of the other first stops."

Ness nodded toward Lyra and thought for a moment. "I suppose I shouldn't pass up an opportunity to learn a little more. Sure, thanks for the offer... but I think I could use a shower as well." She mused as she sniffed her clothes as discreetly as possible.

"Hmm...I probably should." Seeing as how I don't remember ever doing that since that one time in Lakewest... Jessica replied to Lyra as she was having a difficult time getting her hair anywhere close to presentable. "Normally grooming takes hours though, I'll have to try and make it quick."

Lyra nodded. "alright then, come along." lyra turned and left the room, walking down one of the ships narrow corridors. "Now, would you prefer the communal showers, two single showers... A shared shower maybe? I have no idea where you guys are at that stage of the relationship, so how about I just set aside two single showers, eh?"
As they walked through the ship, they'd pass several humans and predators at work on certain tasks, keeping the ship running and repairing damages it might sustain through wear and tear.

Jessica started blushing profusely at Lyra's suggestion of a shared shower. "Yeah...single would be best. I-I really need privacy for stuff like this." She glanced around at the various people at work with mild interest, doing so more to just not have to look at either Ness or Lyra.

Ness got red faced as well and simply nodded at Lyra. "Yes... two singles would be preferable." She adjusted her hat a bit to hide her eyes from sight as she looked away.

Lyra nodded, trying to hold back a chuckle at their response. Stopping in the hallway, she pounded on a door. After getting no response, she opened it to reveal a rather large bathrooom, separated into many smaller shower rooms with a communal shower in the center. "just take one of the showers off to the side and you'll be fine. I'll stand guard and make sure no one else pops in."

Valentine was awake in her bed and staring at the ceiling. "So that guy was a robot....but a human....so an humanoid?....or is that racist....and how does he react to water?" She muttered to herself, thinking of more and more questions. She eventually sat up and sighed. "There's still so much I don't understand about humans...." Valentine then stared into space for a little while, trying to figure out several questions that came to her mind.

Ness nodded and quickly made her way into one of the unoccupied shower rooms. Taking her clothes and stowing them in a nearby locker/dry place, she calmly stepped in and sighed as the water touched her skin. ...So nice...

"Thanks." Jessica said to Lyra with a nod as she made her way into one of the shower rooms. She knelt on the ground and reached to a latch on her right shoulder and pulled it, causing her right arm to detach from its socket. She held her breath to keep from yelling as she did so. I hate doing that... Taking her clothes and arm and stowing them someplace dry, she then underwent the lengthy process of giving herself a one-armed sponge bath, sighing unpleasantly as she couldn't particularly enjoy the act.

Lyra leaned against the doorway, listening to the showers run.
"goddamn Lyra, you walking around with two sweet ladies? And did one of them have a tail? They say a great hunt changes a person, but I never thought it'd change that much about you!" a voice called from the ceiling, unseen where it originated. Lyra glared up at the ceiling, and called out "how about you crawl out of those ducts and show your head, you old salvage grot." the voice screeched laughter, and a panel opened in the ceiling, dropping a diminuitive man down, landing lightly on his feet. "oh come on Lyra, you don't take a bird from the skies! Don't take me from my ducts!"

After a few moments, Ness had finished taking her shower, sighing a bit as she stopped the water and dried herself off. She looked down toward two large scars on her body. One on her right rib and one that almost ran down her entire thigh. She calmly put her clothes back on and stepped outside, wearing a neutral expression. She turned to Lyra and gave her a faint smile before looking down at the man, slightly interested and confused. "Thank you for letting me clean up, Lyra... Who's that?"

As she connected with her kick, Yukino calmly brought her sword up to block IRS' swipe and get pushed back slightly. The foxgirl barely managed to register the chain flying after the attack and it hit her in the side. She growled a bit before launching an explosive fireball in the girl's direction.

Envy continued his hidden actions

Since Jessica didn't have the water running constantly, she was able to pick up on Lyra and the other man talking outside her shower. Now feeling incredibly uncomfortably and uneasy, she hurriedly finished her business. After drying off, reattaching her arm while holding her breath to keep from yelping once again, and putting her clothes back on, she exited the shower room. She tried to hide her worried feelings by simply not saying anything as she walked back over to where Lyra was standing.

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IRS just watched the fireball as it came closer, seemingly like she let it hit her arm. her right shoulder and arm was barely on fire now, the girl just looked at the scorch mark. the girl raised her arm-sword to the side and dashed towards Yukino, the blade dragged along the floor before being picked up and swiped at Yukino's head.

Yukino animatedly yawned as she vaulted over IRS as she charged and swiped at nothing. Tucking and doing two flips to gain more force, she enveloped her feet with black flames before launching a hard dropkick toward the back of IRS' head. "C'mon... show me more, Vocaloid."

OoC: @Outis, same stuff as yesterday, Loki & co successfully assassinated the King as well

Envy continued to play dead

Envy continued his hidden actions

What is he up too?

IRS's feet was pretty well protected thanks to the new armor she had been given. the drop kick on the other hand hit right in the center of her head, she snarled a little before grabbing Yukino when she was close and smashing her down to the ground.

Yukino twitched a bit as she registered being picked up. As IRS slammed her down, she bounced off the floor before landing on her feet, clutching her head as a bit of blood dripped down. The black mist around her thickened slightly. "Hmph..." She sheathed her sword and spun around before unsheathing it again, sending a small torrent of black fireballs at IRS.

OoC: @Outis, using his hand on the side not facing the group he's digging.

Envy slinked into the hole he had been digging, his body healing as he moved through it.

Lyra glanced back at Ness, saying "this is Miguel. One of the original ten Dancing blade recruited from Earth. One of the best hand to hand experts I know. Usually spends his time clearing space hulks. If diplomacy fails, and we have to begin an invasion of the vengeance, he'll be leading the first wave, no doubt in my mind." Miguel shook his head. "I'm afraid Lyra's overselling me a bit, I can list 3 other cqc experts in the galaxy that could remove my head easily, and Lyra knows two of 'em. Still, I'd like to think I'm a decent fighter, all in all." he held out his hand to shake Ness and Jess's hand.

Playing with dirt are we? I thought you were a bit too old for that Mr Envy White mused with a slight chuckle.

IRS crossed her arms as the Fireballs hit her, blocking some and some catching her skin and clothes a light. Her left eye seemed to be burn slightly brighter. Her arm cannon made a spinning noise as she ran up to Yukino and swiped at her again, this time aiming for her legs.

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